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Memorial Picture "...OLIVER, William B....With deep sorrow we announce the death of beloved father and friend, William B. Oliver. Bill's death occurred on November 7, 1999. He is survived by his son, William B. Jr. of Los Alamos; and by his brother, Lloyd Wesley of Fostoria, OH. He was preceded in death by Frances, his beloved wife of 54 years, in 1996. Bill will be deeply missed by his family and many close friends who will remember his strong character and great zest for life. Bill was born in Heights, West Virginia on April 27, 1915 to parents, William H. and Alta Oliver. When Bill was two years old, his family moved to Fostoria, Ohio, where Bill spent his childhood, and later met Fran who he married in 1942. Early in life, Bill acquired a love of flying and bought his first airplane at the age of 21. Bill brought his flying experience to the U.S. Navy in 1941. He joined the war effort, fighting with honor in the Pacific in 1944-45. He was assigned to Squadron VPB-116 as a B24 pilot, where he served with distinction, earning the Navy Cross and Distinguished Flying Cross. During his 30-year career with the Navy, Bill achieved the rank of Captain. After leaving the Navy in 1970, he was a Vice President of the Bank of New Mexico for ten years. Bill enjoyed 16 years of retirement with his devoted wife, Fran, pursuing their lifelong passion for golf. After Fran's death in 1996, Bill was supported by his many good friends. In accordance with Bill's wishes, his body will be cremated and a service will not be held. A memorial headstone will be placed at the Santa Fe National Cemetery..." http://www.abqjournal.com/obits/obits1999/OB11-11.HTM [02JUN2003]

Memorial Picture "...OLSON, CDR Dennis A...My Father, CDR Dennis A. Olson, USNR, retired after 23 years active duty and flew the P2V-3,4,5 & 7s with VP-28 roughly 1957-1960 time frame out of NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Dad passed away in Walnut Creek, CA 27 Nov 08. I was born at Tripler Army Hospital while Dad was with VP-28. Dad is survived by his wife Sharon, of 52 years marriage & 3 sons & 5 grandchildren. SGT Edward A. Olson, Monterey PD cowboyed@garlic.com..." [16DEC2008]

Memorial Picture "...OLSON, AMSC Raymond C. Retired...(VP-90 and VP-724) - From the family of Ray Olson: It is with great love and much sorrow that Ray passed away Tuesday morning 8/25/2015 at 7:30 a.m. surrounded by family. His recent battles with health issues this past year were finally too much to overcome. We feel blessed to have had him with us and that he was able to live a long life (83 years). Ray returned this summer from Florida and was able to spend the summer with family as we celebrated he and Marge's 60th wedding anniversary and the wedding of his grandson David prior to his peaceful passing. A memorial service and reception are scheduled for 9/27/2015 (Sunday) from 1-5 p.m. at Parkway Banquets 25212 W. Lakeshore Dr. Ingelside, IL. 60041 - http://www.ringafuneralhome.com/obituaries/Raymond-Olson-3/. Thank you for all the love and support you have provided to Ray..." [28AUG2015]

Memorial Picture "...OLSEN, Harold...My Father, Harold Olsen, was a crew member of VP-108...Jeff H. Olsen j.olsen@ssamarine.com..." [E-Mail Updated 23JUN2006 | 09MAY2000]

Memorial Picture "...OLSON, AO2 Steven J... crew 12, VP-22 from 1969 t0 1962 passed away in the early summer 2001. He leaves his wife Susan and a daughter. Steve was a great person and dedicated his after service life to children (Phd child psychology). This note is to let all old shipmates know the sad news. Jerry Woodward yolano@napanet.net..." [01MAR2002]

