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Crew 3

VP CrewCREWs: VP Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-105 Crew-3 "...My Dad, AMMC John Roger Riffle, passed away in 1984. Dad served with VPB-105 (11/27/1943-01/02/1944) as a Plane Captain with Crew-3. This is from Dad's personal collection..." Contributed by Kathy Riffle Elgin kelgin@comcast.net [24APR2016]

Crew 4

VP CrewCREWs: "...Our crew shared a (HUT) with Crew 4. Their Plane Captain was Walter Hicks. Our pilot was P. D. Farise, Co-pilot was R. L. Aik, Navigator R. L. Knowkno, First Mechanic John (RED) Meyers, Second Mechanic Felton Atchinson, First Radioman Willian (MIKE) Mikosky, Second Radioman Red Logsdon, Ordnance Bush and Nevel. Our crews received Air Medals and Cititations ..." Sherman Yeary Nelwyn1939@msn.com [03JUN2000]

Crew 5

VP CrewCREWs: VP Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-105 Crew 5 "...I am the one on the far left (Ground Crew)..." Contributed by STEINEL, AOM2 H. "Happypappy" haseight@webtv.net [24NOV2001]

Crew Unknown

VP CrewCREWs: VP Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-105 Crew "...My brother John Fred Buehler and his fellow crew members. John is the guy kneeling at the far right of the photo. My brother was the tail gunner on the Green Banana after the previous tailgunner had suffered broken leg(s) while helping to get the plane up on its tricycle gear. Thatís according to conversation with John at a family reunion last year. John is still alive and living in Berlin, New Jersey. He will be 90 this month (Nov. 2013). John served in England while brother Fred served in the Pacific on the salvage seagoing tug USS Menominee. Brother-in-law Thomas J. McCormick served in Burma as a Combat Engineer after getting approved for service from 4F status after writing to President FDR (he only had one eye). I am the youngest of seven children and served in the Army during the 60ís. I am so proud of my brothers and my brother-in-law!..." Contributed by Tom Buehler tbuehler@cfl.rr.com [13NOV2013]

VP CrewCREWs: VP Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-105 Crew "...Circa March 1944 - November 1944 - Aircraft: Six's Avenger..." Contributed by SHEA, Eugene GeneShea@cs.com Personal WebSite: http://www.theimmortali.com/ [07MAR2002]

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