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Memorial Picture "...MEADOR, Malvin E...Malvin E. Meador, 64 who was a retired P-3 Pilot and retired United Airlines Pilot died on August 7, 2005 of complications from heart surgery. He lived in Erie, Colorado. He served on active duty in VP-92 in NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts and VP-66 in NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. While stationed in NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, he built a Steen Skybolt, a two seat open cockpit biplane that he flew for fun and in competition. He is survived by his second wife Linda, children Michael and Monica, grandson Maxwell and his mother Marjorie of Kansas. His first wife Kathleen died in 2000. Funeral services were held in Boulder, Colorado on August 13, 2005..." [19AUG2005]

Memorial Picture "...MEDVETZ, MCPO T. R...I am looking for info on TR Medvetz (Tom Medvetz). He was an E-9 - Master Chief, and served maybe 30 years (and served with VP-1). He traveled all over the world and most who knew him either loved him or hated him. He was a great chef. If you knew him or served with him and have photos or stories to tell, please contact me. He was my step dad. He passed away about eight years ago in Jacksonville, Florida. He had no children...Lee Thatcher l.thatcher@charter.net..." [28MAR2004]

Memorial Picture "...MEEK, Dan...Pilot at VP-16, from approx 1965-68 passed away in March 1994 in his home town of Coffeeville, KS. He had retired from the Navy...Louis Seldon llseldon@verizon.net..." [25FEB99]

Memorial Picture "...MEEKS, Melvin...My Father, Melvin Meeks, sadly passed away in 2008. Dad served with VP-22 (1975-1977) at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I was 8-10 when I lived on base and it was the best time of my life. I remember squadron parties on the beach, the movie theatre and being able to walk to the hanger to see my Dad. Dad worked on P-3's and retired in 1983..." Contributed by Laurie Meeks Berube laurieberube6789@gmail.com [20JAN2011]

Memorial Picture "...MELNICK, Stephen...Stephen Melnick, served with VP-4 (1966-1970) and flew with Crew-5, passed away from cancer on 27 December 2015..." Contributed by ROSENSTROM, Neal "Rosey" baditude48@yahoo.com [11JAN2015]

Jewish Memorial Picture "...MELTZER, CAPTAIN Mel...The Washington Post today reports the passing of retired Captain Mel Meltzer on July 6, 2007. Mel died of a heart attack at his home in Pennsylvania after a distinguished career which included duty in the program management of the A-New system which became the basis for the development of the P-3C. He was my Executive Officer in VP-56 during the 1969 Fleet Introduction of the P-3C aircraft and commanded the squadron in 1970. I speak for all of his VP Squadron mates in noting that we miss Mel and will remember him for his contributions to VP Aviation...McINTYRE, CAPTAIN John vqplank@columbus.rr.com..." [25JUL2007]

Memorial Picture "...MENARD, AD3 Paul...AD3 VP 10 1952 - 1955 passed away April 2008..." Contributed by WILSON, AT2 Robert T. Jr. helgasgardener@gmail.com [29JAN2009]

Memorial Picture "...ERRELL, AFCM Ken...AFCM Ken Merrell passed away sadly some years back. I had spoke with him on the phone just prior and received a correspondence from his wife upon his passing. Ken served with NARDET NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-64 and VP-66..." Contributed by ZULKOWSKY, YNC Iris Retired eric9103@comcast.net [05FEB2015]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...MESARCH, Daniel Robert...Daniel pasted away August 22nd, 2011 from lung cancer and dearly missed. Daniel served with VP-7 from 1962 through 1963..." Contributed by Ruth Mesarch meme82543@gmail.com [25NOV2011]

Memorial Picture "...MESSENGER, AOM1 Cecil...I am looking for any Shipmates of my Father, Cecil Messenger AOM1c, who was attached to VP-203 in 1944. My Dad passed away in March 2004. A lot of his personal photos and memrobila (sp) were lost prior to him passing away. I want to put together a special scrapbook of his military experience. Any help will be appreciated especially a good description of the aircraft configuration and markings during the period. Respectfully, to all you vets out there, Larry Messenger USN RET...Larry Messenger lmess522@softcom.net..." [24NOV2005]

Memorial Picture "...MESSERSMITH, Merritt...Funeral services for Merritt (Smitty) Messersmith were held at 10:30 a.m. Monday, November 15 at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Riceville. The Rev. John Mosher officiated. Interment was in Calvary Cemetery in Riceville. Lindstrom Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Merritt, 75, died Tuesday, November 9, 1999 following a massive heart attack. Merritt Eugene Messersmith was born May 25, 1924 at Red Oak, the son of Wilmeth and Walter Messersmith. He graduated in 1941 from Missouri Valley High School. He served in the United States Navy Air Force from 1941 to 1945 and was a member of the VPB 118 Squadron. On February 25, 1944 he married Bea Floriano at San Diego, CA. He was a newspaper editor by trade and was employed at the Shenandoah Sentinel, and newspapers in Alliance, NE, Maquoketa, Monticello and Independence. They purchased the Riceville Recorder in 1957, and he was the editor there for 39 years, retiring in June of 1996. In 1983 he received the "Master Editor-Publisher" award from the Iowa Newspaper Association. He is past president of the association and the Iowa Newspaper Foundation. "Smitty" was a member of the Riceville Rest Home board for 25 years, was a member of the Roy Gue Post #244 of the American Legion and the Father F. Stirn chapter of the Knights of Columbus. Survivors include his wife Bea; two daughters: Karen Zahasky of Tucson, AZ, and Gail Morris of Riceville; five grandchildren; one sister: Carla Pulley of Shenandoah, and one brother: Merlin of Edwards, CA. Merritt was preceded in death by his parents..." http://www.pafways.org/obituaries/crescotimesplaindealer/1999/1999novdec.htm [02JUN2003]

Memorial Picture "...MEYERS, AMS2 Charles W. "Charlie"...My father died in 1969. He was an AMS-2 with VS-935 in the naval reserves out of NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. He was activated in 1961, the year that I was born, following the Berlin Crisis of 1961 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Crisis_of_1961) under President John F. Kennedy. My father was deployed to Cuba in January 1962, in the times leading up to the Cuban Missle Crisis of 1962 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_Missile_Crisis). I also served in the VP- Navy as an AT-2 with VPU-1 under President Ronald W. Reagan, during the Second Cold War (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Cold_War) in the early 1980's. Eric R. Meyers eric.r.meyers@gmail.com..." [23DEC2009]

MEACHUM, Michelle A. JMDBP@worldnet.att.net "...I served in VP-5 from 1995 to 1997. I seperated from active duty in 1998 and now reside in S.C. with my husband and kids. I am now working for Lockheed Martin Logistics..." [27AUG98]

MEADE, Jack jblmeade@pgtc.com "...I served with VT-24 stationed at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas from January 1972 to December 1976. Any ole Shipmates out there? I was in the line division first 1 1/2 yr then transfered to AIMD..." [15MAR2003]

MEADE, Jamie jvm60@yahoo.com "...I was an AW2 in VP-16 from 79-82. Deployed to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and the a split deployment to NAS Bermuda and NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. Would like to hear from any old Shipmates that would like to correspond. I have stayed in contact with a few over the last 18 years. I live in Sarasota, Fl. If anyone is close, get in touch and let's down a few!..." [19FEB2000]

MEADE, AW2 Erick erickmeade@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-40 from 1994 to 1997. Made a bunch of friends and would love to here from any former VP-40 Shipmates I knew..." [02SEP2003]

MEADOR, PN2 Larry larrym@wans.net "...I was a PN2 from 1984 to 1987. Look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers me. These were some of the best years in my life. I work for the VA Regional Office in Houston. If anyone from VP-1 needs anything, let me know..." [03JUN2005]

