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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...I am the last plank owner of VP-67. I was there 1 Nov. 1970 through 4 March 1994 and now I am the president of the VP-67 Alumni Association. The other officers are: Vice Pres: ADC Dean Martin, Tres: AFCM Lee Bird, Sec: AOC Bob Fallert. We will be planning a Reunion soon and we have just become active with the Mid Atlantic Air Museum which now has old PL-09 SP2H 145915. Hope all old VP-67 Shipmates will kick in when we announce the next Reunion on this website and get the word out. AVCM Tom Banning at Federal Express is putting together a squadron master recall and I will get him to sign onto this website so you can contact him. I am still drilling at NSA Mid-South in the VTU helping out the carrier augment units and former chairman of the Mid-South Guard and Reserve M-16 Rifle Tournament just so my free time doesn't go to waste. Hope to hear from old Shipmates and I will help you find others. Fair winds and following seas..." Contributed by AMCS(AW/NAC) Robin Wallace acorndes@bellsouth.net [07APR99]

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