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BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookTitle: "VPNavy! USN, USMC, USCG and NATS Patrol Aircraft Lost or Damaged During World War II" by LCDR Douglas E. Campbell, USNR (Retired) dcamp@aol.com "VPNavy! USN, USMC, USCG and NATS Patrol Aircraft Lost or Damaged During World War II" Thousands of hours of research have culminated in this First Edition of U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and Naval Air Transport Service patrol aircraft lost or damaged during World War II. Within these 600+ pages can be found more than 2,200 patrol aircraft across nearly 300 squadron designations; the majority of the aircraft complete with their stories of how they were lost or damaged or simply Struck Off Charge (SOC) and removed from the Navy’s inventory. Of interest to the reader may be the alphabetical Index to the 7,600+ names of Officers, aircrewmen and others mentioned in the book. Squadrons, etc. mentioned include: VB/VP/VPB, FAW, VD, VH, VJ, VMD, VR, NATS, NAS, etc. You may purchase as copy through: Lulu Press, Inc.. Contributed by LCDR Douglas E. Campbell, USNR (Retired) dcamp@aol.com [26FEB2018]

BooksBOOKs: Eyes On The Fleet Title: Eyes of the Fleet: Cloaked by jungle foliage, the unheralded seaplane tenders operated ahead of the Fleet, like the Navy's famed PT boats. As Halsey's South Pacific, MacArthur's Southwest Pacific, and Spruance's Central Pacific forces advanced toward Japan, these ships served as afloat-bases for patrol planes referred to as the "eyes of the fleet." The large fabric-clad PBY "Catalinas" and later PBM "Mariners" combed the seaways for Japanese forces and carried out bombing, depth charge, and torpedo attacks on enemy ships and submarines. Nighttime anti-shipping operations-"Black Cat" or "Nightmare" missions-were dangerous and daytime combat operations even more so, when encounters with more maneuverable and heavily-armed fighters necessitated hiding in clouds to survive. The Japanese were keen to destroy the scouts and their floating bases, and seaplane tenders often lived a furtive existence, particularly early in the war. Pilots, plane crews and shipboard personnel received scores of awards for valor, including the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Silver and Bronze Star Medals. A few VP Squadrons mentioned include: VP-1, VP-11/VPB-11, VP-12, VP-13/VPB-13, VP-14, VP-16/VPB-16, VP-18/VPB-18, VPB-19, VPB-20, VP-21/VPB-21, VP-22, VP-23/VPB-23, VP-24, VPB-25, VPB-26, VPB-27, VPB-28, VP-32, VP-33/VPB-33, VP-34/VPB-34, VP-41, VP-42, VP-43, VP-44, VP-45, VP-51, VP-52, VP-53, VPB-54, VP-61, VP-62, VP-63/VPB-63, VP-71/VPB-71, VP-72, VP-73, VPB-74, VP-81, VP-82, VP-83, VP-84, VP-91, VP-92, VP-94, VP-101/VPB-101, VP-102/VPB-102, VPB-103, VPB-104, VPB-105, VPB-106, VB-106, VB-108, VPB-109, VPB-110, VPB-111, VPB-112, VPB-114, VP-115, VPB-116, VPB-117, VPB-118, VPB-123, VPB-130, VB/VPB-137, VPB-142, VB-143, VPB-146, VPB-151, VP-202/VPB-202, VP-204, VP-205, VPB-208, VP-216/VPB-216, VD-3, VH-1, VH-2, VH-3, VH-4, VH-6, VS-1D-11, VS-1D-13, VS-1D-14 and VT-3. A few Seaplane Tenders mentioned include: USS Absecon, USS Albemarle, USS Avocet, USS Ballard, USS Barataria, USS Barnegat, USS Belknap, USS Clemson, USS George E. Badger, USS Goldsborough, USS Osmond, USS Ingram, USS Bering Strait, USS Biscayne, USS Casco, USS Castle Rock, USS Chandeleur, USS Childs, USS Chincoteague, USS Cook Inlet, USS Coos Bay, USS Corson, USS Cumberland Sound, USS Currituck, USS Curtiss, USS Duxbury Bay, USS Floyds Bay, USS Gannet, USS Gardiners Bay, USS Gillis, USS Greene, USS Greenwich Bay, USS Half Moon, USS Hamlin, USS Heron, USS Hulbert, USS Humboldt, USS Kenneth Whiting, USS Langley, USS Lapwing, USS Mackinac, USS Matagorda, USS McFarland, USS Norton Sound, USS Onslow, USS Orca, USS Pelican, USS Pine Island, USS Pocomoke, USS Rehoboth, USS Rockaway, USS Salisbury Sound, USS San Carlos, USS San Pablo, USS Shelikof, USS St. George, USS Suisun, USS Swan, USS Tangier, USS Thornton, USS Thrush, USS Timbalier, USS Unimak, USS Valcour, USS William B. Preston, USS Williamson, USS Wright and USS Yakutat. The U.S. Navy's Seaplane Tenders and Patrol Aircraft in World War II is now available from Heritage Books: http://www.heritagebooks.com/. Contributed by CDR David D. Bruhn commanderbruhn@gmail.com [30APR2016]

