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Note NOTICE: "...My father, John Erickson, served with VP-22 (1953-1954). I am interested in purchasing a vintage or reproduction VP-22 Blue Geese Korean war patch..." Contributed by Scott Erickson ri.tugs@yahoo.com [17NOV2017]

Note NOTICE: "...My husband, John "Shakey" LYSIC, served with VP-19 (MID-1960's) at NAS Moffett Field, California VP-22 (LATE-1960's) at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii and VP-50 (1970's) at NAS Moffett Field, California. He was an Aviation Ordnanceman. I have to PROVE that he got off the plane in Vietnam when with VP-19. John died on June 4, 2015 of Ischemic Heart Disease caused by Agent Orange. It is listed on his Death Certificate as Ischemic Heart Disease, but still fighting this claim after more than 10 years. Can anyone help?..." Contributed by Barbara J .Lysic bjlysic@gmail.com [23SEP2015]

Note NOTICE: "...We served at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii (1976-1990). Pete was a AT3 attached to AMID Shop 640 as an and I (Mary) was a AC2 in the Control Tower. We would like to reconnect with two close friends from VP-4 AE2 Ed Watts (about 6' 1" red hair glasses) and VP-22 AE2 Chuck Reynolds (about 5' 8" glasses mustach)..." Contributed by AT3 Pete and AC2 Mary Carbonaro pvcarbon@gmail.com [14FEB2012]

Note NOTICE: "...Naval Air Museum Barbers Point (NAMBP) P2V Neptune Project..." Contributed by WHITE, Bob white1@cfl.rr.com [04NOV2011]

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Acquisition of P2V for Naval Air Museum Barbers Point!
Acquisition of P2V for Naval Air Museum Barbers Point
Posted:  November 4th, 2011
Updated:  November 4th, 2011

91-1299 Midway Street
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

1 November 2011

To:  VP-22 Shipmates
From:  Fred G. King, Naval Air Museum Barbers Point (NAMBP)
P2V Neptune Project Coordinator
Attn:  Bud White
Subj:  Update on Acquisition of P2V for NAMBP
Copy to:  Brad Hayes, CEO, President - NAMBP

Dear Shipmates:

I want to express great appreciation to Bud White who is the primary communion link with our fellow VP-22 Shipmates scattered across the country. Thank you, Bud, and well done!

I thought it would be good to advise the VP-22 Shipmates that we continue to be aggressive in our search for an airworthy P2V-5 or 7 to be the featured aircraft at the Barbers Point Museum. Securing a P2V that can be brought back to life is not as easy as it may seem! There are still some out there but tragically many have been chewed up into scrap and the metal sold. It is sad to see this happen. I have searched high and low for a surviving P2V that served with VP-22. One is one display at Moffett Field but it is not available to us. I have located one other that was converted to serve as a Fire Bomber. It may possibly be available at a rather high cost but will require a lot of retro-fitting in that the interior has been stripped as well as the rad dome, tip tanks, etc.

If any of the VP-22 crew members are aware of one of our planes please let us know!

Meanwhile we keep looking. On 11 October I visited a boneyard just south of Tucson, Arizona and inspected seven (7) of the old warbirds. Three are in terrible condition having been cannibalized and stripped down to empty hulks. The other four are relatively intact and could be brought back to life with some funds and skilled workers.

Recently the owner did offered to give us one in exchange for "multiple” other aircraft we may have at the museum. We do not have a surplus of airframes available, but I will leave that to the Board to discuss.

I have been tracking thirteen (13) P2V-7s stored in Greybull, Wyoming. Specifics on them is very scarce so it is difficult to know their condition. I have discovered one company that owns at least four (4) of them. This is a very reputable fire fighting company that seems interested in assisting us.

The Chico Air Museum in Chico, California has a P2V on display and has expressed an interest in trading it for a plane in our museum. The negotiations continue. This plane would require loaner engines and a crew of people to bring it back to life.

Our goal is to identify a specific aircraft that can be resurrected and flown back home to Hawaii. As soon as we can ID it, I will shoot out an immediate report to all the Shipmates through Bud White.

We are absolutely determined to resurrect a P2V and fly it home. We need to band together to see that this will happen! I remember when we were in Hanger 111 and VP-28 was using the opposite side. They draped a banner over the second deck that said "WILL DO”. Our squadrons were always competing so that challenged VP-22.