MEADORS, AT2 Mike mmeadors@sbcglobal.net "...I was in VC-8 from 1974-1975. I was flight crew/radio on many drone drops and data link flight for the test range. I have a picture of aircraft 393 #3 as my wallpaper on my computer at work. Flew 88 missions. I still have my flight logs. I probably flew in that aircraft the most. I remember working in the hangar south of the runway and the move to the hangar on the north side. I also remember the lousy SOB cops who pulled me over on my motorcycle all the time. I got so many tickets I knew the magistrate on base on a first name basis. Hung with John Vasquenselos, and Tuottle. Sure had a lot of fun at Roosy. Transfered to VAQ-33 in NAS Norfolk, Virginia in late 1975. Flew on the old, low technology Neptune, now manage high tech B-2 Stealth Bomber at Tinker AFB...Served in VAQ-33 from January 1976-October 1978. Worked in the AT shop with Hinchy and Lamere. Worked on A-3 Whales, F-4B and Js, the Super Connie and A-4s. Flew one A-3 flight with Cmdr Barrett. Remember being on the road all the time. Trips to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, France, Norway, NAS Miramar, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, and don't forget Chicoutimi, Canada; where the ratio for women to men was 9 to 1. Ran with Phil Clairday, Tom Heffernan and Otto Pulley. We had some really good parties, and who could forget the "Risk" battles in the barracks at Roosy, and the forays into the local cow fields looking for "rooms". Would like to hear from my old squadron mates..." [E-Mail Updated 20AUG2010 | BIO Updated 07AUG2002 | 06AUG2002]

MEADOWS, AO2(AC) David david.meadows@cox.net "...I served with VP-56 from 1962 to 1965 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. I flew with Crew 3 and my PPC was LT Bill O'Neil then LCDR Bob O'Shaughnessy. My Plane Captain was ADR1 L. D. Small and then ADJ2 Richard (Dick "ZIG") Zajack. I am looking for Alfred "Al" Pistelli from the power plants shop from those years. We were good Shipmates. I also would like to know if anyone knows where George ("SNID") Dinsmore and Mike ("Hooper") Crane are. It was a great crew and I will always REMEMBER what we stood for in our time of our flying days on P2V7 Neptunes. Our Call sign was "POLLYS BOY 3". Those were great ASW "Dragon" days for all of us..." [16MAR2009]

MEADOWS, David E. AKA "Igor" igor1010@hotmail.com "...I flew with VQ-2 as a spook from 1968 until 1979 and then went back as CO of NSGA Athens/NRSA NS Rota, Spain from 1990-93. I also have a couple of novels on the streets titled THE SIXTH FLEET and THE SIXTH FLEET SEAWOLF. I have made sure that I have VQ and EP-3E in each of these two. THE SIXTH FLEET TOMCAT due for release by Penguin Putnam February 5, 2002, has a complete VQ/EP-3E subplot in it. Hope all of you enjoy the books. (Yes, of course, I put missiles on them!) Cheers and Happy Holidays, Shipmates..." [12DEC2001]

MEADOWS, AMSC Gerald Retired gmoody9@aol.com "...I served with VP-16 (Plane Captain aboard the P2V-5F and flew with Ed Whitcraft), FE School at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, VP-56 (flew with Bill Baker, Larry Woods, Doug Mitchel and the Wild Bunch), AIMD at NAS Jacksonville, Florida as a FE and VP-23 at NAS Brunswick, Maine and retired in 2002. I loved every minute of it..." [07AUG2012]

MEADOWS, AO2 John depenman@aol.com "...I was in VP-45 from August 1971 to January 1973 as an AO2 and air crewman on Crew 22. I made the split deployment to the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NS Rota, Spain from December 1971 to April 1972. I would love to hear from any members of my old crew or any of the guys from the AO shop. I still have my VP-45 Alpha Crew patch. It is framed and hanging on the wall of my office along with a picture of a VP-45 P-3 and my aircrew wings. Some things just stay with you!..." [08JUN2001]

MEAHL, AMSC Carl A. Retired dad_mom_58@frontier.com "...I served with VP-49 (1964-1966)..." [03MAY2012]

MEANEY, AMCS David A. Sr. Retired dmeaneysr@msn.com "...I served with VP-92 March 1971 to September 1975, VP-23 from 1985 to 1987, VA-112 from 1966 to 1968, VAQ-132 from 1975 to 1979, NMPC-AME Detailer from 1979 to 1982, and OP-111 from 1982 to 1985..." [E-Mail Updated 12SEP2004 | E-Mail Updated 27AUG2001 | E-Mail Updated 28MAR99 | 19OCT98]

MEANS, AX2 Bobby Joe "BJ" bobbym1@swbell.net "...I joined VP-24 in late Dec. 1962. I was a Jez operator on Crew 8 and later on Crew 4. I was a AX-2. I was discharged in Feb. 1966. I really enjoyed my tour in VP-24. I hope to make one of the Reunions in the future..." [BIO Updated 20NOV2010 | 18JUN2010]

MEANS, Jim jimmeansbusiness@windstream.net "...I served with VP-45 from 1969 to 1972. I served as Aircraft Division Officer and TC on the infamous Black Jack Crew 21, known far and wide for their ASW feats, and many other engagements that we all try to forget. My pilots included Paul Dikeman (who showed me what it was all about). Hank (Shank) Ford, Jim Love who broke my ankle just to say that he beat me in racquetball, the day before our beerjunkent to Holland. Jim Qurello who introduced me to Black Russans and Dusty Springfield. My first Nav was Snowshoes Capshaw - nuff said. Who could go wrong with aircrewmen like Don Goshorn, Bob Sykes, Griffen and Charley (The Dalton Boys) and Travier my top notch photographer. I was truly blessed..." [17MAY2007]

MEASECK, AW2 Mark L. mamea2@aol.com "...I served with VP-9 from Fall 1970 to September 1973 with a deployment to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in 1971 and 1973 as SS1..." [30NOV2009]

MEDCALF, Wallace mskabgp@yahoo.com "...I served aboard NAS Glynco, Georgia from 1959 to 1960..." [01JUN2010]

MEDEIROS, Norman J. oahubuysellrent@aol.com "...I served with VP-4 from 1965 to 1969. Looking for my friends and Shipmates. Tom Tranilla are you out there? Did you retire as a chief?..." [20MAY2004]

MEDFORD, Gerald geraldmedford@cmhservices.net "...I served with VP-31 NAS Moffett Field, California in May 1968 while attending "C" school. I then went to VP-28 "Hawaiian Warriors" NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii and was assigned to the airframes shop. We did one deployment to NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan before being disestablished in November 1969. I was sent to VP-9 "Golden Eagles" in NAS Moffett Field, California. I made a deployment to NAS Adak, Alaska in 1970 and spent most of that time in NAS Agana, Guam. I got out of the Navy in May 1971. I would like to hear from my ole VP Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 30APR2004 | 19APR2001]

MEDINA, AT2 Issac ISSACMED@cs.com "...I started off my Naval Career at VC-8 from 1995 through 1997..." [07JUN2000]

MEDLEY, AKC David D. Retired ddm1122@windstream.net "...I served with VP-40 from September 1960 to March 1962 in NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I worked in the Material Office for AK1 Andy Anderson (Married to Cora from Cora's Upscope), ADC Ohl and LT(jg) Bill Locke (he was lost a 1962 mishap). I worked "Nite Check" most of my time there. Some of my running mates were PN2 Ray Bowman, PNSN Richardson and AMH2 Mardirosian (sp). Remember going to Marie Tes' to get the POD--she knew what was happening before OOD. Had a good time there--I think--what time I was sober! Retired as an AKC and worked another 21 years Civil Service, retiring as the ACS Supply and Services (GS-13), MCRD Parris Island SC in June 2002..." [04NOV2009]

MENDOZA, PNC Loreto Retired lmendoza1949@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-50 at NAS Moffett Field, California from January 1971 to March 1974 with deployments to NAS Adak, Alaska, NAF Misawa, Japan, NAS Iwakuni, Japan, NAS Agana, Guam and NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Great Great duty and great memories..." [22JAN2010]

MEDRICK, J. D. DMedr4508@aol.com "...Served in VP-702 at NAS Dallas, Texas, 1963-1969. Jezebel sensor operator, AX-2..." [15MAY2000]