O'LAUGHLIN, ADC(AP) Francis M. "Red" Retired FMOL2@AOL.COM "...I fail to see where coverage of VP-44 during the late 1940's when the squadron was based at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. I was attached to this squadron flying PBM-5 type aircraft. VP-44 was formerly a PBY squadron (VP-43) in FAW-4 during the late 1930's and was split off as VP-44 in the Pacific during WWII. VP-44 was later reformed during the Korea Crisis and was designated as VP-204; then VPMS-4; then in 1947 became VP-44. VP-40 (old VP-74/VP-56) was next hangar in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. VP-3 one of the first P2V squadrons took up residence across from us in the same hangar. I departed in 1949 for NAS Operations, NAS Norfolk, Virginia. I lost track of VP-44 after that..." [27JAN2001]

OLDENBURG, ADC Rod rodoldenburg@comcast.net "...I served with NADC Johnsville, Pennsylvania from 1982 to 1986 (NATOPS Evaluator for Flight Engineers) and VP-4 from 1986 to 1989 (Instructor FE, Assistant Career Counselor and QA Representative). We deployed to NAF Misawa, Japan, NSF Diego Garcia and NAS Adak, Alaska..." [16APR2009]

O'LEARY, AC3 Daniel E. dolmjo@msn.com "...I served with AEWBarRonPac (04/1960-11/1963) and flew with Crew-28(?)..." [06JUN2012]

O'LEARY, Dennis KathyOL@prodigy.net "...I served with VP-2 from 1962 through 1964 On Crew 12 Radioman. Hello and best wishes to my old friends..." [13JAN2001]

O'LEARY, Dennis Dennis.Oleary@jetblue.com "...I served with VS-41, HSL-94, VS-37 from 1985 through 1987, sea duty with the Constellation, Gaum, Gaudalcanal, and now attached to VR-52 ( NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania) where I am currently a reservist. I've only been in contact with three Shipmates and they reside in California. I was wondering who else is out there to say hello to? See ya later Shipmates..." [01APR2000]

O'LEARY, AK2 Kevin kebunsha@aol.com "...I served with VP-60 from 1983-1986. I only live about and hour and a half from the old base at NAS Glenview, Illinois, but spend 9 months in Japan as a university lecturer. If there are any Reunions coming up, lemme know! As and Aviation Storekeeper, since I got great experience flying over NAS Adak, Alaska on the NAF Misawa, Japan deployments and issuing all kinds of goodies, I thought I'd put my experience to work. Check out santa-san.com LOL Its really me forward 20 years. Personal WebSite: http://www.kebunsha.com/..." [E-Mail Updated 20JAN2006 | 09MAY99]

O'LEARY, Mike moleary@coj.net "...I served with VX-1 (1974-1978), VP-56 (1978-1983), VP-30 (1983-1986), VP-16 (1986-1990), and CPW-11 (1990-1993). It was something that only those who were there could understand. Anyone else would think you a liar..." [01JUN2000]

O'LEARY, Pat Pat485@aol.com "...Served with VP-21 (The Black Jacks) NAS Brunswick, Maine , 64 & 65. SP-2H's, great plane..." [17JUN98]

O'LEARY, Sean MD11Fr8Dog@aol.com "...I served with VP-16 from 88-92 as a pilot, PPC/MC of CAC 6 and half of the notorious Meat and Sven show. I did deployments to NAS Bermuda, NAS Sigonella, Sicily and NAS Keflavik, Iceland, where I ran the Brass Nut as CINCNUT! I left active duty in 93 and drilled with Reserve Patrol Wing Atlantic for a year, and then VP-68 from 94-96. I am currently an airline pilot with FedEx..." [E-Mail Updated 23JUL2001 | 22JUN98]

O'LENICK, Tom 6961138@wowzer.com "...I came to VP-4 in 1963 as an AXAN and left as an AX2 in 1966. While there I participated in all the usual sorties. ASW ops., 3 day whiskeys to Taiwan, typhoon fly-aways and side trips to Hong Kong, P.I., etc. I flew with Cdr. Arthur King Bennett when he was our C.O. and got to be part of the three crew deployment to Australia. Our itinerary included stops in Johnson Is., Figi Is., Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, and for our crew Canton Is. because we lost an engine after leaving Samoa. I had an outstanding tour of duty with excellent Shipmates in the best VP outfit of its time..." [14MAY99]