We draped a banner over our second deck that read "HAVE DONE". We went on to receive some kind of Patrol Squadron award. That kind of "have done" challenge is once again before us!

The Naval Air Museum Barbers Point (NAMBP) has some great professionals on staff and they have calculated the cost of securing a P2V, bringing it back to life, flying it home to Barbers Point, then restoring it. Their estimate is very close to that which the actual cost will be, based on their experience in restoring other aircraft. The total cost will be approximately $250,000. That is a lot of bucks, but when many Shipmates participate as they are able, that amount can be raised.

We will address the costs in a series of bundles. For example, bundle number one (1) would be the actual purchase (unless it is donated); bundle number two (2) would be the labor and materials to bring it back to life; bundle number three (3) would be the cost of the crew, fuel, etc. to fly it home; and bundle number four (4) would be the cleaning, painting (restoration) to make it look like the plane it was when you guys flew it all over the Pacific!

The Naval Air Museum Barbers Point (NAMBP) has opened a special savings account designated for the Neptune Project only. Donations will be used exclusively, 100%, for the purchase, repair, flight, fuel, etc. No other fees for administration, etc. will be taken from those donated funds. The account is open and the first donation has been received! The Museum Treasurer will provide regular financial reports so we can all track the progress. Some of us will have limited finances while others may have more, but together we can see this become a reality!

If a P2V is donated our museum experts estimate the cost of bringing her back to life will be $30,000. Let's use this as our first target goal to achieve! I have no doubt this project is a very exciting event for all of us! While we are confident of it's success, should some unforeseen thing occur that could prevent the completion of bringing a P2V back to Barbers Point, each donor will then have his entire gift returned.

You may send your gifts to:

Naval Air Museum Barbers Point (NAMBP)
P2V Neptune Project
91-1299 Midway Street
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

You may also use PayPal if you wish.

The museum web site is: Naval Air Museum Barbers Point (NAMBP)

Your inquiries and questions are welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.

Serving you,

Fred G. King, VP-22 1960-1963
P2V Neptune Project Coordinator
Naval Air Museum Barbers Point (NAMBP)

Forwarded by WHITE, Bob white1@cfl.rr.com [04NOV2011]

UPDATE "...Flight of the Neptune By Fred King..." Forwarded by WHITE, Bob white1@cfl.rr.com [31JAN2012]

Hi Bud:

We really appreciate the efficient way you post the Naval Air Museum Barbers Point (NAMBP) updates on the search and acquisition of a P2V. Thank you very much. Your service is invaluable!

The following is some information that VPers will appreciate:

Our Shipmates can go to Facebook and gain a ton of information regarding Neptune Project. Below is the detailed facebook address. I believe they can go to Facebook and simply type in:

The-NAS-Barbers-P-2-Neptune-Project and pull up pictures, reports and responses.


As a result of our last update I received a very encouraging from a Shipmate (I neglected to ask his permission to use his name but will when we communicate next time), who actually flew in a couple of the Missoula planes as well as assisting in the swapping out of both engines of one of P2Vs during a project in Alaska in 1964. He would like to assist me with a thorough inspection in March of the four P2Vs in storage in March, in Missoula, Montana! He suggests there could be more Patrol Squadron Shipmates with great experience who may be willing to help us bring a warbird back to life! Also he knows a writer for Western Flyer who could be interested in doing a story on the FLIGHT OF THE NEPTUNE.

Wouldn't be great to have a team of ol' pros from the P2V era actually working together again then see their plane lift off and fly home to Barbers Point? Volunteer mechanics, electricians, electronics, hydraulics, airframe, and others who used to work on P2Vs are needed. It has been many years for us, but I believe as we band together we can accomplish this incredible task.

I am confident that when we confirm which aircraft will be "ours", Shipmates will want to participate financially. Granted, some donations will be small while others will be larger. It really doesn't matter if we are banding together. We have been projecting the cost of bringing her back to life to be around $30,000, but at this point that is just an educated guess. Once we know exactly what is involved, then we have a target to go after! It could be more, it could be less.

