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BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY Book Title: MARTIN P5M MARLIN by Capt Richard Hoffman USN (Ret) dickdot@san.rr.com.

The lineage of Martin and the flying boat can be traced back to the PBM-4 of 1941. Navy last flying boat and the end of a long era of seaplanes in the US Navy. This book covers the squadron that used them and parts of the pilot handbook and maintenance manual. Squadron and crew patches. Photos of the catwalks and some of the hazard of working on a seaplane over the water. There are also section on the US Coast Guard and French use. The Marlin losses and a list of Casualties. 168 pages, 273 photos, 50 drawings 1 page of models colored front and back cover with 12 colored photos. Also 2 pages on the P6M and advanced seaplanes. Squadrons Mentioned: VP-30, VP-31, VP-40, VP-42, VP-44, VP-45, VP-46, VP-47, VP-48, VP-49, VP-50, VP-56, VT-31 and VX-1 to mention a few! ORDER NUMBER - NF74 $34.95 - ISBN 0-942612-74-4 WebSite for ordering a copy: http://ginterbooks.com/NAVAL/NF74.htm [17MAY2007]

SpaceMan!"00XXX85---John Bennett Herrington (Lieutenant Commander, USN) NASA Astronaut Candidate (Mission Specialist)...His first operational assignment was with Patrol Squadron Forty-Eight (VP-48) where he made three operational deployments, two to the Northern Pacific based from NAS Adak, Alaska and one to the Western Pacific based from the NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. While assigned to VP-48, Herrington was designated a Patrol Plane Commander, Mission Commander, and Patrol Plane Instructor Pilot. Following completion of his first operational tour, Herrington then returned to VP-31 as a Fleet Replacement Squadron Instructor Pilot..." http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/herringt.html

MovieMOVIE: "00XXX59--OPERATION, "SKYNET"...Control Number: NWDNM(m)-428-NPC-21387...General Material: Motion picture films...Description Unit: Item...Record Group: 428...Series Designator: NPC...Item Designator: 21387...Title: OPERATION, "SKYNET"...Date: 1959...Format: unedited...Scope & Content: 1) ECU Side view: P5M turning up on ramp for take off.2) MLS PAN left of P5M-2 taking off from San Diego Bay.3) LA ECU P5M; strbd. engine turning up. G4) HA MCU Three quarter stern view: P5M-1 in the water. G5) MLS PAN left of P5M-2 landing on water. G6) ECU P5M-2 being put into water off ramp (VP-48). G7) MS Beaching crew in water removing the gear from aircraft. G8) MS Side view: P5M-2 taxiing slowly in water. G9) HA MS Tail of P5M-2 as it is towed out of water. G10) MS Crew members washing P5M-2 with fresh water. G11) LS Three quarter front view: P5M-2 taxiing for take off, plane airborne. VG12) ECU Side view: P5M being washed down by crew member.13) LS Into bay at San Diego; P5M moves into scene from left as it moves down ramp into water, plane launched into water. G14) MS Three quarter stern view: P5M-1 taxiing in water.15) MLS Same. G16) MLS Side view: P5M-2 taxiing in water, city of San Diego seen across bay. VG17) MLS PAN left of a P5M-1 taxiing down for landing. G18) LS P5M-1 on jato take off, San Diego Bay, plane airborne. G19) MS P5M-1 of VP-48, taxiing to buoy to tie up. G...Subject Ref.: .../OPERATION, "Skynet"; PLANES, P5M-1, take off; PLANES, take-off, water (P5M); PLANES, P5M-2, land; PLANES, land, water;.../RAMPS, seaplane; PLANES, taxiing, water; PLANES, pts., tail; PLANES, towed, water; PLANES, in flt., water; PLANES, launched, water; PLANES, JATO, water; BUOYS, plane...Geographic Ref.: bays, San Diego...Use Restrictions: Other. Department of the Navy, Naval Photographic Center...Contact: Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch (NWDNM), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: (301) 713-7060 FAX: (301) 713-6904..." NARA ARCHIVAL INFORMATION LOCATOR (NAIL) http://www.archives.gov/index.html

