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OYLER, Dan mardan@missouri.org "...Isn't it amazing the way the squadrons' home-ports have bounced around over the past thirty years. I'm sure some of the old-timers could write a book. I was in VP-4 from '66 to '69. Then VP-1 '69-'70 and '74-'77. It was always interesting trying to guess which squadrons were going to get decommissioned, and what those decisions were based upon. I'm happy my old squadron VP-4 has held on for so many years. They have a wonderful history and I'm proud to have been a part of it. I was also F/E Instructor in VP-31 '74-'77, VPU-1 '77-'80, DCASPRO Hayes Dothan, AL., and DCASPRO Aero Lake City, FL. Retired AECS 7-'87..." [14JAN99]

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