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Memorial Picture "...BAIRD, Frank "Tex"...My father, Frank Baird, served with VPB-205 (1946-1948). Does anyone remember him and his music? Sinkler wrote an article in The Nobby News about him. I just don't know the date of the article as it is not indicated on the page. I have page 3 and 4. Of note is an article "Casey Jones Visits NOB." If anyone has any information I would appreciate it!..." Contributed by Mary Ann Rojas freeze80002002@yahoo.com [11OCT2013]

BERTELSEN, Harry c/o Daughter Janet Pierce jpierce4@alaska.net "...My father Harry Bertelsen was in squadron VPB-205 during World War II. He would like to hear from any of his crew mates..." [10MAR99]

BIRON, Dick c/o Sara C. Callanen prnmed@mchsi.com "...Dick Biron served with VPB-205. Dick will be 80 years old shortly and I would like to help him hook up with former Shipmates..." [10AUG2008]

BLICK, Vernard vcbpwb@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-205 redesignated VP-MS-5 at NAS Bermuda from 1945 to 1948..." [21FEB2009]

BRADY, CAPT Norm https://naval-air.org/flightlog/moreinfo.asp?UID=19 "...CAPT Norm Brady, USN - NFL Number: 19 - Date of Birth: 2/11/1915 - Date In: 6/1/1939 - Date Out: 6/1/1965 - City, State: Pensacola, FL - School Attended: Morningside Coll - Aircraft Flown: PBY, PBM, WV, - Ship or Unit: VP-23, VPB-205, CO and AEW-14, CO - Pilot Desg.: Patrol Plane Cdr - Theaters, Campaigns, etc.: P Harb/Midway/Guad Associations/Service Organizations: Navy League Ret. Officers Assn Assn of Nav Aviation - Highest personal decoration or award: Dist. Flying Cross - Significant Achievements: 7000+ hours flight time. MBS from George Washington Univ. Participated in first Marshall- Gilbert raid. In Memoriam? No..." [18DEC2005]

Memorial Picture "...BROWN, Edward J...My father, Edward J. Brown, was an Aviation Machinists mate Flt. 2nd Class [CA} V-2, in WW2, serving from 1941-45 with VP-205/VPB-205. Dad completed basic at Navy Pier, Chicago including assignments at NTS, NAS North Island, San Diego, California, AFGS, Hollywood, Fl., and NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Dad was staioned at NAS Trinidad, British West Indies during the Caribbean campaign, later in the South Pacific at NAS Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Marianas Islands and NAB Chimu Wan, Ryukyu Islands, Okinawa, Japan. Dad passed away on 7/9/2003, was buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery on 7/14. I would love to hear any stories or remeberances. Dad was 90, was the "old man" of the unit, "POPPY." I have a great photo of Dad with his squad at a bar called "Charlie Tyes" in Oakland, Ca. The other names he listed on the photo are Liston, McDavid, Running, Long, Moss, Csehtowski, Chisamore, Ball, Bradley, Bartus and Hiiliard. Date of photo is 2/1/45...Keith Brown kbrown02@earthlink.net [16JUL2003]

HOWARD, Charles W. "Bill" c/o His Daughter Kitty Sherback Shipmate Pix Lealuger@aol.com "...My Father, Charles W. Howard, enlisted January 24, 1942 and was discharged November 16, 1945. He was a Chief Ordinanceman with VP-205 during WWII. VP-205 patrolled the Atlantic Ocean from Virginia to the Coast of Africa and back and the Pacific from San Francisco to Tokyo..." [PIX Added 06FEB2003 | BIO Updated 04FEB2003 | 16JAN2003]

Memorial Picture "...IRWIN, Floyd "Don"...My grandfather, Floyd "Don" Irwin, was an aircrewman on PBM-5s. In a journal that I found, he said that his plane was called the Georgia Peach. He flew out of San Diego on 8 Oct 1945 and was in MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii until 8 Nov 1945. He served with VPB-100, VPB-205 and VPB-25. He also mentioned the names Cokus and Zimker in his journal. I've also been told that he had a monkey as a pet, and the monkey was sort of the mascot. If anyone has information, I'd love to know it. I've not had much luck finding information..." Contributed by Chris Offield chrisoffield@sbcglobal.net [20FEB2012]