MEEHAN, Terry tjmeehan@pconline.com "...Served in VP-44 from 1984-88 on CAC-1 and CAC-5, then instructed NFOs at Mather AFB from 1988-90. Went TAR from there and served at VP-66 as Safety and Training Officer from 1990-93, COMRESPATWINGLANT DET NAS Brunswick, Maine OIC from 1993-95, Naval War College from 1995-96, and currently XO at NAVAIRESCEN Minneapolis since 1996. Happy to hear from old Shipmates anytime..." [11MAY98]

MEEK, Dan "...Pilot @ VP-16, from approx 1965-68 passed away in March 1994 in his home town of Coffeeville, KS. He had retired from the Navy...Louis Seldon llseldon@verizon.net..." [25FEB99]

MEEK, CPO Michael Kevin meek_53@hotmail.com "...I served with the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101 (VMFAT-101) at MCAS El Toro, California from 1990 to 1992, VP-19 at NAS Moffett Field, California from 1985 to 1990, VP-24 at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas from 1982 to 1985, VP-4 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from 1976 to 1982 and VFP-63 at NAS Miramar, California from 1972 to 1976. Retired Moved to Lake Havasu Az. Became a Health inspector for t Mophave County Looking to reitre the second time around 2 years to go. I would like to hear from any former Shipmates..." [BIO Updated 14APR2010 | E-Mail Updated 06JUN2009 | 29AUG2001]

MEEKS, AMCS Lewis A. Retired lewmeeks@earthlink.net "...I served with VP-26 from December 1965 to June 1968. I was with the squadron when we lost the two aircraft in Southeast Asia 1968. I knew all the crewmembers very well and a lot of them were my very close friends. Two of the guys had worked for me prior (AMH2 Homer Mckay and AME2 Don Burnside). In reference to his daughters inquiry, I also knew Chief Don Kulacs, he was a super guy. I transfered to NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee for instructor duty in June 1968. After a tour there I went to VF-14 "TOP HATTERS" aboard the USS John F. Kennedy. From there i did my last tour at the Naval Safety Center NAS Norfolk, Virginia and retired April 1981. I attend 2 years of Airframe and powerplants school and obtained my A&P license in 1983. I then worked for Zantop Airlines on the Lockheed Electra in Macon Ga. From there I took an Airframe Tech Rep. job with CPW-10 at NAS Moffett Field, California, which took me to a Tech Rep. position with VP-68 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. From 1986 to 1989 i worked for a few different contractors in that area. In 1989 I went Civil Service and retired in Nov 2000 fron NAVAIRSYSCOM as a GS-13 Project Team leader for The Analysis Center..." [18AUG2004 | 22DEC2003]

MEEKER, ARM2 Donald Herman DMeekerope@aol.com "...I left the navy on 12/20/45 as an ARM2/c, having served on flight duty in VH-2 at Tanapag Harbor, Saipan from January to September 1945. I was assigned to Crew 1 flying in PB2B-2 BUNO: 44244. An earlier entry into your log says that this aircraft was the one lost in an open sea crash on 27 JUL 45. My log book shows that the lost aircraft was BUNO: 44243, and my log further shows that I flew many missions after that date in BUNO: 44244. Our Commanding Officer (and my Aircraft Commander) was LCDR Harold A. Wells, Jr. First pilot was ENS George Kube who REALLY knew how to fly that airplane! "SKI" Makowski was our Plane Captain and Chief Mechanic and R. W. Fisher ACRM was my boss. Our Navigator was ENS George Wilson who was not much older than I! With regard to the lost BUNO: 44243, the scuttlebutt which came back to us was that our squadron Medical Officer (LT Needle) was actually in the port-side seat, performing the touch-and-goes, hit too far back on the step, fell off, lost flying speed, and broke open the nose and starboard wing. But, as I say, that was scuttlebutt and I certainly was not there. I'd really enjoy hearing from any squadron mates ..." [24DEC2000]

MEEKER, E.W. (Gene) ewmeeker@gbronline.com "...I served with VP-14 in 1941..." [E-Mail Updated 01FEB2005 | 25DEC98]

MEESTER, Richard L. rmeester@aol.com"...1973-1977 VP-47 NAS Moffett Field..."

MEGOW, Randy rmegow@hotmail.com "...Would love to hear from any old Shipmates. Started out in VQ-1 from 1985 till 1990. Went Flight Engineer and have been in VP-6, VP-4, VP-11, VP-10, VP-26, and now find myself here at CPRW-5. Can't say "shore duty is for fags" anymore. Take Care, and God's speed to all..." [12DEC2002]

MEGSON, Gary M. trackingpres@myway.com "...I served 6 years in VP-47 at NAS Moffett Field, California and NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, then another 4 in VP-26. I was a Flight Engineer the whole ten years and I must say that I don't miss the Navy but I do miss the aircraft. I have just over 5000 hours in the aircraft and would give anything for just one more..." [21DEC2004]

MEGSON, Janice (Forester) j_siegrist@hotmail.com "...I was stationed at NAS Moffett Field, California and was in VP-47 during our homeport change to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I left there to go to NAS Brunswick, Maine. But I missed all of my old friends from there, Jodie, Hammer, Titus, etc..." [E-Mail Updated 11JUN2001 | E-Mail Updated 05MAY99 | 30MAR99]

MEHAFFEY, AE2 Billy MehaffeyB@netscape.net "...I was attached to VP-62 and TS 516 between 1978-83. I was an AE2 and loved working with the P-3's. I wish I could have stayed with "62", but I had to leave the squadron due to conflict with my job. Did a couple deployments to NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal. To any old Shipmates I say hello..." [07NOV2001]

MEHAFFEY, Sam n3nto@dejazzd.com "...I was with VAQ-33 in 1976 to 1979. VAQ-33 was a fine outfit. I was a ground support technician. Commander Penn was my CO at the time. He was the best CO I ever had..." [E-Mail Updated 25JAN2002 | E-Mail Updated 12FEB2001 | 29JAN98]

MEHRINGER, CAPTAIN Thomas R. http://www.ncts.navy.mil/homepages/vx-1/co1.htm "...Captain Thomas R. Mehringer was born in Waco, Texas in May 1958. A graduate of University of Oregon, he received his commission in 1981 through the Aviation Officer Candidate Program. Captain Mehringer completed flight training and was designated a Naval Aviator in January 1982. After transition training for the P-3 Orion, Captain Mehringer reported to VP-19 stationed in NAS Moffett Field, California in December 1982. He participated in VP-19 "Big Red" deployments to NAS Misawa, Japan, NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T. In May 1985, Captain Mehringer transferred to VP-31 (West Coast P-3 FRS) where he served as the Pilot Training Officer and was qualified as an Instructor Pilot in all models of the P-3 aircraft. In January 1989, Captain Mehringer reported to VPU-1. While attached, VPU-1 completed numerous detachments in support of fleet operations including Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In July 1991, Captain Mehringer reported to Montgomery, Alabama, and completed Joint Professional Military Education Phase I at the U.S. Air Force's Air Command and Staff College. Following P-3 refresher training, Captain Mehringer reported to VP-26 at NAS Brunswick, Maine in January 1993. He served as the Safety/NATOPS Officer and Aircraft Maintenance Officer. In November 1994, Captain Mehringer was assigned to the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Officer Performance Division (PERS-82). Captain Mehringer reported as Executive Officer on 20 June 1996 and assumed duties as Commanding Officer VT-31 on 30 May 1997. During his Command tour, VT-31 successfully integrated a new multi-engine training aircraft (TC-12B) and flew more than 43,600 mishap free hours. In March 1998, VT-31 was awarded the prestigious Chief of Naval Air Training, Training Excellence Award. After VT-31, Captain Mehringer reported to NAVAIR, PMA-290 as the Assistant Program Manager P-3 Logistics in June 1998 and transitioned to Deputy Program Manager P-3C Update III in March 2000. Captain Mehringer reported as Executive Officer VX-1 on 29 October 2001. On April 4, 2003, Captain Mehringer assumed command of Air Test and Evaluation Squadron One. Captain Mehringer's awards include Meritorious Service Medals, a Strike/Flight Air Medal, a Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievements and various other unit and national campaign awards..." [12JUN2003]

MEHRON, Martin mehron05@comcast.net "...I served with VPB-117. Does anyone know what year CAPTAIN E. O. Rigsbee, Jr passed away..." [18JAN2011]