OLAIVAR, Marvic molaivar@aol.com "...Served with VP-91 from September 1988 to December 1998 then VP-69 from December 1998 to present..." [12JUL2003]

OLDFIELD, AO3 Ron (Ozzie) rono384@yahoo.com "...I served with FASRON-104 from 1955 to 1956. I work at the base golf course, hung out at the base radio station, then down the hill as an Ordnanceman. I shipped out on the USS Alameda County (LST32) to assist the CB's in Souda Bay Crete. Hello to my Shipmates. I hope life has been good to you..." [16APR2003]

OLEXA, NCC(CRF) Stephen "Steve" Retired navy79chief@gmail.com "...I served with VR-21 (1969-1972) at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii with a deployment to NAS Alameda, California. I also served with NRD Chicago, NRD Pittsburgh, VF-191, VF-111, VF-121 and retired in 1989. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [24JUL2017]

OLIVARES, PO2 Ron shelters5@hotmail.com "...I served with VAW-207 (1970-1972) at NAS Norfolk, Virginia as a Aircrew Survivalman..." [20FEB2017]

OLIVE, AD Kenneth W. kwolive@me.com "...I served with VPB-208 (1946) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida..." [06APR2018]

OLIVE, Thomas Earl Jr. tolive@sonet.net "...I served with VPB-116 (radio operator and tail gunner from 1944 through 1946) based on Tinian and forward deployed to Iwo Jima. We flew PB4Y-1s and PB4Y-2s..." [09JUL2000]

OLIVEIRA, PN Jim "Ollie" jdoliveira51@comcast.net "...I served with VP-8 (1975-1978) and then transferred to USNR Seabees at NAS Brunswick, Maine (Cold Weather Battalion) and Davisville, RI. I recently was elected as City Councilor in New Bedford, MA. I would like to hear from former Shipmates. I was back in Brunswick for closing of AirBase a couple of years ago. Nice Reunion with some former Shipmates .Have remained active in aviation community as Chairman of N.B. Airport Commission building new runways and chasing away deer...at least they're not cows like in NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal...." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 12NOV2011 | 25MAR2004]

OLIVER, CAPT Frederick W. https://naval-air.org/flightlog/moreinfo.asp?UID=829 "...CAPT Frederick W. Oliver, USN NFL Number: 829 Date of Birth: 10/16/1917 Date In: 4/13/1941 Date Out: 6/30/1966. City, State: Pensacola, FL. School Attended: SpringHill College. Aircraft Flown: PBY, PBM, F-6, S-2, R5D. Ship or Unit: VP-216, VR-1 and VS-36. Pilot Desg.: Patrol Plane Cdr. Theaters, Campaigns, etc.: Pacific. Associations/Service Organizations: Nav Av Museum Fdn PBM Mariners Assn Assn of Nav Aviation. Highest personal decoration or award: Air Medal. Significant Achievements: 6,000 flight hours Commanding Officer, VS-36 Commanding Officer NAS Fallon, Nevada Member, Knights of Columbus. In Memoriam? No..." [28NOV2005]

OLIVER, AT1(AW) James "OLLIE" doubled@javanet.com "...Served with 1986-1989 different schools, VP-46 1989-1992, VP-30 1992-1993 decommend 1993, VP-31 1993-1995, VP-11 1995-1996 decommend 1996, and currently an IFT assigned to VP-8. Would like any old shipmates to look me up and get in touch..." [16JUL99]

