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ABBEY, ADJ3 Walter W. wwabbey@austin.rr.com "...I served with VP-2 (06/1968-09/1969) with a deployment to NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I worked the Powerplant Shop, flew with Crew-8 and VFP-63 after disestablishment, RF8G Powerplant Mech, reupped, got out in 1976 and joined AF. Reserve 1983, C-5 Flight Engineer, served until retirement October 2005, recall to AD for both gulf wars, married to my wife Linda in May 1977, one daughter Kelly, four grandsons, lived in the San Fran. Bay area 1977-2010, moved to Round Rock, Tx. Aug 2010. I am currently fully retired and a full time Grandpa..." [09OCT2012]

AHLE, John M. jma0365@aol.com "...Served with the best dammed VP squadron in the Navy - VP-2 from 1958-1960. Would like to thank the people who make this site available, was just going through cruise book (JAPAN). Would like to hear from anyone out there that served in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington at that time, course we all know we weren't there half the time. Was AEI2, ECM, MAD, operator, loved the bubble, especially when there was static, often wondered what held those half inch rods up, or should I say down? Hard work, good times, here's to the BLACKOUT,IN MT. Vernon, keep em flying, two turning, and two burning..." [31MAR2001]

ALEXANDER, CDR A.G.(ALEX) Retired vo67usn@bresnan.net "...I was with VP-9, ATU-614, ATU-501, VP-2, and my last squadron was VO-67. I was the Aircraft Maint. Officer until March of '68. I left to go to Balboa for back surgery, ended up with a heart attack. I would enjoy hearing from anyone of any of the units mentioned. "Big A" Alex."..." [04SEP98]

ARNOLD, ADR1 Clarence "Dutch" Retired dutch434@aol.com "...My first tour of duty was with ATU-601 3rd Division. At that time the unit was at NAS Hutchinson, Kansas. The 3rd Division was the Navigation Training Section. We flew PB4Y-2's. Division 1 and 2 flew P2V-1-2-3s. My tour was from December 1954 to May 1956. I then served with VP-2 from June 1956 to March 1957 and VP-26 from April 1961 till September 1964 (flew as 2nd Mechanic and Plane Captain on YC-1 BUNO: 140984). Our skipper was R. J. Minton. I was a AD3 and made AD2. Deployed to NAS Kodiak, Alaska and NAS Adak, Alaska in 1956 to 1957. Wanted to make the Japan deployment but BUPERS said no. Got out for about 2 years the came back in..." [BIO Updated 21NOV2003 | BIO Updated 07MAR2000 | 06MAR2000]

ASH, Tom tomcat@whidbey.net "...Served with VP-29 from 1953 through 1955. Stoud down VP-29 and reformed as VAH-2 . I then transfered to VP-4 and then to VP-2. After completing my only tour of shore duty I was transfered to VAH-4..." [03MAY98]

BADDERS, C. D. PUPSRMINE@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 64-66 and later retired from surface navy as an MACS..." [19APR99]

BAILEY, AO3 Bob flynavy10@comcast.net "...I served with VP-2 (1965-1968). While in the Far East and while flying with crew 10 as ordnanceman, our crew flew operation Market Time missions from NAF Tan Son Nhut, South Vietnam and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam while in Vietnam and we also flew missions right after the capture of the Pueblo for a few weeks from NAS Iwakuni, Japan..." [E-Mail Updated 05FEB2017 | BIO Updated 06JAN2008 | BIO Updated 20SEP2007 | E-Mail Updated 05DEC2005 | 15DEC1997]

BALLARD, Robert R. baywader@aol.com "...I served in VP-3 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from 1951 to 1953, VP-18 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from 1956 to 1961, VP-50 NAS North Island, San Diego, California from 1965 to 1967, and VP-2 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 1967 to 1968. I'd like to hear from Shipmates, especially D. D. Vaughn (VP-18 NAS Jacksonville, Florida)...." [03OCT2004]

BEEBE, Robert D. robbyd59@yahoo.com "...I served in VP-2 from 1962 to 1963 on Crew 10 (P2V-7) with LCDR Florin, AD2 Dombroski and ATN3 Whipple. Previously had tours at NAS Johnsville, Pennsylvania Research/Development Center (1958 to 1960) and AEWBarRonPac flying out of Midway (1960 to 1961). Went from VP-2 to VR-24 and AIMD at NS Rota, Spain (1963 to 1967), QA Representative at NAAS Ellyson Field, Pensacola, Florida (1967 to 1970), USS Forrestal and Independence ships company till July 1973, then AIMD NAS Norfolk, Virginia till retirement in October 1977. Now live in Yorktown, VA. Have lost track of a Shipmate AT3 Henry Van Aller. Appreciate any assistance..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 24APR2011 | E-Mail Updated 15NOV2003 | 03JUN99]

BENNING, LCDR VJ (Ben) Retired c/o Cindy Bartlett bilcin5@aol.com "...I am the daugther of retired LT Commander VJ Benning (BEN). He served with VP-2, VP-8, VP-10, VP-17 and VP-30. I have fond memories of growing up in the Navy - and very proud of my father and his accompishments. If any of you have any fond memories of my father or good stories I would be happy to tell him. I am also interested in any Reunion that my be in the works..." [17JUL2005]


BONVILLE, William J. shipmate pix...circa FEB45 bonville@q.com "...I served with VPB-2, VP-1, FAW-3, VPB-4, and FAW-4. Both with PB2Y aircraft..." WebSite: http://uci.net/~bonville/ [E-Mail/URL Updated 26FEB2004 | 08FEB98]

BOSWELL, Ed edboswell@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1968 to 1969. I had the good fortune of driving Crew 5 around, the best I might add, during that time frame. I drove the Skipper around while serving with VP-50 from 1959 to 1962. Would like to hear from any and all..." [08JAN2003]

BOWEN, David M. CJDMBowen@msn.com "...I served with VP-2 from January 1962 to January 1965..." [07MAY2003]

BOWMAN, Wayne wabowman@gci.net "...I was in VP-2 62 to 64 Made two deployments to Alaska, from NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Had a great time in VP-2. I would invite all old Shipmates to join the VP-2 Assoc. as it is a good chance to find old friends. I am also looking for Roger L. Gilbert he was a AD during that time frame. During my first deployment to Alaska I flew second mech in crew one with CDR D.P. Lanagan. One of the best to ever fly a P2V..." [20JAN2002]

Memorial Picture "...BRISCOE, Robert James "Bob"...My friend, Robert James BRISCOE, passed away October 26, 2016. I served with Bob while assigned to VP-2 (1966-1969). Bob was my friend for over 50 years..." Contributed by Dennis Hilljohnboyle417@gmail.com [28OCT2016]

BROWN, AEC James Retired jim@rlpco.com "...Good to see so many old names from the VP Navy. Was in the following squadrons: VP-11 Aug 1962-Nov 1963, VP-2 Oct 64-May 66, VP-46 71-73, VP-30 74-76, VP-19 76-79, MAD operator in the P2's and flight Engineer on the P-3. Retired June 1979 as AEC. Many good memories of deployments and Ready Alert. Anyone that remembers me please contact me and we'll swap old stories. Froggie. Anyone rember the barf bag salids?..." [04FEB2002]

BROWN, John C. granpajony@aol.com "...I was in VP-2 from November 1955 thru June 1957. I was in Crew 4 as an AT. The pilot was our operations officer CDR Hovey Dennis Smith. We had an exchange co-pilot from the AF Capt. Walker. Our plane was a P2V-7, SB 4 # 140980. Great duty!!! We deployed to NAS Kodiak, Alaska around October 1956 returning May 1957. That was real exciting flying in all kinds of weather. I can't remember all the other crew members at the moment. But two other ATs in the crew were Bob Smith and Babbage. Other guys I hung around with were Gerald Earley, Jim Welch, Jackson, Tom Tate, Bruce Walker, Harold Estepand a Baker. It was a wonderful time in my life..." [14SEP2000]

BUCHAL, Robert RJBuchal@aol.com "...I was PPC in the following Squadrons: VPB-121 Sep44 to Nov45 Western Pacific-Privateers, VP-27 Sep48 to Jan50 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington Privateers Decomissioned, VP-2 Jan50 to Jul50 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington P-2V's, FAW-4 Jul50 to May51 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington Instructor for Reserve SQDs, training for Korea-Both P-2V and PB4Y-2's, and VP-23 Aug54 to Aug56 NAS Brunswick, Maine P-2V-5's & 7's. Interested in hearing from any former Shipmates..." [Updated 17JUN98]

BUGAY, AXC Bob Retired bobbugay@att.net "...I served with VP-2 (1961-1964), VP-40 (1968-1971), VP-50 (1975-1978), NAS Memphis, Tennessee, two tours with VP-31 and retired in 1981. Anyone out there remember the "through the wire" trip to town with Fig? You'll understand this if you know what I'm talking about. Been there - done that! Whatever happen Fig after he changed his rate to AQ?..." [E-Mail Updated 01MAR2019 | E-Mail Updated 17JUN2003 | 09MAR99]

BURLACE, John V. Vet4Navy@aol.com "...Served with VP-2 from 1968 through 1969..." [09AUG2000]

BUSKIRK, Carl "Buzz" Von Jr. [Deceased] c/o His Daughter Nancy Berg naner@silverlink.net or his Son Richard Von Buskirk RNelsonn@cs.com "...My father, Carl Nelson Von Buskirk, Jr., served in the USN during WWII with VP-83 and VH-4. My brother has his log book and we decided to do a little research. Dad never really spoke about his time in the Navy...My father, like most men of his generation, spoke little of his personal involvement in that tumultuous time. My three brothers, my sister and I have all, at one time or another, asked my father about those years that so shaped his the lives of his generation. Other than talking about some of the sights he had seen or places he had been, like Brazil and Hawaii, he had very little to say. He made it clear that it was a time of duty and once done, it was time to move on. I know, having my father live me for the last few years of his life, that he served with pride, with honor, and was moved by the various memories that the conflict branded on his heart and soul. He would never speak of battles fought or talk about the fear and horrors common to those men of that era. I don't know of personal loss or tragedy or other elements of the self sacrifice necessary in those days. It was personal to him; those were memories that belonged to him and his generation. My father passed away in 1994. Several years later I found some personal things of his, including a brown, cloth covered "Aviators Flight Log Book" with several notations inside and, scrawled in his hand on the front, the letters, in descending order, "VP-83, VPB-83, VB-107, VPB-107, VPB-2(?), VPB-98, VPB-100, and VH-4." I gather these are various squadrons that he belonged to. Over the years some of these letters have faded, as this book is approaching 60 years old. There are several entries in the book, beginning in March of 1942 and ending February 1946. Brevity best describes the remarks column, but the entries give the flavor of locations, duties, and even lengths of patrols, ranging from .2 hours on Jan 18, 1945 ( "Crashed in ocean off Okinawa, Picked up by Flag Plane) to rump numbing flights lasting 16.5 hours ( May 15-16, 1946, PBM-5 lt. Cmdr Sterling, Kaneohe to San Francisco). It is facinating reading. My father saw quite a bit of the world at war and it's aftermath, including flying over Hiroshima, (Nov 4, 1945 PBM-5) and Nagasaki (Nov 23, 1945 same plane)..." [BIO Updated 23JAN2001 | 21JAN2001]

