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BUKIN, Charles I. charlesbukin4@gmail.com "...I served with VP-762 (1951-1953) at NAS Lincoln, Nebraska flying as a Gunner and Plane Captain, USS Wasp (CV-18) (1954-1955) as a weather balloon Rawinsonde Operator. Does anyone know what VP-762's Squadron Nickname was?..." [11JAN2022]

WAACK, Richard E. c/o his son Matthew Waack, CAPT MC USN (FS) Matthew.waack@brooks.af.mil "...My father, Richard E. Waack, who was one of the original 300 Navy Aerial Navigators, flew with VPB-98 and VPB-143. He was at NAS Banana River, Florida from Sept 45 to Nov 45 and joined VPB-143 in in Dec 1945. Here is his Navy assignment history...August 1943, to June 1944 V-5 Training (Cadet ) - Student...June 1944 to August 1944 NTC, Great Lakes A/s Reclassification...August 1944 to December 1944 NATTC, Norman, OK Seaman 1/c, Student...Jan 1945 to June 1945 Ft. Lauderdale S1/c Temporary, AOM...June 1945 to Sept 1945 NAS NANS, Clinton, OK - Commissioned as an Aerial Navigator, August 25, 1945...Sept 45 to Nov 45 NAS Banana River, Florida Air Bombing Training Unit (Student)...Nov 45 to Dec 45 to FAW-2 (West Coast) San Diego - VPB-98 Dec 45 to March 46 -VPB-143 (Flew out of MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii-Canton Island, Palmyra Island, etc.). Went into the ready reserve 1954. 1954 to 1957 VP-762, Lincoln Nebraska. 1957 to summer 1965 VR 723 NAS Glenview, Illinois 1965 to retirement (officially 1971) last flew in 1969. NAS Dallas, Texas. Squadrons in Dallas: VR 701 VR 701 VR21D2 While at Lincoln and Glenview, mostly flew in P2V4s, and some in R5D-3s, also SNB-5s. Later years at NAS Glenview, Illinois flew in C54Qs. In 1965 (summer of) started flying in C118s and that is all that they flew out of Dallas. They flew all over the world..." [07JAN2000]

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