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BooksBOOKs: ASW PressTitle: The Iranian Deception - A dark conspiracy stretches halfway around the world, putting national security at risk as two military men fight for control of the latest technology in global weaponry. Squadrons mentioned: VP-6, VP-10, VP/VPB-11, VP-12, VP-14, VP-30 and VP-101. Captain Edward M. Brittingham has written many ASW related books (fiction and non-fiction). You can find this (and other books) on: http://www.aswpress.com [11NOV2005]

"00XXX50---Scott Carpenter - astronaut/aquanaut...During the Korean War, he served in Patrol Squadron SIX, flying anti-submarine, ship surveillance, and aerial mining missions in the Yellow Sea, South China Sea, and the Formosa Straits..." http://www.ksc.nasa.gov/persons/astronauts/a-to-d/CarpenterS.txt

VP ModelsMODELs: Decal Kits ThumbnailModel decals, VP Aircraft, etc. are available for: VP-4, VP-6, VP-8, VP-14, VP-31, VP-42, VP-45, VP-67, VP-47, VP-49, VP-50, VP-60, VP-64, VP-69, VP-60, VQ-1, Plus more! (MIKE'S HOBBY SHACK) http://mkhobbyshack.bizland.com/ [12AUG99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "By Any Means Necessary: America's Secret Air War in the Cold War. For those who flew the P2V's in the 50' and 60's, there is an interesting book you might want to read. The title is "By Any Means Necessary" by William E Burrows. It was written in 2001. It is about the role of the Navy and Air Force in the flights that used to fly along the coasts of the Soviet Union, China and Korea. They were mostly ferret flights ( go in and light up the radar sights). Part of the book talked about the P2s that were lost on PRAPRO (Peacetime Airborne Recon Program) flights. VP-6 P2V-3 lost in 1951 off Russia 10 Crewmembers died. VP-22 P2V-5 lost Jan 1953 off China 6 died. VP-19 P2V-5 lost Jan 1954 off Russia 1 died after ditching. P2V-5 no squadron named June 1955 shot up by MIG's crashed landed in Alaska. There was also a P4M, 1956 16 lost and a EC-121M 1969 31 lost from VQ-1. The PRAPRO flights that we flew in the P-3 in the 70's and 80's were nothing compared to what these guys had to go through in the early years of the cold war. It is sad that this country did not try to get the crewmembers back home, that survived the ditching and bailouts and were put in prison. The book also talks about the VQ-1 incident (midair) that happened last year Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com [15APR2002]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "PBY: The Catalina Flying Boat" by Creed, Roscoe. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1986. 351 pp. This definitive study, first published in 1985, pulls together in a single volume all of the aircraft's fascinating facts. The author carefully analyzes the PBY's dual use in the war as a plane of mercy and as a bomber, and he chronicles the flying boat's contributions in peacetime. Squadrons mentioned include: VP-2, VP-5, VP-6, VP-7, VP-9, VP-10, VP-11, VP-12, VP-14, VP-21, VP-22, VP-23, VP-24, VP-31, VP-32, VP-33, VP-34, VP-41, VP-42, VP-43, VP-44, VP-45, VP-51, VP-52, VP-54, VP-61, VP-62, VP-63, VP-71, VP-72, VP-73, VP-74, VP-81, VP-83, VP-84, VP-101, VP-102, FAW-3, FAW-4, FAW-5, FAW-7, FAW-9, FAW-15, FAW-16, FAW-17, CPW-1, CPW-2, CPW-3, CPW-4, CPW-5, CPW-7, CPW-8, and CPW-10. [29MAR2001]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "PATROL SQUADRON SIX, ADAK 1966" 007514 Tokyo: Daito Art Printing, c.1966. 1st edition. n.p. pages. Condition: Very good. Illus., several in color by HAYWOOD, LCDR JESS (SENIOR STAFF EDITOR) http://www.sonic.net/~bstone/oldarmy/books.html [31JUL98]
To obtain a copy: Advanced Book Exchange [06SEP98]