MEHSLING, AD1 Tom "Chet" waspmaj@yahoo.com "...I served aboard the USS Saratoga (CV-60), VP-31 (06/1976-08/1976) at NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-50 (08/1976-03/1978) with deployments to NAS Misawa, Japan and NPPSA/NMPC (05/1978-03/1981) NAS Dallas, Texas. I retired from the Federal Governmentt after 38 years total service and now living in Colorado enjoying the toys...." [BIO Updated 03NOV2013 | E-Mail Updated 26JUL2009 | 28DEC98]

MEIDE, AMS1 Dave Retired demeide@lemoorenet.com "...Was in VP-17 73-77 in the airframe shop. Am glad to see a web site on the squadron. Had some wonderful times. Wish I took Chief Marzettys (sp) advice and stay in P-3. I ended up my career in tailhooks.(FA-18s). Glad to see the outfit prospered into the 90"s. Fair winds and following seas and a good tail wind. Wish everyone well and good fortunes..." [14APR2001]

MEIER, Bob bobmeier1@comcast.net "...I served with VT-10 in 1982and VP-48 from 1983 through 1986. We deployed to NAS Misawa, Japan and NAS Adak, Alaska. TACCO Crew 3. RAF Exchange Tour from 1986 through 1989. 201 Sqadron RAF Kinloss. Captain Crew 8. Desron 36 Air Operations Officer from 1989 through 1991. Deployed for Desert Shield/Storm. VP-62 from 1991 through 1997. TACCO Crew 6. Have resided in Fort Myers, FL for nine years. Served with some great people. Please drop me a line..." [E-Mail Updated 06SEP2003 | 13JAN2001]

MEIER, CAPTAIN Myron D. "Mike" Retired myrondmeier@embarqmail.com "...VP-28 was my first and only VP squadron. The three years assigned to VP-28 were the basis of a 25 year Navy career. The VP-28 experience of deployments to NAS Iwakuni, Japan and NAS Kwajalein, Marshall Islands provided me the confidence to rise to the rank of Captain. Those years between 1957 to 1960 were some of the best of my 25 year career..." [17MAR2010]

MEJIA, AMH2 Carlos Aranda navymechanic76134@yahoo.com "...I was an AMH2 with VP-1 from 1982 to 1985. I would love to hear from any of my old Shipmates who might remember me. I made many of roadtrips to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan, NAS Midway Island and too many others. I would love to hear about a VP-1 Reunion, (NAS Cubi Point, Philippines) would be nice. Drop a line any and all. Thanks for the memories. I was in the Navy from 1976 to 1989 and well admit it was the BEST thing I ever did. I made alot of friends and have alot of memories to look back on. Take care one and all. "Never above you, never below you, always beside you."..." [14NOV2006]

MELANCON, AW Paul "Matt" pmelancon@charter.net "...I served with VP-94 (1972-12/1977) with two-week cruises to NAS Bermuda and NAS Key West, Florida. During my stay - we transitioned from the P2 to the P-3..." [29JUL2012]

MELANCON, AW2 Nichols nicholsm4@gmail.com "...I served with VP-5 (1976-1978) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida with a deployment to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [14OCT2013]

MELCHERT, Jim jimp3fex1@embarqmail.com "...I served with VP-9 from 1973 to 1978 starting off with Crew-7 and ending up with Crew-9. I would sure like to make one more trip to Thailand (the whole WestPac)..." [E-Mail Updated 30APR2010 | 06DEC1997]

MELEADY, Robert L. shugg@bellsouth.net "...I served in VP-56 from 53-56 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. I have lots of fond memories of Breezy Point andthe good old flying boats..." [19JAN98]

MELIUS, AFCM(AW) Gerard Shipmate Pix https://www.atsugi.navy.mil/AIMD/DLCPObio.html "...LCPO, Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment, NAS Atsugi, Japan - Master Chief Melius was enlisted in the U.S. Navy on 12 March 1979 under the delay entry program. Six months after his graduation from Central High School, he reported for Recruit Training at NRTC Orlando Florida on 21 January 1980. At the completion of recruit training, he received orders to VP-31 at NAS Moffett Field, California for three months of P-3 FRAMP training, thereafter reported to VP-1 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. While in VP-1, he made several deployments to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, NAS Agana, Guam, NSF Diego Garcia, U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand, NAS Midway Island and NAS Adak, Alaska, and was advanced to ADAN, AD3 and AD2. Following his assignment in VP-1, he transferred to AIMD NS Rota, Spain in March of 1984 after receiving TF-34 Turbo Fan Engine First Degree Level Repair training at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. He Advanced to AD1 while at AIMD NS Rota, Spain. He accepted orders to VA-115 at NAS Atsugi, Japan in April 1987, where he made several deployments onboard the USS Midway with Carrier Air Wing Five to the Arabian Gulf, Republic of Korea and East Africa. He reported to Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Japan Security department, in July 1990 after completing Law Enforcement Training at NTTC Detachment Lackland, Air force Base Texas. There he served as the Watch Section Commander until his promotion to Chief Petty Officer in 1991, at which time he was reassigned as the Industrial Security Officer. He joined Commander Carrier Air Wing Five Maintenance Staff in August 1993 and made two deployments onboard the USS Independence to the Arabian Gulf in support of "Operation Southern Watch", participated in multiple multi-nations exercises such as Cobra Gold, RIMPAC and Annual Exercises. While at Carrier Air Wing Five, he advanced to Senior Chief Petty officer. In December 1997, he transferred to AIMD NAS Atsugi, Japan where he served as the Power Plants LCPO, QAO and Maintenance Master Chief after his promotion to Master Chief in 2000. His follow-on assignments were: Senior Enlisted Leader and Maintenance Master Chief AIMD NAS Sigonella, Sicily from January 2001 to January 2004. Master Chief Melius reported to Commander Fleet Air Western Pacific Detachment AIMD NAS Atsugi, Japan, in January 2004 where he is currently serving as the Senior Enlisted Leader..." [02MAR2006]

MELKO, Richard C. richard.melko@fedex.com "...I was stationed at NOCF NAS Bermuda from 1984 to 1986. I am looking for former AG's "Vito" Rivera, Mike Biggs, Larry Reddick, Sal Magadinno, Steve Volpe, Mike Shedd, and MP Jeff "JB" Ballard..." [27FEB2004]

MELLEN, PH2 Jacqueline D. jdbone_98@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-26 (1985-1989)..." [05JUN2013]

MELLEY, Tom tomadr2@aol.com Shipmate Pix Circa 1951 "...Compron 33, NAS Atlantic City, N.J., 1954, A/C A D 4N F3D, JRB-6 Looking for Shipmates. Tom C. Melley AD2 Flight Line...I served in the VC-33 December 53 to October 54, when I was discharged VC-33 had (1) AD-3Q, 60+ AD-4N's , (5) F3d and (1) JRB-6. In June 1954 we received the first (5) AD-5Ns. Two weeks later, we lost four of them to one pilot on a Valley Forge (CV-45) Car Qual. Another week a pilot in an AD-4N landed at El Segundo but he failed to reset his altimeter. The aircraft was fifty feet in the air, both wheels went through the wings. A detachment washed out a Middie Cruise the summer of 54. Another detachment on a cross country flight flew into some Alabama Mountains in a heavy fog. When the port cat on the Bennington blew the Warrent Officers mess was services by five steward mates from the squadron, two were killed. The detachment I was with were the Bennington, CV20 Valley Forge CVS-45, and Midway Cub-42. Prior to VC-33 I served with FASRON-105 was NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone. Our gunnery Officer was Ch. Gunner Charles R. (Tex) Miller. I was lucky enough to serve under Ch. Mach. Clarence B. Reid who guided me to AD2 from ADAA. (1951 - 53). Would like to hear from those who were there about that time..." [BIO Updated 05AUG99 | 20JUN99 | 27MAR99]

MELLICK, Richard Retired remellick@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-62 from 1993 to 1996. I am now retired from the Navy (20 years) and living near Atlanta..." [31JAN2007]

