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VP CrewCREWs: VP-100 Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-100 Crew Picture Contributed by Mike Pense nibor@iso.net[29JAN98]

UPDATE "...If anyone would like a crew picture containing some of the men from VPB-200, VP-198, and VP-100. I have possibly the only aircraft art for VPB-200 (it was never allowed to be put on because the birds changed hands so often). Please contact me, this art was drawn by one of my dad's crewmates. If anyone recognizes any of the crewmen, I would like to hear from you. My Dad's name is Lee Pense (radio operator) ARM3c. He flew the PV-1 and PV-2 Ventura. Dad's crew captain was Robert A. Willise...Mike Pense nibor@iso.net"
NoteThe crew and aircraft are displayed above...[29JAN98]

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