BUTLER, AE3 Douglas doug829@swbell.net "...I was attached to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington VP-2 from April 1959 until May 1962. To anyone who served during that period, please contact me..." [23FEB2005]

BUZZARD, Edward 2buzzards@home.com "...I was with VP-2 (65-68) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, NAS Iwakuni, Japan, and NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I was Operations Chief and Career Counselor until they caught up with me, they did not need an ASC in a VP Squadron. Went from there to the USS Hancock, NAS Lakehurst and then back to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I retired in September 1973. Sure was a fine squadron, good Officers and Men..." [E-Mail Updated 13OCT2001 | 15DEC99]

BYRNE, LCDR Patrick J. (Pat/Pappy) Retired (Deceased)c/o His Nephew SHCS John Landy navyy8@yahoo.com "...My uncle was born March 18, 1896 in Dover, NJ. He entered the service Dec. 14, 1917 in Oceanic, NJ. Entered flight training Jan. 25, 1920 with the rate of ACMM. Designated NAP Oct. 1, 1920. Promoted to CPO/Master sergeant April 1919. Designated naval aviator November 1928 #3442. Shore duty: December 17-May 1918 Machinist Mate School, NAS Pensacola, Floridaand NAS Hampton Roads; May 191 8-February 1919, East Pier Patrol Sqd. NAS Hampton Roads; January 1920-October 1922, NAS Pensacola, Florida; June 1926-October 1928, NAS Hampton Roads; August 1930-January 1931, VS-10 NAS Norfolk, Virginia; August 1943-May 1946, VRF-4 and VRF-l NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York; May 1946-May 1954, VRF-31, NAS Norfolk, Virginia; June 1954-March 1958, NAS Lakehurst. Sea duty: February 1919-January 1920, Scout­ing and Patrol Squadron, NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; October 1922-October 1924, USS Wright (AV-1), NavyYard, Philadelphia; October 1924-February 1925, USS Langley I (AV-3), NAS San Diego; February 1925-April 1925, VS-2 NAS Norfolk, Virginia and Annapolis, MD; April 1925-November 1925, USS Richmond, Portsmouth, VA; March 1926-May 1926, USS Trenton, Portsmouth, VA; October 1928-August 1930, USS Wyoming, Norfolk, VA; January 1931-August 1931, USS Au­gusta, Norfolk, VA; September 1931-October 1935, VP-2F, NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone; November 1935-May 1941, VP-14F and VP-52, NAS Norfolk, Virginia; May 1941-February 1942, VP-72F NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada; March 1942-August 1943, R-I, VP-6 and VP-8 NAS Norfolk, Virginia. He was awarded the Legion of Merit, Good Conduct, African European Medal, World War II Vic­tory Medal, American Defense, Asiatic-Pacific Cam­paign, New Jersey State Medal World War I. Byrne retired March 31, 1958 with the rank of lieutenant commander. He had 20,000 military flight hours and 3,000 civilian hours. Pat Byrne, definitely the legendary flying mari­ner with his early entry into aviation, 40 plus years in the naval aviation service and 23,000 flight hours. Pat had over two and one half years experience on aviation matters, mainly aviation engines, prior to his entrance into the U.S. Navy. His first experience was on a Burgess Dunne Seaplane, privately owned by General Howard S. Borden of Oceanic, NJ, now known as Rumson, NJ. Pat died Nov.23, 1979. He was married to Mar­garet. I would love to hear from anyone that knew him. Thanks..." [14OCT2001]

CARTER, Joe rosjoge@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1965 to 1966 in the para-loft. I would like to hear from people who served with VP-2 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, Japan, and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Good flying mates..." [14SEP2003]

CASEY, AO1 Robert B. (Bob) Shipmate Pix... spec439@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 (Ordnanceman Crew 12 "Ass end of Hank's flying circus") and VP-1 (Crew 8 "Barne's Stormers") for five years from 1958 to 1962. Made two WestPac deployments to NAS Iwakuni, Japan and one to NAS Kodiak, Alaska/ NAS Adak, Alaska. I then served with VAH-123 from April 1962 to April 1964 as a AO1 Weapons Instructor. As a turret-less P2V aircrewman, I fanaticized about the day the Aero 9 bow turret, the Aero 11 tail turret, and 250CE upper deck turrets would again elevate P2 Truculent Turtle to the status of air warrior of the air and sea, a distinction it once held. But, it was not to happen. When the disillusionment set in, I opted to realign my military career in the USAF crewing up as an AC-130 Spectre Gun Ship Gunner. It was during that assignment that the old fighting instincts that were engrained at VP-1/VP-2 roiled emergence within my soul like the Phoenix of lore, and my hair caught afire (not to be confused with the color of my hair I am a natural redhead!). I embraced the NVA and VC with every ounce of courage and every ounce of lead I had at my disposal. Without getting into the details, I was awarded 9, repeat 9, Distinguished Flying Crosses for those glory days. Each and every one of those 9 medals can be traced to my upbringing in the P2V world of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington - love of life, love of country, love of flying, and love of killing the bastards threatening the American way of life. By God, I love it!..." [BIO Updated 08MAY2007 | BIO Updated 02DEC2003 | E-Mail Updated 09JUL2002 | E-Mail Updated 08FEB2002 | E-Mail Updated 02JUL2001 | E-Mail Upated 25MAY2000 | 19MAY99]

Memorial Picture "...CONVILLE, ARM2 William J...My Dad, ARM2 William J. Conville, passed away when I was 9 years old. Dad served from April 1943 to December 1945 and was a Reservist. According to his Discharge Certificate he went to boot camp at Great Lakes and school at NAS Memphis, Tennessee and then served with VP-8 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and finally with VP-2. I would like to hear from any of Dad's former Shipmates..." Contributed by Michael W. Conville jafo8597@netscape.net [20FEB2011]

COOKE, Jack D. cj66@juno.com "...I served with VP-2 and VP-28. I made the NAS Kodiak, Alaska deployment in 59' or 60' - can't recall which. I was in VP-28 and was detached to be apart of the ground crew during the Christmas Island atomic testing. What a trip that was. I have run across two old Shipmates through this forum (boy they must be old...I was a kid then and I'm OLD now!). Chief R. L. Collins and Chief (E-6 when I knew him) Ernie Grims. I made one an a partial NAS Iwakuni, Japan trip with VP-28 as an AT1. I was a part of the cruise book...where I met Ernie Grim ADR1. After my VP tours I was stationed at Hickham AFB to a research and develop outfit called N.A.P.O.G. Can't tell you what it means...have to killya. I detached myself after 15 years 9 month to become a minister. Best move I ever made. I still remeber the great and not so great men who shaped my young self those few years of my life. AE1 Eck are you out there?...I served with VP-28 based at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii (Circa 1962). We deployed to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in November that year.. CDR L. A. Kurz was CO and CDR R. T. Folsom XO. I was an AT1 and part of the Crews Book staff. I recall redrawing the Squadron Logos (the one Axing the sub and the one just below and to the right of it). I drew up Crew patches as well and the guys had them stitched. I got of flight status before we went to NAS Iwakuni, Japan. I got trash canned to Pubs and Electronic Material Changes as punishment. The three things that could fail us at ORI was these two and something else - don't remember the third. Go figure. I was banished to a most sensitive job. We were four years behind when I took over. It took me four years to get caught up. Any body remember that November NAS Iwakuni, Japan trip of 1962?..." [BIO Updated 22NOV99 | 04MAY99]

COONS, R. Larry coons@wtp.net "...I was in VP-2 in the early Sixties..." [22JUL2001]

CORSTEN, ETC(SS) Don Retired corsten@bluebottle.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1958 to 1961 (AT2(AC)) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington with deployments to NAS Kodiak, Alaska, NAS Adak, Alaska and Shemya. I was Radioman with Crews 6 and 7 (N1355550). I destinctly remember the BUNO because I used to amuse the radioman at Sandspit, CN when reporting over with a mocking very heavy "Limey" accent ... "Sandspit, Sandspit, this is Navy One Three Five Triple Nickel Nothing reporting over Sandspit" ( all to the noted shagrin of CMDR. Black, the pilot who was monitoring my transmission). I'm now 75 years old, retired in Florida on 500' of waterfront, singing 1st Tenor in a professional choir and enjoying life to the fullest. God bless and a happy life to all my old Shipmates..." [05JUL2009]

COTTINGHAM, Ty tcottingham@DICKEY-john.com "...I served in VP-4 @ Naha, Okinawa from 1961 - 1963 & flew in several crews, my final crew was with the Skipper (Cdr. Moses) and we flew in 150279, which I understand is a static display at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I was a member of VP-2, Crew 10 during 1963 - 1964 & managed to be in Alaska during the "Big Quake"! Then I went to the Carrier Navy and retired as an AECS in 1978. I was working on the A-12 Aircraft Program at McDonnell Aircraft when the program was cancelled and now I'm working in agricultural electronics. Sorry that I missed the Reunion..." [18DEC98]

COUTCHER, Gil gil911c2@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 from March 1967 through June 1968..." [23DEC2001]

CRAWFORD, ATN2(AC) Tracy trcraw4d@verizon.net "...I served with VP-2 YC6 Radio from 1965 to 1967 "Launch The Back-up."..." [E-Mail Updated 26JAN2011 | E-Mail Updated 17FEB2004 | 28MAY2001]

CRENSHAW, Raymond jstod7918@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 (1945-1948) and crewed as a Radio Operator..." [05AUG2013]

CURRAN, AMS1 Norman F. c/o his son Mike Curran mcurran@worldnet.att.com "...My father, AMS1 Norman F. Curran, served with VP-2 in mid-sixties. Deployed to NAS Kodiak, Alaska, NAS Iwakuni, Japan with duty in Vietnam. I am sure he would like to hear from any of his former Shipmates..." [31MAR99]

DALAMBAKIS, Angelo adalambakis@yahoo.com "...Served from 1943 to 1946 with VPB-71, VPB-1, VPB-2, VPB-100, and VPB-91. Served in the Phillipines, MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, and NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Retired Dentist living in Dayton, Ohio and Pompano Beach FL. Love to hear from old squadron buddies! I can be reached at Deerfield Beach (Ft Lauderdale) on (954)425-8411..." [BIO Updated 03NOV2002 | 03NOV98]

DAVIS, AT2 John J. jtd@zdial.com "...I served as an AT2 with VP-2. I was 2nd Radio Operator to Jerry Kluth from June 1959 to June 1960 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and NAS Kodiak, Alaska / NAS Adak, Alaska deployment. Vice President of Cool Head Jack Association. Would like to hear from anyone from that era..." [01SEP2002]

DODSON, ADR1 Jack jsdodson22@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1956 to 1959. Rank ADR-1 Plane Yankee Charlie 8..." [03JUN2001]

DOMBROWSKI, ADCS Richard (Ski) Retired rmdeez@aol.com "...Served with ATU-700 between March 1953 and June 1955. Worked in AD shop. Originally entered Boot camp in 1952 at NTC Bainbridge with follow-on P & A schools at NATTC Norman, Oklahoma. Further service at Naval Air Development Center Johnsville, PA, VP-40 (P5M's) at NS Sangley Point, Philippines, VP-2 (P2V's) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, NAS Kodiak, Alaska and NAS Adak, Alaska, VR-3 (C-118's and C-130's) at Maguire AFB, N.J., NAS North Island, San Diego, California(OMD), VRF-32 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California, HS-10 at NAS Imperial Beach, CA, HC-7 at Imperial Beach, NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and Gulf of Tonkin, ending with HSL-31 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California where I retired..." [BIO Updated 01JUN2002 | E-Mail Updated 06JUL2000 | 02SEP98]