BooksBOOKs: Title: Patron 48: Westpac 1970; [cruise book]...Patrick A. Sandoz, editor...Marceline, Mo., Walsworth Pub. Co., 1970?]...80 p. (chiefly illus.) 29 cm...Cover title...LC: VA63.P53 A5 Dewey: 368.4/5...Library of Congress http://lcweb.loc.gov/ [07SEP98]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Patron 48 : WestPac 1970, E." Imprint [Marceline, Mo. : Walsworth Pub. Co., 1970?] Physical Description 80 p. : chiefly ill. (some col.), ports. ; 29 cm. WebSite: Navy Department Library http://www.history.navy.mil/library/ [Link Updated 24APR2001 | 30JAN99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Patron Forty-eight, 1964." Imprint [S.l. : s.n., 1964?] Physical Description [60] p. : chiefly ill., ports. ; 31 cm. WebSite: Navy Department Library http://www.history.navy.mil/library/ [Link Updated 24APR2001 | 30JAN99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "VP 48 on the go ..." Imprint [S.l. : s.n., 1968?] Physical Description [78] p. : chiefly ill., ports. ; 28 cm. WebSite: Navy Department Library http://www.history.navy.mil/library/ [Link Updated 24APR2001 | 30JAN99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "WestPac 71 : Patron Forty-eight." Imprint [Marceline, Mo. : Walsworth Pub. Co., 1971?] Physical Description 80 p. : chiefly ill. (some col.), ports. ; 29 cm. WebSite: Navy Department Library http://www.history.navy.mil/library/ [Link Updated 24APR2001 | 30JAN99]

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookPatrol Bombing Squadron 208 "...This book tells the story of VPB-208, a U. S. Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron of Martin Mariners that reached its maturity during the Okinawa campaign of World War II. The PBMs of VPB-208 flew into Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945, and later were stationed at NAS Norfolk, Virginia, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, and NAS Trinidad, British West Indies as VP-208, VP-MS-8, and VP-48. The story covers seven years from December 1942 to December 1949, from commissioning in NAS Norfolk, Virginia through many months of antisubmarine patrol and air-sea rescue flights out of NAS Key West, Florida and on to the Pacific in time for the Iwo Jima campaign. This book is available from the author, Walter Schurman schurm5522@adelphia.net, 2400 S. Ocean Dr., #6124, Fort Pierce, FL 34949-7916 for $10.00 plus 3.80 Priority Mail..." [Updated 22JUN2005 | 08MAR99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "PBM Mariner in Action Including the Martin P5M Marlin, JRM MARS and P6M Seamaster Number 74" [VP-7, VP-14, VP-16, VP-17, VP-18, VP-19, VP-21, VP-26, VP-31, VP-32, VP-45, VP-47, VP-48, VP-50, VP-55, VP-74, VP-202, VP-206, VP-211, VP-216, etc.] [23DEC99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Log of the Liberators: An Illustrated History of the B-24" by Steve. Birdsall [Squadrons mentioned: VP-24, VB-48, VB-51, VB-55, VP-63, VP-64, VB-101/VPB-101, VB-102, VB-103, VB-104/VPB-104, VB-106/VPB-106, VB-108/VPB-108, VB-109/VPB-109, VPB-111, VB-115, VPB-116, VPB-117, VPB-118, VPB-123, VPB-124, VB-128, VB-129, VB-130, VB-131, VB-132, VB-133, VB-134, VB-135, VB-136, VB-137, VB-138, VPB-139/VPB-139, VB-140, VB-141, VB-143, VB-147, VB-148/VPB-148, VB-154/VPB-154, VPB-156, VPB-157, VPB-159, VB-193, VC-5, VD-1, VD-3, VD-5, VW-3, etc.] ISBN:0-385-03870-4 Printed by Doubleday & Company, Inc Garden City, New York. Book information contributed by Bill Woodard billwood@mail.utexas.edu [07JAN2001]

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