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BREON, Wallace c/o His Grandson Shawn Breon JSWILDMAN@AOL.COM "...I would like to hear from anyone who knew my grandfather WALLACE BREON of VPB-208. Thanks...He was with OTU-4 July 1945 thru September. He was with VPB-99 October 1945. He was with VPB-100 November 1945 thru January 1946. He was with VPB-208. I would like to hear from anyone who flew with him. I would also like to know if there is a squadron patch for VPB-208. I would also like to thank Ken Maddock for his E-Mail. Thanks..." [BIO Updated 14JAN2000 | 01SEP99]

Memorial Picture Shipmate PixCirca 1945 "...DAUM, F. David...My father, F. David Daum (of Dayton, Ohio), was a Chief Petty Officer, 1st class Aviation Machinist's Mate, Plane Captain, Flight Engineer flying Big Boats in this squadron in 1942-1945 in the South Pacific theater. He flew aboard PBM-3s, -4s, and -5s. He was awarded both the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal for bravery in aerial combat against the Japanese enemy forces. Dad passed away on 13 Nov 2001, age 81, due to complications from elective surgery. Does anyone have a picture of Dad's squadron patch? As one of many memoriams to him, I am trying to get a good quality image of both the US Navy emblem and the VPB-208 emblem to be engraved on a granite brick for placement at the entrance to the new Aviation Park at Wright-Patterson AFB (Dayton, Ohio)...WebSite: http://www.wwiimemorial.com/registry/search/pframe.asp?addhonoreeID=454743&preview=y...Drake A. Daum Drake.Daum@wpafb.af.mil [Picture Added 03MAR2005 | WebSite Added 02SEP2004 | 20MAY2002]

DUNAVAN, Robert E. redun@juno.com "...I was in squadron VPB-208 from December 25, 1943 until August 26, 1945. I have written several articles about my Navy experiences of which I will be glad to share. Some of my articles have been published in newsletters..." [11AUG2001]

Memorial Picture "...DAWSON, George...My Father passed away on October 17, 2003 at the age of 88. Recently I acquired my Father's records and found out he had served with VPB-208 under LCDR Sintic. My father was a 1st class Aviation mate, Flight Engineer, flying on the Big Boates in this squadron in the South Pacific theater from 1943 to 1945. I would be grateful to hear from any Shipmates of VPB-208 that knew my father. Thanks!...Geroge Dawson george46@swbell.net..." [28MAR2004]

Memorial Picture "...FEENEY, LT(jg) Harry...I'm the son of LT(jg) Harry Feeney (Deceased November 1998) who flew with VPB-208, Combat Crew ABLE. I am looking for anyone else who flew with him. I know he went to many Reunions and spoke very highly of the men he served with...Tom Feeney tom.feeney@att.net..." [12DEC2005]

HODGKIN, Bernerd W. c/o His Son Kirby Hodgkin queheads@aol.com "...I'm looking for research materials which would cover either the involvement of Naval Patrol Bombing squadron 208 or the use of their plane (PBM Martin Mariner). My Papa was in this unit in both the Caribbean (antisubmarine duty) and Pacific between 1942 and 1945.I have the unit's "yearbook" Peter, Bogey Mike.My father's name appears incorrectly as Sodgkin ( Jig Crew) page 20. He passed away on 080497. He spoke often (to me anyway) about two crew members in particular, Jim Lashua (Plattsburg N.Y.) and Lt. Weisiger (Ivy Depot, VA.). Any information concerning persons, planes or histories would greatly be appreciated. I've not come across references to either the plane or the unit in any of my readings.I do have several of my Papa's photographs of the plane. Thank you in advance. PAPA'S NAME Bernerd W. Hodgkin...Thanks!..."