OLIVER, James maybelleandbubba@cs.com "...I'm a VP-40 plank owner. The Squadron was commissioned in the fall of 1950. Vadim Victorovich Utgoff, Class of '49 commanding. Bud Trube, David Wilson and I were number 13 crew without our own bird until circumstances created an opening for us to get the 3 bird. I was the First Pilot for our CO on our second tour. The first was with Utgoff at NAS Iwakuni, Japan from early spring '51 until late fall or early winter of that year. The squadron did a second tour at NS Sangley Point, Philippines with Miles Whitener Commanding. Victor Utgoff was on board for both tours, a late arrival on the first and from beginning to end on the second. He was the Navy Officer killed in the first XP6M-1 accident. He and I flew together several times between deployments when he wanted someone to ride shotgun while he did zero-zero takeoffs using that old metal instrument hood. I guess that a lot of us still have scars from trying to install that hood! To cut to the chase, I had a project to build a 1/12 scale model of the XP6M-1. I had visited George Rodney in Melbourne, FL. several years ago and he was kind enough to allow me to copy all the data and other stuff he pertaining to the P6M Seamaster. This included the Beaching Gear. Due to an unfortunate accident, the genisis of the model and all of the information was destroyed. Unfortunately, George Rodney passed away with-in the last two years and I could use a little help to start over. If anyone has data, plans, pilot handbooks. checklists or anything else of note, there would be modest but serious money for rental, copying priviledges (sic) and so forth. I'd really like to get this finished. I plan to give the model to the museum at Pensacola. They have shown interest. Soon would help. I'm 75 and not getting any younger. A comment about one of the Guestbook entries. To my knowledge, VP-40 was never in the Canal Zone. For the time in question, we weren't even in commission..." [07NOV2000]

OLIVER, CDR Larry L. Retired loliverdc10@comcast.net"...I served with VP-47 from September 1971 to December 1973 as Assistant QA Officer, AE Branch Officer and NFO NATOPS Officer. I would love to hear from anyone who served with me during that time..." [31AUG97 | E-Mail Updated 08NOV2007]

OLIVER, AT1 WARD H. Drwhobrla@aol.com "...I was with VP-861 1951-53 as an AT1, leaving while the squadron was in Malta. I was recently contacted by DARRELL KIRK, AE2 (?), who visited while passing through Baton Rouge..." [05OCT2001]

OLIVOLA, AZ3 John john.olivola@comcast.net "...I served VP-49 (09/1978-11/1979) with a deployment to NAS Bermuda. I changed rates to DS in 1984 and retired from the USN in 1996. Currently living north of Seattle..." [17NOV2018]

OLNEY, William "Bill" bill.olney@noaa.gov "...I was attached to VXN-8 as an Aviation Electricians Mate from 1987-1991. Moved on as a civilian working for Eagle Systems at NRL from 1991-2004 testing chaff and ECM. Currently working for NOAA's Aicraft Operations Center at MacDill AFB as an Electronics Technician..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 15NOV2005 | E-Mail Updated 25JAN2001 | 11JAN99]

OLSCAMP, AWCS (Honorary) Ed (Canadian) edolscamp@gmail.com "...I served with VP-56 (1976-1979) on the Personnel Exchange Program (PEP)..." [E-MAIL/BIO Updated 08OCT2010 | URL Added 09DEC2000 | 08DEC2000]

OLSEN, Thomas B. tbolsen1776@yahoo.com "...I had the privilege of serving with VP-10 from September 1969 to August 1971. I was attached to airframes and flight engineers during my stay with the Lancers. We went to sunny NAS Keflavik, Iceland and lovely NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Every February, we spent a couple weeks in NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, improving our golf and snorkeling skills..." [09MAR2008]

OLSEN, Oz cody54@earthlink.net "...I served with VP-9 from 1978 to 1982. I was the squadron AMDO. I went on to VP-31 as the Assistant FRAMP Department Head from 1982 to 1984, when I got off active duty. I joined the reserves and finished my time between NAS Moffett Field, California and NAS Alameda, California. I stayed in the bay area working in the high tech industry. It's great to see some old "Shipmates" names here..." [08AUG2003]

OLSON, ATC Charlie Retired svede60@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1973-1976) at NS Rota, Spain as squadron 1st LT. I was instrumental in converting the old training room into the CPO lounge (with SCPO Harnois bugging the old man & XO), we got er done. Had a great time building the "A3 Float" for the bi-centenial parade. Great squadron, great station!..." [31AUG2011]

