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BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookTitle: "VPNavy! USN, USMC, USCG and NATS Patrol Aircraft Lost or Damaged During World War II" by LCDR Douglas E. Campbell, USNR (Retired) dcamp@aol.com "VPNavy! USN, USMC, USCG and NATS Patrol Aircraft Lost or Damaged During World War II" Thousands of hours of research have culminated in this First Edition of U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and Naval Air Transport Service patrol aircraft lost or damaged during World War II. Within these 600+ pages can be found more than 2,200 patrol aircraft across nearly 300 squadron designations; the majority of the aircraft complete with their stories of how they were lost or damaged or simply Struck Off Charge (SOC) and removed from the Navy’s inventory. Of interest to the reader may be the alphabetical Index to the 7,600+ names of Officers, aircrewmen and others mentioned in the book. Squadrons, etc. mentioned include: VB/VP/VPB, FAW, VD, VH, VJ, VMD, VR, NATS, NAS, etc. You may purchase as copy through: Lulu Press, Inc.. Contributed by LCDR Douglas E. Campbell, USNR (Retired) dcamp@aol.com [26FEB2018]

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY Book Title: "Wings over Bermuda - 100 years of aviation in the West Atlantic" by Ewan Partridge and Tom Singfield. Contributed by Tom Singfield tomsingfield@gmail.com [09JUL2015]

The first fixed wing aircraft in Bermuda in 1919 was a USN Curtiss Jenny from the ship SS Elinor. In 1924 the USN sent the first "operational" aircraft to Bermuda in the shape of a Vought UO-1 seaplane from the USS Cincinnati. Visits by the airship Los Angeles commencing in 1925 are detailed as are the much later operations by a variety of US Navy blimps from the airport.

Other pieces in the book that will interest VP Navy readers include the US Navy Naval Operating Base (always known as the NOB) (1939-1965). This massive base (no runway) was built from re-claimed land and housed warships and submarines as well as flying boats and seaplanes. After WW2 the flying boats became the front line force in the Cold War anti submarine "battle". Types operated there included Kingfisher, Goose, PBM Mariner, P5M Marlin and Albatross.

The US Navy was very active in Bermuda during WW2. The book has details of the early neutrality patrols of late 1940 and has extensive coverage of the Battle of the Atlantic and the specialist fleet training operations. The exploits of the Patrol, Scouting and Utility squadrons that were based at Darrell's Island and the NOB are also told.

Post war, the stories continue of the Patrol Squadrons through the cold war and details of support units, accidents, incidents at both the NOB (flying boats and amphibians) and Kindley Field are revealed. The book also includes the never before told story of the Navy Bermuda Flying Club. It also includes details of the many US Navy aircraft carriers that visited Bermuda and the surrounding seas to carry out operations and exercises.

The following US Navy Squadrons are all mentioned in "Wings over Bermuda".

FAW-9, VAQ-141, VB-105,VC-1, VC-13, VC-19, VC-42, VC-58, VC-69, VCS-8, VF-15, VF-41, VF-72, VGF-27, VGF-28, VGS-27, VGS-29, VGS-30, VJ-4, VJ-15, VP-8, VP-10, VP-11, VP-15, VP-16, VP-23, VP-44, VP-45, VP-49, VP-51, VP-52, VP-54, VP-63, VP-74, VP-92, VP-201, VP-204, VP-207, VP-215, VP-661, VP-MS-5, VP-MS-9, VQ-4, VR-1, VR-6, VR-8, VR-44, VRC-40, VS-2D1, VS-32, VS-35, VS-36, VS-41, VS-71, VS-72, VS-201, VS-5D4, VX-1, VX-4. In addition there are stories from FASRON 104, FASRON 111, FASRON 795 and the Naval Air Transport Service (NATS).

US Navy ships mentioned include USS Akron (airship), Bogue, Charger, Chenango, Cincinnati, Cobbler, Core, Croatan, Currituck, Effective, Elinor, Gannet, George E. Badger, Guadalcanal, Hamilton, Hornet, Intrepid, Laffey, Long Island, Mission Bay, Odum, Owl, Patoka (airship), Ray, St. Louis, Sicily, Philadelphia, Ranger, Santee, Savannah, Stansbury, Theodore Roosevelt, Thrush, Timbalier, Valley Forge, Wainwright, Wake Island, Wasp, Yorktown.

Many military bases with US Navy connections are mentioned including Patuxent River, Norfolk VA, Elizabeth City, Keflavik, Azores, Argentia, Charleston, Miami, Newfoundland and San Juan.

The book can be obtained direct from the National Museum of Bermuda for $60 plus P&P. Contact info@nmb.bm for details. The authors (both British) have some signed copies in the UK, contact tomsingfield@gmail.com for details of costs etc.

