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Circa 1932

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...9 May 1932 - Proposed Naval Aeronautical Organization - Fiscal Year 1934 - VP-1B, VP-4B, VP-6B, VP-7F, VP-9F, VP-3S, VP-5S, VP-8S and VP-10S..." WebSite: Naval Historical Center http://www.history.navy.mil/a-record/nao23-52/fy-1934.pdf [18MAR2007]

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Circa 1931

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: P2Y ThumbnailCameraVP-5s History "...A U.S. Navy Martin PM-2 belonging to Patrol Squadron VP-5S at Naval Station Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone, showing pilot and crew on the aircraft. The caption on back of the photograph states that it is Chick Carroll and his crew between 1931 and 1933..." WebSite: U.S. Navy Naval History Center http://www.history.navy.mil/ [02MAR2012]

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...VP-5 PBY  ThumbnailCameraVP-5 History The VP-5F Squadron set a new World Record when 6 Navy planes carried 39 Officers and Men nonstop from NAS Norfolk, Virginia to NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. They flew 2,059 miles non-stop..." (The oldest, continuously operating patrol squadron in the United States Navy served throughout World War II as either VP-32 or VPB-32. All told, the Squadron has born eight designations since its Establishment on 1 September 1931 at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone as VP-5S. In 1933 it became VP-5F, and in 1937 just VP-5; followed by VP-33 on 01/07/39; VP-32 on 01/07/41; VPB-32 on 01/10/44; back to VP-32 on 15/05/46; VP-MS-6 on 15/11/46; and finally VP-46 (current designation) on 01/09/48.) CREW: Pictured at NAS Norfolk, Virginia...Front Row, Left to Right: Tony Miller, Jr.; Wm. P. Brett; Wm. H. Lyons; Paul Tesch; Lewis W. Owens; C. A. Wilson; Frank J. Molik; L. A. Haggard; E. L. Payne and G. L. Russell. Center Row-Left to Right: Boatswain P. J. Byrne; Lt. J. L. Ewing; Lt. H. W. Taylor; Lt. J. R. Tate; Lt. M. H. Kernodle; Lt. Comdr. H. E. Halland; Lt. Comdr. D. M. Carpenter; Lt. H. R. Bowes; Lt. W. H. Buracker; Lt. L. J. Dow; Lt. R. W. Morse and Lt. J. L. Kane. Back Row-Left to Right: B. M. Wilezewski; S. R. Kalweit; C. W. Wood; A. C. Faultless; J. O. Pinch; A. T. Nicholl; E. V. Sizer; K. McLeod; K. E. Skadowski; W. T. Dooling; G. A. Crawford; J. B. Huntsman; F. J. McTamany; O. K. Thomas; W. B. Smith; S. M. Morgan and M. J. Glynn. Credit Line (ACME) 9/9/33..." [28OCT99]

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