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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-22 2012 Reunion - Thursday, 12 July 2012 to Monday morning, 16 July, 2012..." Contributed by WHITE, AT Sidney "Bud" white1@cfl.rr.com [26SEP2011]

A Reunion for all shipmates from the P2V Neptune era will be held at Lincoln City, Oregon. Our Shipmate, Dr. Glenn Pfau and his lovely wife Arlene, have graciously volunteered to host our reunion once again with the Pfau Lighthouse (http://www.pfaulighthouse.com) as our headquarters and Dunlap Lodge for additional housing and other activities.

Thursday, 12 July 2012: Extra Day--for those come in a day early; on your own.

Friday, 13 July 2012: Reception & dinner at the Lighthouse (4:00PM till 9:00PM)

Saturday, 14 July 2012: Breakfast at the Lighthouse

Saturday night, 14 July 2012: Dinner out at a restaurant together (with Bud and Glenn serving as MCs).

Sunday, 15 July 2012: Breakfast at Dunlap Lodge cooked by VP-22 ol' codgers.

Sunday night, 15 July 2012: Dinner at the Lighthouse (cooked again by the VP-22 ol' codgers--Barbecue)

Monday morning, 16 July 2012: Breakfast at the Lighthouse

Monday morning, 16 July, 2012: 11:00 AM: Departure

Please forward this email to any Shipmates you have in your address book to help us get the word out. RSVP to Bud White at 'white1@cfl.rr.com' or (321) 723-5544 if you plan to attend. I will send more detailed information at a later date. Hats, T-Shirts etc. are being designed by Art Chase and will be available only for those attending. Favorable rates at a local motel that is one block from the Dunlop Lodge have been negotiated.

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-22 Reunion Photograph's for Pensacola (2001), Washington, DC (2003), Hawaii (2004), Key West (2005), San Diego (2006), Charleston (2007), Seattle (2008), Virginia Beach (2009) and Santa Cruz (2010) are now available on my website at: VP-22 Reunions..." Contributed by BOTSFORD, CT3 Barry "Mort" deman@comcast.net [03JUL2010]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-22 Reunion 2009 - September 17-20, 2009 at Cocoa Beach, FL. Contact WHITE, AT Sidney "Bud" white1@cfl.rr.com or 321 723-5544 for details..." Contributed by WHITE, AT Sidney "Bud" white1@cfl.rr.com [10JAN2009]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-22 (P2V ERA) Shipmate Reunion August 22, 2008 through 26th. Place is Lincoln City, Oregon at the Light House Resort. Contact Jerry Rauscher (j2crausch@msn.com) or (303) 980 8213 for more information. Love to see you all there..." Contributed by RAUSCHER, ATC Jerry j2crausch@msn.com [03FEB2008]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-22 ALL HANDS SQUADRON PARTY/Reunion February 2003 in Las Vegas (exact dates to be announced). Open to ALL personnel (and famlies) who served in VP-22 regardless of rank, time served or type of plane. This is going to be one BIG honkin' party! If you've missed the other little Reunions, don't miss this Blue Goose Bash! PASS THE WORD. CONTACT: Don Magruder magcon@webtv.net...Don Magruder magcon@webtv.net..." [16MAR2002]

UPDATE "...I am forwarding the front & back covers of the Memory Book from the VP-22 reunion held at Las Vegas, NV in February 2003. I would like to post the attachments on the VP-22 page-maybe some Ex-VP-22 guys that didn't make the reunion, or didn't buy a book at the reunion might want get a copy now. The books are still available from the Dunning Company..." Contributed by TAFOYA, AOC Louis Retired ljtafoya@msn.com [22JAN2005]

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UPDATE "...VP-22 Reunion in Las Vegas Feb 10-12, 2003 Photo's..." Contributed by FORNEY, AW3 Larry doghntr22@yahoo.com [28FEB2003]
VP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion History
VP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion History
VP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion History
VP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion History
VP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion HistoryVP-22 Reunion History