MELROE, AW2 Van (Relmoe) zzvmelroe@earthlink.net "...I served with VP-50 (1979 to 1982) and VP-91 (1983 to 1988) as an SS3 operator. I was on Crew Two and Crew One. These crews were BearTrap Crews. Currently Pilot for Continental Airlines..." [E-Mail Updated 20SEP2006 | E-Mail Updated 12AUG2005 | E-Mail Updated 31AUG2001 | 08JUN98]

MELTON, PHC Mitch Retired ncsquid@aol.com "...I was with VP-4, June 57 - Nov 58 at NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan as an AA/AN I worked in the mail room, ordance and the base photo lab. Thinking about that tour brings back some found memories. I can still remember the smell of the 5's and 7's..." [18SEP2001]

MELTON, AMH1 MELVIN KJZ@MYHOME.NET "...VX 1 1960 TO 63 P/C P2V7S , F/e P-3A, 148885.VP-28 1963 TO LATE 67 F-E P-3A 151395. a href="nassangley.html"> NS Sangley Point, Philippines, NAS Adak, Alaska. WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM FELLOW SQDN MEMBERS.Reunion..." [04OCT98]

MELULL, Fred c/o Laura (Melull) Vasilion vasilionle@aol.com "...I am looking for anyone who spent time in Reykjavik, Iceland (Fleet Air Base, Iceland) during World War II. Would like to talk with vets about the conditions there. I am a working, published writer starting a novel on the subject. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I can also share a few pictures. My father was a Navy Photomate stationed in Reykjavik, Iceland (Fleet Air Base, Iceland) from March 1943 to December 1943. He arrived there on the Vulcan AR5 and was briefly with VP-84. He then was stationed to Hedron (HEadquarters SquaDRON) 7, serving under Captain Daniel Gallery. I have a Thanksgiving Day Dinner Menu dated November 25, 1943, and a Christmas Card the PhotoLab put out that year showing all the Photomates, including my father, Fred Melull. Also have a copy of the Camp Kwitcherbelliakin Newsletter dated November 1, 1943. My father is mentioned in the newsletter. Someone wrote a little poem called the Shutter Nuts. Dad's name was misspelled in it as Mulull. These are the lines referring to him -- "There's wacky Melull with the wicked line - He wrote that song about women and wine - Of all the mugs, he's the super bug". In the same newsletter there's a poem by a E. X. Erinewham called "Eighteen Months in the Wrong Country or Show Me the Way to go Home." These names were also in the newsletter: Commander D. L. Westhofen; H. W. Scholl, Y1c; B.M. Freeman, Assistant Editor, PhoM2c; Sam Balsamo, Staff, Y3c; LT T. W. Swenson; Neil Boyle; and Ole Doc Walters. The results of a boxing match are listed. The cover of the newsletter reads, "Kwitcherbelliakin, The Naval Air Facility Weekly News Magazine." It shows a cartoon of a sailor before and after U.K. leave. The returning sailor is considerably thinner (not sure what that means). I would just love to hear from anyone who remembers this naval air facility or the camp kwitcherbelliakin community. Also interested in hearing from anyone for served on the Vulcan then or knows what kind of plane would have the number 702 on it --- my dad is standing in front of the plane. On the back he wrote -- "We made it!" Also, I know FAW-7 used to have liberty in a place called, I think it was NAF Dunkeswell, Devonshire, England. Thanks so much!..." [12APR2004]

MILLS, SMSgt Nevin E. nevin.mills@ang.af.mil "...I was AT2 Mills at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii (1983-1988) assigned to AIMD W/C 670 and MMF W/C 670 in NAF Misawa, Japan (1986-1987) with VP-1. I am now SMSgt Mills working fulltime with the Colorado Air National Guard (Civil Service & Reservist)..." [20MAY2012]

MELVIN, Richard dmelvin@twcny.rr.com "...I served with VP-22 from 1958 to 1960 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [07MAR2011]

MENETRE, PO3 Larry c/o His Wife Rebecca Menetre Rebecca.Menetre@Den.Galileo.com "...My husband was stationed out of NAS Norfolk, Virginia, 1955-1957, attached to the VS-30 Squadron as Aviation Storekeeper 3rd Class Larry Menetre. Their S2F flew off of USS Antietam, USS Valley Forge and USS Wasp. Larry's commander of the VS-30 was Commander Pugh..." [BIO Updated 09MAR2001 | 06MAR2001]

MENGE, AC James A. "Shorty" ok4takeoff@hotmail.com "...My first duty station in the Navy (after schools) was VP-56 from 79-82. I was a DKSR that started out in Chief Estrada and Ed White's 1st LT washing airplanes, then went to work over at PSD working in Disbursing. I earned the nickname "Shorty" in the squadron, from Gonzo who thought I was too short. I was on the NAS Bermuda 1979 and NAS Sigonella, Sicily 1980-1981 deployments. I left the squadron in 1982 as the squadron left on another deployment. I cross-rated over to AC (Air Traffic Control) in 1982, where I finished my career after 20 years in 11/98, never to be graced with another VP assignment again. I was stationed in NAS Norfolk, Virginia (1982-1987), USS New Orleans (LPH-11) (1987-1990), NAS Kingsville, TX (1990-1995) and finished up at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR (1995-1998). I now work as a civilian Air Traffic Controller, and am the Air Traffic Manager at Forbes Field (FOE) in my hometown of Topeka, KS..." [06DEC2001]

MENGHINI, Fabio menghins@inwind.it "...I took the flight training VT-2, VT-31, and HT-18 as Itn Officer in from 1988 to 1989. I had a great time..." [03APR2003]

MENHINICK, AE3 Bill (Nick) ilmwam@verizon.net "...I was an AE3 assigned to VP-931 October 1951 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I went to NAS Kodiak, Alaska in December 1951 & was discharged Pier 91 May 1952. I remember climbing the hill to the NCO club, eating a lot of rabbit, working those cold rainy nights at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, those really cold nights on the tarmac a NAS Kodiak, Alaska, those terrible cold wind coming across the water at the base of the Old Woman mountain, going into town with a twenty dollar bill and getting change in silver dollars, everytime the aircraft took off the engines when into automatic rough, and he noplace to land mountain peaks. Looking for John Fritz, SouixCity, Nebraska. I retired from the Federal Aviation Administration in 1992 having served 24 years as a Airworthiness/Avionics Aircraft Safety Inspector..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 08MAY2007 | 22FEB2000]