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY Book Title: "Wings over Bermuda - 100 years of aviation in the West Atlantic" by Ewan Partridge and Tom Singfield. Contributed by Tom Singfield tomsingfield@gmail.com [09JUL2015]

The first fixed wing aircraft in Bermuda in 1919 was a USN Curtiss Jenny from the ship SS Elinor. In 1924 the USN sent the first "operational" aircraft to Bermuda in the shape of a Vought UO-1 seaplane from the USS Cincinnati. Visits by the airship Los Angeles commencing in 1925 are detailed as are the much later operations by a variety of US Navy blimps from the airport.

Other pieces in the book that will interest VP Navy readers include the US Navy Naval Operating Base (always known as the NOB) (1939-1965). This massive base (no runway) was built from re-claimed land and housed warships and submarines as well as flying boats and seaplanes. After WW2 the flying boats became the front line force in the Cold War anti submarine "battle". Types operated there included Kingfisher, Goose, PBM Mariner, P5M Marlin and Albatross.

The US Navy was very active in Bermuda during WW2. The book has details of the early neutrality patrols of late 1940 and has extensive coverage of the Battle of the Atlantic and the specialist fleet training operations. The exploits of the Patrol, Scouting and Utility squadrons that were based at Darrell's Island and the NOB are also told.

Post war, the stories continue of the Patrol Squadrons through the cold war and details of support units, accidents, incidents at both the NOB (flying boats and amphibians) and Kindley Field are revealed. The book also includes the never before told story of the Navy Bermuda Flying Club. It also includes details of the many US Navy aircraft carriers that visited Bermuda and the surrounding seas to carry out operations and exercises.

The following US Navy Squadrons are all mentioned in "Wings over Bermuda".

FAW-9, VAQ-141, VB-105,VC-1, VC-13, VC-19, VC-42, VC-58, VC-69, VCS-8, VF-15, VF-41, VF-72, VGF-27, VGF-28, VGS-27, VGS-29, VGS-30, VJ-4, VJ-15, VP-8, VP-10, VP-11, VP-15, VP-16, VP-23, VP-44, VP-45, VP-49, VP-51, VP-52, VP-54, VP-63, VP-74, VP-92, VP-201, VP-204, VP-207, VP-215, VP-661, VP-MS-5, VP-MS-9, VQ-4, VR-1, VR-6, VR-8, VR-44, VRC-40, VS-2D1, VS-32, VS-35, VS-36, VS-41, VS-71, VS-72, VS-201, VS-5D4, VX-1, VX-4. In addition there are stories from FASRON 104, FASRON 111, FASRON 795 and the Naval Air Transport Service (NATS).

US Navy ships mentioned include USS Akron (airship), Bogue, Charger, Chenango, Cincinnati, Cobbler, Core, Croatan, Currituck, Effective, Elinor, Gannet, George E. Badger, Guadalcanal, Hamilton, Hornet, Intrepid, Laffey, Long Island, Mission Bay, Odum, Owl, Patoka (airship), Ray, St. Louis, Sicily, Philadelphia, Ranger, Santee, Savannah, Stansbury, Theodore Roosevelt, Thrush, Timbalier, Valley Forge, Wainwright, Wake Island, Wasp, Yorktown.

Many military bases with US Navy connections are mentioned including Patuxent River, Norfolk VA, Elizabeth City, Keflavik, Azores, Argentia, Charleston, Miami, Newfoundland and San Juan.

The book can be obtained direct from the National Museum of Bermuda for $60 plus P&P. Contact info@nmb.bm for details. The authors (both British) have some signed copies in the UK, contact tomsingfield@gmail.com for details of costs etc.

