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ARMSTRONG, AMM2 Harold C. (Deceased) c/o His Son Tim Armstrong tima@nc.rr.com "...My name is Tim Armstrong and my father may have served with you during World War II. He served in VP-55, VP-74, VP-212, VPB-111, VH-4, Hedron 14-2, and FAW-14 from 1940 till 1946. He served in the Africa and the Pacific theaters. His name is AMM2 Harold C. Armstrong. He passed away when I was seven so I really don't know much about his military service. I am just starting to do some research and could use your help. I was a surface sailor (STG1) from 1977 till 1987. Any info or contacts you can provide would be great!! Thanks for your help..." [19MAR2001]

CARTHEN, AVCM Roy B. Retired roycar@outlook.com "...I entered in February 1941 and served with VP-55, VP-56, VP-74, VP-45, VP-49, VP-84, etc. and retired October 1963. In NAS Keflavik, Iceland in 1941 with the Geo B. Badger for the trip and with VP-55 at that time to December 1941. Came back in l942 with VP-84 in NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. VP-84 was the top submarine sinking squadron in WW2 and I was with Lt Milliard when we got the first submarine. He went on to get a second one and is now deceased. I entered as a RM3 with my first promotion and then they started aviation rates and I became a ARM2 and eventually a chief radio tech and later AVCM as maintenance chief and leading chief in VP-49 in NAS Bermuda. Some of us in VP-84 have met, had one Reunion in Pensacola. While in NAS Keflavik, Iceland, a german submarine was captured, the crew was turned over to a Norwegian group and I believe they were killed. The capture was by a navy plane and assisted by a navy ship with the submarine being brought into Iceland. A book listing all the sub activity by VP-84 has been written and all the sub kills are listed therein. I would like to hear from anyone and especially anyone who remembers the capture of the sub in the fall of l941...The truth is that the sub was captured by the English and brought to the south shore of Iceland where they worked on it. The crew was interred as POW and all but one of these was turned over to Germans at the end of the war. The one man tried to escape and was killed. The story went on to say the name was changed and it became a British submarine, BUT, I had seen the sub and it was brought into fjord near Reyjkavik and apparently this was not a known partof the situation. Also, we found that two US planes were on the scene when it was captured but it was noted that the British were the oneswho captured it... Thanks for such a great job you have done..." [E-Mail Updated 13NOV2013 | E-Mail Updated 13MAR2012 | E-Mail Updated 03DEC2005 | E-Mail Updated 28JUL2003 | BIO Updated 28JUL2003 | E-Mail Updated 01SEP2001 | 15SEP2000]

FARINELLA, Morris c/o his son Tony Farinella tonyfar@Bellsouth.net "...My father was in VP-56 in 1940. In early 1941, when deliveries of PBMs started, VP-55 and VP-56 were combined to form VP-74. In mid 1941 VP-74 detachments from VP-74 were sent to ICELAND to run Neutrality patrols. My father was on the first deployment, and returned to CONUS in late FEB 1942 after all but one of the PBMs were destroyed. The last remaining one in ICELAND from the first deployment was brought back on board the tender Albaborale..." [10MAY98]

MULLEN, Paul (Moon) moonmull74@aol.com "...Served with VP-55, VP-56, and VP-74 from March'41 to late'42. Would appreciate any correspondence with squadron mates at that time. Also VPB-305, VP-201 same applies, '43 to'45. I would appreciate any information as to whereabouts of Aviation Machinists Mate 2nd Class Bob Stuart..." [13SEP2000]

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