If you wish to begin donating to the project you can easily do so by using PayPal. Go to the museum website www.nambp.com and simply designate your gift to the Neptune Project. You need to know that the museum website is being updated to present the project. Right now you will not see the Neptune Project listed. That really does not matter because when using PayPal there is a box to designate your gift. These donated funds are strictly reserved for the resurrection of "our" P2V. There will be no overhead administrative costs, personnel costs, or anything else - in that all hands are volunteers. Every cent will be used only to bring her back to life!

We are hoping the P2V will be donated to the museum as well as loaned hanger space and equipment in Missoula to do the job. Those items are a really big deal but seem to be a good possibility.

When the P2V is operational we must hire a certified pilot and co-pilot to ferry it back to Hawaii. In addition to their expenses there is the cost of fuel and oil. A 3000+ mile hop will use a lot of oil and fuel. Fuel is running about $7.00 a gallon right now. Once back home at Barbers Point the total restoration begins and there will of course be expenses connected with this.

This is a big project but it is very doable!

We are always delighted to hear from you. Your questions, suggestions, offers to help, stories of your experiences "back in the day" are invited. We look forward to hearing from you!


Fred G. King

UPDATE "...Flight of the Neptune By Fred King..." Forwarded by WHITE, Bob white1@cfl.rr.com [29JAN2012]

I will head for Missoula, Montana in early March to inspect 4 P2Vs owned by a private party. Will also meet with the CEO of Neptune Aviation a major Fire Bomber organization.

It is believed that one of the 4 planes is relatively intact and can be brought back to life. Some real pros at Neptune may be able to do a thorough inspection and evaluation for us. These are the guys who have resurrected a number of P2Vs and turned them into some really cool looking Fire Bombers!

I will let you know how things go right after the inspection. Things are looking very hopeful!

Fred King

P.S. If any Shipmates have questions or suggestions do not hesitate to email me.


Note NOTICE: "...I served with VP-22 VP-19, VP-50 and retired in 1980. I am trying to find VP-22 Shipmates to verify VA claim that we landed in Viet Nam and got off the plane..." Contributed by LYSIC, AO John "Shakey" bjlysic@comcast.net [25JAN2012]

Note NOTICE: "...I am presently representing a verteran and former member of VP-22 with his VA disability compensation claim. My client spent most 1974 at U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand. We have been endeavoring to locate information on VP-22 to help verify certain stressful events our client observed/experienced.. If you can provide any information - please contact me at gladys@jwstanleylaw.com. Thank you for your help..." Contributed by Stanley Law Firm gladys@jwstanleylaw.com [19OCT2009]

Note NOTICE: "...I am helping the daughter of Steven Marshall locate him. He served in VP-22 during 1974-1979 as an AT1 IFT. He retired as an ATCM and later served as a Lockheed TechRep with VP-4 Special Projects in 1993 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. If you know any information on him, Please email me..." Contributed by ZAFRAN, Bob vpfourever@gmail.com [16MAY2008]

Note NOTICE: "...Trying to contact CDR Paul Hartley, CO of VP-22 in 1966 (I think). Does anyone know how to contact him (I have some photos that I think he might like to have). David R. Herron drdave21146@comcast.net..." [05JUL2007]

Note NOTICE: "...We are working on a project regarding Navy aircraft flying above our ship December 18-20, 1950. The USS McKean (DD-784) and the USS Frank Knox (DD-742) encountered a Soviet submarine near Sasebo, Japan. Crewmembers of both ships reported that a US Navy patrol plane was above our ships during the encounter. One aircraft reported that one submarine had taken a stern shot that just missed our ship. We think the planes could be from VP-6 (28 Jun 1950-12 Feb 1951), VP-22 (01 NOV 50 to 01 MAY 51), VP-42 (19 JUL 50 to 01 APR 51), VP-46 (15 JUN 50 to 06 MAR 51), VP-47 (07 JUL 50 to 01 JAN 51), VP-772 (01 SEP 50 to 01 JAN 51) and VP-892 (18 DEC 50 to 01 AUG 51) squadrons that were flying near Sasebo, Japan at that time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Richard Shaw rpsha@cox.net..." [26APR2007]

UPDATE "...I have received a message indicating that no VP-46 aircraft were involved.. Thanks. Richard Shaw rpsha@cox.net..." [21JUN2007]

