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CameraP2V7CameraBUNO: 143173 SP-2H Neptune that proudly served with VP-30. It depicts BUNO: 143173 with VP-30 markings. It is a limited edition print produced by Paul Warrener. They are individually numbered and measure 415 x 295 mm printed on A3 200 grams card. Paul will sign each print if requested. Paul is selling the prints for $20.00 a shot. That breaks down into $15 for the print and $5 for the airmail postage and packing. Maximum safe number in one tube is six prints. Seven to twelve prints would be sent in 2 tubes. As an example, six prints would be $90 plus $5 postage. Seven prints would be split 3 and 4 in two tubes. This would be $105 for the prints and two postage and airmail = $10, total = $115. If you are interested, please contact Paul direct at: [E-Mail Removed By Request Of Shipmate - 07OCT2001]

UPDATE BUNO: 143173 and found out that it also served with VP-67 and finally was relegated to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center on 22 MAY 1973. It was later sold to a private owner in Burlington, VT who made it air worthy again. As of 26 MAR 98, it is owned by Hawkins & Powers Aviation and stored at Greybull, WY 8/95.

UPDATE"...P2V-7 Buno 143173 had its first flight in a Fleet Squadron, fresh from the factory, on November 23, 1957 (SOURCE: my log book). VP-21 received a string of the 143xXX birds to replace its "older" P2V-5F's...." Contributed by Bob Nelson, Capt. USN (ret) sudabay@aol.com.

Paul found this BUNO: 143173 at rest...
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