JAWORSKI, Ski c/o my son-in-law Steve Brager stevenbrager@sprintmail.com "...My name is Ski Jaworski and I was in VP-205 serving in the Pacific and Caribbean area. I'm looking for Shipmates who served with me from 1943 to 1949. If you know any of these fols please have them email my son-in-law Steve Brager and he'll contact me. Thank you for your time..." [29NOV98]

KOVACH, George c/o Dick Zeisel at eldoz@msn.com "...Served in VP-205 from November 1942 - October 1945... Saw a lot of action in the Atlantic and Pacific theatres.. Finished USN service as ARM 1/C, and sat a lot of circuit time! I can be reached thru my brother-in-law (ex-VP)..." [E-Mail Updated 05FEB99 | 05JAN98]

LOWE, Milt mlowe1216@comcast.net "...Trained as AET at Del Monte and NAS Corpus Christi, Texas circa March 1944 through February 1945. Seved with HEDRON 14-1 FAW-14 NAS North Island, San Diego, California. HD Sqd 5 NAS Norfolk, Virginia; and VPB-205 NAS Bermuda. Looking for classsmates, squadron buddies. Names that come to mind are: Frank James Virginia( Wash or Ore); Bob Schwarz (LA); Lowell Shipper (mid west); and the nice Irish kid from(Great Neck?) who watched Destination Tokyo with me the day we were e\inducted and went thru boots and primary radio school in Chicago with me. Also, is Chief Paul (Pat ) O'Reilly still out there?..." [E-Mail Updated 27FEB2002 | 11JUN2000]

LLOYD, CAPTAIN Bruce Kerr Jr. Retired http://www.usna.com/history/classof1940/L.htm "..Bruce was born in Somerset, Pennsylvania. His first duty was in the gunnery department of TUSCALOOSA. In 1942, he completed flight training at Pensacola and reported to VP-205, operating in the Pacific and Mediterranean throughout WW II. At war's end, a postgraduate course in aeronautical engineering, followed by a master's degree at MIT qualified him for duty at the Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren. His next tour of duty was in Panama as CO of FASRON-108. In 1950, he reported as Air Officer to ComOpDevForce. He was then assigned to Naval Ordnance Plant, Indianapolis, followed by a tour of sea duty with VC-8, an atomic delivery squadron. Following a tour at the Navy's Test Pilot School and duty on the Staff of ComNavAir Test Center, Patuxent, he returned to sea as XO of FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT with deployment in the Mediterranean. 1958 brought duty as a Plans Officer in Hawaii with CincPacFlt. In 1960, Captain Lloyd returned to the Naval Test Center as Director of the Service Test Division and as Chief of Staff to ComNavAirTest Center. At this time, he flew a Sikorsky HSS-2 twin- turbine copter over a closed 1,000 kilometers course for a record 179.5 mph. He earned a reputation as a man who could fly anything, with or without wings; having logged over 6,000 hours and flown every type of aircraft in the Navy's inventory. He broke four International Speed Records in the HSS-2. Captain Lloyd retired from the Navy in 1963 and joined Boeing's staff as test Pilot and chief engineer in the Vertol Division. He served in the twin posts for seven years, retiring from Boeing in 1970 to teach physics and math at Haverford High School. He retired from Haverford in 1983. During his "spare" time, he played golf, winning the Senior Championship at Aronimink Golf Club. He also devoted time to tinkering with automobiles and electronic equipment. During the fall of 1986, Bruce was found to have lung cancer. He played golf and spent time with his family until one month before his death on 25 August, 1987. He is survived by his wife, Jane, of Newton Square, Pennsylvania; a son, Capt. (MC) Bruce K. Lloyd III, USN; daughters, Ainsley L. Perkins and Carol Anne Fagnan; and by three grandchildren..." [01JUN2003]

LYON, ARM1 Charles B. joeandcheryl2000@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-205 from early 1943 to 1946. I am 85 years young! I would like to hear from any former Shipmates..." [06JUN2010]

MANN, AOM3 Philip C. pcm@capital.net "...I was attached to this squadron in 1944 and 1945. We were basically anti-sub and flew out of Saipan in the Marianas. Fortunately, most of the Jap subs had been destroyed by the time we started flying anti-sub patrols. We lost a few planes that could not take off before a typhoon hit us off the coast of Okinawa, but fortunately all our crews made it safely to nearby ships. We did lose one plane after the war. They were on a sight-seeing trip over Japan and hit a mountain. In addition to the crew, an admiral and a captain were on board. The plane was not found for over two years. This was national news and covered in Readers Digest. Any former member of VPB-205 will recognize this story. Unfortunately, I have never made contact with any former members of VPB-205 but would be delighted to hear from anyone. Crew #5 included LT. Morris, LT(JG) Beaudoin, and enlisted men Noonan, Heimburg, Burkhardt, McCurly, Salyards, Cupido, Bostain, Waidler, and myself. P.S. I was 18 yrs old at the time and will be 75 shortly..." [13MAY2001]

