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Note NOTICE: "...Patrol Squadron Two Association soliciting funds to sponsor the Truculent Turtle at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida..." Contributed by Bob Champoux vp2-truculentturtle@comcast.net [10MAY2011]

The Patrol Squadron Two Association soliciting funds to sponsor the Truculent Turtle at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida.

Patrol Squadron Two Association
Truculent Turtlebr Sponsorship Committee
PO Box 2894
Gardnerville, NV 89410

May 2, 2011

Dear Shipmate,

I'm writing to ask for your assistance.

The Patrol Squadron Two Association has undertaken the challenge of raising funds to sponsor the most famous patrol aircraft in Naval Aviation History - The Truculent Turtle. In a nutshell, the crew of the Truculent Turtle set a long-standing world record for non-stop, unrefueled flight by flying from Perth, Australia to Columbus, Ohio… a distance of 11,236 miles over a span of 55 hours and 17 minutes. This performance was singularly responsible for establishing the Navy's role for land based maritime patrol after WWII.

This unique aircraft is now in a place of honor at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida but needs a sponsor to ensure that it will receive the preservation and maintenance that such a famous aircraft deserves.

Thanks to slightly over 60 individuals and some sister organizations, we are a little more than halfway to our goal of raising the $50,000 needed for full sponsorship, but there is still a long way to go. If you haven't already done so, please make a donation (or a pledge) to help preserve this airplane You can also help by passing the word about this project to your other friends in naval aviation.

Send your check (or pledge) made out to the Patrol Squadron Two Association to Doug Donohue at P.O. Box 2894, Gardnerville, NV 89410. For donations by credit card, please go to the website for National Naval Aviation Musuem Donor Page and fill in the information requested. In the drop down "Designation" box click on "Exhibits", and then in the "Comments" box insert "VP-2 Truculent Turtle". After submission, the museum will provide a receipt; please forward a copy to Doug Donohue at nvsoar@charter.net to assure donation tracking and appropriate acknowledgment.

For those not familiar with the Truculent Turtle and its role in shaping and securing the navy's patrol and reconnaissance mission, you are invited to read the full story on our squadron's website at http://www.patron2.com.

Please seriously consider making a gift (or a pledge) to help preserve the "Turtle."


Bob Champoux
Chair, Truculent Turtle Sponsorship Committee

Contributed by Bob Champoux vp2-truculentturtle@comcast.net [10MAY2011]

UPDATE "...We are now 75% towards our goal! Please seriously consider making a gift (or a pledge) to help preserve the "Turtle" and help us reach our goal. Thank you..." Bob Champoux vp2-truculentturtle@comcast.net [26FEB2012]

Note NOTICE: "...My father, Verner Andersen, was the artist who painted the Turtle on the nose of the Truculent Turtle. He also did the artwork on the original patches for the crew's flightsuits. I have one of those patches and, believe me, it resembles the artwork on the plane's nose. The redesigned patch is not even close. I would be very interested if there was any record of my father being the artist of the Truculent Turtle's Logo..." Contrbiuted by Stephen Verner Andersen saddoceano@gmail.com [20FEB2012]

UPDATE "...I have already had several responses to other inquiries to other individuals and various associations concerning THE TRUCULENT TURTLE logo..." Stephen Verner Andersen saddoceano@gmail.com [22FEB2012]

Note NOTICE: "...For the last 15 years, we (AeroCorp Australia Pty Ltd) have owned and operated our own P2V-7 Neptune (former US Navy VP-69 BUNO: 145921). Our aircraft will shortly be retired from service, and in celebration of the centenary of aviation, and U.S. – Australian friendship, we plan to recreate the historic flight of the Truculent Turtle of 1946. As it happens, we are based in Perth, Western Australia (the original starting point of the record-breaking flight), and we are currently looking for expressions of interest from various parties in the USA. We would dearly love to attract the participation of the US Navy, and we would be grateful if you could assist us in making contact with the appropriate personnel in the Navy, along with associated veterans of the original project. We feel that the time has come for this amazing record to be re-enacted and properly document for the enjoyment of all. We would like nothing more than to see our aircraft gracefully retired alongside the original Truculent Turtle, to properly represent the first (P2V-1), and last (P2V-7) models of an outstanding aircraft. The planned commencement date will depend on how quickly we can muster sponsorship and support for the mission. Any original calculations and flight planning data that may still exist, would be greatly appreciated. We believe CDR Eugene P. Rankin is the only surviving member of the original flight crew. Comments please from ANYONE who may be interested!...Steve Payne steve@aeropc.com [18DEC2003]

