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Memorial Picture "...Memorial ThumbnailCamera E-6 26MAR56 Memorial ThumbnailCameraRetirement 00MAY89 NORCROSS, CDR William Griffin "Bill"...CDR William Griffin "Bill" Norcross, USN (Ret.), was a native of Dallas, TX, where he attained the highest rank in Army ROTC at Adamson High School of Cadet Commanding Officer in his senior year (1949-50). Cadet COL Norcross bypassed an appointment to West Point, fearing the Korean Conflict would be over before he could join the fray. He first attempted to enlist in the U. S. Marine Corps, and was rejected by the Dallas induction-center navy flight surgeon for flat feet, "You can't march," notwithstanding the previous four years of marching in ROTC without difficulty. Undaunted, he attempted to enlist in the U. S. Navy, and was rejected by the very same navy flight surgeon for a bunion, "You won't be able to climb ship ladders." Since he couldn't do anything about flat feet, he had the offending bunion surgically removed, and was inducted into the U. S. Navy at age 17 on 1 November 1950. Following Recruit Training in San Diego, CA, and Aviation Rating Training in NAS Memphis, Tennessee, and NAS Jacksonville, Florida, AOAA Norcross reported to VP-731 (later redesignated VP-48) in NAS North Island, San Diego, California where he flew in PBM Mariner and P5M Marlin seaplanes as a gunner and bombardier out of NAS Iwakuni, Japan, for over four years including dozens of combat missions in Korea, for which he earned the prestigious Air Medal as a combat aircrewman. In 1956, AO1 Norcross reported to NAAS Kingsville, Texas, for two years. Orders to AO "B" School were followed by orders to USS Lake Champlain CVS-39, out of NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, where he reported in January 1959. On The Champ he participated in successful recovery operations for the first U. S. astronaut, CDR Alan Shepard, and his Mercury capsule. Advanced to Chief Aviation Ordnanceman in November 1960, and commissioned an LDO Ensign in January 1962, Ensign Norcross detached from USS Lake Champlain in March 1962, and attended Aviation Officer Indoctrination at the Naval School of Preflight in NAS Pensacola, Florida, and the Aviation Ordnance Officer Management Course in NAS Jacksonville, Florida, prior to reporting to NAS Dallas, Texas in June 1962, where he advanced to LTJG. After NAS Dallas, Texas, LTJG Norcross served two years as Torpedo Officer at NAS Keflavik, Iceland (1965-67), where he advanced to LT. He then received orders as Officer in Charge of Dare County/Palmetto Point Target Complex at Stumpy Point, NC, training naval aviators from Oceana, VA, for combat duty in Vietnam. Two years later, in May 1969, LT Norcross reported to USS Ranger CVA-61 as Weapons Division Officer. This 38-month tour on the Danger Ranger (which blasted the theme of the Lone Ranger over its loudspeakers while moving in and out of port), out of NAS Alameda, California, included two combat deployments to Vietnam, and promotion to LCDR. In July 1972, LCDR Norcross reported to NAS Lemoore, California, where he served as Weapons Officer for nine months, and Administrative Officer for 17 months. Following various schools, LCDR Norcross assumed command of the Naval Aviation Weapons Facility at Machrihanish, Scotland, in January 1975. LCDR Norcross was the last Commanding Officer at Machrihanish as the command was phased down to caretaker status in March 1976. LCDR Norcross then reported to USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 as Ordnance Officer, making North Atlantic and Mediterranean deployments, and advancing to CDR. After 29 months on the JFK, CDR Norcross took command of Naval Reserve Center, Austin, TX, on 28 September 1978. While in Austin, CDR Norcross applied and was accepted for augmentation into the Unrestricted Line, Designator 1140, Special Operations, as an Expendable Ordnance Management Specialist. Detaching from Austin on 18 October 1980, CDR Norcross reported to Fleet Activities, Sasebo, Japan, as Chief Staff Officer on 6 November 1980. CDR Norcross assumed command of U. S. Naval Magazine, Guam, on 10 June 1982. On 10 April 1985, CDR Norcross was relieved as Commanding Officer of Naval Magazine Guam with orders to report as Commanding Officer, Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Abilene, TX, and Naval Reserve Center, Wichita Falls, TX. In October, 1985, CDR Norcross additionally assumed command of the Naval Reserve Center in Lubbock, TX, and the Naval Reserve Facility in Midland, TX. Following retirement in May 1989 at age 56, after 38.5 years service in the regular navy, CDR Norcross graduated from the West Texas Regional Police Academy at age 60, the oldest graduate at the time, finishing second overall, and first in pistol marksmanship. Officer Norcross was an exemplary police officer upholding the highest ideals of police work. CDR Norcross married the former Kitty Gerard of Dallas, in 1952, and has two children, Bill Norcross (50) of Seattle, WA, and Linda Rutherford (47) of Dallas, and three grandchildren, Taylor Rutherford (19) of Dallas, Heather Norcross (19) of Haverhill, MA, and Max Norcross (11) of Seattle. CDR Norcross died suddenly and unexpectedly a month before his 64th birthday of natural causes on 29 November 1996, and is sorely missed by all who knew him. All honor to his name..." Contributed by Bill Norcross bill@loanranger.com [18MAR2004]

