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YNAPIER, NCS(AW/SW) Earl E. III myngerto@genesiswealth.org "...I was a member of the world famous "Blue Geese" (VP-22) from 1982-1986 and by far it was the best tour of my career. As I near my retirement days I often wonder about my Shipmates with whom I enjoyed serving with. If you are out there please give me a shout. Doug Gillet if you're out there....thanks for taking me under your wing and molding me. Jim and Kim Moneyhun thanks for keeping in touch with a Shipmate. I'm currently serving as the Admin Officer and Command Senior Chief for the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. All the best and look forward to hearing from my Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 04AUG2009 | 03DEC2002]

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