DOYLE, AO3 Larry (LR) ldoylesr@lycos.com Shipmate Pix Circa 1968 "...A/C Crew 8 and Crew 5 ordnance 1966 to 1968, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, Tan Son Nuht A.B., Viet., NS Sangley Point, Philippines, NAS Iwakuni, Japan, flew OP. Market Time and also Pueblo incident missions, while attached to VP-2. Any old crew out there and other VP-2ers?...I was with VP-2 from October 1965 to October 1968 as an AO3(AC) flying first in Crew 5 (LCDR Lockhart) and spending over a year with Crew 8 (B/U #135553 or as we called her, triple nickle 3, LCDR Briggs). I did two tours in Vietnam and was with Crew 8 on the night that the 3 Chicom trawlers were sunk. Our crew was in that fire fight that saw the trawler blow up before sinking. Our crew was also sent to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in 1968 to fly patrols on the Pueblo (we carried more ord than we did in Vietnam). I belong to the VP-2 organization and have attended Reunion in San Jose & Whidbey Is. If your a VP-2 vet, please join and come out, it's a lot of fun. If you have the Military channel in your area, I was recently interviewed for their new series and was used on a recently shown segment. Unfortunately, where I live we do not have that channel but they did send me a copy of the 3 interviews that they were going to include. There is a lot more I could add to this but I just wanted to share some of my past history. I flew with Chester Coons in Crew 5 and was in the ordance shop with Mike Roberts, we lost both Shipmates when they went to VO-67. I had the honor of copying their names off the Wall in Washington. I still remember them and will never forget them. To follow Comrades! Best of luck to all, hope to hear from fellow Shipmates in the future. If you would need anything information or other items, I have quite an extensive scrap book, slides & pix's and can recall most of my days in the fleet..." [E-Mail Updated 12JAN2001 | BIO and E-Mail Updated 17MAR99 | 07MAR98]

DRAKE, Jay JAY1929@webtv.net "...I was transferred to Patrol Squadron TWO from Boot Camp in San Diego in November of 1948. I remained in VP-2 my entire 4 year enlistment. The Squadron went from NAS Miramar to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington later to NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Back and forth to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. went to Okinawa during the Korean war. I was a Plane Captain the last coulple years. A typhoon was headed to Okinawa and I was in the Squadron Commanders crew and he was the last to fly out of harms way. Taking off was a little scary as the storm was almost right on us. I was discharged in Sept. 1952..." [11JUL2001]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix Shipmate Pix"...ECCLES, LT(jg) Robert O....My dad, LT(jg) Robert O. Eccles, served with VP-2 in the late 1950's as navigator/co-pilot with Crew Twelve. He passed away on February 19, 2005. He had been admitted to the hospital for a hip replacement brought on by prostate cancer that had spread and made his bones brittle. He never left the hospital. He had some sort of infection, went into septic shock and they couldn't keep his blood pressure up. I always loved hearing about his time in the Navy. I'm sure what he told me only scratched the surface. I now wear his flight jacket with pride. I put his Crew Twelve patch on it, along with a nameplate I had made. He was also a member of VA(HM-10, and I put that patch on his jacket, too. I'm ordering a VP-2 patch from the Patrol Squadron Two Association's Ship's Store to go with the others. I also plan to join the Patrol Squadron Two Association. I'm planning on attending the squadron's Reunion in Washington in September, although I may only be able to make the last couple of days. I'm looking forward to the Whidbey Patrol Sqaudron Memorial, and I'll be buying a brick with my dad's name on it. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the guys my dad flew with. My e-mail contact with some of them has shown that they're truly a class bunch. I have a lot of my dad's Navy stuff, including wings, cruise/deployment books, model planes and paintings. I'm proud of his military service, and I hope I can help keep the memory of those who served alive...Robert Clark Eccles rceccles@hotmail.com..." [PIX Added 28JAN2006 | PIX Added 27JAN2006 | 26JAN2006]

FADNESS, Melvin R. mfadness@concentric.net "...I was attached to VP-2 in January 1959 with P2Vs. After that I was in VP-28 for one year, VP-40 and VP-46 for a couple of years. I was attached to the Royal Air Force and attended the VP air crew training at St. Mawgen, Cornwall England and then was shipped out to RAF Kinloss Scotland for a two year tour on the Nimrods. I retired at NAS Moffett Field, California with a total span of about 22 years with the US Navy. I have met and worked with the best people in the world. I have a few old pictures and would share if anyone wants a copy..." [15FEB99]

Memorial Picture "...FARWELL, CDR Warren E...I am currently stationed in San Diego as XO of Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering Service Command (NATEC). My late father, CDR Warren E. Farwell, completed flight training in NAS Pensacola, Florida, 1954-55. He completed carrier qualifications by landing onboard USS SAIPAN (CVL-48) and earning his Naval Aviator Wings of Gold on December 27, 1955. Stationed initially as a flight instructor at NAS Hutchinson, Kansas, he later moved to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington where Warren flew P2V "Neptune" anti-submarine patrol bombers in squadron VP-2. Leaving active duty in 1960, Warren continued flying in the U.S. Navy Reserves at NAS Minneapolis, Minnesota and Chicago until July 1978 and retired with the rank of Commander having logged over 4,000 hours of flight time in many types of aircraft ranging from the SNJ "Texan" trainer, SNB "Kansan," PB4Y2 "Privateer," S-2 "Tracker" and nearly every version of his favorite P2V. It is my father's "fault" that I joined the Navy and have had a career that I would not trade a single minute of for anything else. No amount of money could match the wealth of friendships, camaraderie, fun and adventure I have had. I never did a VP tour, as an Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer (AMDO) I found myself aboard carriers and spent about 7 years of my 20 underway. Thanks, Dad! CDR John Farwell john.farwell@navy.mil..." [27JAN2010]

FEYO, ADR3 Jack jandjfeyo@frontiernet.net "...I served with VP-2 (1962-1963) at NAS Adak, Alaska..." [31MAR2015]

FILLIPUCCI, AO1(AW) Ernie Retired afillipucci@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-2 (1969) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VP-40 (1969-1972) at NAS Moffett Field, VP-31 (1972-1975), VP-4 (1975-1979) and retired in April 1991. Currently working for the City of Jacksonville, Fl. and would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 19MAR2014 | E-Mail Updated 03DEC2008 | E-Mail Updated 03OCT2004 | E-Mail Updated 10APR2002 | E-Mail Updated 03MAY2001 | 06JUL99]

FLEIGER, ADR3 Roger bikerhog1@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1958 to 1959. We deployed to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in 1958/1959. We started our own motorcycle club called "The Croch Cannibals." Would like to hear from some of the old bunch..." [20JUN2003]

Memorial Picture "...FLORIN, CDR Donald E...FLORIN, CDR Donald E...CDR Donald E. Florin flew his last mission on July 6, 2009 at 1845. I believe his last assignment was XO of VP-2 before he retired but I'm not sure. I only knew Don through my mother who was very close to him and with him along with his closet family members when Don's beloved P2-V Neptune quietly disappeared over the horizon. From what my mother said Don was "all Navy" to the end and never forgot who he served with and for. All I can personally add is "bravo zulu" Don for a job and life well done, you will be missed..." Contributed by IS1 Bruce Kinsler atcs.llc@comcast.net [BIO Updated 10JUL20009 | 08JUL2009]

FLUCHEL, AMCS Frederick G. Retired bushman0@tampabay.rr.com "...I served VP-2 (1963-1964) with a deployment to NAS Kodiak, Alaska (left Kodiak when the earthquake hit on March 27, 1964). I am now living in Inverness, Florida..." [21DEC2012]

FRAZIER, Bob bkf0141@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 (1963) in the Para Loft. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [23JAN2013]

FUDGE, AO1 Curtis Retired ao1cfudge@yahoo.com "...I served with VT-26 at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas from 1967 to 1969 and then VP-2 from 1969 to disestablishment with deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I was sent to VF-121 and VF-213 at NAS Miramar, California and left the Navy in 1971. I rejoined the Naval Reserves in 1982 and reported to VP-65 at NAS Point Mugu, California till retiring in 2002. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [20MAY2010]

GARY, Lawrence G. lgary3@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 (1966-1969) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and flew with Crew-2 and Crew-5. I fell in love with Whidbey Island,l returned to live and retire in Redmond, WA..." [16APR2013]

GEROW, AZ4 Chris gerow@us.ibm.com "...I served with VP-2 from early 1968 to 1969 when I discharged in October. I was an AZ4 (Julie/ECM) and flew with Crew 2, PPC was LCDR Overeem, Plane Captain was Max Lucero, and the Ordnance was Dale Vaughan. We were based in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, and transpac'd twice - once to NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, and the other to Tan Son Nuht A.B., Viet. We rotated between Vietnam and NS Sangley Point, Philippines. These were action packed times. We were alpha crew, and were the ready alert bird during the Pueblo incident and got launched. We flew 10 hours to NAS Iwakuni, Japan were we were briefed and 3 hours later were launched for another 8+ hours of patrol. Our JEZ operator earned his pay. I saw the posts from Larry Doyle and Dale Vaughan - brought back memories..." [29MAY2002]

GOHEEN, ATN3 Jim jtneehog@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VP-2 from October 1963 to August 1965. I Was an ATN3. I was in the crash of YC-9 in the spring of 1964 in NAS Kodiak, Alaska. I was flying with Mike Munzs crew..." [E-Mail Updated 19FEB2006 | 11JUN99]

GREGORY, AEC Richard L. Retired usnretaec@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 (1957-1958) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I retired in 1968 and now reside in Grand Prairie, TX..." [05APR2012]

GROVE, AFCM Don Retired fogydong@gmail.com "...I was with VP-23 at NAS Brunswick, Maine, as a young AMAN and AM3 in 1952, 53, and 54. Worked in the Airframes Division. The squadron was equipped with PB4Y-2 Privateers (the Navy version of the B-24) when I arrived. Just a few months before I checked-in the squadron had been transferred to NAS Brunswick, Maine from Opalaka (Miami), Florida, where they had been the Navy's hurricane hunters. VP-23 returned from their second consecutive deployment to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada, in November of 1953 and began transitioning to P2V-5's. We were one of the very few squadron's to receive brand-new P2V-5's from the Lockheed factory at Burbank, California, without the jet engines installed under the wings. In the fall of 1954 VP-23 deployed to NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco, with these "twin-engined" P2V-5's. After that deployment the jet-less Neptunes were returned to the Lockheed factory to have the jet engine modification installed. By then, I had already departed for duty at NATTU, Pensacola. In July of 1968, after a four-year tour of recruiting duty, I reported to VP-2 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington as an AMCS. I served mostly as Aircraft Division Chief, and for a short time as Operations Department Chief. The squadron was flying the P2V-7, or as it had been re-titled by decree of Congress, the SP2H. In February 1969 VP-2deployed to NS Sangley Point, Philippines, with a permanent detachment at NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. The size of our Vietnam detachment varied from 3 to 6 planes depending on enemy activity and the dark-of-the-moon. The squadron was also sporadically tasked with maintaining a small detachment, usually 2 aircraft, in Tainan, Taiwan. During this deployment plans were laid and necessary technical school quotas obtained to support a transition to P-3 Orions. This transition was scheduled to begin after VP-2's return to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Alas, it was not to be. Another NAS Whidbey Island, Washington P2V squadron, VP-42, had been scheduled as our relief squadron at the completion of deployment. But, VP-42 was not sent to WestPac. VP-2 left the Philippines for home without a turn-over squadron, arriving at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington during the latter part of August 1969. It was soon determined, by those that decide such matters, that the last two active-duty Navy P2V squadrons on the west coast, VP-2 and VP-42 would be disestablished. There was to be no transition to P-3's for VP-2. The squadron was officially deactivated on 30 September 1969. I was transferred across the hanger to VP-1, a squadron then in the middle of a transition to P-3B Orions. Other squadrons that I was a part of were VAH-3 (sea duty), VAH-3 (shore duty), VAH-13, all A3D squadrons, and VQ-3 (EC-130Q's), VC-5(A-4's & US2F's), VFP-63 (RF-8K's), and NATTU (SNB-5P's & F9F-6P's)...." [E-Mail Updated 24APR2010 | E-Mail Updated 19JUN2002 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 29DEC2001]