MENSEN, ADCS Scott Retired Shipmate Pix Circa 2001 porsche413@aol.com "...I joined the Naval Air Reserves in Dec 1972 on the delayed entry program. Just two weeks out of high school and after a short Reserve boot camp in NAS Memphis, Tennessee. I completed T-56 "I" level repair training and was sent to AIMD NS Rota, Spain where I spent two years in the shop as well as at the jet test cell (and 6 mos in the crash crew), while in NS Rota, Spain I completed training for a Private Pilots License and flew all over southern Spain in the flying club's two Cherokees, 150's and the T-34. It was a great time for a young teenager living off base and touring around Spain. I spent many a weekend in Torremolinos, or at the various Ferias. I joined the Navy with the desire to fly and when my time was up in Spain I was given orders to Second Mech training at VP-31 NAS Moffett Field, California and then across the runways to VP-46 where I deployed to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan in 1976 ( back to 31 for FE trng.) and later NAS Misawa, Japan in 1979, both great deployments with a lot of flying and a lot of traveling to other countries, P.I., Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong , Australia, Indonesia, and many more. In 1980 I moved to the other coast with VP-24 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida and low and behold my next deployment took me back to the Pacific with the first 2 + months of the NAS Bermuda deployment in NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and various points in that AOR. In 1982 I moved across the street to VP-30 as an FE Instructor doing Alt NATOPS and Fleet IUT. I missed WestPac though and in '85 transferred to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii and to VP-6, my first deployment there in '86 to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, the pinnacle of deployments especially since I had become a CPO by that time. You can't top being a CPO in Cubi!! The next VP-6 deployment was to NAS Adak, Alaska and that was obviously the payback for a great NAS Cubi Point, Philippines deployment, it sucked really bad and the only good thing was the dets to Elmendorf for training flights, Chillkoots is da bomb!! In '88 I got my wish to go to Special Projects (VPU-2) and that is the best place to be as an FE! I spent the next 5 years there and felt like I was stationed in NAS Misawa, Japan and made frequent dets to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. We spent Christmas and New Years in NSA Bahrain during the Gulf war in 90/91. In '93 I left Hawaii for NAS Jacksonville, Florida again, this time in VP-30 as the FE Airlant Evaluator and then with the decommissioning of VP-31 we became the Fleet NATOPS Evaluation team, It was a great job and I really met a lot of people but I missed WestPac so at the end of the tour in NAS Jacksonville, Florida I moved back to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii and VPU-2. Shortly after checking in I found myself at Entebbe, Uganda during the Ruwandan refugee crisis, followed the next year with a NAS Sigonella, Sicily det flying over Bosnia and then a year and a half later in NAS Sigonella, Sicily again for Kosovo, this time with the whole squadron! In between were many dets to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and NSA Bahrain and a lot of Utaphao Thailand stopovers. In Oct. 2000 I completed my last det and in May 2001 I flew my last P-3 flight which put me at 25 years to the day and 14,050 flight hours, and 28 years of Naval Service. During my terminal leave I accepted a position with Hawaiian Airlines in the pilot training department as a DC-10 ground school instructor. In late 2002 we transitioned to the B-767 and taught all of the various pilot ground school classes on that aircraft. In 2007 I moved to the Safety department at Hawaiian as a Flight Safety Analyst for which I manage the Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program (FOQA) and the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). My wife and I are still living in Kapolei, Hawaii. Any old squadron mates please drop me an email, I love to hear from old friends. Mahalo..." [BIO Updated 27JAN2014 | BIO/Pix Updated 04FEB2007 | BIO Updated 15OCT2001 | BIO Updated 10SEP2000 | 00XXX97]

MENTING, Peter ommapop@msn.com "...Served in VP-8 from 1956-1958. Made deployment to NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco from NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island as 2nd Mech on HD-10. Crew names; Boyer/ppc, Mitchel /pp2p, Ryder/ plane capt, Nowak/ radar,Dibartolemeo/ 1st radio, McGee/2nd radio, DiCammilo/ ordinance. Stayed with HD-10 untill it overshot a landing and wound up in the bay. Served remainder of time on Crew#9, can't remember names. Made UN operation to Scotland in '57, part of two plane detachment to Bodo, Norway (same operation). Departed NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada in early '58 for NAS Chincoteague, Virginia. Discharged in late 1958..." [E-Mail Updated 01APR2002 | 15JAN2002]

MERCADO, Angel ammboricua@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-1 (1986-1989) at NAS Agana, Guam. Started as undesignated Airman, worked in the BEQ and the Line Division then went to PR "A" School at NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey. I returned to VQ-1 and worked at the AIMD Paraloft until I went back home and into college. I remember going to the E Club to watch Superbowl 21! Its been a while!..." [18MAR2016]

MERCER, Dean dmedetdog@aol.com "...I served with VQ-4 NAS Bermuda Detachment from 1983 to 1987. Looking for former Shipmates..." [05JAN2004]

MERCER, Ron conron@ec.rr.com "...I recognize some of the names there. I was in VP-49 from 1962 till September 1964 and was part of the aircrew that accepted the very first P-3A from Lockheed aircraft. I also assisted in moving the squadron to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. If there are any crewmembers out there that were in 1962 till 1964, let me know. I have loads of pics and memorabalia still on the den bulkheads..." [E-Mail Updated 09JUL2001 | 30NOV99]

MERIDETH, Joe jlmerideth@netins.net "...I served with VP-7 from 1964 to 1966 under the Command of T.A. Graham (TAG for short). I made several deployments with the squadron..." [13DEC2006]

MERINO, AMS2 Jose L. jlmerino@aol.com "...I served with VP-4 (1983-1986) in the Corrosion Control Shop and FE School with deployments to NSF Diego Garcia, NS Subic Bay, Philippines and NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan..." [25FEB2014]

MERKLE, ADJ Rudolph RudyMerkle@aol.com "...I served in VP-5 from 1964 to 1967 as an ADJ and worked on the P2 and P-3 (I'm in the "piped over the side" picture)...After leaving the Navy I got a degree in mechanical engineering from Arizona State after I worked alot of avaition jobs. I now work for the 81st Civil Engineering Squadron, Keesler AFB, Mississippi as a Mechanical Engineer. I obtained professional registration as an engineer in the State of Florida so I can do consulting work over there when I retire from the Air Force..." [E-Mail Updated 22AUG2002]

MERNA, Richard RMerna@webtv.net "...Been looking for any information about Quonset Point and VS-32 without any luck.Stationed there 53-55 and it was great. Any information will be appreciated. I was AT-3 and a regular crew member..." [12SEP99]

MERRELL, Ken kmerrell@whidbey.net "...I was in NARDET NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-64 and VP-66. I retired in 1985. Would like to hear from any shipmates..."

MERCER, David Foxyfixer@aol.com "...I was attached to VP-662 from November 1962 to June 1965 at that time I went on active aboard the carrier USS Hancock CVA-19. I left the Hancock July 1967 and went back to VP-662 and was discharged January 1971..." [25SEP99]

MERCHANT, William "Bill" scporet@bigriver.net "...I served with VP-22 from 1971 to 1976. I was the radio operator with the infamous Platts Rats. I retired in 1994 as senior. Does anyone know what as happened to Dave Platt. I'm am currently a SGT with Millington P.D..." [23MAY2011]

"......" [20NOV2014]

MERRILL, Mike mikemerr2@cox.net "...I served with VP-22 (05/1962-07/1965) with deployments to NAS Iwakuni, Japan (2) and NS Sangley Point, Philippines, VP-44 (09/1969-07/1971) with deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NS Rota, Spain/ NAS Sigonella, Sicily / Souda Bay, NAS Bermuda and VX-1 (08/1971-08/1974)..."[E-Mail Updated 01OCT2013 | E-Mail Updated 23JUN2000 | 15DEC97]

MERRIOTT, AX2 J. B. "John" johnmerriott@gmail.com "...I served with VP-1 from March 1962 to March 1965 at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. We deployed to NAS Kodiak, Alaska right after I arrived. Assigned to Tronics as the MAD specialist, spent the last 3 months of the deployment at NAS Adak, Alaska doing MAD calibrations as the YB's cycled thru short stays at NAS Adak, Alaska. We returned to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in August and I was assigned to Crew-11 as 3rd Tech. We returned to NAS Kodiak, Alaska in June 1963 for 5 months. I was shifted to Crew-4 in late 1963 as 1st Tech. In 1964 - VP-1 won the Top ASW Squadron Award. Check the 1964 VP - History page and I'm the 3rd White Hat from the right with the geek glasses. We deployed to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in late 1964. I was due to be discharged in Jan 1965 but extended to finish the cruise. I got out of Flight Crew in Dec and assigned to run the Tronics Nite - Check crew. My first nite in this job the barracks burned down. Shortly after that Larry Sherwood and I were sent to NS Sangley Point, Philippines with 4 YB's and a couple of days later to FASU/NSA DaNang, Republic of Vietnam. We finished the cruise there as support for the A/C's . I was discharged after returning to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I remember those days with fondness and all the great "Screaming Eagles" I served with in those years..." [E-Mail Updated 01SEP2011 | 01MAY2011]

MERRITT, Herb c/o His Wife Barbara Merritt bmerritt350@mac.com "...My husband served on the crew of PBM VP-28 in the Philippines from January through August 1945. I am interested in learning the names of those in the picture of his crew receiving the DFC at Pearl Harbor on August 29th, 1945. I am writing a narrative of Herb's war story, based on his diaries and letters. He has listed the names of his crew mates on the baclk of the group picture, but not which one is who. He was a crew member of plane three, whose captain was named Hermanson. They flew out of Linguyan Gulf mainly..." [06JAN2001]

