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Memorial Picture "...LYNN, CAPTAIN Joseph Sr...My father, CAPTAIN Joseph Lynn Sr., Retired recently died of what he called 'general breakdown'. He did so with all of his 6 children surviving, and as a recent great grandfather. After the death of his beloved wife Janet in 1995, my father remarried, and my dearly beloved step-mom Peggy is now graced with more children than she can control. I'm hoping to create a webpage in honor of one of the most impressive persons I've ever met, and I would appreciate any comments, photos or information that any of the thousands of people who've had the fortune to meet him might add. I would especially like to hear from his old squadron members (CO VP-6, CO USS Albemarle (AV-5), XO NAS Pensacola, Florida, CO NAAS Saufley Field, Pensacola, Florida, Naval War College, and then to staff NAS Norfolk, Virginia) and Dewey Ostrom, if anyone knows whether he's still around. Joe Lynn (very junior) joe@idatic.net..." [25JAN2003]

Memorial Picture "...LYONS, CDR Dale S...I wonder why no listing is included fo Dale S. Lyons NAP CDR deceased. He lost a foot on Ford island during the Pearl harbor raid and returned to flight status with a false foot. He was grounded when they found he had sugar diabetes. Dale then became the prime drone pilot in the Navy operating many types of drones including F6F, and even F-80 during the Bikini atom bomb tests, he was borrowed by the USAF for this project. He also had a tour at NAMTC NAS Point Mugu, California. I hope he is not forgotten for he made real contributions to the Naval Aviation history. I served with Dale at VU-3 and NAMTC NAS Point Mugu, California...Lawrence A. Neumann neumannl@snet.net..." [26DEC2006]

LYAUTEY, Tim talyautey@csonline.net "...Hi! To all the Grey Knights past and present. It's Tim "Coyote" Lyautey. I served in VP-46 from 1977 to 1980. Deployed to NAS Adak, Alaska, NAS Misawa, Japan and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. Flew ordinance with the great crew 8. Any of you "B.B. STACKERS" or the rest drop me a line. I'd love to hear from ya!..." [E-Mail Updated 08FEB2001 | 14FEB99]


LYKINS, Jay mrjaykins@gmail.com "...I served with VR-8 from late 1966 until early spring of 1967..." [09OCT2010]

LYLE, AE3 Larry Kmllgl@aol.com "...I was stationed in NAS Brunswick, Maine with VP-7 in 1961 - 62. We were transferred to NAS Jacksonville, Florida in 62. The squadron has been deleted. In 1962 I transferred to Rota, Spain for two good years of "gravy" duty. I got to see some of my former shipmates when my old squadron deployed to NS Rota, Spain in 64. I would like to hear from any old Shipmates at me E-mail address. God Bless the USN..." [04OCT98]

LYLES, John Ralph c/o His Daughter Ann Shipmate Pix asimonds1@juno.com "...I am trying to help my dad locate some of his Navy Buddies. Can you help direct me where to search? He was with Squadron VD-2. Names I have are: Robert Black Scott (Squadron VD2 Photographic Outfit stationed in Norfolk, VA.) Arthur L. Horsell...Think he is in Bend Oregon. Radioman: Porempski Interpreter: Chico LCDR Merlin W. Alley (Pilot) Lt. Daughtry Photographer: Gooch My dad is John Ralph Lyles. He was on the USS Osprey, and USS Princeton Aircraft Carrier. Thanks..." [22MAR2001]

LYNCH, AO2 Jeffrey D. jrjklynch@cs.com "...I served with VP-6 from November 1987 to September 1991. I would like to hear from anyone who served with VP-6 during the dame time period..." [03MAR2002]

LYNCH, LTJG Ken kslynch@erols.com "...I served with VP-11 (87-91), TSC NAS Brunswick, Maine (91-95), until I became an LDO. Then, off to USS George Washington (CVN 73) from 95-98. Now, off to duty with the MOCC in NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania..." [22JUL98]

LYNCH, R E bandw@fibernet.com "...I was in VP-16 and VW-15..." [09MAY98]

LYNCH, Robert N. dumbo@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-872 (1961-1962) with a deployment to Christmas Island (Crew-11). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [10JUN2012]