Note NOTICE: "...What ever happened to the RAIN BOW Fleet from NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii VP-22 And All The Others Had What They Called SUPPER "B s" P-3B Models Back In The 80's?..." Contributed by Jerry Bethge jbnavyair@yahoo.com [10JUN2007]

Note NOTICE: "...You may have heard of this event. I have been communicating with a crew member of the USS McKean. In the article there is reference to the involvement of ASW aircraft. Trying to find out which squadron the aircraft belonged to. At the time of the incident VP-22 was deployed to NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan, VP-6 to Japan and two PBM squadrons (VP-46 and VP-731) were in the area. I was in VP-6 at the time but have no information on the event. I have this information on the PATROL SQUADRON SIX VP-6 WebSite. Maybe someone from VP-22 will have some information. You can find the complete article (with pictrues) on: http://members.tripod.com/~breastroker/mckeansubhistory2.htm..." Contributed by Rich Pickering paparich@comcast.net [28MAY2007]


This one is reported in the book "Blind Mans Bluff - The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage" by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew; "U.S. intelligence officials have long believed that a U.S. surface ship sank a Soviet sub that came close to an aircraft carrier attack force in 1950, early in the Korean War, according to two former intelligence officers."The United States was so concerned that the Soviet Navy would try to help the North Koreans that surface ships were under orders to protect U.S. warships by depth charging any possible hostile submarines, and in this case, one force depth charged a suspected Soviet sub and then saw no signs that it had survived."

This is the story of Rancher and two Russian submarines. Rancher is the call sign for the destroyer USS McKean DD-784, otherwise known as "Mighty Mac". The Russian submarines were part of numerous USSR combat missions during the Korean war, Russians against Americans. The incident started December 1950. Rancher and it's crew had left Long Beach August 1950, and now five long months later her crew was battle hardened. She had previously dropped 5 depth charges on a submarine on September 23, 1950. Under the command of Cdr. J. C. Weatherwax since November 1950, what the Russians did not know was Capt. Weatherwax had been in submarines during WW2 and knew how and why they moved.

December 18, 1950 Rancher had just left the harbor at Sasebo to rejoin Task Force-77. Task force 77 included the USS Missouri BB-63, USS Badoeng Bay CVE-116, USS Sicily CVE-118, USS Philippine Sea CV-47, USS Princeton CV-37, USS Valley Forge CV-45, USS Manchester CL-83, ST. PAUL CA-73 and dozens of destroyers to screen the capital ships. Rancher was steaming with the Frank Knox DDR-742. About an hour after clearing the sub nets, but with the Japanese shoreline still in site, she received a hard contact from sonar. "Bridge, Sonar, we have a solid contact." Sonar had picked up two contacts. Duty Quartermaster on the bridge of Rancher was John D. Price QM3, Cdr. Weatherwax had gone to his stateroom. The OOD ordered Quartermaster Price to get the Captain. Cdr. Weatherwax ran to the bridge as fast he could go. He didn't waste any time ordering Quartermaster Price to call general quarters.

After general quarters sounded Cdr. Weatherwax ordered depth charge runs. Quartermaster Price was logging into the ships log that Rancher was making depth charge runs on a submarine, when the Captain checked the log and ordered Price to strike the word submarine from the log. He said that this could lead to an international incident. The Captain had the sonar sounds piped to the bridge, so they were able to follow the approach to the contact. It was almost a typical training exercise, with the pinging and the course changes leading us in. Rancher immediately sent out the international identification code, dot dash or letter A . Three times this was sent with no response, but evasive action was being taken by the subs.

Rancher started a depth charge run, rolling from the rear racks and firing from the side charges. The tracter aircraft overhead reported a silhouette in the center of the pattern at the time of the explosions, after which silhouette disappeared and was not sighted again. The aircraft then reported sighting air bubbles near the location of the first attack and an oil slick, which grew larger as time passed. This oil slick was also sighted by the McKean and the USS Frank Knox, which joined about 20 minutes after the first attack. She completed her initial run, at times she lost contact but then she picked it up again and made an additional run. Rancher dropped 11 depth charges per pattern. Rancher would drop a pattern and the Frank Knox would cross her wake and drop a pattern.