MERRIWEATHER, Phil philgmerr@att.net "...I served several tours with VP a/c during my 22 year naval service. I was with VP-50 (65-67), NATC (WST) "Project Trim" (67-68), VAH21 (68-69), NATC (WST) (69-72), VC-5 (72-76), and VP-48 (79-82). I also did a tour at MAMTG-1012 (82-85) as the phase CPO for the P-3C Organizational Avionics Maintenance Courses. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who served in those organizations during the periods mentioned..." [E-Mail Updated 07JUN2002 | 01FEB98]

MERS, Richard De Sr. barbed@netnitco.net "...Looking for people who were in VS-28 during Saratoga CV-60 1971 med cruise any shop especially in sheetmetal shop or assigned to Q.P. from January 1971 to June 1972..." [16JAN2001]

MERZ, ADJ2 Charlie Retired merz325@msn.com "...I served with VP-22 from January 1961 to January 1965. I flew with LCRD Woods in Crew Eight and LT Lawrence in Crew Eleven. I was the Plane Captain for two of the greatest crews that VP-22 ever had. Woody, ENS Hoyt, Gunner Thompson, Harvey Heinz, Minnie Minahan, Jin Malloy, Charlie to Greek, and many others that time has erased from my memory. I retired from the Navy in November 1976..." [26MAR2004]

MERZ, AMSC Thomas n4kra_99@yahoo.com "...Checked aboard VP-45 in June 1968 and made the Western Pacfic cruise to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand, and the cruise to NS Rota, Spain. While on WestPac cruise we changed the Squadron logo from the Peligan to a modernized Logo. Fortunately it got changed back to the Peligan later on. Will send a photo of Patch in near future. Worked in Airframes and tool room as an AMS2. Checked aboard VP-62 as a plank owner in November 1970 and spent 5 years as airframes shop supervisor. Made AMS1 off last exam taken just before active enlistment ended. Made NS Rota, Spain active duty for training (ACDUTRA) with squadron for its first out of continental United States (CONUS) ACDUTRA. My wife came also, TAD as a AK. Made AMSC off exam taken just before leaving squadron in May 1975..." [04FEB2006]

MESA, AN Michelle "Micki" mickipalms@aol.com "...I served with VAQ-33 at NAS Key West, Florida. I was undesignated and served in the 1st LT, the Line Shack and eventually made my way to the mech shop. I served with Dave "Pup" Serrianne, Brook Vickery, Dawn Aldridge, Frank Jehle, Tammy Michau Zucchoni, LCDR Thompson and of course the heart breaker FC1 Jose Castillo. I remember Shuster and quite a few others. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [16JUL2012]

MESARCH, Daniel Robert meme82543@gmail.com "...I served with VP-7 from 1962 through 1963 at NAS Brunswick, Maine. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 12APR2011 | 11MAR2000]

MERSHON, George A Jr. gamershon@verizon.net "...I served with VP-3 (1953-1954) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida..." [08NOV2012]

MESBERGEN, Larry anna@annasworld.com "...I was Flight Engineer on a PBY5A Catalina (Mrs. Frequently) during WWII in the Carribean theater. Our squadron started out as VP-92 and was VPB-92 when decommissioned in NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island late July, 1945. I do not recall any logo for VP-92 and would like some more info on that history. I also would like to connect with any members of my squadron...or crew from NAS Norfolk, Virginia who served from July, 1945 to our release in 1946 after decommissioning the squadron. I gave a talk to my granddaughter's class and sure wish I'd thought to have my wife check out the internet for photos of a PBY5A. Just found some tonight on another site. Does anyone know of any Reunion for this squadron? I guess there aren't too many of us left now. I was one of the youngest guys back then and I'm 75 now..." [26OCT99]

MESLER, RMC Herb sparksusswalton@wildmail.com "...I was a RM3 and later RM2 stationed at NAS Cubi Point, Philippines from 1958 to 1960 as a reserve on my two years active duty. Have many good memories of NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. Would love to get in contact with friends I was stationed with. I was attached to COMFAIRPHIL, but spent a lot of my time TAD to the Comm Station at the air strip. Later left with COMFAIRPHIL when the command moved to NAS Agana, Guam..." [E-Mail Updated 18OCT2003 | E-Mail Updated 16OCT2003 | 16FEB2000]

MESSENGER, AMM2 Edward Ralph submitted by James Edward Wightman AO1 former USN scubamn@home.com "...I am looking for anyone who knew of my Uncle who was killed 17 Dec 1942. He was serving with Headquarters Squadron, Fleet Air Wing Two and was TAD to Fleet Air Wing Fourteen on transpacific ferry flights out of Kanohe Bay, Hawaii when his plane was lost at Sea. His name is Edward Ralph Messenger AMM2/c, s/n 283 53 84. His Mother is still alive and both his sisters. They would like to meet anyone who knew him at Hawaii. He was at Pearl Harbor when the it was attacked. I was named after him and also would like to see how far we get with this..." [21JUN99]

MESSER, Randall S. rmesser@lsijax.com "...I served with AIMD NAS Brunswick, Maine (1983 to 1985), VP-26 (1985 to 1988), VXN-8 (1988 to 1991), VP-24 (1992 to 1995), VQ-1 (1995 to 1997), Naval Research Lab (1998 to 2000) and VP-16 (2000 to 2002). I am now retired and working with LSI as a P-3 Enlisted Aircrew/Maintenance SME..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 01AUG2008 | E-Mail Updated 15AUG2001 | 22OCT98]

MESSINA, Paul D. ltpdm@optonline.net "...Attached to VS-26 NAS Norfolk, Virginia VA/USS Randolph CVS-15 from Dec. 61 to Dec. 64. The squadron flew the Grumman S2F-3 also known as the S2D Tracker. Worked as an Aviation Electrician and flew as aircrew. Made a lot of friends and came home with a lot of good memories that I would not trade with anyone. Anyone that might be interested in finding some of those friends or to see some photo's of the squadron aircraft, patches, etc., come visit us at http://www.military.com. Scan to the bottom of the opening page and put in VS-26 where it states, Unit Locator..." [E-Mail Updated 07MAR2001 | 04OCT2000]

MESSINA, AMS3 Russel russmessina@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-1 (1962-1964..." [11APR2013]

MESSISCO, AOC(AW) Mike Retired ciscokidaocchief@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-50 (1977-1978). I left prematurely due to auto accident shortly after 1978 NAF Misawa, Japan deployment..." [18JUL2011]

MESSMER, PH2 George gejmessmer@comcast.net "...Served in the Navy from 1952-1956. I served with Naval Air Development Center Johnsville Pa. in Aeronautical Experimental Photographic Labortory (APEL) Unit from February 1955 to March 1956. We tested photographic equipment and I used to fly (getting skins) in a P2V Neptune. The aircraft had been rigged with large fuel tanks in the bomb bay area for an over the Pacific trip. Not sure of the details. Naval Air Development Center is now closed..." [E-Mail Updated 13JUN2011 | E-Mail Updated 09MAY2004 | 09NOV99]

MESSNER, Jeff jeffrey.messner@navy.mil "...I served with VP-31, VP-50, VP-1, NAMTRAGRUDET NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VP-46, and VX-20..." [06MAY2004]

METZ, AO Jim ja3metz@gmail.com "...I served with VP-10 from October 1973 to November 1976 as an Ordananceman with Crew-5. I returned to civilian life in late 1976. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [11JUL2009]

METZGER, Ed saled@tampabay.rr.com "...Served in VW-1 from July 1965 to June 1967 as 2nd and 1st Engineer Crew #5..." [E-Mail Updated 15JUN2003 | E-Mail Updated 12MAY2002 | E-Mail Updated 05DEC99 | 06OCT98]

METZGER, AMM3 Robert bobmetz1945@comcast.net "...I served with VR-4 (NAS Oakland, California to NAS Moffett Field, California) from 1945 to 1947..." [23APR2011]

METZLER, Paul bk2drain@earthlink.net "...I have previous ties with "12"..." [04APR2003]

