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VLASAK, Tony ec121k@aol.com/a> or TVLASAK@juno.com/a> "...Crew member on EC's out of NAS Point Mugu, California in '69. NAS Point Mugu, California kind of spoiled us. Lots of civilians (sand crabs) to take care of the broken equipment. All we did was fly. Went to VW-1 in August of '70 and flew as a radar tech until Nov. 71. I wouldn't trade the 4 years in the Navy for anything. Proud as hell to have had the chance to crew on the triple tailed beauties. Would also like to know why VW-1 had a higher mission completion record with the old Connies than the Air Force did with WC 130's. Got out in Jan. '72 and am still in aviation as a mechanic with a corporate flight department at Harrisburg, Pa..."

VLASATY, ADR2 Dave dkvlasaty@heartlandcable.com "...I served with VS-722 and VR-51 (1967-1972). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [21JAN2013]

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