Memorial Picture "...NORDSTROM, Rich...Rich NORDSTROM, served with in VP-5 (1969-1970), passed away on December 8, 2010. He will be missed..." Contributed by PREROST, AZ3 Robert rfprerost@yahoo.com [31DEC2010]

Memorial Picture "...NORMAN, AFCM Aubrey Lee "Norm"...I must sandly report that Aubrey Norman passed away February 16, 2019 (https://somd.com/announcements/obits/name/16168-Aubrey-Lee-Norman.html). He served with VP-10 from 1951 to 1954 and again from 1956 to 1961. I had been in regular contact with him via e-mail and he had been in and out of the hospital with heart problems for quite awhile. Received just a short note from his family telling me that he had passed. He lived in Hollywood, MD..." Contributed by WILSON, AT2 Robert T. Jr. helgasgardener@gmail.com [21FEB2019]

Memorial Picture "...NORTHCRAFT, LCDR Zane...LCDR Zane Northcraft passed away on October 20, 2007 after a lengthy illness. Zane was the Assistant Maintenance Officer at NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam in 1968-69. While serving in VX-1 he conducted the pre-acceptance evaluation of the electronics on the P-3C. The VP community has lost a fine officer and man...Larry Monroe lmonroe41@aol.com..." [04NOV2007]

Memorial Picture "...NORTON, Craig S. "T"...I must sandly report that Craig S. Norton suddenly passed away from a heart-attack almost 3 years ago. Craig served with VP-48 (1977-1980) and was a VP-31 FRAMP Instructor. His family were/are devistated by the loss..." Contributed by MICHAELSEN, YN2 Jahna "Banana" jahnamichaelsen@hotmail.com [30MAY2015]

Memorial Picture "...NORTON, Raymond "Russ" Jr...My father, Raymond "Russ" Norton, Jr., served as a Radioman (ARM 3/C and ARM 2/C) with VB/VPB-130 from June 1943 through February 1946. His duty included tours in the Caribbean and the Pacific. I believe that during his time in the Pacific, his squadron was involved in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. While he was alive (he passed away in July 1985), he told me and my family very little about his experiences during the war except to say he served as a radioman in the Pacific. After his death, I discovered his flight log, many photos (including reconnisiance photos), and his commendations (which include the Distinguished Flying Cross). One event that I do know he was involved in was a "wheels up" landing on Morotai which occured on March 25, 1945 and was subsequently the subject of an article in a naval publication. I have the article, the entry in my father's flight log, and a photo taken of the PV-1 sitting on it's belly on the runway. The plane (BUNO: 48747) and the photo included my father and 2 of his fellow crewmen (identified as D.W. Ray and Leibelshon). From the flight log, I know that the pilot was named Richards and the co-pilot was named Vessey. I would like to get in touch with anyone who knew my father, or served with VB/VPB-130 during the same time period, or knows someone who served in VB/VPB-130. Also, if anyone could help me in obtaining actions reports for the squadron during that time period, I would greatly appreciate it...Glen Norton k1lbh@arrl.net..." [17SEP2004]
UPDATE "...I attempted to contact Glen Norton but mail bounced. MY brother-in-law, William Leibelshon, may have been one of his crew members. Please contact me if you read this..." Contributed by Norman Cohen highpoint73@bellsouth.net [01JAN2009]

NOBLE, BMC Jim Retired micronut@rrnet.com "...As a Retired BMC, and Father of a VP-92 Sailor...I attended the ReUnion in South Weymouth, MA in April 1996 and it was a pleasure to meet so many fine people and their families. Keep Em' Flying VP-92..."

NOBLE, AZ2 James Jr. "Jimbo" Shipmate Pix jnoble@clinic.net "...June 1984 - July 1984 Recruit Training, Orlando, Florida...July 1984 - August 1984 Apprentice School, Meridian, Mississippi...August 1984 - November 1987 NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii (AIMD)...November 1987 - December 1990 HSL-45, San Diego, California...December 1990 - August 1994 NAS Lemoore, California (AIMD)...August 1994 - Currently VP-92, NAS Brunswick, Maine...will be detaching from VP-92 in August and going to VQ-11 also at NAS Brunswick, Maine...I have detached from VP-92 on Sept 1, 1998 (Which I will miss all the "Minutemen") and have checked into the "Bandits" of VQ-11" WEBSITE: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/5692/ [BIO Updated 24OCT98 | Updated 13MAY98]

NOCERA, Norman NRNVPB203@aol.com "...I served in VPB-203 during WWII..." [E-Mail Updated 30OCT99 | E-Mail Updated 27OCT99 | 30APR98]

NOCE, Bob Dogs1@msn.com "...I was a pilot in VP-5 in SP2e's and P-3Aa from Dec 1965-Dec 1968; VP-31 insructor pilot and standardization pilot, VP-31 from Dec 1968 to Dec 1971; Exchange pilot with RCAF (Argus) from Jan 72-June 74; T-34 Instructor pilot (VT-5) at Saufley from July 1974-Mar 1976; VP-44 Department Head tour 1976-1978; CPWL Weapons Training Officer 1979-1980; XO and CO VP-11 1981-1982; Recruiting CO and Area Commander 1985-1991; retired in 1992..."

