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OGAN c/o His Son Bob Ogan rdogan@military.com "...Looking for any information on VU-2 and/or Hedron FAW-6. I just received my dad's WW2 separation papers and am researching where he was. He was an AM2 and was stationed at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in '44 and '45, and I believe they flew PBYs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!..." [07JAN2002]

OGDEN, Charles C. ogd35@aol.com "...I served with VAW-33 from August 1963 to August 1964 and was a plane captin on AD's and served on 6 carriers in the Alantic Fleet as such. I was wondering if there is any photos, Reunions, and personel information?..." [15NOV2002]

OGDEN, Darrell W. OGDENDW@HOTMAIL.COM "...My first aviation experience was in VP-5 out of NAS Jacksonville, Florida and I have very fond memories of the people I served with and the places we traveled to. I'd like to hear from anyone who was in the Squadron from '88 through '91. By the way there is another Former Fox stationed with me at NAMTRA Oceana..." [06AUG99]

OGDEN, AW1 Raymond H. ogy_sr@hotmail.com "...I became an AW in 1976. After AW "A" school trained at NAS Moffett Field, California in VP-31. Stationed with VP-46 till about 1978 then trained future AW's with FASOTRAGRUPAC at NAS Moffett Field, California as a AW1. Just wanted to say HI to any one that I was stationed with. I hope you all have a GREAT New Year..." [31DEC2004]

OGG, AMCS Jerry L. Oggdog@AOl.Com "...I was in VP-MAU NAS Moffett Field, California as a Flight Engineer and I am currently at CRPWP NAS Moffett Field, California. I would like to here from other VP-MAU people..." [26JAN98]

OGILVIE, Cecil C. cmogilvie@webtv.net "...VW-15 1956-1960; VW-1 1961-1963; VP-2 1964-1966; VP-50 1969-1973 Retired from FASO 1976 as AWCS. Keep to the task, God Bless!..." [11MAR99]

OGLAND, Ervin N. c/o His Daughter Suzann Ogland-Hand smoh@iserv.net "...I'm trying to locate information about my father, Ervin N. Ogland. He was in the Navy during WWII from 9/42 to 11/45. I understand that he was at Great Lakes Boot Camp; Armed Guard School in Gulf Port, MS; NAS Pensacola, Florida; and then served as an aerial gunner and turret gunner with VPB-147; then was in NAS North Island, San Diego, California & San Francisco. I would appreciate any information from anyone who knew him. Thank you..." [29MAY2001]

OGLE, Thomas J. og167@aol.com "...I was in VP-34 from December 1954 to the time it was disestablished in 1956. I was the ordanceman on EC-9. I remember the day 10 boat hit the seawall losing 15 of the 16 people aboard. I came very close to being on 10 boat that day. I had been grounded for an punctured airdrum and got back to flying status that morning, I asked LCDR Tenold if I could go out on 10 boat and get my flight time in. He said no. I thank God every day that he said no. It was strange feeling watching 10 boat burn that day. It was a great squadron to be in..." [23MAY2001]

OGLESBY, John T. Jr. joglesby001@triad.rr.com "...Regarding the 03March43 (VB-126) A/C: PBY-5A Location Greenland - Near Julianehaab by Ragner J. Ragnarsson - I have just recently discovered the VPNavy site and while browsing through, ran across your report of the PBY-5A crash on March 3, 1943. I served in VP-93 (later VP-126). I was supposed to be on this flight, but because of an illness (cat fever), was left in Boston to recuperate. As I recall, the plane captain was Leininger and Moore was the 2nd Mec. I don't recall the others, but Schutz and McEnroe (radio operators) may have been aboard. I believe that 12 souls were lost on this flight. When I recovered several days after the flight, I came back to my hometown of Morehead City, NC on leave. A week or so later after coming back from leave, I flew on our new PV-1 to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada and then on April 22nd, went on to Greenland. Only then did I learn of the fateful accident and my close call. I served on PBY-5A's as Plane Captain from March 42 until April 43. Next I was Plane Captain on the PV-1 until the end of the war. From September 46 until leaving service in March 47, I also was Plane Captain on PBM's. I was in VP-93 until August 1943. Thereafter Bartlett (Leading Chief) two others, and myself were the start-up group for VP-149. I was in VP-149 until August 1945. Except for training in the US, all of my service in VP-149 was in the Pacific Theater. I would appreciate a note from others telling of your involvement in VP-93 (VP-126) and VB-149 from March 1943 until August 1945. Regards..." [E-Mail Updated 01JAN2012 | 22FEB2001]

OGREN, Jim jimbob@iw.net "...I served in VP-4 from '82-84 and in the reserves (VP-90) from 86-95 when they closed the base down and made us retire. All good things must come to an end right?? Currently a Chicago based pilot with American Airlines..." [05FEB2001]

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