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Note NOTICE: "...I am a Chilean Navy P-3 pilot (LCDR Jaime Contreras Labra). I am trying to find LCDR Christopher Carmona (P-3 Pilot) who was stationed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. We served together from 2001 to 2003 in a special exchange program in Chile. Unfortunately, I don't remember the his squadron VP-5, VP-16, VP-45 or VP-62). If anyone could provide me with his contact information - I would be very grateful. Thank you very much. LCDR Jaime Contreras LABRA, Commander, LSM 94 "Orompello", Chilean Navy..." Contributed by LCDR Jaime Contreras LABRA jaimecontreraslabra@gmail.com [27MAR2008]

UPDATE "...Found! Thank you for everyone's help. LCDR Jaime Contreras LABRA jaimecontreraslabra@gmail.com..." [29MAR2008]

Note NOTICE: "...CPRW-11, VP-5, VP-16, VP-45 and Historical P-3 Artifacts Needed for Display. Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing ELEVEN (CPRW-11) will be unveiling a brand new, state of the art Warfare Development Center onboard NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Please contact LCDR Dave Gaddis (david.gaddis2@navy.mil) or LTJG Kelly Chufo (kelly.m.chufo@navy.mil) if you have something you would like to donate to the warfighters of the future to help them remember the past. Any and all types/sizes of memorabilia are welcome! You may also reach us by phone at (904) 542-2823. GO NAVY!..." Contributed by LTJG Kelly Chufo kelly.m.chufo@navy.mil VP-45 Squadron Transition Team [25AUG2006]

Note NOTICE: "...Shipmate Pix  I am looking for anyone that may have known my father AE1 Melvin C. Thompson.  Dad flew with VP-26 Combat Aircrew 8.  Dad and his crew were lost in the South China Sea northwest of Ca Mau, South Vietnam February 5th, 1968 (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends - 05FEB68) when I was only 5 years old.  Any information, picture's or stories concerning my father or his crewmember's would be wonderful. Thank you, Cindy Thompson cp4dh@aol.com..." [30DEC2004]

UPDATE "...I have had contact with a few of the crew members families! Donald Burnett's widow and daughter, James C Newman's Son & nephew and Armando Chapa's fiancee', Pauline Suter. Also I heard from a few men who worked with my Dad when he was with VP-16 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida and they sent me a picture of him :) that no one else had! Its been great! Thank you...Cindy Thompson cp4dh@aol.com..." [07OCT2005]

Note NOTICE: "...Just wanted to inform my former squadron mates from VP-48, VP-31, VP-16, VX-20 (NFATS) that I will be retiring on May 6, 2005 at 1000 in the VX-20 Hangar NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. It has been a great career and a lot of fun. LCDR (ex AT1)...Jim Bolin jim.bolin@navy.mil..." [25FEB2005]

Note NOTICE: "...Navy Establishing Augment Units For All FRS's Including VP-30..." Contributed by LCDR Robert J. Cable cablerj@vp30.navy.mil [03DEC2003]

VP-30 SAU The Navy is scheduling the establishment of a Squadron Augment Unit (SAU) attached to VP-30 for 1 October, 2004. Final numbers have yet to be released, but the SAU is likely to total near 150 personnel composed of Officer and Enlisted instructors and maintenance personnel. The SAU has begun recruiting the advance party of 20 maintainers in the AD, AE, AT, AM, and AME rates. If you are interested in serving as a Selected Reservist in VP-30 SAU, have P-3 NEC's and P-3 experience within the last 6 years, and are within drilling distance of NAS Jacksonville, Florida, please call Naval Reserve Recruiting Area SE at 904-542-3320 ext 490 or the SAU OIC at 904-542-0990.

