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VP LogosLOGOs: VPW-1 Patch ThumbnailCameraVPW-1 Patch "...I believe this VPM-1 logo is a copy of the original VPW-1 logo, designed by Walt Disney, with the name changed..." Contributed by Ray Parsons parsonsjr@knology.net [01APR98]

UPDATE "...Designated: VPM-1 Nickname: Typhoon Chasers Decommissioned: 6 December 1947 Later Designation: VPW-1 Approved: 3 June 1947 Discontinued: 6 December 1947 Listed Reason: Squadron decommissioned Photo No: 11-31 Significance: Donald Duck wearing flight jacket, helmet, and aviator's wings, with barometer suspended on a cord around his neck. He is standing on clouds with his feet outspread and is clutching two bolts of lightning in his hands, bending them. The words "Weather Reconnaissance Squadron 1 - Typhoon Chaers" are printed in the outer circle encompassing the design. Colors: Border - balck with white lettering and outline ring; Sky - blue; clouds - light blue; Lightning flashes - yellow, shaded into red; Thermometer - yellow; mercury, red; Duck - white; Duck's legs and bill - orange; Flying jacket - brown; Helmet - brown; Goggles - white. Record Location: Wash. Record Center Job No: 62-A-2151 File: VPM-1 Box: 2 of 3..." Contributed by Mick Nussbaum (Insignia Historian) T45_nditech@yahoo.com

VP LogosLOGOs: VPM-1 Patch ThumbnailCameraVPM-1 Patch Contributed by Ralph B-B rdb2@charter.net [04SEP2001]

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