NOKES, CDR Neil Retired nokesneil@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-3 from 1953 to 1955, VAH-1 from 1955 to 1956 (A/C P2V-3/5F, F2H and A-1), NAVSCH Pre-Flight from 1956 to 1960 (A/C T-28, T2V, TV2 SNB), VP-11 from 1960 to 1962 (A/C P2V-7), USS Essex (CVS-9) from 1962 to 1964 (Catapult Officer - A/C C1A), FLT Test from 1964 to 1967 (Catapult Officer/Project pilot A/C C1, A4, A6, F8, F4, S2 and EA6), VC-4 DET NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida from 1967 to 1969 (O-in-C - A/C F8, US2B; 69-71 DEFENSE ATTACHE, Liberia, A/C C47) and NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee from 1972 to 1977..." [E-Mail Updated 08JAN2009 | 30AUG99]

NOLAN, AW1 Garry Retired gnnolan@gmail.com "...I started my life in the Navy as an AO and got my first taste of flying in H-53s with HM-12. After 10 years I went TAR and changed to AW. I reported to VP-67 in 1979 and retired from VP-67 in 1989 after 10 years. That's what happens when you work the the AW detailer and his relief. I met a lot of great people in this squadron, both active and reserves..." [31OCT2010]

NOLAN, Joe JoeCeliaN@aol.com "...I was with VP-5 from '53 to '55..." [17NOV98]

NOLAND, John jsnoland56@gmail.com "...I served with VP-91 (1980-1981), VP-90 (1981-1982) as Radio Operator/Air Intell Officer, VP-91 (1983-1998), VP-65 and VP-0617..." [E-Mail Updated 13MAR2018 | E-Mail Updated 19DEC2013 | E-Mail Updated 22APR2002 | BIO Updated 29NOV99 | 19JAN99]

NOLAN, Phil phil@nol-tec.com "...I was crew member in VP-21 during 1960 & 1961 and would love to here from shipmates. I would also like to know if there is a source for the names of shipmates in VP-21 during those years? Thanks..."

NOLAN, DR. Tom nolan@enter.net "...I flew in Crew 1 VP-22 with CDR P. J. Hartley Jr. etal during about 1963-1965. I was a ATN2 and radio operator. Would enjoy hearing from anyone from the time frame of the squadron. If anyone is interested I have two cruise books..." [31JUL99]

NOLDER, Trina trinams02@aol.com "...I was with VP-19 from late 1979 to 1982 as a YN2, but functioned in Communications. Have been trying to locate any Shipmates from that time period. Also have been looking for Shipmates from VP-9 whom I worked with while stationed in NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan form 1977 to 1979. Worked with a lot of great people and thought it would be nice to know what they are doing. Please E-Mail me if you remember those days and would like to chat..." [E-Mail Updated 26SEP2001 | 30JAN2000]

NOONAN, AD3 Robert rjn51440@gmail.com "...I served with VP-30 (1988-1991)..." [18MAY2016]

NOORDZY, David dnoordzy@hotmail.com "...I served proudly with the VS-37 Sawbucks from 1988-1991. We accomplished many duties during my tour..." [24APR2002]

NORBURY, AE2 Johnnie E. axletree16@gmail.com "...I served with VP-26 (1969-1972) with a deployment to NAS Keflavik, Iceland where learned 3 handed Pinochle with AE3 Foucth and AD2 Newcomer. Friends with AN Greenway. AEC Felton was shop Chief we deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and I was assigned to Unitos Dos for a trip around S America. AOC Roger Clark was set CPO and I was one of two AEs Dan Williams the other. Became good friends with Lucient McKee and wife Harriet. Good times and good friends. I get to reminisce at times wishing to be back in that environment..." [19JUN2021]

NORCOTT, LCDR Lewis H. Jr. c/o his son Bill Norcott norcott@att.net "...My Dad, Lt Cmdr Lewis H. Norcott, Jr. was a navigator in PBY sqadron VP-54. The squadron was later renamed VPB-54. Dad served in the Peliliu campaign and invasion of the Phillipines. I have scanned in his hand-written navigator's flight log from September 1944 through February 1945 onto my web page: http://home.att.net/~norcott/wsb/index.html This is interesting reading because it has all the mission dates, what happened and the bureau numbers of the A/C and his flight hours. I have many more pages at home but no more room on my web site to store it!..." [27SEP99]

NORCROSS, Douglas R. "Doug" dnorcross@hoganfin.com "...I served in VP-42 from 1957 to 1959. During that time we forward deployed from NAS North Island, San Diego, California to NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I was in the crew of RB9 and spent some time in RB6. I would like to hear from any of my former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 19DEC2004 | 04DEC2004]

NORDELL, CTO2 MarkAA rc5@nckcn.com "...At VQ-1 from 1988 - 1992..."