AD - Aviation Machinist's Mate    AE - Aviation Electrician's Mate    AT - Aviation Electronics Technician    AM - Aviation Structural Mechanic

Note NOTICE: "...VP-5's Blanket Fundraiser - VP-5, VP-16, VP-30, VP-45, VP-62, CPRW-11, and NAS Jacksonville, Florida..." http://www.stilaradesignstudio.com/blanket.htm [26NOV2003]

Price: $50.00

Shipping: $5.00; each additional item is $2.00

Here is our pride and joy. The spouse's club from VP-5 designed this beautiful blanket and we would love to share it with as many people as we can. This blanket features all of the patches from each P-3 squadron (VP-5, VP-16, VP-30, VP-45, and VP-62) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and is 68" (so it's pretty big) . It even has the new patch from VP-45. No detail has been overlooked. This blanket is even more beautiful in person with vivid colors. We think this blanket would make a wonderful gift for the holidays and even a great keepsake for our own service members. A percentage of our proceeds will go to charities such as, Hope Therapy, Humane Society, Quigley House, Childrens Hospitals, and to needy families.

We hope you will all help support these wonderful causes by enjoying your very own patriotic blanket.

If you would like to purchase a blanket now please press the PayPal button and you will be brought to a check out page. You will receive a personal confirmation email from me when payment is received and your item(s) will be shipped out the following day. Express mail is available for rush deliveries, but please email me before payment as the shipping costs are higher then $5.00 . International shipping is also available, but again please email first as shipping costs are higher.

For more information please email: sara@stilaradesignstudio.com or call 904-885-9627

Note NOTICE: "...I would like to here from someone that was station with VP-16 or any VP squadron that was deployed to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada from 1969-1970...Wallace Chitwood wjameschitwood@outlook.com..." [18JUN2003]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to find crews from VP-16 who were on detachment to NS Rota, Spain October of 1962 and who might remember me flying and shooting vertical mapping photography using a K-17 (76pound) 8" focul lenght aerial camera with 10" black and white negatives of the Rock of Gibralter. We used 70mm cameras when we shot the Russian ships and I got so good I spotted the ships about 8-seconds before radar did. The plastic nose was my station for most of the flights although I did shoot from the aft station also. I flew with you guys almost everyday during the crises including weekends. I didn't have to worry about flight hours during the month of October. You didn't bring your photographer with you on this det. or he was otherwise used. Cdr. Chuck Rodgers later to become you squadron commander was Det. CO during this period. I have over 40 years doing both military and civilian photography and digital imaging. I'm trying to write a book and want to put this period as a principle chapter because it was historically important but also because you guys fed me well and were great guys and professional as all heck. Thanks for bringing me back after each mission. Although there was that Landing without gear down landing that one time....-) who knows. Those guys on the decks were shooting at us sometimes with side arms and rifles but the pilots I flew with moved us too fast to be hit. I remember one time saying...Pilot/Photo...Go ahead Photo...Sir, I think those @#$#%$^%$#&* are shooting at us....What???? as our plane banked hard to the right and started to climb. Do I remember those times accurately? I hope so, because all came back everyday and continued through life as needed. Husbands, Sons, Fathers and those who had nobody. Each continued through life remembering the good things and most ofter forgetting the bad. I remember but as my age continues through time I wonder if I remember accurately. Can you guys fill in the blanks. I was stationed at NS Rota, Spain from 1961-1963. I didn't have orders when I flew with you guys. You asked for an aerial photographer from the photo lab and I responded. Darn, you served good food. Almost better than the Rota Chow Hall. Remember how well we fed you guys? And besides, those steaks you ate every mission came from my chow hall.-) Does anyone remember the photographer from NS Rota, Spain who was asleep in the alleyway between the front gear and quarter deck during landing one day at Rota? Man was the pilot upset or what when he found out. Never did that again. FRAZEUR, PHC(AC) W. Scott Retired sfrazeur@globalphotos.com ..." [12DEC2001]


Paul Waeghe's Retirement
E-Mail: P. J. Waeghe, AFCM pjwaeghe@bellsouth.net


Tim Walker's Retirement
E-Mail: Timothy M Walker AW1(AW/NAC) USN Retired tmwalker@bellsouth.net

Note NOTICE: "...I'm looking for Laura Johnson from LA. She was an AE with VP-16 in 1989. Where are you?...Andrea Taylor alphaltango@aol.com..." [15MAY2004]

