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VP LogosLOGOs: "...I was the Graphic Technical Illustrator who designed the VX-30 logo while working for VX-9 Detachment NAS Point Mugu, California..." Contributed by Ralph Abel, Jr. ralphabeljr@att.net [03JAN2019]

VX-30 adourned with new mythology-inspired logo
((NBVC)Naval Base Ventura Co Article)
The Lighthouse - March 13, 2003

History ThumbnailCamera
VX-30 Adourned with New Mythology-Inspired Logo

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Origional VX-30 Logo

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VX-30 Litho I painted and used in 2003

VP LogosLOGOs: Patch ThumbnailCameraVX-30 Logo "...Phantom Phinale 1961-2004 of VX-30 (about 4")..." Contributed by Martien Heijmen martienheijmen@freenet.de [20AUG2008]

VP LogosLOGOs: WST LogoCameraVX-30 Logo Contributed by LT Jim Carroll james.n.carroll2@navy.mil [27MAY2004]

VP LogosLOGOs: WST LogoCameraNWTS Logo Contributed by BARAN, ATC(AW/NAC) Richard "shipwreck" geographer@wavecable.com [13NOV2001]

VP LogosLOGOs: WST LogoCameraWST Logo Contributed by AEC Dick Satterfield RET. gemstar@ibm.net [11APR2000]

VP LogosLOGOs: WST LogoCameraWST Logo "...This patch is from the WST IFT shop circa early seventies. It was supposed to have the buNo. 153443 (YP-3C) on it. Which makes sense if you'd worked on it. The Captain made a not so subtle request about not ever seeing it again. Something about scaring the engineers that we were forever carrying..." Contributed by Mike Capon mcapon@cisco.com [28JUN2000]

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