NORDTVEDT, CAPTAIN Ernie Retired orion828@aol.com "...CO/XO VP-16 Eagles, April 69-April 71, NAS Jacksonville, Florida. VP-1 1955-58 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, and VP-22 Blue Goose 1962-65, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Became an academic, serving 15 years on College of Business Administraion Faculty, Loyola University, New Orleans, and 3 years on College of Busienss Faculty, Christian Brothers University, Memphis. Have now retired for the fourth time -- hope I have it right this time..." [12OCT98]

NORHA, ADR1 Marvin W. Retired marvinnorha@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-21 (06/1959-02/1963) and flew with CAC-6 and CAC-7, AIMD NAS Brunswick, Maine (03/1963-05/1968) and back to VP-21 (06/1968-12/1968) flying with CAC-4 and CAC-7 and NATTC Memphis, Tennessee (12/1968), Recruiting Duty and retired from VP-10. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 28APR2014 | 26DEC2001]

NORMAN, Charles Newt newt@icsi.net "...I have been trying to fine something on FASRON-117 and came on to this site but it is not the FASRON-117 I served with. I was in FASRON-117 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from February 1952 to September 1955. I saw a lot of airplanes come and go. I left there as an Aviation Machinest Mate 2nd. class and went to Ellyson Field, Pensacola for two years. I got out and became a pilot and flew for the same corporation for over 36 years and now retired. Does anyone know anything about FASRON-117 out of NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii?..." [13DEC2000]

NORMAN, John jneaircraft@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-47 from 1971 to 1975. I had some good times..." [12MAY2009]

NORMAN, AO2 Mark P. mark-norman@hotmail.com "...I served with VX-4 in the Ordnance Shop from 1957 to September 1959. I went TAD to the USS Midway (CV-41) and the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) (Sparrow) in 1959..." [26SEP2010]

NORMAN, AMS2 Ron norman97@omnitelcom.com "...I spent 1967-71 in regular Navy. Was stationed at NAS Albany, Georgia from 68-70. Then stationed at VC-5, NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan 70-71. Joined the Navy Reserves at NAS Glenview, Illinois. Was assigned to VP-90 from 1974-79 before getting out of the Navy. Have alot of memories of my time in VP-90..." [07FEB2005]

NORMAN, AA Shannon T. Jarrett_Fans88@hotmail.com "...I graduate AW-A-school at the end of March. I recieved orders to VP-66, I can't wait to get there..." [17MAR2000]

NORMAND, Richard rnormand@us.ibm.com "...I was first assigned to VP-40 QE10 in the fall of 1964, in the spring of 1965 we were deployed to NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I was the Aviation Ordinance crew member with the best flying crew for a seaplane outfit. I stayed with the outfit and the same crewmembers until Aug of 1966 when I was discharged. I would like to hear from any of my former crew buddies..." [04AUG2000]


NORRIS, Dean NORRIS_DEAN%PAX8B@MR.NAWCAD.NAVY.MIL "...VP-56 FROM 1984-1987; AE; DEPLOYMENTS: NAS Keflavik, Iceland 1984-5, NAS Sigonella, Sicily 1986 NAV AVIATION MAINT OFF (NAMO) NAS Patuxent River, Maryland; 1987-1990 LEFT NAVY 1990; CURRENTLY CIVIL SERVICE WORKING FOR NAVAIR IN NAS Patuxent River, Maryland..." [21MAY98]

NORRIS, CWO4 Denny CWO4NORRIS@AOL.COM "...I would like to say hi too all my old Squadron Mates and to all you new Crawfisher's. It was great finding your web page. Now VP-94 and the Navy don't seem so distant. I would love to hear from some of the old timers and am gald you new Crawfisers have created this web page. Rocky if you read this drop me a line. Are you still racing? Chief Pat, I like the sound of that I hope you are taking good care of the troops. CWO4 Fred what are you doing with all that retirement money, Enjoying life I hope. CDR or is it Capt Frank M., did you take the CO job at the TSC when CDR or is it Capt Frank C. left. Time does march on, I am now a grandfather. I would love to hear from all of you and hope I hear from some of you..."

NORRIS, Don wewen2sea@aol.com "...Served at NAS Kodiak, Alaska in FASRON-114 in 1958-59. Going back for a visit in summer 99. I want to give a personal thank you to Kodiak Coast Guard. We were headed there from the Marshall Islands in June 98 when our sail boat sank at 23 north, 173 east. Kodiak answered our mayday..." [10MAY99]

NORRIS, Earl w8kmo@gatecom.com "...VP-19, 1966 to 1967 at NAS Moffett Field, California. As far as I know, we were the first squadron to take the P-3A into Japan. We were at Marine Corp Air Station Iwakuni, Japan. We had problems obtaining spare parts. I was an AT-1, was assigned to AMD, both at NAS Moffett Field, California and NAS Iwakuni, Japan..." [03JUN99]

NORRIS, Jerry jerry@askjerry.com "...I GOT MY AIRCREW WINGS WHILE FLYING IN THE "PIG BOATS" WITH VP-48. I'm an ABH "Flightdecker" type. On the P5M I was the one that took care of the beaching gear so we could come out of the water. I started flying the MADRAD position as relief on those long flights, I was into electronics as a HAM operator, and tried to change my rate to AX. I got transferred before I could accomplish that..." Personal Website: http://www.askjerry.com/ [E-Mail/WebSite Updated 26JUL2000]

NORRIS, AT2 Paul D. pdnorris@telocity.com "...Served with VP-5 from 1992-1997. Let me hear from you, would love to correspond with old Shipmates..." [15SEP2000]