MEUNIER, Darrell Retired demnav@aol.com "...I served with VP-8 from 1981 to 1985, instructor time with VP-30 from December 1985 to 1989, after that joyful experience served with VP-49 until just weeks before disestablishment, and COMPATWINGSPAC NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Had a blast there, then moved further West and went to Japan (CV-62 and CV-63 Independence and Kitty Hawk respectively) in Yokosuka from 1997 to 1999, then Okinawa till I retired in 2002. Anyone want to get hold of me? Drop a line at my e-mail. Oh, now I'm a Harley mechanic. Weird world, huh?..." [12JAN2004]

MEUZELAAR, Tom TOMTAMMY95@HOTMAIL.COM "...I served with VXE-6 pararescue team from 1982-1987. Looking to find pictures or Shipmates..." [21APR2003]

MEWBORNE, Jim jim.mewborne@me.com "...I served with VP-26 (1979-1980) at NAS Brunswick, Maine. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [24JUL2018]

MEYER, Danny Lee planey713@bellsouth.net "...I finally found a connection to VP-17...I trained for the Plane Captain (PC) position on LZ-9 early in 1966. My PPC was LCDR Keaney, and my instructor was PO-1 Seversen. I finally and proudly passed the PC Board and was assigned by CDR M. O. Paul to Crew-9 with LCDR Heimbacher before deploying to WESTPAC and the Ton San Nhut DET-1966 to 1967. Those were some of my proudest days as a young sailor. I did discharge in July 1967 to the civilian world only to join up with VP-94 as a Reservist P2 PC, and a P-3 FE until I retired from the Reserves in 1990. VP was good to me - I actually was hired by U. S. Customs Service to fill a position of a P-3 FE and eventually an Aviation Maintence Officer until that retirement in July 2008. Thank you VP for a most interesting life. One thing I missed was the squadron never did send me my DET Cruisebook for 66-67 - I would have liked to have shared it wih my family. I paid for it, but it was lost in the cracks..." [13MAR2010]

MEYER, Gary C. gcmeyer@adelphia.net "...I served with VP-10 from 1967-1968, VP-22 (BlueGoose) from 1973-1976, NRL ( NAS Patuxent River, Maryland) from 1977-1979. I was a jet mechanic in VP-10 and later re enlisted for Flight Engineer School after a tour on the USS Oriskany. I flew F/E for about 8 years ended up getting out and started working at NASA Lewis Research Center (LeRC). I retired from NASA in February 2002 and now work for a Government Construction Contractor as the Program Manager. Hi, to all the old "BlueGeese"..." [BIO/E-Mail Updated 20APR2002]

MEYER, LTJG John c/o his son Michael Meyer hd72@excite.com "...My father John Meyer was with VPB-25 and VP-41 in the Pacific from June to October, 1945. he was a Lt. (jg) and flew PBM-5's with other Shipmates: En. Kohr, Overkop, Fonoroni, Cpt. Rone, Lt. Conway, Eng. Durante, Lt. MArsh, Duerkpr, Lt. Whitt, Lt. Peters, and Kurzt. He flew in and around Hoi How; Jinomoc; Subic; Necke Isle; Hainian Straight; Hong Kong; Swaton; Sangley; and Lingayen. I am looking for ANY and All information about him or his Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 23JAN2003 | 02JAN2000]

MEYER, Stephen L. SLMeyer@aol.com "...I was an ATN2 Radioman in VP-28 Flight Crew 1. Joined VP-28 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii in May 1965 after transferring from AEWBarRonPac at the same location. Our crew was among the first three planes and crews to deploy to NS Sangley Point, Philippines in October 1965. I served with the squadron until time for separation from the Navy in May 1966. Great memories from that deployment with R&R in Japan, NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan, Bankok, and Hong Kong. Remember the beer in the PI? Painted label San Miguel? I'll never forget! I think I had diarrhea for seven months..." [15JUN2000]

MEYER, Stephen T. "Steve" smeyer46@msn.com "...I served with VP-16 from 1967 to 1969 as a Communications Yeoman and on a flight crew as a radio operator. Retired Commercial Banker (39-years)..." [13SEP2010]

MEYERRIECKS, CDR Brian J. http://members.tripod.com/~lph9/xobio.htm "...EXECUTIVE OFFICER, USS GUAM (LPH-9) - Commander Brian J. Meyerriecks is a native of Huntington, New York. He graduated from the University of Florida in June of 1975 and was commissioned as an Ensign through the Naval Aviation Officer Candidate program in Pensacola, Florida in October 1977. Following Navy Flight Training in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas he was retained as a Flight Instructor and assigned to VT-27. He taught initial flight training, precision aerobatics and formation flying in the T-28. His next tour of duty was with VP-17 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. He completed two deployment to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and a split deployment to NAS Adak, Alaska and NSF Diego Garcia. He finished this tour as an Instructor Pilot and Mission Commander in the P-3 aircraft. In February 1984, Commander Meyerriecks reported to VP-31 at NAS Moffett Field, California as a Fleet Replacement Squadron Instructor Pilot. He assumed duties as Pilot NATOPS Officer and conducted the Patrol Plane Instructor Pilot Course, authored a Flight Training Guide for non-instructor pilots and developed a Defensive Flying seminar enhancing flight station safety. He completed this tour as the Commander, Naval Air Pacific, NATOPS Pilot Evaluator for the P-3 Aircraft. In November 1986, Commander Meyerriecks reported to the USS KITTY HAWK (CV 63) in San Diego, California as the ship's Communicatioins Officer. He deployed in 1987 for an around-the-world cruise where he earned qualifications as Underway Replenishment Conning Officer, Officer of the Deck Underway and Command Duty Officer Underway. In July 1989, Commander Meyerriecks reported to CPW-10 NAS Moffett Field, California to serve as Director of the Antisubmarine Warfare Operations Center. While assigned to Patrol Wing TEN he was selected as the 1989 Junior Officer of the Year by the Santa Clara Valley Council, Navy League of the United States. Commander Meyerriecks joined VP-48 in November 1990. There he served as Training Officer and deployed to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. VP-48 was disestablished and subsequently he joined VP-40 as the Operation Officer and deployed to NAS Misawa, Japan along with numerous detachments to the Persian Gulf throughout Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. In November 1991, Commander Meyerriecks reported to the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, DC., as the VP Air Combat Placement Officer. He reported to VP-45 as Executive Officer in April 1994. In April 1995, Commander Meyerriecks took command of VP-45 and lead the "Pelicans" on a six month deployment to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, operating throughout Central and South America, setting records in Drug Interdiction and Counter-Narcotics Operations. Commander Meyerriecks personal awards include two Meritorious Service Medals, Four Navy Commendation Medals, a Navy Achievement Medal and various unit campaign awards..." [05JUL2003]

MEYERS, Eric R. eric.r.meyers@gmail.com "...I served only in VPU-1 from June 1982 until May 1986. Following the AFTA schools and P-3 Orion IFT Training. I was the first junior aircrewman assigned to The Association of Old Buzzards. So I'm the first Young-Old Buzzard, along with Paul Yuknis who came in shortly after me. Following my enlistment, I went to Penn State University to get an Electrical Engineering degree and I'm now a Systems Engineer. I've worked on Airplanes, Torpedos, Submarines and Surface ships. And on Ras Tanura, a Saudi Arabian Oil Port, Port Control Center. In 2000, I became V.P. of IT Systems for a small business in Halifax, PA. I have two lovely young daughters who are doing great in church and in school. I now just do Research and Development of solutions with Linux-based Computer Systems for Home and Small Business purposes. God bless my Old Buzzard friends from way back..." [22DEC2009]

MEYERS, AW2 John A. afriqueart@aol.com "...I served with ASWOC/TSC NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal from 1980 to 1981 and was aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68) from 1982 to 1983. I would like to hear from any Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 19MAY2003 | 23OCT2000]

MEZIE, RMC(AC) C. L. "Lou" Retired spankystell@att.net "...I served with VP-10 (05/1966) as one of 13 blackshoe radiomen. We all were awakened to a new way of life. Cannot speak for the others, but serving in VP-10 was one of the highlights of my 20 years. Reported aboard as LPO RM1 Mezie and left as a Chief. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 02DEC2011 | E-Mail Updated 20JAN2006 | E-Mail Updated 08DEC2000 | 08JUN98]

MEZYNSKI, AK John mezynskijohn@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-24 (1976-1978)..." [30APR2014]

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