UPDATE "...VP-22 Reunion in Las Vegas Feb 10-12, 2003. Four survivors of the fatal VP-22 P2V-5F Neptune that was shot down January 18, 1953 by Chinese anti-aircraft fire near Swatow, China and ditched in the Formosa Straight. Pictured (left to right): AO3 Roy Ludena, AO3 Cecil Brown, LT Vearl Varney, and AL1 Robert French. The last survivor, AD1 Daniel J. Ballenger, was not able to attend. The men were honored at the recent VP-22 ALL Hands Reunion held in Las Vegas and each was presented with with a 50th anniversary print by Jeff Cultice that depicted their CE7 aircraft and the Coast Guard PBM that crashed trying to rescue them. MAGRUDER, Donald (Mac) magcon@webtv.net..." Contributed by FORNEY, AW3 Larry doghntr22@yahoo.com [27FEB2003]
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UPDATE "...Thanks to Don Magruder and wife Mary our VP-22 Reunion was a great success. Over 114 Blue Geese attended!...CAMPBELL, LTJG Robert L. Retired RCampbell767@aol.com..." [14FEB2003]

UPDATE "...VP-22 All Hands Reunion/Party 2003 Update!...CAMPBELL, LTJG Robert L. Retired RCampbell767@aol.com..." [30AUG2002]

  • DATE: Monday morning, Feb. 10, 2003 through Wed. night, Feb. 12. (check in Sunday, check out Thursday)

  • PLACE: Imperial Palace Hotel Casino, 3535 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109. (right on the main strip with all the big hotels)

  • HOTEL: http://www.imperialpalace.com

  • RESERVATIONS: TOLL FREE telephone 1-800-800-2981 (identify yourself as a member of Navy Squadron VP-22 Reunion)

  • ROOMS $55.00 +9% tax ($60.00) per night single or double occupancy.

  • HOSPITALITY ROOM: Will be available each day and night for programs, displays and shooting the breeze with your buddies.

  • DAY TOURS: Will be available to Hoover Dam and other places of interest.

    A CRUISE BOOK of the reunion, polo shirts with embroidered Blue Goose emblem, ball hats and Blue Goose patches will be available with advanced orders.

    You are NOT obligated to stay at the Imperial Palace Hotel in order to attend the reunion BUT, the Hotel is giving us the hospitality room because of the anticipated reservations. You may make different lodging arrangements and show up at the reunion. There is NO reunion fee or charge...everyone pays their own expenses as they go. Cut off date for reserving VP-22 Reunion Rooms at the Imperial Palace Hotel is Jan.10,2003. However, other rooms in the Imperial Palace will probably be available.

    This is going to be the biggest VP-22 Reunion ever held! All hands, and their families, are invited regardless of rank, time served or type of airplane. We have people interested in the reunion who served with VP-22 in 1941 with PBY's, Korean War, P2V's and P-3's...from Captains to AN's.

    You are a part of the Blue Goose Squadron history. Come meet your buddies, make some new friends and talk of those times we all had in common...and party in the party capitol of the world!

    We'll keep you informed about the reunion as things develop.

    Please PASS IT ON to your VP-22 buddies.

    CONTACT: Don Magruder magcon@webtv.net

    UPDATE "...VP-22 All Hands Reunion/Party 2003 - February 10th through 12th, 2003 - Imperial Palace Hotel Casino...Don Magruder magcon@webtv.net..." [23JUN2002]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-22 Reunion September 23-26, 2002 in Tillamook, OR for 1956-1960 era and others from the P2V-5 and 5F era who wish to attend. For information contact me...Art Chase aem-vp-22@mlode.com..." [16MAR2002]

