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VP-48 Personal WebSite
Linkhttp://www.patrolsquadron48.org/ Contributed by MARCHETTI, AT1 James "Jim" tazmarchetti@yahoo.com [07JAN2004]

I am building a VP-48 (P-3) web site for all of you to contribute stories, memories, dedications and other important things relating to VP-48. I will host the site for FREE on my own web servers and build the framework for the site, so please be sure to start looking through those old cruisebooks and love letters from years ago and dig out the memories. Surely you have a SEA STORY or two to share!

VP-48 Personal WebSite
Linkhttp://www.vp48.org/ Contributed by ANDERSON, AX2 Lee (Andy) vp48sugarfox1@gmail.com [17MAR2001]

VP-48 Korean War Project WebSite
Linkhttp://www.koreanwar.org/html/units/navy/vp48.htm [09OCT2001]

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