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Memorial Picture "...OMERNICK, ENSIGN Greg...My grandfather, Ensign Greg Omernick served VP-32 from approximately 1944 to 1946. He passed on in 1997 and his records are scant. I'm not acquainted with tracing lineage like this, but perhaps someone in VP-32 back then may have known him. I'd appreciate a note from anyone who did. Thanks...Brady Kiel herrforce1@gimail.af.mil..." [22SEP2004]

O'MALLEY, Jim James.O.Malley@Worldnet.att.net "...Served in VP-21 from 1968 until squadron was decomissioned in 69'. Spent the remainder of my time with VP-23 also in NAS Brunswick, Maine. Discharged in 71'. Rate & rank, AE3, schooled in Ecm, Julie, Mad & Sniffer, and radio. Just a kid of 20 back than, can't remember my crew # in VP-21, but our jump seat 1st mech was a guy by the name of Mike Walsh, an E6. Electric shop was run by an E7 by the last name of Cherry, think he retired when the squadron was decomissioned. My 2 best friends back than were George Blue (worked in admin) of Illinois and Steve Hightower of Florida (either an AT or AW?). What good times we had!..." [27DEC98]

O'MARTIN, AT1 Alan Retired alaneomartin@gmail.com "...I served with AEWBarRonPac (1964), VW-1 (1964), VP-50 (1965), VP-90 (1966-1968 and (1973-1975), VP-94 (1986-1991), VR-59 (1991) and retiring in 1999..." [E-Mail Updated 09NOV2014 | E-Mail Updated 29MAR2010 | 04APR98]

O'MEALLY, LCDR Alfred Retired omalfy@aol.com "...I served with VXE-6 from 1985 to 1987. Looking for Cathy Roxbourgh, Terry Zeiler, and William Lamar..." [12OCT2003]

O'MEARA, John p3aift@yahoo.com "...Hi to all my old Shipmates. My Navy tours: VF-51 1971-1975 Miramar; TOPGUN 1975-1979 Miramar; VP-90 as a SELRES Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug of 1979; AIMD NAS Glenview, Illinois (back to active duty) 1979-1981; VP-90 NAS Glenview, Illinois 1981-1986; VP-91 NAS Moffett Field, California 1986-1990; RESASWTRACEN NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania 1990-1992; Navy Fleet Reserve. I would enjoy hearing from my Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 02SEP99 | 19NOV98]

O'MEARA, William P. (Pat) Finieous2@earthlink.net "...I was stationed at MCAS NAS Iwakuni, Japan as a Radiomen with FAW-6 from May 1961 to May 1963. I often flew with VP-28 as a voluntary radio operator, that is until the old man found out about it. Would like to know where any of the men from FAW-6 are right now. Lost track of some of my good friends, Jack Minton, Jerry Penick, Festus J. Walters, Joe Simple, Plete, red haired Pete, and many others whos names escape me after almost 40 years. If Lt. Newell is out there, thanks for your leadership during the trying times of the Cuban Missile Crisis..." [E-Mail Updated 21JUN2003 | 12MAY2000]

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