    UPDATE "...THE CREW ( And a great one it was.) Standing, Left to Right: Walt Hardin, Wayne Davis, Mike Whalen, Otis Wilson, and Don Weist. Kneeling, Left to Right: Art Chase, Jim Stafford, Phil Hauser, and Don Magruder. The P2 / SP-2H BUNO# 148360 was ASW configured and has the tail code LZ. Was evidently last assigned to VP-94. Below is a photo of the group of VP-22 Shipmates that showed up for the Reunion. Not a large group, but nine Squadron Mates and seven wife's who were looking to renew old friendships. And to make new ones. We meet in Tillamook on the designated date and proceeded to have one of the best times I have had in a long time. The one person that I don't think had as good a time as he could of, was Otis Wilson. While visiting his daughter in Washington before the reunion he had an accident, fell off a log while hiking and broke his leg. But wanted to be at the reunion so much that he showed up with a brace and a pair of crutches. And managed to climb through the P2 with the rest of us. Spent the rest of the time in bed at the Inn with a badly swollen leg. But with the help of Don Magruder he made it back to his daughters home in Washington for some recuperating before flying back home in the Midwest. Although the planning wasn't the best ( I was the organizer, first time ever) I managed to make arrangements for us to stay at the Shilo Inn and at the NAS Tillamook Air Museum for us to tour their P2V-7 / SP-2H which is ASW configured. We all proceeded to crawl through it, take pictures and talked about the difference between it and P2V-5'sand 5F's as that was the only P2V that most of us had ever been in. But just being in a P2 again was a thrilling experience. We spent most of the day at the museum as there was plenty other classic war birds to see. The museum owners were very accommodating. Not only did they open up the P2 to us, but they also took us behind the ropes so that we could get a close up look and behind the rope photos of their other War Birds, which are many and beautifully restored. This museum is worth seeing. They also have a restaurant where we had lunch and a gift shop where we found souvenirs that would always remind us of this reunion. We also made a tour of the world famous Tillamook Cheese Factory. They make fantastic ice- cream also, if you are into ice-cream, which it appears everyone was. We all had some ice-cream and shopped for cheese to take home with us. We spent a lot of time just visiting and wandering around the area. They are on the ocean, so there are lighthouses to visit, beaches to walk, and many other points of interest to see and visit. So overall I think every one had a great time and most are looking forward to going to the Las Vegas reunion in February 2003. Hope to see more friends their. Art Chase aem-vp-22@mlode.com..." [15NOV2002]
    VP History ThumbnailCamera
    VP History ThumbnailCamera

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-22 P2V-5 era Blue Goose personnel: There's a flock of us Old Geesers very much alive and well, passing around e-mail, photos, addresses and sea stories. We're renewing old friendships, making new friends and reviving memories. Have you thought about NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, Ewakuni, NAS Kodiak, Alaska and your time in VP-22? Would you like to share your memories with other guys who've been there and know what you're talking about? Then climb on board and join our Old Geesers crew. Drop me an e-mail...Don Magruder magcon@webtv.net..." [29APR2001]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...2-4NOV2001: VP-22 is having their 2001 Reunion in Pensacola, Fl November 2-4, 2001. Contact Mike Briggs at MVB_7@HOTMAIL.COM or Mark Leaf at MARK.LEAF@copbfl.com..." Contributed by Mike Briggs at MVB_7@HOTMAIL.COM [24APR2001]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...I am looking for VP-22 Shipmate from 1960 to 1964 era and possible Reunion in 2000 or 2001 and talk about NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii & NAS Iwakuni, Japan...Gary Robinson, PN2, USN gary_iu_robinson@yahoo.com..." [08SEP2000]

    ReunionsReunion Decal [06MAY2000]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-22, October 13-15, 2000 Santa Clara Valley, CA. Looking for guys who shared the Barbers Point experience during 1967-1970 with deployments to Naha/CRB(68)and Sangley/(Cavite)/Utapoa(69-70). Officers and Enlisted. Crews 2, 3, 10 and 12 now well represented; looking for more guys and ground-pounders. Planning tour of Moffett, NASA, local aviation museums to include BUNO 150520 at the Western Aerospace Museum at Oakland Airport and lots of reminiscing. Contact Pete Lindberg, plindberg@surfnetusa.com..." Contributed by plindberg@surfnetusa.com mvb_7@hotmail.com [29JUL2000]

    UPDATE "...VP-22 Reunion Trip Report..." Contributed by LINDBERG, Peter plindberg@surfnetusa.com [24OCT2000]

    This mail is to recap our recent reunion of 9 former VP-22 shipmates and 5 wives who were able to meet in California for a thoroughly enjoyable 3 days of reminiscing about days in the squadron during the period 1968 - 72.

    Everyone formed up on Friday afternoon, arriving at the Milpitas Embassy Suites hotel. Yes, I know, Milpitas is a stinky vegetable field. Well times have changed. Not many brussel sprouts left in Milpitas; just 3COM, Toshiba, Nokia, Seagate,etc. The hotel was great; very nice atrium garden for cocktails in the afternoon. Dinner was served in a very comfortable private room affording us all the time and privacy to just talk and embellish sea stories from the past. The whole thing seemed a bit surreal to most, pondering the idea that we were all together again talking Cavite, Utapao and Hawaii after 30 years. With few exceptions, we had not seen each other since 1970-72.

