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ORENDER, AEC Clyde Retired cdo3233@mchsi.com "...I served with VP-5 from February 1970 until May 1973. I caught the squadron on deployment in NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I was assigned to mid-shift aircraft maintenance for the remainder of that deployment. After returning to NAS Jacksonville, Florida, I was reassigned as the squadron career counselor, a position I continued in until transfer to the Fleet Reserve in May 1973. I would enjoy receiving emails from any of those Shipmates with whom I served. My rate upon retirement was AEC. My home phone number is: 229-377-3334..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 16FEB2004 | 02FEB99]

ORGANISTA, Hector B. organistas@cox.net "...I served with the Golden Swordsmen of VP-47 from November 1993 to May 1998. I'm looking for anyone that served during those years. Thank you..." [06SEP2002]

O'RIELLY, LT Doug dougo1@comcast.net "...I served with VP-10 NAS Brunswick, Maine from 1962 to 1966. I was a Plane Commander on both the P2V and the P-3..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 05NOV2005 | 24MAY2000]

ORENDER, Clyde C. Jr. corender@mail.caironet.com "...I served in VP-5 as career counselor to squadron skipper Frank Woodleif, CDR, USN, from 1970 to 1973 when I retired while on deployment to NS Rota, Spain. My rating was AEC. Would like to hear from anyone from that era in VP-5..." [02FEB99]

ORLICKI, E. L. mundziu@juno.com "...I served with VP-48 NAS Trinidad, British West Indies, VP-21 on Crew 1 part of 1949 continued as crewman when Privateers (PB4Y2) were turned in for P4M1s (Division Chief C Division 1st radio/radar On #1), and shore duty at NATTC Norman, Oklahoma (as far from an ocean as one could get) where I retired in February 1955..." [03FEB2003]

ORMANOSKI, AW1 Jim aka SKI jormanoski@aol.com "...I served with VP-45 (87-91), VP-30 (91-93), VP-16 (93-99), and currently back with VP-30..." [19DEC99]

ORME, CAPTAIN Doug Retired captorme@msn.com "...I served with VP-44 from 1960-1964. Flew P-5M, P2V, P3V, & P-3A aircraft. Was copilot on Crews 10, 9 and 2 then PPC of Crew 11. Completed post grad at the DOD spy school in Washington DC and then served on the J-2 staff at NORAD, Colorado Springs. Transfered to USNR in 1969. Flew SP2H's and P-3's at NAS Glenview, Illinois. Commanded VP-90 from 1976-1978. Transfered to Ready Reserve and then promoted to Captain in 1980. United Airlines Pilot from 1968-1998. Now retired and flying a V-Tail. VP-44 friendships and experiences are some of my best memories..." [11SEP2006]

OROFINO, YN Marla mawatson@wowway.com "...I served with VP-10 from April 1989 to October 1993. I was a Yeoman and worked in just about every department0. Loved being part of a great experience and enjoyed every minute. Thanks to VPNAVY and facebook, I have heard from so many of my Shipmates. Great to relive the old times..." [22JAN2010]

ORONA, Art (Tudy) art2bon@aol.com "...Served with VQ-1 Aug.'65 - Sept.'73 and VQ-2 June'78-July'81. Undoubtedly the best duty a sailor could ever ask for! Am currently in touch with about twenty old sailors from both outfits with rapidly fading memories about our glorious days as aircrewmen. Looking for more old Shipmates to help us remember how great(?) we were in our younger days. Would like help in locating ATC Grover G. (Jose) Perkins, AMS-1 Brian (Bunk) Laffey & AQC Bob Lohne. Would like to hear from anybody else I had the pleasure of serving with from either squadrons..." [15FEB2005]

ORONA, Carlos "Chico" BALDERA2002@HOTMAIL.COM "...I served with VP-23 from 1985 through 1987..." [24MAR2002]

OROSCO, Jim S. Jimyo@aol.com "...When I first joined the Navy in 1946, I reported to VPB-146 at NAS Alameda, California, after the usual boot camp, and the next thing I knew we were on board a carrier bound for Pearl Harbor and I was in a flight crew for 2 yrs 7 months and 17 days of typical young sailor bitching. So I left the Navy and went to work, still bitching, but then the Chinese crossed the Yalu and I was off to war again on the USS Princeton, still bitching, so they threw me off the ship and into VP-772 and I stopped bitching and started doing some real flying in PB4Y2 aircraft. You can't be a weenie in those old birds and I loved it. We went back to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and picked up P2V-6 A/C and they were fine too. So in 1955 it was instructor duty at NAS Memphis, Tennessee time and to make a long story shorter, wound up in VP-17 again and still loved it. Since then I have been to a Reunion at Pahrumph and at San Diego. Now I am looking forward to the one in Seattle in 00. My last VP was VP-50 to Cam Ran Bay in P-3C. Hope to see some more of my old buddies there..." [25SEP98]