This book was published in 2014 by the National Museum of Bermuda and for the first time ever tells the intriguing story of aviation in and around the British Colony islands of Bermuda. Historians, former Bermuda US Navy servicemen and women, and relatives of USN personnel based there will be delighted to see such a good coverage of all types of US Navy operations

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookTitle: "The Trident Deception" by Rick Campbell. My first book, a submarine thriller titled The Trident Deception, is getting fantastic reviews. Booklist has even hailed it as – the best submarine novel written in the last 30 years! P-3Cs play a significant role in the book and I thought VP veterans would enjoy reading it too.) VP-16 and VP-8 mentioned. My publisher is very excited about the book and is heavily promoting it, and the book will be featured at the front of all Barnes & Nobles stores nationwide for two weeks. Contributed by CDR Rick Campbell, Retired rick@rickcampbellauthor.com WebSite: The Trident Deception Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rickcampbellauthor [13FEB2013]

UPDATE "...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!..." Contributed by CDR Rick Campbell, Retired rick@rickcampbellauthor.com [24AUG2014]

Last week St. Martin's Press offered me another 2-book deal, for books to be released in 2016 and 2017, which brings it to 4 books total! (Book 2 - Empire Rising - releases on February 24th.)

I have even more exciting news! Right now there are 340 submarine thrillers for sale on Amazon, and for years, the highest rated one (based on customer reviews) has been Tom Clancy's - The Hunt for Red October. Not anymore - it's #2. Guess which book is #1? You can click here to see the top-rated submarine thrillers. (The list is updated daily, so "results may vary"! I've attached a screen shot, in case my time at the top is fleeting.)

Warm regards,


P.S. If you have a Reunion coming up and haven't asked for a free signed hardcover of The Trident Deception for a raffle or door prize, please let me know and I'll send you one.

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY Book PBM ThumbnailCamera Title: The Fighting Flying Boat: A History of the Martin PBM Mariner by Richard Alden Hoffman dickdot@san.rr.com.

Squadrons, Tenders, etc. include: VP-13, VP-16, VP-17, VP-19, VP-20, VP-21, VP-22, VP-25, VP-26, VP-27, VP-28, VP-32, VP-55, VP-56, VP-73, VP-74, VP-98, VP-100, VP-104, VP-111, VP-117, VP-119, VP-120, VP-201, VP-202, VP-203, VP-204, VP-205, VP-207, VP-208, VP-209, VP-210, VP-211, VP-212, VP-213, VP-216, VH-1, VH-3, VH-4, FAW-3, FAW-5, FAW-9, FAW-11, FAW-12, FAW-16, USS Albemarle (AV-5), USS Pocomoke (AV-9), USS Casco (AVP-12), USS Chincoteague (AVP-24), USS Pocomoke (AV-9), and USS Chandeleur (AV-10).

Spaceman!"00XXX74---Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr. (Captain, USN) NASA Astronaut...After replacement pilot training in the P-3C airplane, he reported to Patrol Squadron Sixteen in Jacksonville, Florida, serving as both a mission commander and patrol plane commander. He made deployments to Keflavik, Iceland, and to Sigonella, Sicily. Following jet transition training, Reightler attended the United States Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, Maryland..." http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/reightle.html