Note NOTICE: "...I had a fond memory of my Dad, and one of the "outings" we had together when I was a kid. I googled at the Truculent Turtle, and here I am. It must have really impressed me to have remembered the name "Truculent Turtle" from fifty plus years ago. Pop took me out to see the plane at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York. A great day, a great plane. a great memory!...Gary Scheuing zapatando@webtv.net..." [09JUN2003]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for Capt. Eugene P. Rankin (USN, Retired). I hear that he is the last surviving pilot as well as myself that flew in Operation Turtle back in 1946. If anyone has information as to where I can reach Capt. Eugene P. Rankin, please let me know...Ronald C. Cook pacook@aol.com..." [14JUL2002]

Note NOTICE: Memorial Picture "...Ira Spurlock...Yesterday, May 29, 2002, I attended the funeral of Ira Spurlock a Navy Chief Petty Officer who was so proud to have been a part of Operation Truculent Turtle that the family icluded it in his obiturary. I must confess, although I had known Ira for most of my life, this was news to me as I had never heard of the "Turtle" before. I looked it up tonight and found this site. Thought you would like to know of his passing...Marilyn Carnell, Ph.D. marilyn@olemac.net..."[31MAY2002]

Ira H. Spurlock
October 7, 1917 - May 25, 2002

Mr. Ira H. Spurlock, 84, of Pineville, MO died at 4:48 a.m. Saturday, May 25, 2002 at Gravette Medical Center in Gravette, AR after an illness.

Mr. Spurlock was born on October 7, 1917 in Caverna, MO to the late Robert Henry and Alma May (Slinkard) Spurlock. He had lived in McDonald County all of his life. He served eight years as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy during WWII, when he was also involved in the Truculent Turtle Project.

He was a member of the Pineville/Jane American Legion Post #392.

He was a farmer, and a member of the United Methodist Church in Pineville, MO.

He was preceded in death by his parents, a brother, Ralph Spurlock and a grandson, Dylan Allgood.

He married Joy Ann Dotson Magee on August 9, 1956 at Wheaton, MO. She survives.

Additional survivors include a son, Ira Scott Spurlock and wife, Gina of Mannford, OK; three daughters, Pam Davis of Anderson, MO, Piper McKinney and husband, Jim of Pineville, MO, Melanie Allgood and husband, Dewey of Jane, MO; a sister Letha Head of Bentonville, AR; and ten grandchildren.

Military rites conducted by the Pineville/Jane American Legion Post #392....

Funeral services held at 10:00 a.m. - Wednesday, May 29, 2002 Place of rest: Jane Cemetery, Jane, Missouri"

Note NOTICE: Turtle ThumbnailCameraVR-11 R5D Crew Member's of Operation Turtle "...My name is Ronald C. Cook, former Lt. USNR and I was part of the original support crew VR-11 R5D Bu No. 50853 for Operation Turtle in 1946. Can anyone tell me where I could find any information regarding the original support flight crew members: Lt. JG Reedy, Lt. Cmdr. Perry, Lt. Cmdr. Kelly, Chief Wheeler, Chief West and Chief Walker. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. I have attached a picture of the crew. Thanks. Ronald C. Cook PACOOK@aol.com..." [10MAR2002]

Note NOTICE: "...My dad was a crew member on the world record flight and is not mentioned. His Name is Roy T. Burns and he was a CPO and the crew captain on the flight. He is 84 yrs old and residing in Sonora CA. I spoke to him yesterday and he confirmed for me that he was on the flight. He indicated that in fact that there were six total crew, four officers and two inlisted. In the literature that I have read it fails to mention the two inlisted men. Thanks. Dennis R. Burns burnsschool@attbi.com..." [29JAN2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to find anyone in the NATS part of operation Flight of the Truculent Turtle. Please contact me if you took part in this operation...Lt. Ronald C. Cook Ccscccjc@AOL.COM..." [28APR2001]

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