NORRIS, ABH1(AW) Scott scottnorris57@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-11 from 1976 and 1978. My first deployment was to NAS Bermuda then NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal / NS Rota, Spain (VP-37) started as an airman and left as a ABH3. I am now attached to COMNAVFOREUR in London England as an ABH1(AW). I was recalled to active duty for Dessert Storm and just got back for 2 years on active duty for Operation Enduring Freedom (NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba / NS Rota, Spain). Still having fun. I would like to here from some of the Line men from VP-11..." [18AUG2004]

NORTH, Jon jmnorth@comcast.net "...I was in VP-50 from 1967-1970 and am looking for Shipmates and information/history about the squadron during that time period; I would dearly love to get a copy (even a photo copy) of the cruise book (like a high school year book) from that time period. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks..." [11APR2005]


NORTHERN, PR2 Mark idf213@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-62 from 1999 to 2004 as a TAR. I met a ton of people while I was there. Look forward to hearing from former Shipmates..." [11MAR2009]

NORTON, AWCM Bruce Retired bnorton@bayarea.net "...NAS Moffett Field, California 1970-1994. VP-31 Aug 70-Nov 70, VP-9 Nov 70-Jun 77, CPWP TSC Sep 77-Dec 80, VP-47 Dec 80-Apr 84, CPWP May 84-Jul 87, VP-9 Oct 87-Oct 90, VP-31 CMC Oct 90-Oct 93 Decom. Retired June 94. I retired the day before we turned Moffett over to NASA. I'm still here at Moffett as a NASA contractor. Looking forward to hearing from some old shipmates..." Website: http://ccf.arc.nasa.gov/codejp/JP_home.html

NORTON, Craig walstib@garlic.com "...VP-48 1977-80 (Crew 8) VP-31 1980-84 (FRAMP Instructor), would like to here from any Shipmates..." [02AUG2000]

NORTON, ADC(AW) Jim j_norton88@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-24 from 1988 to 1993, VF-101 "GrimReapers" from 1993 to 1996, VP-10 from 1996 to September 2002, and OMD NAS Brunswick, Maine where we perform Search and Rescue for NAS Brunswick, Maine and the state of Maine until 2006. See a lot of old Shipmates I worked with. Drop me a line, would like to hear from ya..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 08DEC2003 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 04MAY2002 | E-Mail Updated 05SEP2000 | 27MAR99]

NORTON, AD3 Les lesanor@lynnet.com "...I am a former member of VP-90 {AD3}. I entered the Patrol Squad 1979 got out 82. Had orders to NAS Memphis, Tennessee, declined was hoping for northwest didn't happen. Was great to find this. If any Shipmates read this and remember drop me a line thanks!..." [07APR2001]

NORTON, AXC Tommy Retired tnorton6@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-49 (Woodpeckers). Retired October 1975 from VP-49 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Made the 1974 NAS Keflavik, Iceland deployment and the 1975 NAS Sigonella, Sicily trip. Enjoyed my surfing trip back to memory lane today. Found Earl Delfel, Al Evans, Capt Howie Rundell, and Eddie Wells listed here. Lots of GOOD GUYS still around!! Also spent a very good year with VP-24 in 1960. PS That I'm final really retired as of May 2003..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 29MAY2003 | E-Mail Updated 08JAN2003 | 22OCT99]

NORTON, William J. captainbillretired@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-7 (Crews 2 and 6) from 1963 to 1969. I was PC and Mr. P was (LCDR Phillips) PPC on Crew 2 when USS Liberty was attacked. I would like to hear from the Shipmates of Crews 2,6 and 11. I would also like to hear from Shipmates of VP-21. I am in contact with Lynn Wall (fiddlinlyn@aol.com) that was in VP-21 in the 1960's on Crew 3..." [E-Mail Updated 20SEP2008 | BIO Updated 15DEC2000 | 16FEB99]

NORUM, ATC/AC Gene H. Retired haggar35@live.com "...Started my fleet career at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island in the FlogWingSlant (VR-22 / VR-1 Terminal Support Crew, FASRON-104 (DET Alpha at NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco and Halfar Malta from 1954 to 1956 - involving Patrons), commissioned FASRON (Special) 201 and flew radioman for DEPCINCAFSOUTH R4D BUNO: 17165 (this is the one that later crashed at Naples), WestPac/CVG Navy, NATTC Instructor, (finally back to the good guys) NAS Sigonella, Sicily from 1967 to 1970 (was ADMIN Chief for the ASCAC and the deployment CPO for the P-3 Vancomplex- LP3C3), NATF (SI) NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, VC-8 at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR from 1971 to 1974 and finally to VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 1974 to 1978. Looking back the most satisfying tours were FASRON (Special) 201, NAS Sigonella, Sicily , VC-8 / AFWR and VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain..." [E-Mail Updated 01JUL2009 | 15JUN2004]

NORWOOD, ADCS Raymond L. Retired rnorwood1946@hotmail.com "...I served VXE-6 (1971-1974) in the Willie Field Power Plants and a member of the Antartic Para Rescue Team. I was part of the salvage team after the crash of A/C 917 at Pole Station. My favorite tour of duty during my career. Life long friendships and memories were formed here. Retired as ADCS in 1985 now living in North Carolina..." [31AUG2018]