McVEY, Howard D. hrmcvey@strato.net "...I was stationed in NAS Bermuda VP-205/VPMS-5 from Auguest 1946 thru 1947. We flew air sea missions, and took part in Atlantic Fleet Maneuvers. During that time we lost one plane on a rescue mission with no lose of lives. I would like to hear from any of my Shipmates who served their at that time. Thank You..." [11MAY2000]

Memorial Picture "...NULL, CDR Robert...My Father, CDR Robert Null, who went home to be with the Lord at an early age in 1958 from a heart failure. Dad went through flight training in NAS Pensacola, Florida (1938), NAS Whidbey Island, Washington for training (1939-1940) and also served with VP-26 and VP-205. I followed Dad's footsteps and was in the US Navy (1957-1962) and had the pleasure of serving with RADM Hartman as his driver in NAS North Island, San Diego, California. Went on to become a DM3 and spent some time with the Sea Bees. My wife didn't like the idea of being a military wife so I left. However, still have a very soft spot in my heart for the military. My son-in-law is a Lt. Col. flying F-16's..." Contributed by John G. Null jnull1@cox.net [15SEP2011]

Memorial Picture "...ROCKHILL, Paul L. "Rocky"...It is with sadness that I inform you that my grandfather, Paul Rockhill, passed away August 12, 2006. My Grandfather served with VPB-205...Joshua Martin jfitzsimmonsmartin@comcast.net..." [26AUG2006]

ROCKHILL, Paul L. "Rocky" (Deceased) c/o My Grandson Joshua Martin jfitzsimmonsmartin@comcast.net "...I served in VPB-205 in WWII at NAS Norfolk, Virginia; NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba;NAS Alameda, California; MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii; NAS Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Marianas Islands; and NAB Chimu Wan, Ryukyu Islands, Okinawa, Japan as an Aviator and Aerial Navigator on PBM-5's doing anti-submarine patrols. Lt. Cmdr. Cattamol, Caribbean and Lt. Cmdr. Hansen, Central Pacific were our commanders. I was a member of Lt. William Raibley's crew, which also included Lt.(jg) Anderson, Co-Pilot; Seaman 1st Class Fowler, Flight Engineer; Crew Chief Running and others. One incident that happened has never been forgotten. We were flying a night patrol on August 6, 1945, while stationed at Saipan. The next morning when we returned we found out that the atomic bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima, while we were in the air. We were all very shaken then. Would enjoy hearing from any of my Shipmates..." [Deceased 26AUG2006 | BIO Updated 01DEC2004 | 20AUG2003]

Memorial Picture "...RUNNING, CPO Robert P...My Grandfather, Robert Running, passed away February 2011. A U.S. veteran, Grandpa served in World War II and the Korean War and was honorably discharged as a CPO in the Navy after serving for ten years. He always talked about his time with VP-205..." Contributed by Renee Carignan rcarigna@gmail.com [13AUG2012]

RUNNING, Robert c/o Renee Carignan rcarigna@gmail.com "...My grandfather, Robert Running, served with VP-205. He talks about his experiences all the time. I will forward all Shipmate messages to him..." [23JUN2009]

Memorial Picture "...STUBBS, ENSIGN Robert Kendrick...My father, Robert Kendrick Stubbs, was a VP-205 Ensign figher pilot. He was a wonderful man, and he was very proud of his service to his country. I am equally proud to have had such a wonderful father. He passed away in August 2001..." Contributed by Jennifer Edmonds jenniferedmonds@ymail.com [20APR2013]

Memorial Picture "...WINN, James H...My father, James H. Winn, served with VP-205. He served from July 2, 1942 until October 6, 1980. He passed away on July 13, 2009 at age 88. Kathy Winn kwinn1100@aol.com..." [21JUL2009]

WINN, James H. chiefjwinn@aol.com "...I served with VP-205 and am currently 85 years young. I have many fond memories of our crew that included Eddie Brown, Dominic Gallichio, Olson, Dole, LT H. B. Lawrence, D. I. Santure and others. Please contact me if you can share information..." [28JUL2006]

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