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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...Squadron Reunion Update. Due to the current tempo of operations VP-62 will not be having a 30th Birthday Party or Reunion. It might be possible for some of the former members to try to get together and organize some form of celebration in Jacksonville. The squadron is in hangar 1000 and we could possibly open the spaces up to static aircraft display...Joseph Paul Butler jen102574@aol.com..." [22MAR2001]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-62 will be 30 years old om Nov 1, 2000. During the month of November 2000 (weekend yet to be decided) we will celebrate our 30th Birthday on the same weekend as our next Change of Command. We want to invite all former Broadarrows to participate in the festivities that weekend. We are forming a Reunion Committee and will be actively working on the Reunion. Please stay in touch and pass the word to all former Braodarrows to come back and visit your squadron during this momentos occasion..." Contributed by J. P. Butler ABCM AW jen102574@aol.com [21SEP99]

UPDATE "...he VP-62 30th Birthday Reunion will not be held until sometime in April of 2001. Due to the very busy schedule during the October, November, and December 2000 time period it was felt that April of 2001 would be a better time to have the Reunion. Once the time and date have been settled we will post the information on this web page for all former Broadarrows to keep informed and be able to attend...J. P. Butler jen102574@aol.com..." [03JUN2000]


ReunionsREUNIONs: "22SEP99...The squadrons of Navy Patrol Wing Four, which was based in the Aleutians in WW II, will be holding a Reunion at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, starting 22 September 1999. Attached to PatWing Four were PBY squadrons VP-41, VP-42, VP-43, VP-45, VP-61, and VP-62. PV squadrons were VPB-131, VPB-135, VPB-136, and VPB-139. VPB-120 and VPB-122 were PB4Y-2 squadrons that saw duty late in the war. OS2U squadrons VS-48, VS-49, VS-56, and VS-70 did inshore patrol and rescue work. Anyone who was a member of PatWing 4 who is interested in attending the reunion should contact "Ole" Haugen (VP-43) for registration forms. His e-mail address is: j.o.haugen@juno.com. His regular address is 10404 W Sierra Dawn Drive, Sun City, AZ 85351..." Contributed by Robert R. Larson, VP-41/VPB-136 r2larson@greatnorthern.net [31MAY99]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...it's on for the reunion at Pensacola for Father's Day weekend, but you must make your own reservations. Due to the occassion, many have had to change their plans (I included), but there are probably 20 or so, at this time, who will be there. Have a great time!...Bill Kuhlke BILLKUHLKE@prodigy.net..." [25MAY99]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...The next ANNUAL Reunion of VP-62 is to be held @ NAS Pensacola on 18/19/20 June 1999 (Father's Day). I was able to book 22 rooms @ the VOQ (1st come-1st served) @$16.60/night (+$2 for spouse). BEQ would not allow me to book enlisted accommodations. Contact Jack Logsdon (MSCM, USN RET) @ 904/452-3438 EXT 10007. Have heard from O's and E's alike planning to be there. Give me your eddress and I'll forward details. Hal Tate is also spreading the word. Look forward to seeing you there...Bill Kuhlke BILLKUHLKE@prodigy.net..." [16MAY99]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-62 Reunion 1999 will be held @ NAS Pensacola on 18 - 21 June 1999. Contact Bill Kuhlke for information..." Contributed by Bill Kuhlke BILLKUHLKE@prodigy.net [23MAY98]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...A Reunion of VP-62 personnel was held at NAS Jacksonville, Florida on 17-19 April 1998 with the following in attendance: Bill Kuhlke, Andy Allan, Wayne Coffield, Mike Fischer, Wally Hall, Claude McGehee, Jim Piche, Marion Smith, Reggie Weller, Bob Atkisson, Wiley Cauthen, Dave Hunt, Louie Hinson, Haven Cammett, and Rex Roffler. Several of the wives / girlfriends joined in the festivities. Happy Hour, lots of golf and great dinners. A super time was had by all. VP-62 gets together about 3X/yr. with 2 mini Reunions and 1 large annual reunion/ year. Next annual will be held at NAS Pensacola in 1999. Contact me for info..." Contributed by Bill Kuhlke, Captain, Retired BILLKUHLKE@prodigy.net [16MAY98]

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