NOS, Scott P. sgnos@worldnet.att.net "...VP-6 1989-1992, TSC Iceland 1992-1994, USS Kitty Hawk 1994-1996, VPU-2 1996-1997, OIC FASO Det NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii 1997-NOW. Getting ready to get out! Married to Mo Vargas' Sister Gianna and one great son!..." [21APR98]

NOTARNICOLA, Frank J. franknotar@yahoo.com "...I proudly served as part of the "Lovin Eleven" VP-11 Crew 10 from November 1963 to August 1965. I loved every minute of my time with that crew. Crew names that I remember are CDR William F. Beatty (PPC), LT Tim M. Kelly, LT Merrill Bergsted, AM2 John J. Yuhas (Plane Captain), AT3 Rich Floegel, AE3 Norm Sveneby, AOAN Tom A. Carroll, AD1 Roy Bachtell, and AT2 Mike Wineapple. I was the 2nd Mech and then became Plane Captain after John Yuhas departed for NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and later Viet Nam. The BUNO of LE10 at that time was 145914 which we subsequently swapped with VP-26 for 140433. We were told VP-11 had too many late model P2V7's and we had to balance the field. In early 1964, we went to "Springboard" at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR and then deployed to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for surveillance of the removal of the remaining "Cuban Crisis" USSR troops from Cuba. August 1964 was the beginning of our deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. On the way over, we lost an engine an hour out of NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada and turned around for a 1.5 hour return "terror flight". Thank God we made it back safely. We sure thought LE10 had bought the farm with the multiple rivet pops along its back. However, we changed the engine and within a week we were back on our way to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. 1965 arrived with a return from deployment and some R&R at home. Then with a couple feet of snow in NAS Brunswick, Maine, we departed for another Springboard at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR. On Mothers Day 1965, we were suddenly dispatched to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba again for the Dominican Republic Crisis. We returned in time for my August discharge. If anyone out there knows any of the people listed above or knows anyone who was part of VP11 during this time period, please pass on my email address. I sure would like to hear from them. Thanks..." [E-Mail Updated 25MAY2003 | E-Mail Updated 17JUN2001 | 11JUN99]

NOTTGER, RMSN Ernie ernie4919@sbcglobal.net "...I served aboard the USS Pine Island (AV-12) from 1960 to 1962..." [18MAY2010]

NOTRE, PHC(NAC) Patrick T. userptn1@aol.com "...I served with VP-1 from Dec 1977 through Jan 1980, AIO shop. Currently with drilling with Reserve Office of Naval Intelligence 1108, Patrick AFB, FL..." [18OCT99]

NOVAK, AMH Adam A. adamburb1@yahoo.com "...I was served with BTG-7 NAS Millington, Tennessee in June,'58. I was a AMH (Hydraulics Mechanic) who worked on the T2V as well as the T-28. I worked the midnight duty and quartered in those old wooden barracks on the north side. I made the move with the squadron to NAS Kingsville, Texas where we were redesignated as VT-7. The squadron then moved to Meridian, MS but I stayed in NAS Kingsville, Texas with VT-21. I was released from active duty in March of 1962. The T2V was a good aircraft to work on except for the BLC (Boundry Layer Control) slat system, a real devil to rig. Many fond memories..." [26AUG2005]

NOVAK, CAPTAIN Bob bnovak3478@gmail.com "...I served with VP-24 (February 1981 to February 1984), VX-1 (1988 to 1990), VP-44 (1990 to 1991), VP-26 (1991 to 1992) and NAVAIR and the test world since 1992. I will be closing out on 30 years in Naval Aviation -- retire 01 JUL 08. It has been a great ride..." [15APR2008]

NOVAK, AX Stephen R. chantu@shaw.ca "...I served as an AX on Crew 10 with VP-17 circa '66-'68. Also did some TD to squadron payroll at NS Sangley Point, Philippines, guard duty at NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam and IMF bench repair work at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I designed the crew's patch with the Roadrunner and helped steal (borrow) "The Bell" from another squadron at NAS Iwakuni, Japan in '67. And they said it couldn't be done!! It went flawless fellas! But they made us give it back. Got a two month early out in Nov. '68 due to transitioning to P-3's and having spent two previous Xmases in Nam (hey, it worked!). Recently (Jan. '99) was forced (plant shutdown) into retirement from Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethlehem Structual Mills, where I had worked for 29 years 9 months as an electrical repairman with maintenance. As far as I'm concerned, it couldn't have happened to a better guy. Also had own a Magic & Novelty store for 13 years during the 70's-80's and did stage/nightclub shows. Now, at 52, I am enjoying life and remembering the past, some of the best times with the best people, which brings me here. If anyone, Baxter-Lally-Wally-Lewis-Biggers-Montgomery-Davis, anybody from the old hell raising gang reads this please drop me a line. Who knows, we may be able to rattle a few skeletons! And Wally, don't worry about those 100+ mile an hour tickets you left at Oak Harbor. I think they got over them by now! I am now living in British Columbia, Canada..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 16APR2008 | 25JAN2000]