Torpedo man Hudnall was on depth charge central which was on the starboard side of the ship one deck below the bridge. Torpedo man Hudnall fired the k-guns electronically and the crews on the k-guns fired manually. The pattern of depth charges were eleven to a pattern, three on each side of the ship and two stern racks. The submarine was in 250 feet of water or above because any deeper the depth charges would not go off. McKean fired 54 depth charges the day of December 18th, 1950.

Around 1817 hours (6:17 PM) the Mighty Mac finished her 5th run on the sub began to run out of depth charges and was ordered to return to Sasebo harbor where the USS Dixie AD-14 (Destroyer Tender) was stationed. USS Endicott DMS-35 was in the area and was ordered to begin dropping it's charges. The USS Taussig (DD 746) was in port and she was sent out to assist the Endicott in depth charging the cornered sub.

When the USS Taussig got there, Rancher went back into Sasebo, where it was now night time. The submarine net crews first had to be woken up. Then when Rancher came alongside the Dixie she were moving a little too fast and came in hard against the Dixie's side, waking the Captain and other crew members. The Captain of the Dixie yelled down to Weatherwax; "Hey, what's going on down there?" To that Weatherwax replied; "In case you haven't heard, there's a war going on and I need more depth charges." The Dixie went to General Quarters to give Rancher a full load of depth charges. In fact extras were lashed to the deck. Rancher picked up 94 depth charges

Rancher immediately left the Sasebo harbor through the nets and relieved the second destroyer on the scene. After making three more attacks on the sub the next morning dropping another 33 depth charges on the 19th of December 1950, Rancher finally got no movement out of the sub. Rancher had dropped about 84 depth charges in a 24 hour period. The morning of the 19th of December, one of the three anti-sub airplanes overhead reported a torpedo wake passing astern of the McKean. It just missed Rancher, and she didn't even see it. The other Russian submarine was lashing back.

A salvage ship the U.S.S. GREENLET ASR-10, arrived out of Sasebo on December 20th, to join the 5 destroyers and 3 anti-submarine airplanes at the site of the sinking. A hard hat diver was lowered to the scene. In a very short time he returned to the surface with a pair of new binoculars. In addition the Russian submarines had deployed during the depth charge a decoy that made all the sounds of a submarine. This Black Box was so top secret the Greenlet immediately returned to Pearl Harbor with it. Rumor has it the Greenlet was not allowed to return to the war area because it had retrieved so many Russian secrets. Perhaps it got their code books? Rumor also has it that 43 days later all the B girls knew everything that happened, but the crew couldn't say anything because they had signed the letters of secrecy. The story the crew was told was that it was a "sunken jap freighter the IONA MARU". Supposedly the IONA MARU capsized on 10 December 1950. The Navy brass had already formated their cover story with the skipper of the U.S.S. GREENLET ASR-10. "If those binoculars were from W.W.II, why wasn't there debris or barnacles, on the item". Recently a former shipmate commented, "We sunk a hulk ship that was doing 5 knots!".

Then the the Admirals decided that story was not good enough. Thence the affidavit of secrecy signed by members of Ranchers crew. What happened to the second Russian sub is unknown.

Rancher then returned to Sasebo, Japan on the 21th of December, 1950. Perhaps the BRASS thought she deserved a reward, some liberty. Rancher was in Sasebo until December 25th, when she rejoined Task Force 77 off the coast of Korea. She remained with the Task Force 77 until January 5th, 1951, when she again returned to Sasebo. All hands were sworn to secrecy. Nothing was ever said or reported until "Blind Man's Bluff" hit the best seller list. Late February and most of March 1951 Rancher was with Task Force 95 the United Nations Blockading and Escort Force, whose job was shore bombardment at Wonsan March 16 to 18th, Songin the 18th to March 20 1951, and Kychon March 21, 1950. Other destroyers in task force 95 were USS Holister DD-788, USS Frank Knox DD-742, USS Chandler DD-717, USS Manchester CL-83 (cruiser),USS Rupertus DD-851, USS English DD-696, USS Stickell DD 888, USS Wallace L. Lind DD-703, USS Ozbourn DD-846, USS Charles S. Sperry DD-697, USS Douglas H. Fox DD-779, USS Zellars DD-777,and USS Norris DD 859.

