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MishapsMISHAPs: 08 JAN 67 A/C: P2V-5 (SP-2E) P Neptune Location: NAF Andrews, Maryland Strike: YES BUNO: 131495 DEATH: 9 Cause: Undetermined. Contributed by HAYES, Dan dhayes@exactlynet.com [24OCT2004]

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UPDATE "...Some years ago I promised to try to find out the names of those nine men killed during a training accident at NAF Washington, D.C.. The flight actually took place under the auspices of VP-663. This unit was a reserve unit that acted as a RAG for VP-661 and VP-662. The Radioman killed in the crash was from VP-662, and was trying to make up some flight time to stay current. All others were members of VP-663, and were awaiting billets to open in the other two VP's. This was during the period when most reserve squadrons did not own their own aircraft, and the station did. So they all three flew the same planes, and they were maintained by the station. The MCPO I talked with said the day was very hazy with no horizon, so even though there was no determination of fault, most people believed it was cockpit vertigo. All of these units were the forerunners of VP-68. During the time this crash occurred another NAF Washington, D.C. P2V-5 was deployed to an RAF base in Northern Ireland. It was incorrectly vectored and "scraped the top of a mountain". I think it had to ditch, but I am working on this still. So standby for further updates..." Contributed by Hap Walker hcwalker@aol.com [23APR2015]

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