NOVAK, AOC(AW/NAC) Tony Retired tat2dancer@charter.net "...I made that transition to CIVLANTFLEET In October of 2002. I served with NAS Patuxent River, Maryland in 1982, then moved to NAS Brunswick, Maine and stayed for almost 16 years. Served VP-44 with the "GOOCH" and to many others to name. Some real good times were had back in those days. Nothing like flying out of NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal in high winds, or pulling back a Gin and Coz at Bennies. My favorite stop was the tattoo shop in NS Rota, Spain. I left VP-44 just prior to its disestablishment and went down the hall in Hanger 5 to VP-10. What can I say, AOCS Joe Oswald made me a deal I couldn't refuse. What a tour that was. Made Chief, and worked Maint Control. I learned the finer arts of Maint Control from Jerry Lutz. Thanks Bud. Abe Villerial and so many others in the CPO mess, man those were some good times. After a few deployments, it was time for a little shore Duty, so I took orders to CPW-5. Had a pretty good time there also and worked with some great folks, way to many to list. After CPW-5, I moved to the West Coast to VP-1. If I only knew how much fun the deployments were on the West side, I would have went out there allot sooner. I worked for Master Chief Pat Blewitt, what a great deployment to Dodge. Doha/NSA Bahrain/Oman - so many places and so many good people. I have to say, after I retired last year, I sure have missed it. I was lucky to have served 20 years in the VP Navy as an Ordnance Chief. Good luck and God bless to all of you who still serve. I hope to hear from some of you..." [BIO Updated 19DEC2003 | BIO Updated 26JUN2002 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 21MAR2002 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 22NOV2000 | 26MAR98]

NOVAK, Walt novakwalter@aol.com "...I served with VP-23 (06/1952-08/1953) with a deployment to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [09MAY2013]

NOVETZKE, LCDR Richard C. N999N@aol.com "...From Pensacola it was Hutchinson Ks for multiengine and the PB4Y-2 thense to first squadron duty with VP-6 NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Certain events made that a memorable tour. Sally gave birth to two beautiful daughters now both married and parents to two each of our four grand children. Dick did his obligatory tour at the nav table of the P2V5-F while at the same time moonlighting with the local FASRON flying fleet airplanes FASRON was too lazy to pickle. It was great sport and included the F6F, F4U, AD-5, F9F-5,6, Panther and Courger, F2H-4 Banshee and some other minor sports and little known religions that I have since forgotton. . . .I think the SNJ was in there somewhere. Coming off a P2V training flight on the nav table and going to the FASRON line and "checking out" whatever looked like fun to fly was truely a wonderful experience and I will forever be thankful to the Navy and a series of FASRON operations personnel who believed me every time they would asked me if I was checked out in the airplane. Yea Sure. I have fond memories of walking slowly down the stairs from the Ops Office with the flight manual in my hand looking for the chapter titled "How to Start the Airplane". Serveral times I had to have a Plane Captain make the start but from there it was just plain fun. While in VP-6 I skipped the right seat and got a job as PPC with a crew of my own, I was so impressed with myself I figured this was the life for me. Accordingly, I applied for Regular Navy, but with the stipulation that I be sent back to college to complete work toward a degree. The Navy agreed but said it would be 1965 before that would happen so I took my discharge after four years and put myself in school at the University of Minnesota where I finally did complete my undergrad work. That was 1956 and I continued to want to be around airplanes so when the Navy called and offered me augmentation to Regular Navy from civilian life I opted to become a lifer and put the uniform back on and joined my second squadron, VP-10 in NAS Brunswick, Maine. Two signal events occured during my VP-10 tour which incidently only lasted about 18 months. The first event occured because I was the Fleet Air Wings "personal" pilot and as such spent time in Washington while he was on business. At BUPERS I learned that I was doomed to be on sea duty non stop for the next 8 years. Ugg I said to myself. When I got back to Brunswick, several days Iater, I had a nite launch over the Atlantic looking for a oil drum or something that looked like a Russian sub. It was 3AM, 100 feet off the water, flying the same Bureau Number P2V that I had soloed in Kodiak Alaska 5 years earlier. . . .and I decided then and there that I had to leave the Navy. It took me 9 months to get out so back to civilian life I went as a military sales rep for Collins Radio, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. For the next 2 years I flew with the Naval Reserve out of NAS Minneapolis (VP-814). One day I got a call from Aero Commander Inc. in Olkahoma with a offer to come to work for them. . . .which I did. I checked out of VP-814, packed my family in the station wagon and headed for Oklahoma City to find a house then on to NAS Dallas, Texas to check into another VP. Never got there. While on the road, the Berlin crisis hit and I heard on the car radio VP-814 had been called to duty. I figured if I was gonna take thier money I better be ready to do the duty and since I didn't want to go back in the Navy, I never did check into NAS Dallas, Texas and that was the end of my flying of Navy airplanes. I missed it but to me family came first and the two simply were not compatable. At Aero Commander Inc I was called National Accounts Sales Manager which meant I got lots of flying in on various demo tours of new models of the Commander. I got into experimental and production flight test and worked with the turboprop version of the Commander as well as the Jet Commander. After 7 years there, I got a phone call one day from Collins asking me to come back to work for them. . . . I accepted and back to Cedar Rapids we went. Two years into my new job as Director of Sales for Collins, I got fired from the job in what I recall to be one of the classiest political confrontations one could ask out of the corporate world. It was great sport as well as great theatre. Two days later, I was "recalled" and went to work with Arthur Collins at the "think tank" in Dallas. Since I am not all that bright, sitting around thinking all day was not my cup of tea but the gods of corporate life smiled on me and a head hunter connected me with McGraw-Edison and suddenly I was in the station wagon again, this time headed for Ft. Lauderdale to head the Instrument Division. Ft. Lauderale is no place to raise children. Cedar Rapids Iowa is. A call to a banker friend of mine in Cedar Rapids pleading with him to find me a distressed business I could buy (cuz I didn't have any money) led me to the purchase of a company called Midwest Nameplate Co. I formed a corp to acquire the assets and U.S. Nameplate Co. was born. (http://www.usnameplate.com). That was 1970. We have been here ever since. As I grew old the company became more prosperous and on balance I could say life has been good. During the interim, we added two more children. . . .both boys. . .one is here working with me in the company and the other is in SLC in the movie business as a camera sorta person. Wife Sally when not raising kids was the consumate volunteer and had her nose in just about anything that had to do with making kids happier than they were. Meantime she brushed off her political disappointment at Goldwaters failure and ran the Iowa Republican Party for several year as Chairman (person). In 1989 George Bush tapped her for a Ambassador post and she took up residence in Malta for the next four years. I was on the commute from Malta to CID during that time and racked up a ton of Frequent Flyer miles with TWA. All in all it was a grand experience and we were looking forward to Sally's next posting in Austria when Clinton upset the applecart. So now were are Cedar Rapids and Naples Florida citizens. I am in the process of turning my company over to my kids and hoping and praying I can keep my mouth shut and hands off and let them see what they can do with it. I still fly airplanes. I currently have a Cheyenne for serious travel but up until last year had a N2S-4 Stearman for fun and games. It was a beautiful airplane. . .in Navy colors of course..." [BIO Updated 21AUG2000 | 15JUL2000]