Rancher completed her deployment in the Far East March 28th of 1951 and returned to San Diego California April 11, 1951. USS McKEAN (RANCHER) received three battle stars for Korean service. But the sinking of the Russian sub remained secret for forty seven years.

Note NOTICE: "...A message for VP-22 Crew-2. I was a Photograher with VP-28 from 1964 and 1965. For some reason I have a crew photo (from the same era?) of CDR P.J. Hartley (so the name on the P2V states) and crew in front of a P2V. Must have just arrived back in Hawaii, some are wearing Lei's. If a crewman wants a copy, E-Mail me and I will scan it and E-Mail it back. Have a varity of photos of P2V's in flight also. I would have to look thru them to see what the tail letters are. Had a short but fun tour with VP-28 in NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii and NAS Iwakuni, Japan...Gerald Clay Kinnaman, Jr. geraldkinnaman@charter.net..." [09APR2006]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for AX W. Hodges. He Passed through VP-31 and on to VP-22 in 1966. He was originally from Virginia. Anyone out there have any clues?...J. Manville sp5b_p2v@yahoo.com..." [10JUL2005]

Note NOTICE: "...VP-1, VP-4, VP-6, VP-9, VP-17, VP-22, VP-28, and VP-47 flying out of NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii Memorial..." Contributed by Michael Thomas carmikesc@juno.com..." [29MAR2005]

We are in the process of developing a memorial (due to be completed sometime in 2006) for the VP Squadrons that served from NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. We have identified VP-1, VP-4, VP-6, VP-9, VP-17, VP-22, VP-28, and VP-47 flying out of NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii.

Each Squadron will have a separate inscription on the memorial. Bronze tablets will list the names of the Squadrons next to which will be their ensealed Squadron patch. We have all the patches except for VP-17, VP-22, and VP-28. If you know anyone who may be willing to donate a patch for the memorial, we'd appreciate hearing from them.

To complete the memorial, we need the names of those airmen who were lost while on duty. We need representatives from VP-1, VP-4, VP-6, VP-9, VP-17, VP-22, VP-28, and VP-47 to furnish us with a list of airmen lost and when. VP-6 has accounted for all of its personnel lost since its inception in 1943, including one person "on loan" to VP-871. That's what we need from the other Squadrons to do it justice. We don't need ranks or grades, just complete names and dates of loss.

As well as the memorial, we are making preparations to renovate a P2V aircraft owned by the Smithsonian in DC. The aircraft, presently at Davis-Monthan, and the memorial will be displayed at the Pacific Air Museum at Ford Island.

Note NOTICE: "...Navy Establishing Augment Units For All FRS's Including VP-30..." Contributed by LCDR Robert J. Cable cablerj@vp30.navy.mil [03DEC2003]

VP-30 SAU The Navy is scheduling the establishment of a Squadron Augment Unit (SAU) attached to VP-30 for 1 October, 2004. Final numbers have yet to be released, but the SAU is likely to total near 150 personnel composed of Officer and Enlisted instructors and maintenance personnel. The SAU has begun recruiting the advance party of 20 maintainers in the AD, AE, AT, AM, and AME rates. If you are interested in serving as a Selected Reservist in VP-30 SAU, have P-3 NEC's and P-3 experience within the last 6 years, and are within drilling distance of NAS Jacksonville, Florida, please call Naval Reserve Recruiting Area SE at 904-542-3320 ext 490 or the SAU OIC at 904-542-0990.

AD - Aviation Machinist's Mate    AE - Aviation Electrician's Mate    AT - Aviation Electronics Technician    AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic

