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BOULANGER, Tommy Rogers (Deceased) c/o Jedd Russell suzrussell@sbcglobal.net "...My Grandpa, Tommy Rogers Boulanger, was in the Korean War and served aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14). He was in the ship's band. I want to know if anyone out there remembers him, or knows him. He played the guitar and was in the Navy from 1951 to 1955. He was stationed in California. If you knew him, please e-mail me. I am 11 years old and am doing a project for my history class, and would like to get some personal input from anyone who may have served with my grandpa. He passed away two years ago. Thanks..." [13NOV2003]

BRAZIEL, AMM2 Raymond C. raycb@webtv.net "...I served on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14] during "Operation Crosswards". After the tests she went to Long Beach, Cal. dry docks where she was completely decontaminated and prepared for the "Mothball Fleet". I was one of the men that stayed aboard while she was being towed to San Pedro. I still have some of the pictures I took while in tow. I am now 75 years old and have memories of my Navy time aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14]. I was an AMM2C, USN during my service on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14]..." [15AUG2001]

CROWE, Thomas tcrowe@comcast.net "...Served aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) from 1944-1945. I would to hear from old Shipmates..." [06OCT2002]

Memorial Picture "...D'ARCY, Ernest...My Grandfather, Ernest D'Arcy, served aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) during WWII. If any of his shipmates are here, I just want you to know he lived a great life after the service, fathering 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren. He was as awesome a grandfather as anyone could ask for. He died in 1993 of heart failure. He remained in great physical shape, it was sudden. I am greatly indebted to all of you who served our country. Thank You...Sean M. Ginnetty sginnetty@yahoo.com..." [24MAR2004]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...GUTIERREZ, YNSN Ishmael Winslow...my stepfather entered the Navy (12OCT45) at NAVal TRAining CENter (NAVTRACEN), USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) (29DEC45-28MAY47) and participated in Operation Crossroads (nuclear weapon tests) at Bikini Atoll, San Diego Group PACific REServe FLeet (PACRESFLT), USS John Blish (AGSC-10) (05OCT47-14FEB48 and 26JUN48-06JUL48) Patrol Craft Sweeper, COMmander SERVice SquadRON (COMSERVRON)-1, USS Jason (ARH-1) (08JUL48-23AUG48) Heavy-hull Repair Ship, USS Hector (AR-7) (23AUG48-26SEP49) Repair Ship and discharged (04OCT49). I would like to hear from any of my Dad's former Shipmates..." Contributed by Jim Clement disgruntled.veteran@hawaii.rr.com [26JUN2014]

HAUN, Ronald navyvet53@adelphia.net "...I served aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14] Seaplane Tender from 1954 to 1955 as a radioman working with the radiomen on the seaplanes during their flights taking photos of russian shipping in the Formosa straights. We were achored in the Pescadore Islands cove at the time. Was able to get a ride on one P5M from the Pescadores to NS Subic Bay, Philippines when I got transferred to the Hornet..." [E-Mail Updated 03DEC2003 | 04JUL2001]

Memorial Picture "...JOHNSTON, James Jay...My father, James Jay Johnston, served aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) from (I believe) 1955 to 1960. Dad passed away in 1981 when I was 11 years old. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost all his medals and documentation. I would like to hear from any former Shipmates that may have known my Father...James Owen Johnston huntersil@verizon.net..." [19JAN2007]

KUCHAN, SKC Phil pkuchan@msn.com "...I was one of original crew that commissioned the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) at Tacoma, Washington on May 8, 1944. I was in the "S" Division as SK2, then made SK1 while aboard. I survived the Kamikaze attack on us on June 21, 1945 and witnessed several of our Shipmates being wounded and one that made the final call. I left the ship in March 1946 upon return from Hong Kong. The USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) was the first Seaplane Tender named after an individual, Captain Whiting, the father of the aircraft carrier instead of a body of water. Captain Whiting was a first in many things. The Kenneth Whiting was a good ship, with a very good crew and a good skipper. We paved the way for the rest of you that served on her up until 1961 when she made her final voage and subsequently scrapped. I will never ever forget my days aboard her. God Bless. Phil Kuchan, SK1 and then SKC at Yokosuka, 1950-1952. Amen..." [04AUG2003]

Memorial Picture "...LAADS, QM1 Donald E...My father, Donald E. Laabs, served on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14] as Quartermaster 3rd Class from the time she was commissioned to the time he was discharged in 1945. He passed away December 20, 1993 and is buried in Mount Morris, Wisconsin. He was very proud of his service to his country and the men he served with. I would like to get any information on him and his time at sea it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...Michael H. Laabs mike.laabs@etwinc.com..." [Rank Updated 23DEC2010 | 11NOV2005]