ORR, ATC Dae I. Retired odale@att.net "...I served with VP-45 joining them in NAS Bermuda in January of 1949 and back to NAS Norfolk, Virginia in 1950 and to NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone in 1951. I was transferred to tailhooks in 1953 and hated every minute of it. I made Chief AL (Aviation Electornicsman) in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone in 1951..." [30OCT2003]

ORR, ADR2 Daniel L. dorr60@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-1 at NAS Atsugi, Japan from 1969 to 1970 with TAD's to FASU/NSA DaNang, Republic of Vietnam. I crewed PR-21, PR-27 and PR-24. Remember PR-21 - they all gave their lives for US..." [10DEC2009]

ORR, John G. rrogj@uswest.net "...I served with VPB-153 as an AOM2/C and manned the top turret on PV2 aircraft. VPB-153 was commissioned in 1944 at NAC Clinton, OK. We flew containment missions over Caroline Islands from base at NAS Agana, Guam..." [03JUN2000]

ORSINI, Floyd Pushrod123@aol.com "...Was in VP-1 from December 1968 to September 1969. I was an ADR-3 and worked in powerplants on the night crew. The 3350 was the best engine there was and I've worked on a lot of engines after I got out of the Navy..." [03FEB2000]

ORSINI, Floyd "Bob" 123jp@msn.com "...I served with VW-1 from February 1967 to August 1968. I flew with Crew-7 (The Road Runner BUNO: 145928). I was the flight mechanic and my handle was Pushrod. It seemed I was always replacing the rear pushrod packings on those 3350s. Thanks to our good FEs and our good pilots the engines never really gave me much grief. After I left the Navy in 1969 I became a helicopter mechanic for 28 years. I worked for the N.Y Army Guard working on CH-34s OH 23s, O1 Bird Dogs, OH-6s (The Loach) and the faithful Huey. I would like to hear from more former Shipmates..." [13NOV2009]

ORTEGA, Lotario lotarioortega@comcast.net "...I served with CASU-3 at Naval Advance Base Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands (08/1943-06/1944) servicing Fighter Squadrons of the 2nd Fleet Marine Wing (VMF-214, VMF-216, etc.). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [17OCT2015]

ORTIZ, Tony zitro68@hotmail.com "...Served in the US NAVY at NAS Moffett Field, California from 1991 through 1995 at VP-91, the Blackcats!..." [04FEB2011]

ORSKEY, HMC (AW/SW/FMF) Dave orskey@pilot.infi.net "...I was a BATMAN from 1989-92. VP-24 was the best tour of duty I've had in the past 18 years. Since leaving the BATMEN I've been stationed at NAWC NAF Naval Air Development Center, Warminster, Pennsylvania, 2D Marine Aircraft Wing New River NC, and now on the oldest amphib in the Navy, the USS AUSTIN. I see many names of my squadron mates from my tour in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. As bad as many of you think NAS Sigonella, Sicily is, try the jungles of El Salvador or worse, the AUSTIN! Looking forward to hearing from those I served with, have bumped into many more across the globe. Sure miss the great times of the VP-Navy, jungle juice, beer bongs and toga parties, Tailhook had nothing on the deployments! (HA-HA)..." [11APR99]

ORTMAN, Rod rod_ortman@hotmail.com "...I was an antisubmarine Warfare tech that was in VP-19 from 1965 to 1968. I was on one of the crews that helped VP-19 get the Navy "E". During this time I was on duty on the ready alert crew when we got the call to go to Japan. That was when the Pueblo was captured off the coast of Korea. We flew directly to Japan, refueled and headed for the site where they were captured. We dropped our bouy's and I listened. This was what all my training was about and I was at the peak of my performance. I can remember telling the pilot we had a soviet nuclear submarine in the water. We had a small target on radar but when we got there it had sounded. We tracked it and flew directly over it as we dropped depth charges, not to harm but to signal that we knew exactly where it was. We did this three times and as we came in on our fourth run it was coming out of the water. The night was pitch black but we turned on our wing lamp (10 million candle power). We could see men on the ladder trying to get in position for a shot at us and others in position on the conning tower with their fists over their eyes obviously blinded by the light. We flew low to get out of their range but continued to track it from a safe distance. We returned to NAS Iwakuni, Japan when we were relieved, and if I remember right we were on station for 10 hours or more. I have tried in vain to verify this incident but apparently the Navy has conviently destroyed the records. I don't remember who the pilots or the crew members were. This was a very exciting incident and I would like to find others that were on that crew. Please contact me..." [E-Mail Updated 03DEC2001 | 17FEB2000]

ORTON, Rick rick_orton@hotmail.com "...I was an IFT with VP-22 from 1981 to 1985. I now live in the Atlanta area with my wife Lisa, my 16 year old son Ricky and a 10 year old daughter, Tiffany. Anyone from the days, please contact me. A Reunion could be in order. Anyone know how to contact Dan Lind?..." [25APR2000]

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