OLSON, Donald dlolson40@juno.com "...VW-13 from late 58 to mid 61. I was a ACW AN/3. Most of my time was on ECM on 9 Golden Chain. Started my WV tour in Glyncoe. Ga. on to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, stops at NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada, the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal, NAS Keflavik, Iceland & Bocia Chica, Fla. After 1,000 hours over the north Atlantic I finshed up at the Bay of Pigs and the S. Shepherd lift off. Then back to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and out. It was a great way to finsh up..." [15JUN99]

OLSON, Mike mezmeriz@blazenetme.net "...VP-10 FE JAN'93-AUG96 (CAC's 5, 7, 10, and 1) and again NOV'98-PRESENT. Hope to here from ya!..." [E-Mail Updated 16APR2000 | 08DEC98]

OLSON, AMSC Raymond C. Retired cpooleusn7@wmconnect.com "...I served (Plankowner) with VP-90 at NAS Glenview, Illinois and VP-724 at NAS Glenview, Illinois. Someone said those were the best years of our lives but we didn't know it at the time. Best wishes to any and all surviving Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 04NOV2013 | 03OCT98]

OLSON, Ralph J. c/o His Daughter dbjb26@astound.net "...I served with VP-48. Looking for former Shipmates..." [14DEC2003]

OLSON, Richard B. dogtales8@aol.com "...I served VP-21 and FASRON-108 (1953-1957)..." [17DEC2012]

OLSON, Rich 4rich@nycap.rr.com "...I served with VP-18 out of Rosie Roads in Puerto Rico from 65 until it was decomissioned in 68. We got to spend a month in Gitmo every third month. Was on flight crew all of the time as a electronics tech/Jez operator for my entire tour with the squadron. Did 10 hour patrols every third day and loved it! Haven't seen anything on VP-18 - Flying Phantoms - on the site yet and see you don't have anything on the "Mishap" we had at Gitmo. We either blew a tire on landing or it was flat when we landed. We ran off the runway and into the arresting gear housing blockhouse and totally destroyed the aircraft. Tore the starboard wing about off, collapsed the gear on the port side, and slid a good piece down the runway. Fortunately there was no fire or injuries, and it was not even our bird. We had taken the ready one aircraft that day! The regular crew was not too happy! Keep up the good work on the site. I will bookmark it and come back to check the many areas I haven't visited yet. By the way, I saw a P-2 once at Oshkosh around 1990. Was being restored by some museum. Haven't seen it back at Oshkosh..." [E-Mail updated 27MAR98]

OLSON, Scott spice@gfherald.infi.net "...Retired AT1 (formerly AX), VP-47, 1972-74, VP-65, 78-80, VP-9, 80-84, VP-31 (FRAMP), 85-88, One year in Dodge, VPU-2, 90-93. Sure miss Cubi, visited two years ago. Still a slug, but love to hear from former squadronmates..."

OLSON, Willis {SWEDE} weolson41@sunflower.com "...I was in VP-50 from 1963 to 1966. I worked in engine buildup, qc and line troubleshooting..." [E-Mail Updated 25FEB2002 | 25JUL99]

OLSSON, ADJ2 Randy randy@ntelos.net "...I served with VAP-62 as a Jet Mechanic its disestablishment (what a sad day). I remember are Chief Java (Maint Chief), Joe Hardy (Shop Chief), ADJ1 Maurice Stephens, ADJ2 Phil Diaz, ADJ2 Mike Lauret, the two Sikes brothers and Chief Dempsey (Line chieF). What wonderful guys!..." [24AUG2011]

OLSZEWSKI, Henry c/o His Daughter Diane Baird DESIGNSVS@aol.com "...My father served VPB-129 from 1942 to 1945. Dad is very interested in hearing from his former Shipmates..." [16SEP2002]

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