Memorial Picture Shipmate PixCamera "...KAIL, Morton...My Father, Morton Kail, passed away October 16, 2011 at the age of 86 from progressive supranuclear palsy. Dad served with VPB-208 as a Combat Air Crewman Aerial Gunner and Bombardier during World War II. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medals and battle stars for the Saipan, Iwo Jima and Okanowa campaigns. Dad participated in bombing raids, sea patrols and rescues of downed American flyers. They were part of the air group which flew over Tokio Harbor on September 2, 1945, while the Japanese signed the surrender agreement on the USS Missouri (BB-63). Dad's complete BIO is currently listed on Legacy - Morton Kail..." Contributed by Ken Kail kkail@bigfoot.com [21OCT2011]

KAIL, Morton MKail@bigfoot.com "...I was an Ordinanceman-gunner with an air crew of VPB-208 during our tour in the Pacific from Dec. 1944 to Sept. 1945. I've gone to several squadron Reunions in recent years and, as our ranks grow thinner, I'd like to find any men who served with that squadron to possibly attend future Reunions. Our next is planned for New London Connecticut later in l999. Any former members of VPB-208 please get in touch with me. There is also a Mariner/Marlin Association which I have joined, but have never attended any of their meetings. I am interested in any war stories by former Mariner crew members for possible use in magazine articles and a book I plan to write (someday). I would be interested in hearing from any former members of VPB-208, especially those on the Pacific tour of duty from November 1944 to September 1945..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 01SEP99 | 29JAN99]

KNEF, Andrew W. jatoamk@comcast.net "...I served with VPB-214 on November 8, 1943 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. My pilot was Lt. E. G. Loftus. We flew the PBM aircraft. I was a Seaman 1/c then AMM as a tailgunner. My last flight was on September 15, 1944 with Pilot LTjg Gilmore. We flew anti-sub patrol for convoys while stationed at Norway. I was transfered to VPB-99 in October 12, 1944 and finally transferred to VPB-98. This was followed by a 19.8 hour trans-pac flight from San Diego to MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. On August 28, 1945, we landed in SagamiBay, Japan. While there we flew over airfields to check aircraft to see if they were flyable. They never allowed to fly over the Emporias Palace. We went back to the States from there...Flew with VP-208 from 2/45 till 9/45. I served under Commander Anton J. Sintic in Air Crew Sugar. Crew Skipper, Q. F. Baker our crew picture, on page 28 in Peter Bogey Mike book. Would love to hear from any of the old crew members. Standing by. God Bless this site Andy (the BB kid)..." [E-Mail Updated 02NOV2003 | E-Mail Updated 27JUL99 | BIO Updated 24JUN99 | 23JUN99]

LEGG, CPO Paul P. Retired Fltenglegg@aol.com "...I started out as a PC/FE with VP-208 January 1946. Got out of the Navy and joined the Reserves assigned to VP-661. It so happened that I was the first guy to make chief in the reserves (1949). Recalled to active duty September 1950 and became Maintenance Chief then a Plane Captain till June 1953. Served with VP-34 NAS Trinidad, British West Indies till June 1955, EC-121K 's NAS Patuxent River, Maryland NRL till 1962, and VW-13 NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. Enjoyed my naval aviation tremendously...I was assigned to VW-2 June 1955. Worked in power plants for a while. I then went to FE school at Burbank,Ca. I started as a student engineer under a guy known as Placidi. I then flew with Elwell an Vada and became a first engineer then a check engineer then the training chief for the FE's. VW-2 was absolutely one of the best squadrons I was ever attached to. I later went to NRL and the to VW-13 at NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. I was the engineer on the panel during the crash of BUNO: 141329. My seat safety belt was the only thing that saved me. I ended up pinned to the roof of the cockpit. The 2 pilots assisted me in getting back to the main cabin.As I've stated before. The men in the VW squadrons were absolutely the best..." [BIO Updated 06JUN2002 | 14MAY2002]

MANKOWITZ, Murray mopicserv@juno.com "...I was a member of VP-208 in 1942. We deployed to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR..." [01JUL2000]