MovieMOVIE: "30APR63--CAPT RICKENBACKER AT VP-16 CHANGE OF COMMAND NAS Jacksonville, Florida...Control Number: NWDNM(m)-428-NPC-32752...General Material: Motion picture films...Description Unit: Item...Record Group: 428...Series Designator: NPC...Item Designator: 32752...Title: CAPT RICKENBACKER AT VP-16 CHANGE OF COMMAND NAS Jacksonville, Florida...Date: 04/30/1963...Format: unedited...Scope & Content: 1) MS Guests standing inside the hangar with heads bowed; Chaplain giving the invocation in bg from podium. G2) MCU Crew at quarters with heads bowed during invocation while assembled in the hangar. G3) CU PAN Officers in ranks. G4) MS Color guard standing next to group of personnel in hangar. G5) CU PAN CDR C.E. ROGERS and CDR L.H. BOUTTE walking past camera. F6) CU Officers and guests seated in hangar for ceremonies; PAN right across front of guests. G7) CU CAPT EDDIE RICKENBACKER seated next to a USN CAPT with other guests; slow PAN off to left across front of guest. VG8) CU CDR C.E. ROGERS, CDR L.H. BOUTTE approaching the division officer, other groups for inspection; they stop, salute the division officer; PAN to division officer, two CDRs begin inspecting enlisted personnel; slow PAN with inspecting party. G-F9) MLS CDR ROGERS, CDR BOUTTE approaching the camera, saluting colors as they pass by, stop in front of division officer to inspect his division; officers and guests looking on from bg; party begins inspecting the enlisted party (SV).10) MS Band playing in hangar for the ceremonies. G11) CU Band, chief bandmaster directing the band during ceremonies. G12) CU Officers and guests seated for Change of Command; PAN to CAPT EDDIE RICKENBACKER sitting next to Navy Captain near podium.VG13) CU Down over heads of officers and guests to the groups of enlisted personnel assembled in hangar in bg for Change of Command ceremonies. VG14) MCU CDR C.E. ROGERS speaking from podium. G15) CU CDR BOUTTE speaking from podium. G16) CU CAPT EDDIE RICKENBACKER seated with officers and guests.17) MCU CDR L.H. BOUTTE relieving CDR C.E. ROGERS of command; CDR stands before podium (SV). VG18) CU Unidentified CAPT speaking at the podium.G19) CU PAN CAPT RICKENBACKER, World War I Ace, steps up to podium to address the officers, men and guests. VG20) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER talking from podium.21) ECU CAPT RICKENBACKER speaking from podium. G22) CU CDR seated with the guests. VG23) CU CDR seated with the guests. G24) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER leaving the podium, seating himself next to unidentified CAPT; swish PAN back to right to CDR at the podium and saluting, stepping back a step. G25) MCU Men passing in review; swish PAN left to CAPT RICKENBACKER standing as he watches the group pass in review inside hangar (SV). VG26) MS CAPT RICKENBACKER, officers, and guests standing before their chairs upon completion of ceremony. G27) CU HATRON-16 emblem, an eagle with his claw in a fish bowl reaching for submarine; below emblem reads: "EAGLES"; very nice squadron emblem. VG28) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER seated next to unidentified USN CAPT; other guests are seated in direct bg. G29) MS One of the CDRs stepping up to podium, addressing the men (SV). G-F30) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER speaking from podium as he addresses the men of the squadron (SV). G31) MS Color guard at parade rest. G32) CU Down over brochure for Change of Command of Patrol Squadron 16. F33) CU Guests. F34) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER looking on as men pass in review in hangar. F35) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER giving civilian salute as colors pass by, followed by squadron of men.36) CU Looking down over feet of men as they pass by and pass in review. G-F37) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER greeting some of the guests.38) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER speaking with a woman and her children among the guests.39) CU CAPT RICKENBACKER speaking with one of the commanders after the ceremony.40) CU Guests. VG41) ECU CAPT RICKENBACKER speaking with some women in the crowd (SV). G...Subject Ref.: RICKENBACKER, CAPT EDDIE; CEREMONIES, Change, of Command; NAV ACT., NAS Jacksonville, Florida; SPECTATORS, crowds, civ./mil. (ceremonies); HANGARS, ash., interior (ceremonies); QUARTERS, MEN AT, ash. (ceremonies); RELIGION, chaplains, USN (gives invocation); GUARDS, color, unidt. (ceremonies); ROGERS, CDR C.E; BOUTTE, CDR L.H.; OFFICERS, USN, ceremonies, ash. (Change of Command); INSPECTIONS, pers., USN, ash.; OFFICERS, USN, inspection, ash.; ENLD MEN, USN, mil. act., ash., inspection; ENLD MEN, USN, mil. act., ash., ceremonies; MUSIC, bands, USN, ash. (ceremonies); MUSIC, musician, bandmaster, ash.; CEREMONIES, reviewing, USN; INSIGNIA, misc., sqdn. emblem, "HATRON - 16"; SQUADRONS, "HATRON -16"; FLAGS, US, ash., carried (ceremonies; H.B., feet, mil., USN (pass in review)...Use Restrictions: Other. Department of the Navy, Naval Photographic Center...Contact: Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch (NWDNM), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: (301) 713-7060 FAX: (301) 713-6904..." NARA ARCHIVAL INFORMATION LOCATOR (NAIL) http://www.archives.gov/index.html

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Seaplanes at War: A Treasury of Words and Pictures" A history of Combat Aircrews in Navy Patrol Bombing Squadrons in the pacific during WWII by Don Sweet SweetUsn@aol.com...WEBSITE: http://hometown.aol.com/sweetusn/index.html [30APR99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "PBM Mariner in Action Including the Martin P5M Marlin, JRM MARS and P6M Seamaster Number 74" [VP-7, VP-14, VP-16, VP-17, VP-18, VP-19, VP-21, VP-26, VP-31, VP-32, VP-45, VP-47, VP-48, VP-50, VP-55, VP-74, VP-202, VP-206, VP-211, VP-216, etc.] [23DEC99]

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