BooksBOOKs: Title: Patron six, Japan, 1958...[Tokyo? 1958?]...unpaged. illus. 31 cm...LC: VA63.P3 A53...Library of Congress http://lcweb.loc.gov/ [07SEP98]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Flying Cats: The Catalina Aircraft in World War II" by Andrew Hendrie [Squadrons mentioned include VP-6, VP-11, VP-13, VP-14, VP-22, VP-23, VP-24, VP-33, VP-34, VP-41, VP-42, VP-43, VP-44, VP-51, VP-52, VP-53, VP-62, VP-63, VP-71, VP-72, VP-73, VP-74, VP-83, VP-84, VP-91, VP-92, VP-94, VP-101, VP-102, FAW-4, FAW-5, FAW-7, and FAW-17, etc.]

MovieMOVIE: "12DEC50--PATROL SQDN. VP-6; ACTIVITIES IN HUNGNAM HARBOR North Korea...Control Number: NWDNM(m)-428-NPC-188...General Material: Motion picture films...Description Unit: Item...Record Group: 428...Series Designator: NPC...Item Designator: 188...Title: PATROL SQDN. VP-6; ACTIVITIES IN HUNGNAM HARBOR North Korea...Date: 12/12/1950...Date: 12/16/1950...Date: 12/17/1950...Format: unedited...Scope & Content: MS Two aviation ordanancemen load ammunition in nose guns of P2V Neptune. MS Aviation ordanancemen cleaning out gun ports of P2V.MS Man checking trailing antenna of P2V.MS Refueling of P2V.MS Men boarding P2V, thru nose hatch.MS Men climbing out of P2V, thru nose and belly hatches.MS Crew members standing near P2V after hop.LS P2V on ground.LS Beach area: Tanks and trucks being loaded aboard LSU's.MS Tanks moving down road.MLS Loading of lst Marine Division equipment from dock to SS UNION VICTORY (jeeps, trucks, ambulances, and ambulance jeeps).PAN Water front.MS Heavy truck hoisted aboard ship.MS Truck hoisted down into hold ship; Marines in FG watching.MS Casualties of lst Marine Division loaded aboard an LCM; being transferred to AH.MS Stretcher patient hoisted aboard LCM.MCU Man carrying another man on his back to an LCM. (These men have frost-bitten hands, feet, and faces.)MS Trucks on road waiting to be hoisted aboard ship.CU Cargo hoisted aboard ship.MS Jeep hoisted aboard APA.MS Troops marching down road; tanks in BG.MS Aviation crew member checking P2V nose wheel.MS Crew member cleaning bomb bay doors.Patrol Squadron VP-6, Tachikawa Air Force Base.(first eight shots). General Note: Title from summary...QUALITY: GOOD...Subject Ref.: KOREA, Hungnam; HARBORS, Korea, Hungnam; SQDNS., VP-6; ENL"D. MEN, USN, AO; PLANES, arming; PLANES, P2V; PLANES, maintaining; FUELING, planes; PLANES, crews; L.S. beach; SHIPS, loading; TANKS, underway; road; VEHICLES, trucks; LAND. SHIPS, LSU; DIVISIONS, USMC, lst; EVACUATION, Korea, Hungnam; UNION VICTORY, SS; MERCHANT MARINE; DOCKS, Korea, Hungnam; WOUNDED, on stretchers; LAND. CRAFT, LCM; AUX. SHIPS, AH; WOUNDED, USMC; MARCHING, USMC; AUX. SHIPS, APA; AIRFIELDS, Tachikawa, Japan; TANKS, being loaded...Use Restrictions: Other. Department of the Navy, Naval Photographic Center...Contact: Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch (NWDNM), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: (301) 713-7060 FAX: (301) 713-6904..." NARA ARCHIVAL INFORMATION LOCATOR (NAIL) http://www.archives.gov/index.html

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