LOHRMAN, SM2 Paul W. p-lohrman@att.net "...I served aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) from May 1944 (commissioning) to my discharge in 1946. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [13MAY2010]

Memorial Picture "...MADSEN, Robert L...My father, Robert L. Madsen, served aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) (1943-1844) during WWII in the South Pacific. He passed away in 2000, but when we visited Punchbowl Cemetary in Hawaii, he pointed out all of the Pacific battles they were involved in. RIP Dad..." Contributed by Family Member lcolds@gmail.com [12NOV2013]

PERDUE, TM3 Maxie A. malvpurdue@aol.com "...In October 1943 my ship, USS Roper DD-147, entered the Charleston, S. C. Navy Ship Yard for conversion to a high-speed transport, APD-20. With no berth for a torpedoman, I was assigned to the USS Kenneth Whiting AV-14, and I am a plank owner. In May/June 1945, under the point system, I was rotated stateside. I was beginning advanced torpedo school at the Navy Base, Newport, R.I. on 14 August 1945 when Japan was bombed. On the 16 August, the second bomb finished the war and my Navy tour..." [16APR2001]

ROWLAND, Roy T. rrowland@apex.net "...I was on the Seaplane Tender, USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14] V-Div, 1944-45..." [06JUN2001]

SHIELDS, Robert G. "Dad" oshiel@comcast.net "...I served aboard the USS Curtiss (AV-4) and USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) from 1950 to 1954. We participated in Operation Greenhouse and servicing planes over in Korea. I was washed overboard two seperate times. Anyone remembering me, please drop me a line..." [26JAN2008]

SLOAN, Samuel S. c/o His Grandson Meredith Sloan Smith princess_mer@msn.com "...My grandfather, Samuel S. Sloan, served on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14). I was so glad to get some information on the ship and its missions! Just reading about it makes me feel closer to my grandpa, and reminds me of what a brave man he was. I would love to hear from anyone who knew my grandpa, or anyone who was on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14)..." [22JAN2003]

SMITH, Elton R. c/o Lane Smith Lane.Smith@state.tn.us "...My Father, Elton Smith, served with the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14] before she was commissioned (Original Plank Owner) for WWII. The only other name that comes to mind from his crew is Hal Sawyer that now lives in Washington State, I believe. I am interested in hearing from any of you that remembers Dad. He is still living a healthy life in Louisiana and I would like to surprise him by sending him notes from his old buddies. I was just talking with him (02/09/03) and he was recalling the Kamakazi hit the ship took. He said that he could see one of the men that was injured like it was yesterday. He described the man as having a large handlebar mustauche and part of the plane took the man at the knees. Daddy thinks he helped to transport the man to a medical ship and later found out he passed on. It is not often my Dad speaks of these things and I can see why..." [10FEB2003]

STEWARD, AMC3 Lloyd c/o Torie Sullivan firewoman1@charter.net "...My Grandfather, AMC3 Llodd Stewart, served in the Navy from November 1942 until February 1946. He was at Farragut, ID, NAS Norman, Oklahoma, and NAS Seattle, Washington. He was stationed on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) in 1943. He was not aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) when it was hit. He spent time on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) in the marianas. Anyone that may have know him from North Dakota please e-mail me. He would love to hear from you. I am sure he had a lot of friends during his service. He is getting older and his family would love for him to get in contact with people from his past. He now lives in Idaho and we are planning for him to attend the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) Reunion in May..." [18DEC2003]

ZACK, RM2 Donald dlzack@comcast.net "...I served aboard the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14] from 1954 to 1956 in the Radio shack. Made 2 cruises. I especially remember the cruise we spent in the Pescadore Islands. There were no villages, only a few palm trees and a beach. On our way "steaming" to the Phillipine Islands, we stopped the ship over the deepest part of the Pacific ocean and put out the cargo nets and we all went for a swim! We spent a lot of time patroling the Formosa Straits using the P5M'S. I made 2 patrol flights as a "back-up radioman". Looking to communicate with other USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14] Shipmates..." [06OCT2004]

Memorial Picture "...WRIGHT, William Weigle...My father, William Weigle Wright was from Bridgewater, PA, stationed in Long Beach, Ca and on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) 1941-1945. He had a Japanese pilotís scarf which he got when the Kamakaze hit the ship. The scarf was a replica of the Japanese flag, with family names written on it. We donated it to the Museum in San Pedro for Japanese families, when he died in 1967. He also had a ring made from shrapnel from the Japanese plane, also donated to museum. He was proud to have served with the crew on the USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14). He was a local Long Beach bartender until 1966..." Contributed by Linda Cox linellencoxrn@msn.com [27JUN2023]

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