GULLIVER, Victor S. c/o his daughter Anne Gulliver gulliver@wwa.com "...Joined VP-2 in September 1959, just weeks before we deployed for the usual six month deployment to NAS Kodiak, Alaska/ NAS Adak, Alaska. The PPC of my first crew was LT George Silberstein, who was given the task of training two PP3P's to be co-pilot: Don Hindorf and Bill Sterton were both Connie pilots who'd transferred to VP-2 on split tour only a few months before I arrived. I was a "PPnoP," with no hope of moving up during the winter deployment because we didn't conduct any training fights in the Alaskan winter. George Silberstein was a great PPC. He shared the seat time equally with all of us, and he trained us to the very best of his ability. The most common complaint among my nugget contemporaries was probably that their PPC's wouldn't give them enough pilot time. They spent way too much time chained to the navigation table. I followed George's lead in training the young pilots under me in the years that followed George's departure. Several years after Bill Sterton left the squadron, he was killed landing a C-2 on an aircraft carrier as a member of the ship's company. In my second six mouth deployment to Alaska, I flew with LCDR Paul Tripp, and LT Dick Seng. On my third deployment to Alaska, I had my own crew and we had LCDR Don Florin, LTJG Dave Bowen, and ENS Jerry Russell, one of the first NFO's in the squadron.. Also on my last crew were AD2 Ric Dombrowski, ADJ3 Floyd Palmer and ATN2 Dick Whipple, all of whom attended the 1996 reunion. I left VP-2 in May 1963, but stayed in the Navy for a thirty year career. I had two tours in VP-49, the last of which was an XO/CO tour from 1972-1974..." [21JUL98]

Memorial Picture "...GUTTERON, LT W. L. "Bill"...W. L. "Bill" Gutteron passed away Tuesday February 26, 2013, peacefully at home. Bill served with VP-2 (09/1964-08/1967) Bill was a fine officer and all around good guy and friend. He will be missed by all who knew and remember him..." Contributed by MILLER, Fred W. fredwmillerjr@cox.net [13MAR2013]

GUTTERON, W. L. (Bill) GutteronGp@aol.com "...I served in VP-2 from 9/64 to 8/67, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Was a 1st tour Lt., flew mostly in crews 9 and 3. PPC of 3 last 7 mos. Ground jobs all in Maint. Dept. Two deployments to NAS Iwakuni, Japan, included dets "in country". Went to United Airlines 12/67; about to retire as a 767 Capt. in 7/00. Fond memories of the best part of my Navy tour, the people! Give a holler. Live in Denver area..." [07DEC99]

HALEY, JOE bburson@yahoo.com "...I WAS STATIONED AT NAS North Island, San Diego, California; EARLY 1958, THEN TO NS Sangley Point, Philippines 1959-61, WHILE WITH VP-40. ALSO WITH VP-2 NAS Kodiak, Alaska. WAS IN MAJOR CRASH OF AIRCRAFT 5, VP-40. OWNED HITCHEN POST BAR, CAVITE PI, WITH PAUL BRANHAM. PLEASE RESPOND..." [27SEP98]

HARBIN, AT2 John jwhtacokid@aol.com "...I had the opportunity of serving in VP-2, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 1954 till April 1956. I flew as Radio Operator/ECM Operator (AT2) in SB-3. Pilot was CDR Arnie Havu, Plane Captain Karl Kunz, Radar Operator Woods, and Ordnanceman Gibson. Sorry, I don't remember the other crewmembers names. WE successfully saved bars from financial ruin in San Diego, Calif.,(1954)-- NAS Kodiak, Alaska, Fairbanks, and NAS Adak, Alaska. (July '55 til early '56). Back home on NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, we were again in heaven. I'd sure like to hear from any old squardron members, particularly: Jack Volz, Al Markey, Woods, Gibson, J. M. Smith, "Blacky" Blackburn. Those were the old "CW" days Do they even do CW anymore? Would love to hear from some old friends..." [BIO Updated 22APR2009 | 27NOV2001]

HARLOW, Duane S. dumar888@msn.com "...I served with VP-776 1958-1959) at NAS Los Alamitos, California, VP-2, USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) and got out in 1964..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 31JAN2012 | 28JUN2000]

HARVEY, AMCS Jansen Retired hmjansen@earthlink.net "...I was stationed with VP-2 from August 1958 to June of 1962 and returned in March 1966 till squdron decommisioned in 1969..." [14JUL2002]

HARVILLE, AOC Larry Retired saraharville@earthlink.net "...I was an A0C when I retired in 1975. VP-17 (VA(HM)-10) 1956 to 1960. VP-2 1960 to 1962. VP-31 NAS North Island, San Diego, California 1962 to 1964. VP-6 1964 to 1968. AO Class "B" school 1968 to mid 1969. VP-31 NAS Moffett Field, California 1969 1971. VP-19 1971 to 1975. NAS Alameda, California Wepons Department till retirement 1975. Would like to find AE-2 John Linkenhiemer who was a member of VP-17 crew 3 on the NAS Kodiak, Alaska deployment of 1959. Other members of that crew were LT. Bob Weller, past away. ENS Paul Stevekin. Enlisted members were ADR-1 George Kelsea Plane Captain, who lives in Lexington Park, MD. ADR-3 Pat Shanklin 2nd wrench, who lives in Snora, CA. AN Governelli 3rd wrench, whereabouts unknown. AT-3 Marvin Dirks radio, who lives in Greeley, CO. AT-2 Walter K. O'Dowd radar, past away June 30 this year. AT-3 John Thompson whereabouts unknown. Sure would like to find John Thompson, Governelli and John Linkenheimer. I am in contact with George Kelsea, Marvin Dirks and Pat Shanklin. If you know me or would like to speak to an old cannon cocker contact me..." [28OCT2001]

HELTZEL, Mike mheltz1@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 flying with Crew 12 from 1960 to 1962. Our aircraft was a P2 (BUNO: 135610). Looking forward to the 2000 Reunion..." [E-Mail Updated 05JUL2004 | E-Mail Updated 06FEB2002 | 26NOV99]

HINDS, Terry W. TWHinds@aol.com "...I was stationed with VP-2 Sept 68 thru Decom in 69 as the Ordnanceman in Crew 4 on YC-4 BuNo 147948 (I don't think I can ever forget that BuNo). Would like to hear from SquadronMates from that time frame. I consider it the "Best" and most fun part of my 27 years of Naval Service. I was stationed with VP-40 from late 69 thru part of the NAHA (RAINRON) Det. I was an Inflight Ordnanceman and would like to hear from SquadronMates during that time frame. After my VP-40 tour I went "TailHook" with VA-115 (A-6s') Onboard USS Midway, then To VA-86 (A-7s') on USS Nimitz, and Retired CWO4 in 1990. After almost 27 Years Service..." [20MAR99]

HOLCOMB, AX2 Howard holsky@frontier.com "...I served with VP-2 (1967-1969) on Crew-4 and LCDR Beavert was our XO. We deployed to NS Sangley Point, Philippines, Saigon and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [01NOV2010]

HOLLISTON, Lee Iblee61108@aol.com "...I jointed VP-2 in mid year of 1958 and was there till June 1960 when I got out and came back to the midwest (Belvidere, Il) to settle down. It would be good to hear from any of the guys from that time period. I was a crew member on YC-3. I will be going to the Reunion in Whidbey this August 23 through 26..." [25JUN2000]

HOLLINSWORTH, AWC Jack Retired jhollinsw@yahoo.com "...I started my VP tours with VP-2 in Feb 1956, I ended my tours with VP-1 in NOV 1981. In between there was VP-17, VP-31, VP-19 CRAZY CATS [ARMY], ASWOC P.I., and ASWOC School Dam Neck. Would like to hear from anyone who knew me or has heard of me. Retired from the Navy in Nov 81 and retired from construction Nov 98..." [21FEB99]

HOLLOSI, AVM/M1 Peter Jr. C/O His Son Peter M. Hollosi PHollosi@AOL.com "...My Dad was in WW 2, He served aboard the U.S.S. Lexington and the U.S.S. Wright. He was assigned to VP-14 NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (was there 7 Dec. 1941), VP-12 (Black Cats), and VPB-2 NAS Banana River, Florida. I would sincerly appreciate any info on missions, R & R, etc. I never got tired of his war stories. Thank you......Among Dad's crew members (from what I recall) was a pilot nicknamed "Red", another nicknamed "Greek", and Dad's best friend, Jim Landry, who was KIA at Midway (Dad witnessed that and never completely got over it). Thanx again..." [BIO Updated 18NOV99 | 04APR98]