Memorial Picture Shipmate PixCirca 1945 "...MIKITA, ARM2 Ted E. "Theo"...My father, ARM2 Theo E. Mikita, passed away May 26th, 2004. Dad served with VPB-2 OTU 3 as a radio operator aboard the PBM-3 out of in out of NAS Banana River, Florida until reassigned to VPB-2 OTU 4 prior to shipping out (August 1944) to train on new PBM-5 at the Radar School in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. Attached to crew 72C, PPC LT(jg) Harold J. McKibben. After NAS Corpus Christi, Texas flew to NAF Salton Sea, then to NAS Alameda, California VPB-99 for crew ASW and Navigation training. Next the crew traveled to MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and attached to VPB-100 for advanced training covering sleeve gunnery, ASW sonobuoy, and radar bombing. They were finishing this up when the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan. They made preparations for shipping out to the war zone, and reached Kerama Retto, Okinawa to join VPB-208 and the USS Hamlin (AV-15) on August 21. Crewmates were copilot Ensign Koch, S2 Lawrence "Smokey'' J. Verstraete, AOM3 Douglas H Watts, Sidney Lee Hawkins, AOM3 Donald Roy Battenschlag, Joseph L Mugnolo, and Arthur B Street. By then offensive operations had ceased for the most part while negotiations for the surrender of Japan were being carried out. On August 24, 1945 they tracked and bombed a Japanese trawler in the Chusan Archipelego. Flew in squadron formation over Tokyo bay as part of surrender ceremonies on September 2, then participated in occupation duties in Tokyo. The crew spent the squadron’s final days in theatre providing VIP, courier and passenger service between major water accessible cities in Japan including Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Sasebo. When the squadron transferred out in November Ted was reassigned to a new crew in VPB-26. VPB-26 was based initially out of Tokyo, and was serviced by the USS Hamlin (AV-15) (Yokosuka) and USS Bering Strait (AVP-34) (Sasebo) until the end of January when it relieved VPB-25 in Shanghai for service between Shanghai (USS Duxbury Bay (AVP-38)) and Tsing Tao. He flew with PPC’s LT(jg) Eymann, LT(jg) Roussey, LT Bedford and LCDR Demarest. Anyone with interest in or ties to VPB-208 and VPB-26 during this period are invited to email me..." Contributed by MIKITA, Ted E. ted@lwranch.com [17NOV2012]

MORSE, ARM2 Sidney Emerson c/o his Grandson ENS Raymond F. Barnes, Jr. clarkknt@intcomm.net "...I'm looking for anyone who might have known my grandfather, ARM2/c Sidney Emerson Morse, of Augusta, ME. He was a member of Combat Aircrew "Baker", VP-208, and served in the Pacific Theater in 1944 and 1945. I have his logbook and squadron "yearbook", called "Peter Bogey Mike", but he died before I was born, and would like to know what he was like from some of his old Shipmates. Thanks in advance for any help!..." [16JAN99]

UPDATE "...I have been in contact with various members of my grandfather's squadron. I also spoke with Walter Schurman, the author of "Patrol Bombing Squadron 208", who was kind enough to send me an autographed copy of his book. One of the men even provided a couple of pictures from the Pacific...Thanks" [02MAR99]

PEASE, Frank A. gloriahp@bellsouth.net "...I was a member of Patrol Bombing Squadron 208 from December 1943 through November 1945. I was adrift with crew members in a life raft on June 20, 1945, 80 miles north of Okanawa. Contact me. would love to hear from squadron members..." [26MAR99]

Memorial Picture "...PRIMMER, ARM2 Wesley E...Shipmate Pix...My Father, Wesley E. Primmer, passed away April 28, 2011 at 89 years of age. Dad served was a ARM2 with VPB-208 during WWII flying as a Radio Operator. Dad didn't talk much about his service and trying to find out more. I would love to hear from any of Dad's Shipmates..." Contributed by Jim Primmer plainjp@verizon.net [PIX Added 18DEC2015 | 08JUN2013]

REDD, AMMF1 Claude redwebby@yahoo.com "...I served with VPB-208 (12/1942-08/1945). I was part of the first crew that returned from NAS Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Marianas Islands via Hawaii and the Pink Palace on R&R. 3 days later got news the war was over so we ferried a shotup PBM to NAS Norfolk, Virginia, where we all got 30 days leave. I would like to hear from any and all old Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 04APR2013 | E-Mail Updated 12MAY 99 | E-Mail Updated 21DEC98 | E-Mail Updated 08SEP98 | 04JAN98]

SHIVELY, Loyd E. lb@interpath.com "...I was with PBM Squadron VP-208 that flew into Tokyo Bay September 2, 1945. My plane Commander was Lt. H. J. Grimes. I would like to hear from any of that crew that is still around. By the way Eden at that time was Leaksville, Spray, and Draper N.C..." [13JUN99]

