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Note NOTICE: "...Shipmate Needs Your Help!..." Contributed by Greg Brazil baycomm@earthlink.net [20JAN2009]

733 Pomona Ave
Albany, Ca. 94706

January 17, 2009

REF: LCDR Matt Thompson, currently assigned to VT-35


My name Greg Brazil and I'm a friend of Matt's for the last 20 years as I met him as a Sea Scout when he was a teenager in Oakland, Ca.

I don't know if you know, but Matt is dying of in-operable cancer. He is currently living with his wife Danica and his mother in the Bolder Creek, Ca.

My efforts here are to help Matt & Danica as much as I can. We at Oakland Navy League are a 501c (3) non profit corporation as such can raise funds for Matt & Danica's kids for their future and college. We are also trying to set up a trust for their kid's future. ONL can accept all funds for Matt and when the trust is formed transfer 100% of the funds to the trust. CDR. Mark Springer, CO VT-35 is also onboard with this.

I am asking you to help in any way you can to help out a class mate. If you can host fund raisers to help, that would be great along with any other things you can do.

I am trying to get all his old squadrons which are VT-21, VT-35, VP-30, VP-5, VX-30 and VPU-2 and VP Association to help also. Any help in reaching those squadrons would also be helpful.

Skipper Springer sent to a personal letter to BUPERS.

Any suggestions and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Greg Brazil (USNR 1965-72)

If you can make a donation - please do so at this address:

    Oakland Navy League
    c/o Robert L. Castle CPA
    610 Oakland Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94610
    Please mark the memo "LCDR Thompson"

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