HOLT, Ken kaholt66@hotmail.com "...I served in VP-2 from 8/65 - 5/67. I was an AZ3 at the time, working in Maintenance Control as Logs and Records keeper. I did the '66 deployment to NAS Iwakuni, Japan and was on the first Det to Viet Nam and stayed there from 5/66 to 8/66, worked nights and rode shotgun for the busses picking up the crews. At any rate, I got out of the navy in May '67 and stayed out for three and a half years. When I came back to the navy in Sept '70, I changed my rate to AE and went to AE-"A" school in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Upon completion of training there and P-3 training at NAS Moffett Field, California (NAMTRADET 1012), I went to VP-22 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I stayed in VP-22 from '71 to '73. I made AE-2 in VP-22 and made the '72 Naha Okinawa deployment. That was the era of "Canadian Geese", when Cdr. Canada was the C.O.. I worked for AE1 Jim Watt at the time and then, AE-2 Jack With. We had a real good crew of AEs back then. I remember Jeff Powers, Bob Driscoll, Al Ferguson, AEC Pointer and several others that I remember their faces but can't think of their names. I had a good buddy named Jeff Kephart (AD2) that I've been trying to locate for years, so if anyone knows how I can contact him, please let me know. When I left VP-22 in July '73, I went to AV-I "B" school in NAS Memphis, Tennessee and after that I was sent to USS Ranger (CV-61) for two years as ship's company in AIMD. I made AE-1 while attached to Ranger. After a good tour on Ranger I went to VA-121 in NAS Lemoore, California until they disestablished and I was sent to VA-122, TAD to AIMD. I swapped orders with another AE in AIMD and took his orders to VR-30, NAS Alameda, California, where I was the Electric shop supervisor / Maintenance Control watchstander. When the Squadron changed home ports to San Diego, I terminated my shore duty and went to VP-47 at NAS Moffett Field, California (after FRAMP training with VP-31) and I was the AE Shop Supervisor. We deployed to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan in '79 and had an aircraft experience three engine shut down on the transpac back to NAS Moffett Field, California. I believe that was RD-11, with T. J. Templeton as the F/E on board. I made AEC and I was made the AV/ARM Division Chief. We deployed to NAS Misawa, Japan in February of '81, that was one cold SOB. I worked Maintenance Control (Early Crew) for the rest of my time in the Squadron. In May '82 I went to Instructor Training in San Diego and then went to NAMTRADET 1012, "Orion University" at NAS Moffett Field, California. I was the AE Phase Chief and I also taught the P-3C "O" level Electrical Systems course and the LTN-72 "O" level maintenance. I was the Assistant Aircraft Division Chief too. When I left NAMTRADET 1012, I went to VP-19 for my last year in the Good 'Ole Nav. I was the Expediter and Maintenance Control Chief and made a deployment back to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and I left the Squadron there and came back to NAS Moffett Field, California to "Muster Out" and retired August '86. Since that time, I was a NAESU Tech Rep at NAS Moffett Field, California for 9 years, spent one year at NADEP NAS Alameda, California in the ARIES II Modification section, working in engineering, and I'm currently working for the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector in San Francisco Certificate Management Office, where we manage the operating certificate for United Airlines. I've just recently discovered this web site and I see a lot of names of people from the past that I'm going to contact, so if any old "Shipmates" out there want to contact me, please do. I don't have an e-mail address at home yet, but when I do, I'll let you know..." [E-Mail Updated 06APR99 | 17MAR99]

HOLT, PN3 Terry L. holt.ts10@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VP-2 (01/1956-08/1958)..." [21MAY2015]

HRON, Russ "...VP-2/VPB-130 Mr. Russ Horn, 4443 400th Ave, W, Oak Harbor, WA 98277-2345, 360-675-4033..." http://www.warships1.com/reunion_airgroup.htm [21DEC98]

HUNGERFORD, AX2 Dennis L. dhungerford@bendcable.com "...I served in VP-2 from May 1965 to August 1967. Joined the squadron on deployment in NAS Iwakuni, Japan in May 1965 and flew with crew 2 for the rest of my enlistment. It was the most interesting and exciting job I've ever done..." [06JUN2001]

ISAACSON, AE John jsi5ike@soltec.net Shipmate PixShipmate Pix "...I served with VP-2 from about April 1962 to October 17, 1964. I came into the squadron in just enough time to find that there were not enough electricians to fill all the crews and that I would be needed to fill a spot. Being very near sighted I had been told I could not fly as a crew member. Never mind, the rules can be bent until we can find another person to take your place! I flew for thirteen months taking part in at least one deployment and participating in crews 9,3, and 1 during that time. Also I participated in the deployment of winter 1964 that ended in the Good Friday earthquake! I was at that time working in the NAS Adak, Alaska detachment with R. J. Casey and M. F. Rosene in Aircraft Maintenance Electric Shop. I remember that we moved to high ground (the EM Club) until the danger of tidal wave passed. We then stayed on at NAS Adak, Alaska to continue our squadron duties of patrolling the North Pacific until we were relieved by the first squadron of P3Vs to go to Alaska. I would like to hear from anyone else who served at the same time..." [17FEB2002]

JACKSON, AFCM W. C. Retired wjacks9@bellsouth.net "...Its been many a year. I served in VP-2 from March 59-Dec63. I was right out of boot camp. Have a lot of memories of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and my Couver runs. Even had good times in Alaska..." [17FEB2000]

JAMISON, James N. (Jim) c/o of his son James A. Jamison jamison_james_a@LILLY.COM "...Served with VP-2 during 64-65 based at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Jim was jezebel operator and radio operator on Crew 12 (P-2 Neptune). He is currently living in his hometown of Indiana, PA. He has two sons, James, 29 and Jason, 24. Jason is currently in advanced flight school at NAS Corpus Christi and will get his wings to fly the P-3 Orion in July..." [06JAN98]

JOHNSON, CAPTAIN Bill Retired billpatty@charter.net "...I served with ATU-604 from 1955 to 1958 as a LTjg flight instructor, VP-28 from 1958 to 1960 as a LT, VP-2 from 1966 to 1967 as a LCDR, and VP-1 from 1971 to 1972 as a CDR (Executive Officer/Commanding Officer)..." [E-Mail Updated 31JAN2003 | 14FEB2001]

KELLY, Bob bkelly@brokersys.com "...I served in VP-2 from September 1966 to July 1969. I joined the squadron on deployment in NAS Iwakuni, Japan and three days later went to Saigon to join Crew 11, Fred Miller was plane commander and Pete Soffman was co-pilot. I eventually served in the training comand as Instructor pilot in VT-28. Went from there to P.G. School and then to the USS Coral Sea CVA-43 first as Asst. Flight Deck Officer, then Hangar Deck Office, and after Port Call in Sasbo, Japan, Flight Deck Officer. I then served at the Human Resources Management Detachment at NAS Alameda, California, the Naval War College, VP-9 and finally NAS Moffett Field, California. I retired in October 1983. If any of you know the whereabouts of any of the VP-2 Shipmates contact me..." [15DEC99]

KINCHELOE, CDR James Retired jkinch@verizon.net "...I served with VP-2 from March 1959 and July 1961. I was an AT1 at that time and flew as a Radioman in Crew 3 during the deployment to Alaska in 1959/1960. During part of the Alaska deployment in 1961 (prior to my transfer) I was POinC of the Avionics section at NAS Adak, Alaska. This was my only tour in VPs. I spent the rest of my career in the Fighter/Carrier Navy. I plan to attend the Reunion in Branson in September 2002 and am looking forward to seeing a couple of members of Crew 3 there (Dick Riebe and Lee Holliston)..." [E-Mail Updated 10DEC2008 | 30APR2002]

KING, ADRC Bob "Rotten Roger" Retired ret.navy@verizon.net "...I served with VP-1 from 1959 thru 1963. I was Plane Captain Crew 11 with LT Barnes for a couple years. Particpated on two deployments to NAS Kodiak, Alaska and NAS Adak, Alaska. Who could forget operation slamex? Those were the fun years. I lost my VP-1 Cruise Book - oh well. Joel Williamson, George Pridemore, Billy Boyd, and anyone else - e-mail me at your own risk. My ears ring all the time. I still hear those 3350 lawnmower engines. Also served with VP-2, VP-8, and VO-67..." [BIO Updated 05NOV2001 | BIO Updated 26APR2001 | 17NOV98]

KIRK, AFCM George Retired gleokirk@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1964 until 1966. Made two deployments to Japan. Would love to hear from any old squadron mates. Most people will probably remember my brother AMS1 Guy Kirk. He was in the squadron from 1962 to 1965..." [08DEC99]

KLETT, Bill flyboynmate@cox.net "...I served with VP-2 from August 1959 to January 1962. Reported to the squadron as a fresh caught Ensign after flight training. Joined crew 11. Ace Beydler was PPC. Lee Jackson was co-pilot. Bill Haeckler was the third pilot and I did all the navigating. I also served with VP-17 from 1965-1967. During 1970-1974 I was assigned to VC-1 as "the" DP2E pilot and at the same time I transitioned to the A4C/E which was quite different from the P2..." [E-Mail Updated 10MAR2004 | E-Mail Updated 01OCT2002 | E-Mail Updated 09SEP2002 | E-Mail Updated 25SEP2000 | BIO Updated 30DEC98 | 18JAN98]

LAMPE, AT2 Rod rlampe0438@aol.com "...I was assigned to VP-2 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from August 1957 to January 1959. I was in Crew 5 when we deployed to NAS Iwakuni, Japan from Aug 1958 to Jan 1959. I have a cruise book to prove it! We flew P2V-7's. I was trained as an airborne radio operator. I was an AT-2 and when we returned and immediately received orders to VAH-4 also stationed at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. In that squadron we had A3 Skywarriors and I made one deployment on the USS Hancock. I was discharged from the Navy in Aug 1960 and in 1961 went to work for Hewlett-Packard in Loveland Colo where I worked for them for 37 years. I just retired about 2 1/2 years ago In Loveland. I would sure like to hear from anyone that served in VP-2 during that time!..." [04SEP2001]

Memorial Picture "...LANAGHAN, CDR Donald "Pat" Retired...Donald P. "Pat" Lanaghan, CDR, USN (ret.) of Pensacola Beach, FL died December 23, 2007 of pneumonia. CDR Lanaghan was CO of VP-2 from 1962 to 1963. Born November 23, 1920 in Clinton, IA, he was the eldest of five children born to Patrick H. and Mary Agnes Lanaghan. He enlisted in the US Navy in 1939 and was stationed at NAS Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941 when the base was attacked. In 1942, he joined the ranks of enlisted naval aviation pilots and was commissioned as ensign by the end of the war. CDR Lanaghan served as XO of VP-2 before becoming CO in 1962, deploying with the squadron to NAS Adak, Alaska and NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Over the course of his career as an aviator, he logged well over 10,000 of hours flying P2Vs and a variety of other multi-engine aircraft. Those who served with him note that he was an inspirational leader, a good judge of character and highly respected by all who knew him. CDR Lanaghan graduated from the University of Mississippi (BA, 1950) and George Washington University (MS, 1968) and completed advanced courses in naval warfare and counterinsurgency at the Naval War College. He is remembered by his siblings for helping his family through difficult times and by his many nieces and nephews as a wise mentor who generously shared his time with them. His funeral will be held on January 12, 2008 in Charlotte, IA..." Contributed by Patrick Lanaghan bvarapanyo@gmail.com [31DEC2007]

LANGS, ADJC Ted Retired Azted123@aol.com "...I served with VP-10 out of NAS Jacksonville, Florida and then later NAS Brunswick, Maine. Joined this fine group when formed up in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. First cruise went to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada and NAS Keflavik, Iceland to break us in and then over to North Africa. Was Flight engineer on HK6 with Pilot LT Moore. Left for a little shore duty in Sanford, Fl. Then back to flying with VP-2 and the great A/C the P2V-7. Every Crew member earned AirCrewman Wings on Alaska Deployment. LT Roger Booth was our Patrol Plane Commander and a great one..." [02MAR2001]

LEE, Edward elee40@cox.net "...I served with VP-2 (1957) with a deployment to NAS Kodiak, Alaska..." [27AUG2011]

LOTZGESELL, James jimlotz16@hotmail.com "...VP-2...I reported to VP-ML-2 in NAS Miramar, California in 1948, the squadron was still flying P2V-1s when I got there, shortly thereafter we changed over to P2V-3s. We moved from NAS Miramar, California to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in 1949 and got on the NAS Whidbey Island, Washington to NAS Kodiak, Alaska merry-go-round. I put in two tours in NAS Kodiak, Alaska, one as a 1st Pilot and one as PPC. My Co-pilot was Jack Boniface, and my Plane Captain was Bill Bryant. Our airpalane was Buno 122928, SB-9, I think she was the first P2V-3 off the production line. Bill knopke had her first and I inherited her from him. I have a 11 x 14 picture of that airplane on my wall, one of my most prized possessions. Sure would like to hear from some of my Shipmates. Drop me a line..." [E-Mail Updated 08NOV2004 | E-Mail Updated 30APR2003 | E-Mail Updated 30OCT2001 | E-Mail Updated 01MAR2001 | Updated 17FEB98]