NOWELL, AME2(AW) Cameron cameron.nowell@mailexcite.com "...I was in VP-11 from August '91 to April '95. I then went on to shore duty at NAS Pensacola, Florida, earned my Associates Degree, then moved on into the civilian world in May '98. I moved to Boulder, CO to play for the summer, then to Breckenridge for the winter, to put that degree to good use as a snowboard bum. Needless to say, it was a good winter. When the snow started melting I decided to try out the part-time navy and am now back in the "center seat" at VP-69 in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Any old Shipmates in "lovin' eleven," I would love to hear from you and tell you about this little secret here in the northwest...In September 1999, I reenlisted in the TAR Navy and have since took orders to VP-65 in NAS Point Mugu, California..." [BIO Updated 18AUG2000 | BIO Updated 22JUL99 | 09MAY99]

NOWELL, ATC Wayne T. Sr. Retired wtnsr1@juno.com "...Served with VP-7 and VP-5. Was crewmember of LB11 (VP-7) on NAS Sigonella, Sicily cruise in 65/66 and have the same picture that "wOOdy" posted. I'm in picture and can name everybody but Woody's e-mail address is no good. Also Bud Neubauer's (VP-5) is bad. If anybody remembers me from VS-30, VP-7, VP-5, VA45 Det., VAQ-33, etc. drop a line. Also if "Sal" Rao (VAQ-33) see's this, your e-mail address is bad. Be looking forward to hearing from you Shipmates. I'm fully retired with a 36 ft trailer/crewcab truck and travel a lot..." [15FEB2001]

NOWLIN, AW3 Bryan bryandreg@comcast.net "...Was an AW3 with VP-10 from 1993 to 1994. Would like to hear from all my friends that were there..." [01MAR2006]

NOWOSAD, Walter M. w13n7starview@gmail.com "...I served with VP-6 (10/1958-09/1961). This was my first and the best of assignment of my twenty years in the Navy. I have since retired from civilian pursuits. Please feel free to contact me..." [E-Mail Updated 17JAN2012 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 23AUG2004 | 22APR99]

NOYES, Fred fanoyes@juno.com "...I served as an AOM in training as a combat air crew tail gunner at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas and NAS Banana River, Florida in 1945 assigned to VPB-2 OTU-4. I have a photograph that may be of particular interest to the survivors of those of the TBM Avenger crews (Flight 19) and PBM-5 #trainer #49, which were lost in the Bermuda Triangle incident on December 5, 1945. I was a member of a flight crew that flew that plane (#49) from NAS Banana River, Florida to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and return on November November 17-19 and happened to have taken a photo of that plane on the tarmac at NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Shortly after the December 5 tragedy I made the floowing notation on the back of that photo " PBM-5 which blew up in air. One we flew to Cuba." If any one has an interest I will provide a copy of that photo. Earlier this year I wrote a newspaper article about the Bermuda Triangle which included that photo. That newspaper could be made available to anyone who has an interest..." [07JUN2002]

NOYES, Jim pbm5a@bellatlantic.net "...I was a AM2 in VP-42 and did two rotations to Iwakuni in '50 and '51. Have lost touch with everyone but remember them as the best..." [29APR98]

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