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VP LogosLOGOs: VX-20 Logo ThumbnailCameraVX-20 Patch Contributed by Tom Grannis grannis1@earthlink.net [04SEP2003]

VP LogosLOGOs: VX-20 Logo ThumbnailCameraVX-20 Patch "...I didn't see it on your site, so here's a copy of the new VX-20 patch with explanation and an image of the emblem on our flightsuit nametags..." Contributed by LCDR John Gailey GaileyJB@navair.navy.mil [11SEP2002]

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VX-20 Flight Suit Tag

The Air Test and Evaluation Squadron TWENTY (VX-20) insignia may be broken into the following symbolic parts:

In the foreground, the sword retains the proud heritage of the Naval Force Aircraft Test Squadron. The grasping hand symbolizes strength and courage. The single ray of light is expanded by the sword, which represents VX-20, into a multi-colored spectrum of light that is transformed into the shape of an aircraft platform. This symbolizes the technology transformation that is undertaken at VX-20 to bring new innovations to the Fleet Warfighter. The lightning bolt represents the harnessing of technology and information necessary for the Warfighter to possess superiority during operations across the spectrum of conflict. Finally, the earth in the background symbolizes the global reach of our efforts.

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UPDATE "...Naval Force Aircraft Test Squadron's insignia was originally designed in 1987 when the Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Directorate transitioned to the Force Warfare Aircraft Test Directorate. The transition to Force Warfare was due to the expanded mission of the Directorate. The primary mission of the ASW Directorate was to test antisubmarine aircraft and all ASW related equipment. During the early 1980s, the Directorate's roles expanded beyond the singular ASW mission to include projects which involved the battle group support missions (ASW, AEW, COD, ASUW, EW, CI) and strategic communications.

The insignia consists of two swords with the tips opposite each other to reflect the span of time. One sword depicts those carried in the days of yore, as far back as the Knights and the Romans. The other, a red bladed laser sword, portends of things to come. Between them, the letters "F-O-R-C-E" symbolize the strong link Force has to the battle force. The swords are placed in a blue background directly above a green striped field, representing the sky and sea...." http://www.nawcad.navy.mil/test_eval/TSWNGATL/force/history.html

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