Note NOTICE: "...I am an ex-VP-22/VP-31 in flight tech (71-77) trying to locate a set of decals for an old "factory" P-3 resin model that I am restoring. I did some horse-trading with my CO (Cdr Don Canada) in 1973 and dolled up his new P-3 model in BLUE GOOSE markings (QA-1 Buno 154600) in trade for the one that I have now. The decals set for the "factory" model would include canopy windows, over-the-wing-hatches, main cabin door, cockpit escape hatches, Navy and national insignia. I have contacted several vendors in an effort to locate and purchase a couple of 1/85th scale sets. No joy. I have also contacted Lockheed, who generously sent me a set of props, but had no decals and did not know where I could obtain any. Does anyone know of any sources of the 1/85th scale decals? Thanks. Jerry Leih jerry.o.leih@boeing.com..." [27JUN2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for ANYONE who has a VP-22 year book from the deployment to NS Sangley Point, Philippines in 1969-70. Better yet, looking for someone who went back to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii on the advance party and stopped in Vietnam, before going on to NAS Atsugi, Japan and the finally to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. You may call me collect 402-488-5426 or write me at 5430 Prescott Ave Lincoln, Nebraska 68506...Jay Salak homestead221@aol.com..." [30MAY2002]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for comments about P2Vs and patrols out of Japan with VP-22 a few years back. This for my friend and neighbor David Martin. Thanks...David Martin c/o His Neighbor Larry Herring (VP-672) lherrin2@tampabay.rr.com..." [09AUG2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I would like to hear from anybody who might have or know someone that has a VP-22 December 1959 - May 1960 NAS Kodiak, Alaska cruise book that they would be willing to sell. I am willing to pay a reasonable price for it if it is the right one. I was with VP-22 at this time. Believe it or not I use to have one but it was put away so it would not get lost and can not be found now...Arthur D. Chase aem-vp-22@mlode.com..." [29JUN2001]

UPDATE "...I found my copy. Thanks..." [10JAN2003]

Note NOTICE: "...I am interested in documenting information on all the many VP-22 squadrons that have been commissioned in the U.S. Navy. I was a pilot in the first VP-22 squadron, which was commissioned in l939 at NAS Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. We originally had 12 PBY-3s. After the attack on NAS Pearl Harbor, Hawaii we received 12 PBY-5s, and received orders to proceed to the Australia-Dutch East Indies area, where we joined up with VP-101 and VP-102. By March 3, l942 we ran out of airplanes, and retreated to Perth, Australia. Our squadron was decommissioned on April l8, l942. LCDR Frank O'Beirne (Vice-Adm. Ret) was our CO; LT Doyle Donaho, XO; and LT Thomas Moorer (ADM. Ret), Flight Officer. Please send me information pertaining to the dates your squadron continued to operate, type of aircraft, base of operation, commanding officers and any other significant happenings. I will be happy to share all the VP-22 I receive...BRANT, CAPTAIN Joe E. Retired Jebrant41@cs.com..." [14APR2001]

Note NOTICE: "...Hi guys, my name is Ray Ingram. I was with VP-22 1964 to 1968. I would like to build a radio controled model of a P-3a but am having difficulty finding any pictures or plans of the plane. If any one can help please contact me at fasteray2006@bellsouth.net of course any one from the Blue Goose squadron please contact me. I made NS Sangley Point, Philippines deployment and NAS Adak, Alaska. Anyone remember Crew 12, LT Shea? He was the pilot and a good one he was. Thanks for your help..." [04MAR99]

Note NOTICE: "...I recently acquired an HGU-47(V4) as used in a P-3. Based on markings found on the helmet, it appears to have been used by a crewman from VP-22. I would be interested in any information or photographs that would help me to restore this helmet with an authentic tape scheme and/or graphics...Larry Vrooman vrooman@mato.com..." [12SEP2000]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to locate Richard E. Bowen who was assigned to VP-22 as an AT2 in 1975 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii (I was with VR-21). Thanks...Sue Fritz regentkasey@msn.com..." [02MAY2004]

Note NOTICE: "...I served with VP-22 and was deployed to NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan from NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. We detached to NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I am looking for anyone who made that detachment and can verify I was there. Navy records do not show I was there. Thanks...CHAMPION, AM2 Bruce W. championbruce@russellcorp.com..." [15MAY2003]

Note NOTICE: "...Calling all SMITHs. Looking for AT3 Sam Smith, VP-28 and VP-22 tweat shop, 1969-70 NS Sangley Point, Philippines deployment and ADJ3 Jim Smith, "J.P.", VP-22, Crew 12, 1969-1970 NS Sangley Point, Philippines deployment. We have virtually all of the old gang localized but you "Smiths" are a bugger to find. Anyone else with info on these two guys please forward. Reunion planned for early 2003; hope to have you both there...Pete Lindberg plindberg@surfnetusa.com..." [08OCT2002]