This book was published in 2014 by the National Museum of Bermuda and for the first time ever tells the intriguing story of aviation in and around the British Colony islands of Bermuda. Historians, former Bermuda US Navy servicemen and women, and relatives of USN personnel based there will be delighted to see such a good coverage of all types of US Navy operations

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY Book Title: "Two Turning, Two Burning" by Jim Stark stark3217@aol.com. This is a memoir mixing the deadly seriousness of flying military aircraft with gutsy humor of young aviators laughing in the face of such challenges. Look over the shoulder of a student Navy Pilot as he makes his first aircraft carrier landing. Read about the surreal experience of an imminent plane crash. Learn how an aircrew discovers it is under attack by Russian MiG-21s following the Cuban Crisis. And smile at the humorous incidents experienced by the author during this interesting period of his life. Squadrons Mention: VP-10, VP-11, VP-23, VP-26, and NAS Brunswick, Maine. The book is available either through Amazon.com or my publisher, as shown on the Web site, http://www.jimstarknavy.com (http://www.jimstarknavy.com) but I would be happy to sell it directly at the discounted price of $15.00 postage included. I can be contacted Jim Stark stark3217@aol.com. Contributed by Jim Stark stark3217@aol.com [16JUL2009]

BooksBOOKs: ASW PressTitle: The Iranian Deception - A dark conspiracy stretches halfway around the world, putting national security at risk as two military men fight for control of the latest technology in global weaponry. Squadrons mentioned: VP-6, VP-10, VP/VPB-11, VP-12, VP-14, VP-30 and VP-101. Captain Edward M. Brittingham has written many ASW related books (fiction and non-fiction). You can find this (and other books) on: http://www.aswpress.com [11NOV2005]

MovieMOVIE: "09JAN34--PATROL SQUADRON 10 FLIGHT FROM SAN DIEGO TO PEARL HARBOR...Control Number: NWDNM(m)-428-NPC-16039...General Material: Motion picture films...Description Unit: Item...Record Group: 428...Series Designator: NPC...Item Designator: 16039...Title: PATROL SQUADRON 10 FLIGHT FROM SAN DIEGO TO PEARL HARBOR...Date: 01/09/1934...Format: unedited...Scope & Content: 1) CU Commanding officer of flight, LCDR MAGINNIS.2) CU Two enging type hydroplane warming up.3) LS Number one plane takes off.4) A TO G Squadrons six planes in flight over San Diego harbor.5) CU ADM SELLARS in number one plane.6) MS Planes land at San Francisco, several cruisers in BG.7) CU PAN: pilots of flight in a group.8) LS Planes land at San Francisco, several cruisers in9) CU Patrol boat breaks water so that heavily laden plane can take off.10) A ToG Squadron in flight over Golden Gate Bridge.11) LS Flying over city of Honolulu.12) MS Planes land and taxi toward landing.13) CU Crowd of people waiting to receive them.14) CU Commanding officer receiving leis.15) MS Crews posed in front of 10-P-1.16) MS USS Wright AV 1 with heavy seas breaking over bow.17) MS Whaleboats going ashore at Midway Island.18) MS A lot of goony birds.19) CU Small smark caught on line.QUALITY: GOOD TO FAIR...Subject Ref.: MAGINNIS, LCDR; PLANE, hydroplane; PLANE, take off, water; PLANE,in formation; SELLARS, ADM; G. L. Calif. San Francisco; AVIATOR, USN; SQUADRONS, of hydroplanes; BOAT, patrol; BRIDGE, Calif. Golden Gate; G. L. Honolulu, Hawaii; PLANE, land. water; P.L. flowers leis; PLANE 10-P-1; WRIGHT, USS AV1; SHIP, Aux. AV 1; WAVES, break over bow AV; BOATS, whale; G. L. Island, Midway; A.L. goony birds; A.L. shark, caught on line...Geographic Ref.: Calif. San Diego...Use Restrictions: Other. Department of the Navy, Naval Photographic Center...Contact: Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch (NWDNM), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: (301) 713-7060 FAX: (301) 713-6904..." NARA ARCHIVAL INFORMATION LOCATOR (NAIL) http://www.archives.gov/index.html

BooksBOOKs: Title: "PBY: The Catalina Flying Boat" by Creed, Roscoe. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1986. 351 pp. This definitive study, first published in 1985, pulls together in a single volume all of the aircraft's fascinating facts. The author carefully analyzes the PBY's dual use in the war as a plane of mercy and as a bomber, and he chronicles the flying boat's contributions in peacetime. Squadrons mentioned include: VP-2, VP-5, VP-6, VP-7, VP-9, VP-10, VP-11, VP-12, VP-14, VP-21, VP-22, VP-23, VP-24, VP-31, VP-32, VP-33, VP-34, VP-41, VP-42, VP-43, VP-44, VP-45, VP-51, VP-52, VP-54, VP-61, VP-62, VP-63, VP-71, VP-72, VP-73, VP-74, VP-81, VP-83, VP-84, VP-101, VP-102, FAW-3, FAW-4, FAW-5, FAW-7, FAW-9, FAW-15, FAW-16, FAW-17, CPW-1, CPW-2, CPW-3, CPW-4, CPW-5, CPW-7, CPW-8, and CPW-10. [29MAR2001]

BooksBOOKs: Title: Walk Around PBY Catalina : PBY Catalina (VP-10 PBYs parked on beach, etc.) by Joe Sewell (Illustrator), William Scarborough / Paperback / Published 1996

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