    Mark Leaf overcame his normally reserved persona to emerge as our informal MC, leading a rollicking frenzy of stories for several hours. It's just hard to believe how many great stories emerged right off from the Hawaii and deployment days. Everyone was complaining about getting old, loosing eyesight and memory, but everyone seems to have perfect recall when it comes to Little Angies and Newland.

    After talking until late into the night, all hands were up and ready to go to Moffett on Saturday morning. We took in a great little museum that has been created on the south side of Hangar One in the FASO spaces. Displays included lots of reminders of the old days such as survival gear, flight gear and a great display on the history of Moffett related to the Macon. Most often heard statement: "Did you get out with your flight jacket?".

    Next we all absorbed the grand old structure of Hangar One. Since decommissioning of Moffett Field as an NAS, NASA has explored many alternative uses for the facilities. Many provide a community service such as a still air space for flying electric and windup R/C airplanes. We observed a miniature Oshkosh within the hangar as all sort of hobby aircraft buzzed over our heads.

    Moffett is pretty quiet these days with even Navy Reserve operations moved elsewhere. The commissary, exchange, and gas station are still open for retirees and NASA employees, but it is rather sad to see so little activity. What will ultimately come of the base is far from decided and ranges from innovative commercial ventures related to aviation to townhouses.

    After Moffett we headed for the USS Hornet, CV12, now moored at Alameda as a Naval Museum. The ship is in great shape for having been mothballed for 25 years. Many may remember Hornet from picking up the Apollo 11 crew after the first moon walk in July 69. Most of us were in Hawaii when she returned to Pearl Harbor with the astronauts in the "cocoon". And Wayne, I just can't keep a secret. For all these years, Wayne Reddekopp has (like just about every other VPer) bragged about never having set foot on an aircraft carrier. It was a traumatic moment for Wayne, but for the record, he did cross the brow. But we never got underway! We had a great tour; lots of historical naval photos onboard and lots of reminders of Navy life, even in the VP context, such as the aluminum mess trays in the galley.

    Saturday evening was another super dinner in a private room (below attached photo). Next we adjourned to the "Duty Office" for slides, photo and memorabilia review. I thought I was a little far out for bringing a full, cherry case of San Miguel in the green wooden box. But Curt Kincheloe one upped me by announcing that he has had a full "painted label" in his refer for 30 years. Wife Jo confirmed. I think she now understands why Curt would do such a thing. Slides included lots of Hawaii/Waikiki shots from the old days which led to lot's of "that's not there anymore" discussions. Numerous beach shots included such photogenic subjects as Alex Bachnich (we really missed you, guy), Kent Wahl, Mark Leaf, Cary Rothenburger, and sundry well endowed strangers. And then there were the party shots from the old Aiea Hts house. Let's just say we had some fun surprises. Curt had lots of good CRB shots and another set of guys from, yes, Crew 9.

    Mysteries solved: Which crew had the ready alert during the 1969 New Years party? Answer: BOTH crews 12 and 3 had the alert, because the party went for 2 days!

    Unsolved mystery: Did crew 12 really fly from Cubi to Sangley with a trash can full of empty San Miguel bottles after our all night party in the "Lockheed Hilton"? (No one can remember anyone dumping the trash at Cubi)(Maybe Chris Evans can help us out with this one).

    On Sunday some folks had to depart the pattern mid-day. Others paired up with locals for tours of Silicon Valley or Santa Cruz. By Sunday PM all was winding down but everyone was left with a pleasant feeling that we had accomplished something very special. To quote an anonymous shipmate: "Well, I'm still too blown away to express myself coherently, except to say that this was a weekend I'll never forget--it was great! Will be renewing my efforts to locate the lost ones and plan for next time." The post reunion glow still persists to this day as we exchange different perspectives on our reunion. Photos are floating around which we plan to ultimately place on a Web site.

    Wish more of you could have joined us, but plans are already underway for the next time. A cruise ship out of Florida has been broached as an idea that many seemed to like. The immediate stated goal of all was to go home and begin renewed efforts to find others in the squadron that have not yet surfaced. Our discussion and photos brought out many additional guys that we would like to find, and with the Internet as a resource, everyone charged off to do just that.

    VP-22 Reunion
    (Left to right) Phil Fonville, Curt Kincheloe, Mike Tilden, Don Moseley, Mike Briggs, Mark Leaf, Ken Kriner, Pete Lindberg and Wayne Reddekopp.