SLAYMAN, Clark dcslayman@embarqmail.com "...I served with VP-208 and VP-26 / VPB-26 (PPC) from 1944 to 1945 (Crew 9). We and shook down in Charleston, S.C., went aboard in Okinawa - Karama Rhetto and relocated to USNB Buckner Bay. We encountered heavy Kamikaze attacks but the USS Norton Sound (AV-11) survived..." [15JUN2009]

STEINHAUS, Robert A. (Bob) C/O His Son Bill Steinhaus hrdcpk@aol.com "...My Dad, Robert A. Steinhaus known as "Bob", served VPB-208 during WW II. Dad flew with the crew called "JIG" and his plane name was "Tessie." Dad was a LT(jg) and flew PBY's and PBM's both the Pacific and Atlantic. Dad was from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. I'm trying to learn more about his activities and service and contact anyone from his plane crew (or who knew him). Dad remained in the Reserves and flew from NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York until 1966. Dad was called up for active duty from 1961 to 1962 for the Berlin Crisis flying P2's as a LCDR. I hope to hear from someone. Thanks - a proud son..." [27DEC2003]

Memorial Picture "...STEPHENS, Louis J...My Father passed away January 4th, 2004. I am grateful for all of the VPB-208 veterans who have been so kind as to correspond with me this year, and last. My father, Louis J. Stephens (VPB-208 Crew Love) is in assisted care and is in so so shape as far as his memories, but I know he remembers his time with you most fondly, and I help him with the recollections you have shared with me. I will also personally keep this information together as a memory of all you did for my generation (your sons, daughters, and families). I would be interested in more information on the VPB-208 Reunion posted here for this year...Jim Stephens jws@world.std.com..." [Update 16JAN2004 | 20MAR2003]

TITLER, Guy c/o His Step Daughter Janet Gieder pj.gieder@gateway.net "...My stepfather is Guy Titler, originally from Brownsville, PA, now living in Youngstown, Ohio. He flew in a Martin Mariner PBM from 1941 through 1945 with VP-208. The squadron has annual Reunions and they are looking for any information on the family of Ernest Kunzler from Portland, Ore. Mr. Kunzler was killed in Okinawa in 1945. Guy would like to hear from anyone who shared his experiences and any new information. Thanks..." [20JAN2001]

WATTS, Doug wattsup@centurylink.net "...Attended attended Aviation Ordnance School (1943) at NAS Norman, Oklahoma, Naval Air Gunnery School at Purcell, Ok, PBM Operational Training Unit at NAS Banana River, Florida and NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, VPB-208 (07/1945-12/1945) while on deployment to Shimawan Bay, Okinawa, USS Pine Island (AV-12) and USS Gardiners Bay (AVP-39) for duty in China and recalled in 1950 serving aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) as part of Task Force 77 in Korea. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 05MAR2014 | 01APR2002]

WERNER, George gwerner@mediaone.net "...I was an ARM3/c in VPB-2 1944-1945, flying PBM-3/C and PBM3/E seaplanes. Was an ARM2/c and an ARMAC2/c in VPB-208 in 1945-1947 flying PBM-3 and PBM-5 seaplanes. I flew with "Pappy" Burns, CWO3, as an ARM1/c, changed to AT1, in 1948-1950 and we ferried PBMs and PBY-5 and 5-a seaplanes from Norfolk to the west coast for overhaul with VR-31, in Norfolk. Rode the aircraft carriers with VA-35 for 4 years and then served with VP-18 during 1961-1963 with crew 13 as radioman, flying in our "hotshot" P2V-7 patrol planes, with "two Turnin", and "two Burnin" . We were the "E" squadron for years and the other squadrons in the wing - VP-5, VP-7, VP-16 had P2V-5 a/c. We thought we should get the first P3V a/c but the "Wing" didn't want 2 squadrons transitioning at the same time, so we kept the 7's. Don't know if they got the P3V before being Disestablished in 1968, since I left the squadron in Mar.1963 and retired as an ATCS. "VP sailors" are all a special breed of cat, and if you don't believe that, check all the wrecked bars around the world! Best wishes to all who had the privilige to fly with 2 or more "fans"..."

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