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Memorial Picture "...BIGELOW, David Hall...My Dad, David Hall Bigelow, passed away earlier this year. Dad was a ARM2c and served with VR-11 and VRE-1 in the 1944 to 1946 period in the Pacific. He also did his radio and gunnery training in NAS Jacksonville, Florida from October 1943 to July 1944 in PBY-5s. He passed through the Gilberts and Mariannas many times and did medical evacuation from Okinawa in 1945...Dan Bigelow dbigelow@bellatlantic.net..." [05JUN2004]

Memorial Picture "...LIEBHEIT, Bernhardt Carl Henry...My Father, Bernhardt Carl Henry Liebheit, passed away September 1st, 1983. Dad served with VR-11 (1946)..." Contributed by Kathryn Liebheit k.liebt@gmail.com [23FEB2023]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...MAZUR, Julius...Dad was a member of Naval Air Transport Service Command, Pacific Wing, Squadron VR-11, serving as a crewman onboard R5D aircraft and totaling 1,500 hours flight time from July 1945 to December 1945. The majority of flying took place in CENtral PACific (CENPAC) and WEStern PACific (WESPAC), with an occasional trip back to NAS Oakland, California. H is logbook entries indicated destinations such as Johnston Island, NAS Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, NAS Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Marianas Islands, Manila, and NAS Agana, Guam with the return leg in reverse order back to Honolulu. After the Japanese surrender, his logbook entries indicated flights into Tokyo, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Dad razzed me when I enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1973. However, that became good banter back and forth over the years with an occasional unexpected jab or indignity thrown into a conversation about the otherís branch of service. Dad passed away in September 2014 at the age of 89. I was just looking through Dadís aviatorís logbook again and it occurred to me there is an indirect service connection between the two of us. In the Coast Guard I was an ET specializing in radio transmitter stations for LORAN A systems. LORAN A was state-of-the-art technology in the late stages of the war for long distance navigation. During my enlistment in the Coast Guard, I was stationed at a LORAN A station in Northern California which was part of the chain of stations up and down the West Coast. Navy pilots likely used that system when flying into and out of Oakland. I was then stationed in CENPAC on Tern Island in French Frigate Shoals located in the middle of the Hawaiian Archipelago. That station was paired with the LORAN A systems located on Kauai and Johnston Island. That LORAN A system, along with others, was also very likely used by the pilots flying with Dad and so many other crews as they journeyed across the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. With Best Regards to All Who Read This..." Contributed by John Mazur jmazuruscg@duck.com [30APR2023]

MISTLER, ALC Warren Retired mistlerusn@comcast.net "...VP-91 (1941), VP-62 (1942 to 1943), VR-11 (1943 to 1944), VR-13 (1944 to 1945), VR-2 (1945 to 1947), NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island (1947), SPUC NAS Squantum, Massachusetts (1948), NADC (Warminister) Johnsville, Pennsylvania (1949), VC-33 (1950 to 1952), VP-11 (1952 to 1955), VX-3 (1956 to 1957) and VAW-33 (1958 to 1960) FR to 1971 and retired on 30 years..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 08JAN2009 | BIO Updated 03APR2000 | 28MAR2000]

MURRAY, Jesse Jr. jmurr10825@aol.com "...I served with VR-11 in Hawaii and VR-13 as a Radioman from January 1945 until February 1946..." [28AUG2003]

SLOAN, Robert bobbyreb2@aol.com "...I served with VR-4 at NAS Moffett Field, California and VR-11 at Honolulu from 1944 to 1946. I a Flight Orderly on the C-54. We flew out of NAS Oakland, California, China, Japan and NAS Agana, Guam..." [07FEB2011]

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