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...REMOVED - See October 13-15, 2000 Reunion Notice..." Contributed by Michael Briggs mvb_7@hotmail.com [INFO REMOVED 29JUL2000 | 14JAN2000]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...The next VP-22 Reunion -- for all officers, their families and friends who served from 1959 to 1967 -- is in San Diego, CA from Wednesday, October 26 to Sunday, October 29,2000 at the Bahia Resort Hotel. Sightseeing, shopping tours, golf tournament, Tijuana shopping and lunch are some events planned, especially for Friday -- a free day. Friday Night: Cocktails, buffet and dancing on a large, private sternwheeler for several hours on Mission Bay. Sat urday: A free day. Saturday Night: A cruise across the Bay to the Catamaran Resort Hotel for a catered barbecue buffet bash on the beach. Sunday: Brunch aboard a sternwheeler. Contact Captain John L. Kauth - USNavy (Ret.) at sandjkauth@aol.com; or, 858-270-4823; or, 1311 La Palma St., No, 6, San Diego, CA 92109 for details and literature..." Contributed by Captain John L. Kauth - USNavy (Ret.) at sandjkauth@aol.com [13NOV99]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...I'm trying to find Officers and Enlisted who served with VP-22 from 1960 thru 1965 for a possible Reunion. Have already located a few please email me and lets see what we can get together...Ed Minahan edsigns@floodcity.net..." [13NOV99]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...REMOVED - See October 13-15, 2000 Reunion Notice..." Contributed by Ken Kriner WOCOWBOY1@AOL.COM [INFO REMOVED 29JUL2000 | 23OCT99]


    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...Mini-Reunion. Looking for VP-28, VP-22 or NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii VP-ers during 1968-70 who would like to join Ken Kriner WOCOWBOY1@aol.com, Pete Lindberg, and Art Cole on a tour of P-3A BUNO 150520. This bird is still configured as an Alpha and is located at a fledgling aviation museum in Oakland, CA. The aircraft was assigned to VP-31 at the time we came through RAG training and directly preceded the block of aircraft we had in VP-28. We plan to tour the aircraft, swap NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii stories and generally reconstruct the last 30 year, on Sunday, 13 June about noon. To join our guided party, contact Ken Kriner WOCOWBOY1@aol.com at WOCOWBOY1@aol.com or Pete Lindberg at plindberg@surfnetusa.com..." Contributed by Peter Lindberg plindberg@surfnetusa.com..." [03MAY99]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...San Francisco 20-24 May 1999 for PB4Y '99. Liberator and Privateer guys/gals, attend your own squadron reunion first. If you can't do that, then make good use of your limited time as many others have from the 50+ PB4Y squadrons and share those PB4Y Experiences with others who "speak" PB4Y. No translation necessary! All family, grandkids (Free & 1/2 price!) and friends are welcome! Please contact Ron Sathre (son of deceased Plane Captain Ray Sathre, VPB-121), Int'l PB4Y Association, 31262 San Andreas Drive, Union City, CA 94587-2856 (510) 487-PB4Y to register today. Visit the website for more information..." Contributed by PB4YGuy@aol.com WebSite: http://www.PB4Y.com [03MAY99]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...San Francisco 20-24 May 1999 for PB4Y '99. Liberator and Privateer guys/gals, attend your own squadron reunion first. If you can't do that, then make good use of your limited time as many others have from the 50+ PB4Y squadrons and share those PB4Y Experiences with others who "speak" PB4Y. No translation necessary! All family, grandkids (Free & 1/2 price!) and friends are welcome! Please contact Ron Sathre (son of deceased Plane Captain Ray Sathre, VPB-121), Int'l PB4Y Association, 31262 San Andreas Drive, Union City, CA 94587-2856 (510) 487-PB4Y to register today. Visit the website for more information..." Contributed by PB4YGuy@aol.com WebSite: http://www.PB4Y.com [03MAY99]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "...C'mon now...can't we get some boomers together for another one? Drop a line and I'll try to co-ordinate something for once in my life. God knows I never found a sub!!..." Contributed by Robert C. Myer bobmyer@alumni.pitt.edu [21JAN99]

    ReunionsREUNIONs: "00JUL97--VP-HL-2/VP-22, 1st annual squadron reunion, JUL 1997, Las Vegas, NV: Roy J. Bailets, 44049 Halcom Ave., Lancaster, CA 93536-6053 (805) 948-2305" http://www.erols.com/dutrauch/reunions.html

    "VP-22 Summary Page"