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MishapsMISHAPs: 07 OCT 48 A/C PBY-6A pby Location: NAAS Chincoteague, Virginia Strike: Yes BUNO: 64009 Cause: Administrative flight. The pilot executed a normal and safe power on approach at 80kts in a slightly, nose he attitude. Upon first contact with the water, the aircraft bounced, power was applied and the yoke was eased forward causing the plane to hit the water, on second contact, in a slightly nose down attitude which placed under stress on hull and it split the bow plates. the plane shipped water, engines were cut and the ship safely abandoned. Plane sank in salt water, about 100yds from ramp, it was later recovered. "Strike" Crew & pass Ok. Pilot Cmdr R. L. Middleton USN VU-4, Lt(jg) W. T. Meadows (co-pilot) USN, ADG R. G. Ennis (mech) USN, and ALC A. F. Puel (radio) USN. Pass: Lt(jg) E. Barnik USNR, Ens J. M. Cook (T) USNR, Ens D. E. Sommers USNR, SA C. E. Schroeder USN, SA J. E. Richardson USN, SA A. C. Boggs USN, and BM3.M. C. Rodgers USN. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [28FEB2002]

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