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VPI Memorial Service
18 October 1998

Once again we were blessed with blue skies and light winds as we gathered at the VPI Memorial on 18 October 1998 to remember and honour our fallen mates. During the service we inducted 170 names into the VPI Book of Remembrance. These men were identified during the past year as a result of the efforts of many people in several countries, many thanks to all who helped.

The 170 aircrew were from, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.

The Book of Remembrance now contains 1407 names, I am aware of a further 116 USN mates who have still to be identified.

Also during the service, 404 Squadron dedicated a Memorial cairn in memory of a 404 Squadron crew that crashed at Greenwood on 9 Oct 53; the crew of five was all killed.

The cairn will be permanently mounted at the crash site...Contributed by Norm Donovan n.don@ns.sympatico.ca [19OCT98]

The search to identify our missing crewmembers continues. As of 28 August 1998, 157 names have been found and these will be added to the Honour Rolls at a formal dedication ceremony planned for 18 October 1998 at the VPI Monument in Greenwood. The 157crewmembers comprise 111 USN, 19 RAF and 27 RAAF. The Book of Remembrance now records the names of 1393 aircrew who died during maritime operations.

We have identified a further 116 USN aircrew for whom we have no names.

I would like to thank all those people who took the time and effort to research not only their memories but also records and memorials and to send this information to me. The Internet and email have provided me with a communication net, which has been both personal and rapid. Please continue the search, our goal is to ensure that none of our lost shipmates remain unrecognized. You may contact me at n.don@ns.sympatico.ca Norm Donovan, compiler of the Honour Rolls.

The Honour Rolls may be viewed at: http://www.vpinternational.ca/memorial/casualtiesbynation.html.

The Honour Rolls will be updated on 19 Oct 98

Note NOTICE: "...Just to Inform/Update everybody. The VPI HQ page is going through a lot of updating and changes in the next while:

So Come take a look. Also We have the entire casualty Database located here: http://www.14wing.grwd.dnd.ca/vpi/memorial/casualtiesbynation.html.

Any updates would be welcome. Cheers
Webmaster 14 Wing. Capt Dan McLean mstr14wg@glinx.com..." [04JUN98]

"VP International Memorial Service"