Note NOTICE: "...Trying to locate old Shipmate, AW1 Timothy J. Shoemaker who was in VP-22 approximately 1982-1984. If anyone has contact with him or any information please contact me...Richard C. Wehrle dickwehrle@aol.com..." [18SEP2002]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for anold ordie shipmate AO3 Ray E. Banning. He was on Crew 10 I think in 1969. Thanks...KIRK, AOC Doug Retired dkirk@netease.net..." [23JAN2002]

Note NOTICE: "...Fellow VP-22'ers, AX2 Bob Robeson, Radar/MAD, Crews 1 & 2, 1965-67, is looking for the two guys with me in Cairns (and Green Island), Australia, when we met the three Aussie girls in 1965 or 1966 and later joined them in another city for that great champaign dinner. I would like you to help me reconstruct a romance that was sparked then for me that later flamed out. There is much more to the story, if you are interested...Bob Robeson DecotaRidgeBob@cs.com..." [24SEP2000]

Note NOTICE: "...shipmate pix My husband was AD Tom Lee in VP-22 in about 1972 - 1974. He is retiring as AVCM Thomas C. Lee and his retirement ceremony will be held in late November 2000. I am trying to get together some memories, or stories of VP-22 about that time period. I would love to hear from his old shipmates. I'm attaching a copy of his picture about then. It might help people remember him. I've also been unable to get a patch of the squadron of that year. I am making him a remembrance quilt. I would love to have any photos of the squadron, planes, people, etc.. from his service years in this squadron. Thanks for any help you can give. Rita Lee trlee1@home.com..." [26MAY2000]

Note NOTICE: "...Please help!!! Back in the late 60's I along with a fellow VP'er to SERE School in Warner Springs, Calif. When we finished there we flew back to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii to our squadrons. However, mine had gone on deployment to Naha. After our return to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii VP-28 had moved on also. What I'm trying to locate is the Shipmate who went with us (VP-22) to San Diego for SERE School as hopefully he still has the cirtificate that I asked him to hold for me until we got back. "If you read this, please advise as I would really like to have it and also wondering what you've been doing for the past 30 years?...BOTSFORD, CT3 Barry "Mort" deman@comcast.net..." [09NOV99]

UPDATE "...I was fortunate enough to have found the Command Master Chief at SERE last year who made me a copy of my certificate. Thanks!..." Contributed by BOTSFORD, CT3 Barry "Mort" deman@comcast.net [03JUL2010]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to trace the history of my father, William Matthew Mahoney b Jan 1918 whose history is believed to be this: Navy regular, was a Pearl Harbour when Japs attacked, Rear Gunner for Catalinas, possibly in VP-21 Squadron or VP-22 Squadron, Moved to Perth Western Australia early 1942 with other squadrons and was reformed as VP-101. Operated from Perth then to Phillipines, at end of war was a Chief Petty Officer. Believed to have died in Jacksonville Florida 1968/1969. If anyone knows anthing of his service history and any personal details such as children, please let me know....Mike Mahoney mahone@wn.com.au..." [27APR98]

UPDATE "...I have made contact with my father's family in Florida and visited them in August of this year but I am still seeking a history of his service. He died in Jacksonville Florida 1971..." [08DEC99

UPDATE "...Mr,. Mahone: If your father was the "Wild Bill" Mahone of U.S. Navy Patrol Squadron 22 early in 1942, you are the one I am looking for. If you are, I can furnish you some squadron rosters and possibly some other information which may be helpful. My oldest brother (Ted LeBaron) was a crewman in 22-P-4. Patrol Wing TEN was getting pretty well beat up and I asked Ted once how the crews felt about it - about their general morale. He said it was o.k. I inquired about feelings of hatred for the Japs (the plane in which Ted was a crewman was shot down north of Darwin by Japanese Navy Zeros on 19 February 1942 but Ted himself seemed not to have any feeling at all, one way or another, against the Japs.) He said the old time he could remember it coming up was when he and "Wild Bill" were running through the jungle to get away from their hangar at Ambon, which was about to be bombed by unmolested Jap bombers, and "Wild Bill" saying something to the effect: "I just hope the time comes when they can be down here and I can be up there!" Ted may have censored that quote a little - you probably knew "Wild Bill" better than he did..." Contributed by allan_lebaron@hotmail.com [08DEC99]

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