MAGSAMEN, Al alandwendy@hotmail.com "...VP-2 P2V-7, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington; 1956-1957; Flight Crew Plane Captain (AD3 - AD2 VP-40 P5M-2, NAS North Island, San Diego, California; 1966-1967; PowerPlants & Flight Crew Plane Captain (AD1-ADRC) VP-40 P-3B, NAS Moffett Field, California; 1967-1969; Flight Crew Flight Engineer & Squadron NATOPS engineer (ADRC). Retired: 1986, Presently serving with Christian Missionary Organization called "Mercy Ships"..." [26MAY99]


MANNING, LCDR Richard (Dick) B. Retired rb.mann@fidalgo.net "...My first tour in VP was with VP-42 from March 1962 until January 1965 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. I was one of the first TACCO's in the Squadron and in the Navy as well. I first flew in P5M's and then transitioned to P2's. Was assigned to Crew-8 but was substituting for another TACCO when Crew-8, BUNO: 131513 crashed in the South China Sea (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends September 8th, 1964). We lost 4 men from our crew and a passenger. The aircraft impacted the water while on a night rigging run. After a tour at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington as a Radar Watch Officer, I was assigned to VP-2 from August 1968 to October 1969. VP-2 made the last WestPac deployment of P2's and set new records for performance that were ever made by a P2 Squadron CanDo VP-2, Second to None. Worst part of my VP experience was that I'm still trying to put 10 lbs into a 5 lb. bag. Retired from VP-69 in the Reserves in 1977 and so far have beaten the longevity odds. The VP Navy is the best even if we did have to fly 13 hr. hops. Be sure to get a copy of Brian McGuniess's book "Coffee On the Wing Beam". Lots of great memory joggers. To all VP-2ers, get on board the VP-2 Association. We just had a terrific reunion in San Jose, CA. E-mail me for info..." [E-Mail Updated 11JAN2008 | E-Mail Updated 30DEC2001 | 19SEP98]

MAGRINO, Vinny bigv106@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1963 to 1966..." [02NOV2009]

McCAULEY, Dan P. danpmccauley@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1964 - 1966. Read Ken Holt's bio and remember him well. Would like to hear from him..." [17MAR2003]

MCDOWELL, HMC Ken Retired kmcdowell@sc.rr.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1964 to 1966 with deployments to NAS Kodiak, Alaska and NAS Iwakuni, Japan. I am looking for Doc Reynolds - any help would be appreciate..." [21APR2011]

McINTOSH, AX3 Ed (Smith) Shipmate Pix mcintosh_farms@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-2 (1966-1968) in the AT shop and Jez ops on Crew 5. Many fond memories of Rita's Cantina, gatoring, VP-2 "Alpha Team", throwing up in the Marine EM club at NS Sangley Point, Philippines and more San Miguel than God would ever allow. And a lot of Saigon tea. "You No. 10 Thou, I fini you, you Cheap Charlie!!!" Sound familiar guys? My biggest regret, at my age now, is not being a better sailor, a better aircrewman and not taking full advantage of everything the US Navy had to offer. I still work in the Oil & Gas industry in Houston, Texas, as the Sr. VP of Supply Chain & Project Management. I finished my undergraduate degree in Business (1971) from Sam Houston State in three years and went on to law school, though I never practiced. Finished my MBA from Pepperdine University in 1980 and also hold a degree in Communications from the University of Houston (1991). I am also a Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) from the Institute for Supply Management. Married, no children (that I know of). Very sad to hear about so many I served with who are no longer with us. Robert Briscoe in particular. Those of you who were around for the Sangley/TSN deployment will remember me with the VP-2 Animal patch on my flight jacket - aka "Smitty The Beast."..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 03MAR2021 | 20MAR2001]

McNEAL, YN1 Stanley G. Retired sgmcneal@presys.com "...As member of VH-4, VP-2 (VPB-130) in the mid 1940's this is a great site. As a former Aviation Ordnanceman, I have many stories to tell of San Diego, NAS Miramar and VP Aviation in the "Old Days..." [17JAN2001]

MICHEL, AOCM David P. dpmichel38@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1958 to 1962 (Crew-11 and Crew-6) and in VP-17 from 1965 to 1968 (Crew-10 and Ordnance Supervisor)..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 28OCT2003 | 21NOV98]

Memorial Picture "...MIKULEWICZ, Mike...I would like to pass on the sad news that one of our VP-2 Shipmates Mike Mikulewicz passed away on Sunday December 12, 2010. I first met Mike when we were both in VP-2, flying P2's out of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. He was in Crew 6 and I was in Crew 11. We did a WESTPAC Cruise in February of 1969 to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. We went our separate ways when the squadron was decommissioned upon our return to the states. This news is very hard for me to take. Mike was a true friend. He was my best man at my wedding in 1971. Mike was the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back without a second thought. I have never known anyone like him. Rest in peace Mike. You will always be remembered for the great person you were..." Contributed by Richard Newbold richfn@cableone.net [15DEC2010]

MILL, AD3 Donaml L. millds@uswestmail.net "...I served with VP-2 and VP-17 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 1952 thru 1955 (AD3). Was involved in deployments to the Marshall Islands, Operation IVY (first above ground Hydrogen Device tests), as well as NAS Iwakuni, Japan and NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Would like to hear from any Shipmates serving in VP-2 and VP-17 during the early 1950s..." [16MAY2002]

MILLER, Fred W. fredwmillerjr@cox.net "...I served in VP-2 1963-1967 with Crew 11; NAS Atsugi, Japan 1967-1968 and ALF Kisarazu 1968-1970..." [E-Mail Updated 13MAY2006 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 06SEP2001 | 00XXX96]

MOBLEY, MCPO Darrell Retired dmobley@wireweb.net "...I served in VP2 from mid 1966 until the squadron was decommissioned in late 1969..." [25DEC000]

MORGANS, AO2 John docmorgans@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-2 from early 1955 to late 1957 with two deployments to NAS Kodiak, Alaska (Crew-5). I was in the outfit when the new silver P2V-7's arrived. I have a lot of great memories associated with the outfit..." [29MAY2010]

NELSON, PO1 W. T. "Watertight Nelson" Retired wtsagenelson@gmail.com "...I served with VP-2 in 1960 after a tour in the Blue Angels in NAS Pensacola, Florida. I left VP-2 in 1963 back for another tour with the Blue Angels. When tour was up in 1966 with Blue Angels I got orders to USS Constillation in San Diego, about a month before I was to leave the Blue Angels for San Diego I got a telegram to Report to NADC (Warminister) Johnsville, Pennsylvania to Operation Pot Lid, (Top Secret Squadron), I discovered later I was one of twenty men chosen to develope monitering devices to be dropped by VO-67 along Ho Chi Min Trail in Viet-nam to moniter troop movement, we took five P2v'5s to Martin Mairetta near Johnsville to be modified with bullet proofing under oil cooled doors under the crews positions, after a few weeks we deployed to Howard Airforce base in Panama working jointly with The Green Beret's developing the gear, after that I went to VAQ-33 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, then went to VXE-6 Operation Deep Freeze for two tours, then to HT-18 at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida until retired in 1975 atter 18 an yrs and six months, kept getting PNA'd Passed but not advanced so retired with constructive time. Just Had a book published in April 2016 named "Water Tight" availe on my web site http://www.wtnelsonbook.com/, if ordered directly from me the hard back $22.00, if ordered from web site or Amazon, Google or Barns and Noble it is normally $26.50 to $29.99. Book has some interesting stories about my time in VP-2. I was Charlie Nances second mech for a while..." [04AUG2016]

OFFORD, Gene grofford@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1968 until it was disestablished in September of 1969. I served as TACCO on Crew 9 on the WestPac deployment. LT Bob Kelly was our PC and Growney, Olson and myself would like to find him..." [20JUL2002]

O'LEARY, Dennis KathyOL@prodigy.net "...I served with VP-2 from 1962 through 1964 On Crew 12 Radioman. Hello and best wishes to my old friends..." [13JAN2001]

OGILVIE, Cecil C. cmogilvie@webtv.net "...VW-15 1956-1960; VW-1 1961-1963; VP-2 1964-1966; VP-50 1969-1973 Retired from FASO 1976 as AWCS. Keep to the task, God Bless!..." [11MAR99]

PAINTER, AE2 Ron ronp@grandsavingsbank.com "...I was in VP-2 from 1959 to 1962. I was AE2 when I got discharged. I flew with Crew 11. Ace Bidler was the pilot. Would like to hear from anyone from the squadron..." [27MAY2005]

PALMER, Don mauser9@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 (68-69). Fond memories of NS Sangley Point, Philippines, CRB, and Tainan. After serving 24 yrs in the Navy, the VP was the best. Other sqds were VA-122, VAH-10, VP-69, VF-301, VA-303 and VAK-208. Staff duty in NAR NAS Alameda, California, CVWR-30, NAR San Diego, and COMHELWINGRES NORIS. Anyone know what happened to VP-2 Shipmates Lt Swanner or AN Jim Nolan?..." [27NOV98]

PALMER, PH Leroy dejadanel@comcast.net "...I served with VP-2 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from June 1967 to 1968 with a deployment to NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I was a photographer. Saying hello to any Shipmates..." [24APR2008]

PARKS, Robert T. Jr. rtparks@tycoelectronics.com "...I was in Crew 10, PPC Lcdr.Goldy and our Crew Patch was named Goldy's Sty in the Sky. A long story at that. Please E-mail me if anyone know the where - abouts of any of Crew 10. Joe Graybill, Bruce Howey, Glenn DeSt. Jean, Gary Pope, Hank Clark, Paul Sinkovitz, and Dennis Choi. Those were the days. Circa 1967-Oct 69..." [01MAY2000]

Memorial Picture "...PATTIN, AWC Virgil E...(VP-1, VP-2, VP-22, VP-31, VP-42, VP-48, FAETUPAC, First Radio Research Co., ASWOC and ASCAC) - I am sorry to report that Virgil Pattin, AWC, 1957-1960, passed away this past Monday at his home in El Cajon, CA. A Memorial Service is planned for Monday, November 19 in Santee, CA. If you would like to contact Ruthie her address is: 319 Richardson Ave., El Cajon, CA 92020, (619) 328-6838..." Contributed by GOODMAN, AWCS Edward E. (Ed) Retired edusnret@gmail.com [18NOV2012]

PATTIN, AWC Virgil E. Retired k7vp@arrl.net "...I served my first tour on board the USS Wasp, then got lucky and was transfered to VP-48 in January 1957. I stayed till 1960 and became the first JEZ operator on the west coast. Helped decommission GMGRU 1 (Guided Missile Group ONE) at NAS Point Mugu, California. Went to FAETUPAC and had a blast in ASW. Went to VP-42 and helped transistion to the P2V-5's. Got some schooling at NATTC Memphis, Tennessee then off to VP-31. Got a short tour of sea duty while on shore duty with First Radio Research Co. (US Army) in 1967, great bunch of guys. Went to VP-2 where I was the last guy to make chief before the squadron decommissioned in 1969. Off to VP-1 just in time to deploy back to NAS Iwakuni, Japan. Did a tour of ASCAC (Anti-Submarine Classification and Analysis Center) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, transisioned to the P-3's and did my final tour in VP-22. Was stationed at NAS North Island, San Diego, California, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, NS Sangley Point, Philippines, and NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. Had a fun time in all the VP Squadrons. The best time in the navy was flying radio in the P5M 1 & 2's. Would love to hear from any of the old "Pig Boat" Sailors..." [E-Mail Updated 28JUN2002 | E-Mail Updated 31AUG2001 | E-Mail Updated 08JUL2000 | E-Mail Updated 31MAY2000 | 06JUN99][ICQ# 7699287]