Note NOTICE: "...Am looking for ANYONE who was on the Advance Party that left NS Sangley Point, Philippines and then flew to Vietnam, then to NAS Atsugi, Japan before returning to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii while coming off deployment. I am positive CDR Keene was on our flight but cannot find him. Anything that would show us being on the ground in VietNam on our way back or has a manafest or cruisebook - please let me know. Thanks...SALAK, Jay homestead221@aol.com..." [22APR2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to locate John Michael Davis (a good friend of mine). He served with VP-16 (86-89) and VP-30 FRAMP (89-?). I believe Mike moved back to Missouri near St.Louis after his discharge. We lost contact after I moved from Florida. Thanks!...HENDERSON, Steven E. Shender1@flash.net..." [25JAN2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to contact a Dave Fish who served with VP-16 from 1982 or 83 until? We just called him Fishman. He was an E2 or E3, worked on the line if I remember right. He had a real strong New York or Jersy accent and his favorite saying was "Your Hosen Me!!" Anyone that knows where he might be now? Please contact me. Thanks...Jerry A. DuFresne DR308@hotmail.com..." [04JUL2001]

Note NOTICE: "...Does anyone have any information of any kind on a retired Chief or SR. Chief by the name of Kenneth L. (I think L.) Horton. I was on the same flight crew with him in VP-16 way back in the 1962-1963 time frame. The lady that runs the VP-16 reunion committee has searched for him everyway we know how and no one seems to know where he is located now or even if he is still alive...Ronny (Red) Lawrence Chiefrojo81@aol.com..." [28JAN2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I was in VP-16 my very first tour of duty after AT "A" School. I flew on several crews as relief until I went on permanent crew in 1962. I flew with a friend who I have been trying to find for the reunion committee and for my own personal contact. I ran into him a few years after we were in that squadron and he had made chief but then I lost track again. His name is Kenneth L.(Ithink) Horton. He was an Aviation Electronics Technician. Any info you can give me would be appreciated and if you could forward the information to ann_lord@bellsouth.net. She is the VP-16 Reunion coordinator. Many thanks in advance for any help!...Ronny (Red) Lawrence Chiefrojo81@aol.com..." [23JAN2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to locate Harry C. Clark from Detroit and Joe Getz from D.C. Both were Ordnancemen in VP-16 in the early fifties...Dave MacNab AO2 HH-4 obl80@kua.net..." [19DEC2000]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for a friend of my father, who was CO of VP-16 around 1955. His name is Paul Bazler. I believe he lives in the San Diego area. My mother, Betha Baker asked me to look him up. If anyone knows of his where abouts, please contact me...David J. Baker itgbaker@erols.com..." [25AUG2000]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to locate John Michael Davis (a good friend of mine). He served with VP-16 (86-89) and VP-30 FRAMP (89-?). I believe Mike moved back to Missouri near St.Louis after his discharge. We lost contact after I moved from Florida. Thanks!...Steven E. Henderson Shender1@ftw.mot.com..." [03NOV99]

Note NOTICE: "...Have been looking for years for a Shipmate who was with me in VPB-16 during 1944 in the central pacific. He is G.E. Shehane. ACRM VP-16 (PBM's) is having a Reunion in May 99. Believe he is from Georgia. Thanks much...James G. Tibbetts sparks@fea.net..." [28MAR99]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for information on and from Squadron VP-16 Martin Mariner Naval Patrol Planes....landed in Palau Islands June 16, 1944. My father, Ens. Phil Price from Brownsville, TX was a squadron member. Please contact me if you know anything. They were seviced by the USS Pocono sea plane tender...Phillip Mitchell Price Jr. PricePM@aol.com..." [11OCT98]

UPDATE "...I faxed his notice to a shipmate who is now attending the Reunion at the Sheraton Brookfield in Milwaukee. He faxed me that several of the pilots remember him well, one was even at his wedding!...Unfortunately, I'm not sure Mr. Price is receiving my e-mails since I've received no replies to my messages...Jim Tibbetts ACRM, Ret. sparks@fea.net" [10JUL99]

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