Memorial Picture "...PELLETIER, Normand Roger...I wanted to let you know that my father PO1 AAM1/C Normand Roger Pelletier passed away this Tuesday, June 8, 1999 of cardiac arrest at his home in Wilmington, NC. He has contributed to your pages many facts concerning the crash of my uncles plane near Iceland during WW2. My father spent much of his early years of service with VP-56, VP-212, VP-201 and patrol bombing squadron VPB-21, and VPB-2. He was very fond of your website and took me to it many times late at night when I would visit with him at his home. My thanks to you for your website as it is a memorial to all who have served in the VPNAVY. My thanks to the Navy and Marine color guard who were also supplied for his beautiful funeral. If you have any additional stories about my father and uncle, Lionel Pelletier, please pass them on. We are composing a scrapbook of facts and stories for both of these gentlemen. Please feel free to write me an email...Roger Lionel Pelletierpelle11@ibm.net..." [12JUN99]

PEMBERTON, Allen allen@pembcons.com "...I joined VP-2 in June 1966 in NAS Iwakuni, Japan and served as duty driver until squadron returned to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington when I joined Crew 12 as Julie/ECM Op. Served on Crew 12 until Dec. 1967 at which time I joined Crew 5 until March at which time I was transferred to NAS until my seperation in April. I am now a Management Consultants and have 30+ years of business management experience. I am looking for any Crew 12 mates from the 1967-1968 deployment to Viet Nam/NS Sangley Point, Philippines..." [29JUL2003]

Memorial Picture "...PERSONS, LCDR George R...If anyone has any memories they would like to share with me about my Dad, LCDR George R. Persons, I sure would appreciate it. He passed away in May 2004 due to pancreatic cancer...Scott G. Persons erniebog@verizon.net..." [02FEB2008]

PIERCE, AE2 (AC) Charles capierce01@home.com "...I served with VP-2 form 1964 to 1967 and flew with Crew 8 the entire time in the bow ..." [18DEC2000]

PINKLEY, AO3 Lyle Michael vimocker@yahoo.com "...I served with VAW-13 NAS Agana, Guam from 1959 thru 1961. I was a AO3 at the time and flew as a crew member on the ole AD-5Q as a ECM operator. Had a ball. I also served with VP-2 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 1963 thru 1966. I was a aircrewman, and flew with Crew 10 and 12. I flew in the after station, loading sona bouys and doing cooking and making coffee. And I had a great time during that time of my Navy career..." [20DEC2005]

POLITZA, Jack airliner00@hotmail.com "...I was with SAR on Kwajalein M.I. from 1961 to 1962 as a Radioman. I then went to VP-2 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in 1962. We deployed to NAS Kodiak, Alaska in 1963 and Shemya in 1964. I left the Navy in 1964. I would like to hear from anyone who knew me..." [21MAR2000]

RAGSDALE, Homer C. c/o His Sons Harry Ragsdale DRags65860@aol.com or Randy Ragsdale rwragsdale@gmail.com "...My dad (Homer C. Ragsdale) was CO of VP-2 around 1966. We lived off the third tee of the naval golf course a NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. If any one remembers my dad, please email...also served with VPB-11 and 33 in the late 1940's amd 50's, VPB-100, VP-AM-4 and VP-741..." [E-Mail Updated 11JAN2011 | E-Mail Updated 07JUL2002 | E-Mail Updated 26MAY2001 | BIO Updated 11JUN2000 | 08JUN2000]

RENDINA, AW Charles charles@rendinalawfirm.com "...I served with VP-2 followed by VP-50 from 1970 and 1971. I joined the squadron in NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan and did a deployment to NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I was an AW and would love to catch up with any of my old Shipmates (especially those that owe me money)..." [E-Mail Updated 15SEP2006 | 12AUG98]

REYNOLDS, AE Kenneth W. (Doc) sfckrey1964@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VP-2 from 1965 to 1966 as the jr corpsman. I went to NAS Iwakuni, Japan and Viet Nam also served in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. After VP-2 I got out for 2 years then rejoined the navy and became a AE. I went to VA-164 sqaudron and then to a VAW-110 until 1975 at which time I got out and became a Mailman and joined to Army Researve as a medic. I retired from the Army Researve in 1990 as a Sargent First Class and then retired from the Post Office in 2006. I would like to hear from anyone that remembers me from those great times..." [23JAN2007]

ROWBOTHAM, ROGER A. rowbo2@swbell.net "...Was in VP-2 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington 1954 /1958 did NAS Kodiak, Alaska, Fallon, and San Diego. Would like to hear from any Shipmates..." [29JUL98]

RYAN, ATR3 Joe Jtneehog@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1958 thru 1959 and flew with Crew 6 as a Radar Operator..." [16APR2001]

SANTIAGO, Joe SantiagoJ@nsnpt.navy.mil "...Did six years with VP-2 (deployments: Shemya, NAS Adak, Alaska, NAS Kodiak, Alaska, CRB, NAF Misawa, Japan, NS Sangley Point, Philippines, and TSN Saigon). Would like to hear from (then) Lts Art Bell, Nick Niccum, Joe Obrien, Joe McLaughlin and LCDR Don Swendsen. Also from Nick Aguilar, Chuck Johnson, and CDR Chuck Peterson. My best years in the navy was with the "Neptunes"..." [E-Mail Updated 02JAN2001 | 31MAY98]

SATTERWHITE, Bob bstex@charter.net "...I served with VP-2 (1962-1965). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [07JAN2012]

SAVAGE, ATN3 Henry B. "HB" hbs1943@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 (Crew-6) from 1962 to 1964. We deployed to NAS Adak, Alaska, NAS Kodiak, Alaska and Shemya. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [15SEP2008]

SEARLES, LT(jg) Robert W. Retired bobtopsidesearles@gmail.com "...I served with VP squadrons for 27 years until I retire in 1970. I served with VP-2, VP-22, VP-23, VP-34, VP-44 and VP-45..." [E-Mail Updated 30OCT2010 | 29JUL2002]

SEVENER, ADR1 David H. Retired dsevener@triton.net "...I was a P-2V Plane Captain from 1963-1972. I was stationed at NAS North Island, San Diego, California VP-31 (rag) 1963, with VP-2 1963-1966 Plane Captain Crew 9 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Two Alaska Deployments, one delpoyment to Japan. 1966-1968 VC-8 Roosevelt Rds PR, flying P-2V-5's dropping Firebee droans. 1968-1972 NADC Johnsville PA, flying OP-2E's and NP-2E's doing R&D for Vietman. Retired off the USS John F Kenedy in Dec 1979..." [11MAY98]

Memorial Picture "...SEXTON, Guy...I reqret to inform VP-2 members of the death of Guy Sexton. Guy was a radio man in Crew 8 from 1963 through 1965...GOHEEN, Jim jtneehog@aol.com..." [17APR2003]

SEXTON, Guy Capecod2443@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1963 to 1965 as a Radioman on Crew #8. I would like to hear from any of the crew and any squadron Shipmates..." [10APR2000]

Memorial Picture "...SHEW, PR3 Bill "Willie"...My brother, Bill "Willie" Shew, passed away August 2006. Willie served with VP-28 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii (1960-1961), PR "A" School at NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey and VP-2 (1963-1965) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington with a deployment to NAS Kodiak, Alaska..." Contributed by Bobby L. Shew blshew@cox.net [06JUN2012]

SHEW, Billy D. "Willie" dadjet44@AOl.com "...I was in VP-28 out of NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from 1960 to 1961. Went to Lakehurst, NJ for Parachute Riggers school. Ordered to VP-2 in 1963. Spent the next two years at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and deployed twice to NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Was in NAS Kodiak, Alaska for the big earthquake in 65, what a rush. Finally got back to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and back to the Land of Oz..." [09NOV2001]

SHEW, Bobby L. blshew@cox.net "...I served with VP-28 (1957-1959), "A" School at NAS Memphis, Tennessee, NAS Miramar, California, VP-2 (1962-1966), VP-30 FE (1965-1970), VP-56 as NATOPS FE and retired December 1970. My brother, PR3 Willie Shew, passed away in 2006. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 16APR2012 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 29NOV99 | 13DEC97]

STILLIONS, William wrs02@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-2 (1954-1956). I am looking for a VP-2 patch and would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [07OCT2010]

SIMPSON, AOU3 Tom argetom@att.net "...I served with VP-2 from January 1, 1952 to December 24, 1952. I was an AOU3/c and for a time was in Crew 6. When we went to NAS Kwajalein, Marshall Islands for "Operation Ivy", they made me Station Master at Arms due to the proxcimity of my separation and discharge. I was in under the V-13 program which allowed Naval Reservists to serve on active duty with the Navy instead of being drafted. I am interested in knowing if anybody is still around that served with me, as I am terrible at remembering names. 1951 was spent at Great Lakes, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, Airmaan School and Aviation Ordnancemen's School..." [14AUG2003]

SINNEMA, Phil psinnema@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-2 as a Jez operator for Crew 10, flying with Mr. Groff and Mr. Johnson, from November 1964 to July 1969. I would like to hear from other members of the Squadron during this period..." [16MAR2004]

SMITH, William D. willsmit@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 Crew 5 from 1957 to 1959. Would like to hear from any that served this squadron and time period..." [16FEB2003]

SOMMER, Marv marvsommer@aol.com "...I served with VP-2 from September 1954 until August 1957. I am looking for Shipmates in the AT shop in 1957, especially for Ron Rasky..." [24JUL2006]

STANDRIDGE, AFCM Johnny Retired standridgejj@charter.net "...I served with VP-2 (02/1962-11/1964) with Crew-12 (Plane Captain) and VP-42 (06/1967-06/1969) with Crew-4 (Plane Captain). I retired in 1984. I worked for the Department of the Navy until 2008 in Research Development Testing of fighter airplanes and now fully retired. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [22AUG2011]

STILLMAN, Jim jamestrong@comcast.net "...I served with VP-2 (1959-1961) with deployments to NAS Kodiak, Alaska and NAS Adak, Alaska flying with Crew-2 and Crew-4, VS-41 and VS-29 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California..." [09MAR2014]

STRATTON, Allen allenfiveacres@cs.com "...I served with VP-2 from 1965-1969. We deployed NAS Iwakuni, Japan and twice to NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I met many great guys and had the opportunity to see more of the world with the squadron and learn more about our own great nation from the men I served with..." [19FEB2003]

Memorial Picture "...THIELE, Ray...Thought some of you old timers out there would like to know that Ray Thiele passed away on November 29, 2000. Ray had retired from Hawaian Airlines and was writing books about his adventures. I flew as his copilot in SB-2 and later as PPC of SB-9. I always would visit with Ray every time I had the opportunity to get to Hawaii. I will miss him...LOTZGESELL, James jimlotz16@hotmail.com..." [12JUN99]

THOMAS, MCPO (AECM) Robert W. Retired waconn@aol.com "...I retired as a MCPO (AECM) in Feb 97 after 30 years of service. My first tour in VP was with VP-2 from 1966-1969. VP-2 disestablished in Dec 69. Following 18 mo as a civilian I returned to the Navy. In 1975, I was fortunate enough to be selected for P-3 flight Engineer school. I spent from April 1977-April 1981 in VP-26 and then in VP-8 till July 1987. I then transferred to NAS Point Mugu, California PMTC flying modified P-3s..." [28DEC98]

TORSTENSON, Al "Chief T" a.torstenson@comcast.net "...I served with VP-17 in 1967, VP-2 in 1968, VP-69 in 1983 (P-3 FE and became (TAR)), VP-69, VP-64, VP-68 and VR-61 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I retired in the Seattle area and am loving it. Twenty four years is plenty. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 01MAY2009 | 04FEB98]

UPCHURCH, Dave dupchurch@kc.rr.com "...I served with VP-2 (1967) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington with deployments to NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam and NS Sangley Point, Philippines and VP-50 at NAS Moffett Field, California with deployments to NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam and NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I was released from active duty April 1971..." [08AUG2013]

VAUGHAN, AO1 K. Dale Retired dalevaughan1@cox.net "...I served with VP-2 from early 1968 to its Disestablishment in 1969. I was an AO3 at the time and flew with Crew 2, PPC was LCDR Overeem, Plane Captain was Max Lucero. I went from VP-2 to VP-48 and was discharged in 1970. After the regular Navy I went to the Reserves serving in VA-204 and VP-67 in NAS Memphis, Tennessee then to VA-205 in NAS Atlanta, Georgia and back to NAS Memphis, Tennessee in VP-67 till retirement in 1991 as an AO1. I would like to hear from any VP-2 Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 11APR2007 | 12OCT99]

VOELZ, ET3 Jack jackvoelz@comcast.net "...I served with VP-2 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington with a deployment to Korea (Operation Wigwam) flying in SB-5 as Radar Navigator..." [BIO Updated 31OCT2013 | 12JAN2010]

WAGGONER, James H. jhwagg@ipns.com "...1950-54 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. FASRON-112-VP-2 1954-60 NAS Alameda, California.-Engine Overhaul-O&R Flight Line- VP-9-Tad AFPS/Oakland. 1960 NAS Moffett Field, California.- J65 Engine Instructor 1960-64 NAS Lemoore, California. - J65 Engine Instructor 1964-66 NAS Cubi Point, Philippines - Staff COMFAIRWESTPAC 1967-69 NAS Miramar . - VF-124 - Data Analyst 1969-71 USS Oriskany - Aimd- Data Analyst 1971-present - As little as possible and if you know me you know its true..." [28AUG99]

WALLIN, Robert L. rwallin@visioneeringcorp.com "...Was with VP-2 1964 Alaska deployment made the "great eartquake" and did 1965 with NAS Iwakuni, Japan deployment. Was with Crew 1 (CO D. Lane PPC) in Alaska and Crew 3 Harrisons Harlets (J.R. Harrison PPC) for NAS Iwakuni, Japan. Flew radio and jez. Anybody from VP-2 drop me some mail..." [24JUN2000]

WALTER, Clifford B. apak@apak-batteries.com "...Served in VP-2 Wdby. Island Wash. 1967/68..."

WARREM, Phillip H. PhilWarren@prodidy.net "...I served in VP-2 from December 1950 until January 1952 when I took an assignment to COMFAIRHAWAII and VP-28. During my time in VP-2 I was second radioman in crew 5 with Jack O. Chapman as 1st radio and George Kirby as 3rd radio. We were in a crash on June 15th, 1951 at the end of the NAS Kodiak, Alaska GCA runway, runway 25, I believe. Mr. Sevier, our PPC was killed, Bob Houk, 2nd Mech badly injured as was our Plane Captain, whose name I can't recall. The rest of us had minor injuries and returned to crew duty, picking up a new P2V-4 at the factory. I left the Navy in 1957 after serving in VP-28, VC-35 (briefly), NAS Patuxent River, Maryland on shore duty; then in VX-6 for OPERATION DEEPFREEZE I and II. I was unable to get to AT (B) school due to the requirements of VX-6, so I left the Navy and joined the Air Force as an Airborne ECM and Radio Specialist. This lasted only 1 year and they eliminated my AFSC, and I had to retrain. I made a wise choice and selected language training in Russian the the then, Army Language School in Monterey. After assignment to the site at Misawa AB, I attended both intermediate and advanced language schools at Syracuse University. During my first tour in 1959 to 1962 at Misawa, I had the wonderful good fortune to visit with some of my former crew, including Jack Chapman at the Misawa NCO Club. I enjoyed my time with VP-2 and all of my Navy assignments, but having gotten married on my return from VP-28, I deemed it a better chance for accompanied tours in the Air Force. There is no closer knit unit, in my opinion, than a navy air squadron. Of course my time in the USAF and the training proved useful, as my final assignment was to NSA as a Russian Linguist, and upon my retirement from the AF, I came back on board as a civilian employee where I served another 20 years, retiring in 1991 as a grade 13 with 44 years federal service. I did manage to attend one VP-22 Reunion in 1986, but it is too difficult to travel now as my wife has health problems. Cheers to all of you..." [16DEC2002]

WATT, Richard (Dick) k6dw@aol.com "...I was attached to VP-2 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and NAS Kodiak, Alaska during the later part of 1949 and early 1950 was an "AO" striker at the time under Division officer Lt. Thiele. I was also a member of the base and AirWing basketball team. Is there anyone around from that time period? I left the squadron in June 1950 and went to AT school and finished my time as an AL flight crew member with VR3 at NAS Moffett Field, California. My division chief was Chief Gilmore. I was also a member of the NAS Moffett Field, California football team for two years. I would appreciate hearing from any old friends..." [14DEC98]

WEBER, AO2 Bruce J. bweber3@satx.rr.com "...I served with VA-195 from 1965-67, VP-2 1967-68 deployment to Southeast Asia crew 3 "MADISON'S MISFITS", VX-1 1968-69, Brownwater Navy from November 1969 through March1970. I would love to hear from any former unit members. I was with the Naval Support Activity, on the Bassac River, Binh Thuy, South Vietnam, with the Brownwater Navy..." [E-Mail Updated 08AUG2001 | E-Mail Updated 27JAN2001 | 01JAN2001]

WELLS, Robert "Bob" dragonsinlove@msn.com "...I served with VP-2 (Crew 8) from 1954 to 1957. We were stationed at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I am searching for other members of my crew. Marvin L. Sommers, Tom Tate, Hubert Leslie Estep, Charlie Olson, Lt. Holley, Kratt, Nigran, Leaser, and Echols. If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of these men please e-mail me..." [30SEP2001]

WERNER, George gwerner@mediaone.net "...I was an ARM3/c in VPB-2 1944-1945, flying PBM-3/C and PBM3/E seaplanes. Was an ARM2/c and an ARMAC2/c in VPB-208 in 1945-1947 flying PBM-3 and PBM-5 seaplanes. I flew with "Pappy" Burns, CWO3, as an ARM1/c, changed to AT1, in 1948-1950 and we ferried PBMs and PBY-5 and 5-a seaplanes from Norfolk to the west coast for overhaul with VR-31, in Norfolk. Rode the aircraft carriers with VA-35 for 4 years and then served with VP-18 during 1961-1963 with crew 13 as radioman, flying in our "hotshot" P2V-7 patrol planes, with "two Turnin", and "two Burnin" . We were the "E" squadron for years and the other squadrons in the wing - VP-5, VP-7, VP-16 had P2V-5 a/c. We thought we should get the first P3V a/c but the "Wing" didn't want 2 squadrons transitioning at the same time, so we kept the 7's. Don't know if they got the P3V before being Disestablished in 1968, since I left the squadron in Mar.1963 and retired as an ATCS. "VP sailors" are all a special breed of cat, and if you don't believe that, check all the wrecked bars around the world! Best wishes to all who had the privilige to fly with 2 or more "fans"..."

WIGGS, ATN2 Roy Shipmate PixCirca 1964 roy493@hotmail.com "...I was a member of VP-2 from mid 1963 until early 1965. I flew with various crews as both a mad operator and a jez operator but was never a permanent crew member, I was the squadron ASDO in NAS Kodiak, Alaska when YC-9 crashed and burnt (November 27, 1964) on the runway..." [Updated PIX 22MAR2010 | 21MAR2010]

WISNER, Charles L. bwisnerb@tampabay.rr.com "...I served with VP-1 and VP-2 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland from 1953 through 1957 and VP-931 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from 1950 through 1952. I really would enjoy corresponding with anyone that remembers me..." [E-Mail Updated 08AUG2001 | 22OCT2000]

WOERNER, Robert E. robertewoerner@cs.com "...(1944-After boot camp, AOM, ARO and NAG schools I transistioned to PBMs.)...1945-VP-2 (OTU-3) Crew 88-H and 88-I Plane(s): PBM Mariners -3s and -5s - NAS Banana River, FL...Flew over Carribbean (Devil's Triangle)Bahamas, Etc...1946-VP-913-Plane: PV-1 Venturas- NAS New York, NY-1946 and 1947 airshows over Manhattan, squadron flew to Bermuda in 1947...1947-VPML-63 Squadron was re-designated, we added a PBY Catalina to our inventory...1948-Reserve flying was curtailed by SecDef Louie Johnson and I transferred to a Surface Division on an LST. (USS-732).(YES, an LST!)...1950- when flying resumed I couldn't get back into VPs so I switched to service as an AOM in VF-839 at NAS New York (F9F Bearcats.) 1950-went back on active duty for Korean War in VF22, CAG 4, NAAS Cecil Field, FL. Started with F9F Pantherjets. We switched to F2H2 Banshees in 1951. Went to sea in USS FDR CVB-42 and CVL-48.-Transferred to FASRON 6 at NAS JAX, FL.- Released to inactive duty in Sept. 1952. VF22 went to Korea on the Lake Champlain in 1953. Wish they had gone with me in 1950 or 1951. I was discharged after 10 years service in the USNR in 1954 as an AOU3...Interested in hearing from others who were in the WWII Combat Aircrewman Training Program. They would remember well since a (CA) designator was added to their rate designation..." [E-Mail Updated 23FEB2002 | 01NOV97]

WOLF, AVCM Ron Retired padutch@bellsouth.net "...Served in VP-2 from 1963-1966, on crews 1 and 2 as radioman. Looking for Tom Asmus (AX2) Jez operator on crew. I also served with VR-24 from 1959-1961, VP-30 from 1961-1962, VP-2 from 1963-1966, VP-8 from 1971-1974, and the USS Independence CV-62 from 1977-1978..." [16DEC2002]

WOLTERS, Clarence "George" george.wolters@yahoo.com "...I served in VP-2 (1951-1954) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington with deployments to NAS Kodiak, Alaska, NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and NAS Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. I flew as a 2nd Mechanic on the P2..." [05OCT2010]

YAROSS, Joe srchief@gte.net "...VP-2, 1966-1969, ComASWForPAC 69-71, Mobile ASCAC SeaVan 71-72 Foothill Jr. College ADCOP program 72-74, VP-40 74-78, NavPro Lockheed 78-81, VS-33 (stroke of bad luck) 81-84..." [11MAR98]

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