LYNCH, Steve slynch@lsijax.com "...I served with VP-30 (75-78), VP-45 (78-81), ASWOC Bermuda (81-84), VP-1 (84-88). That was last official P-3 tour. I don't count Force Warfare Pax River Md, since I was the DLCPO (Command Senior Chief). After NAS Patuxent River, Maryland it was on to a different world of HELO's, HS-15 (transition from SH-3 to SH-60F) and HSL-44 for my final tour..." [17DEC97]

LYND, Edley Ray eraylynd@bellsouth.net "...I served with VU-10 NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from 1954 to 1955. PC JD-1 #20 Mallard..." [13NOV2006]

LYNN, AK2 Bernie berlynn@bellsouth.net "...I served with ZW-1 from 1956 to March 1959. I was in worked in Supply under LCDR Roland Noble and our CO was CDR Mills. The best duty I remember. I now reside in Hollywood Florida. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [01JUL2009]

LYNN, Brian blynn22@earthlink.net "...I served with VP-22 from 1984 to 1988. I was an IFT on Crew-4...." [E-Mail Updated 28DEC99 | 24AUG98]

LYNN, PNC(SW) Joe Retired noflyzon69@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-4 (1984-1987) with deployments to NSF Diego Garcia (11/1984-07/1985) and NAS Adak, Alaska (06/1986-12/1986). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [27DEC2018]

LYON, ARM1 Charles B. joeandcheryl2000@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-205 from early 1943 to 1946. I am 85 years young! I would like to hear from any former Shipmates..." [06JUN2010]

LYON, ATR3(AC) Lewis James "Jim" gemlion9@yahoo.com "...I went to A school in Millington, TN from June 1961 to January 1962 and served with AEWBarRonPac from May 1962 to December 1964 until my discharge in December 24, 1964..." [E-Mail Updated 20APR2008 | 11APR2008]

LYON, AE1 Richard "Dick" c/o his son Randy Lyon wolf68901@yahoo.com "...I am looking for Shipmates that served with my Dad AE-1 Richard (Dick) Lyon. He served with VQ-2 in the 1960s and 1970s. Dad deployed to NAS Agana, Guam, NS Rota, Spain, and Georga. He flew on a VW-1 EC-121 (BuNo: 145935), TE-9 WV-2 (BuNo: 145939), and TE-6WV-1 (BuNo: 145930). If anyone can help please feel free to get in touch with me. I know it would bring joy to me and my dad to hear fron other crew members. Thanks..." [E-Mail Updated 26DEC2004 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 16FEB2003 | 13MAR99]

LYON, Stan stanlyon@yahoo.com "...After VP-17 tour in the mid 1960s I attended law school at the University of San Diego. I graduated and passed the bar in 1972. I worked at an aerospace subcontractor at the time and in 1974 moved to the law department of the Douglas Aircraft Co. in Long Beach, CA. Couldn't get away from aircraft. Spent 25 years there and retired in 1999..." [30SEP2006]

LYON, AX2 Tom lyoneyes@gmail.com "...I served with VP-47 (1975-1978). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 16OCT2018 | 04DEC98]

LYONS, AMH1 Bernard "Bernie" Retired bernielyons@verizon.net "...SI served VP-21 (11/1962-07/1965), VT-2 (08/1965-11/1969) at NAAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida, VP-48 (07/1969-07/1975) at NAS Moffett Field, California, NAVCRUITDIST New York (08/1975-11/1979) and retired 11/1979..." [BIO Updated 31JAN2014 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 29OCT2012 | BIO Updated 11FEB2001 | 02SEP2000]

LYONS, Francis chieffjlyons@comcast.net "...I served with VX-1 from 70-74. I moved from NAS Key West, Florida to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland..." [07APR2007]

LYONS, AWCS(AW) Jack A. jackel@pioneernet.net "...VP-31 (student) JUL 77-DEC 77. "Big Red", VP-19 DEC 77-NOV 81, SS-1/2 on crew 8. Advanced AWAN to AW2. Deployments to Kadena, Adak, and Misawa. VP-31/TTT NOV 81-DEC 84, this time as an instructor. Advanced to AW1. "The Wizards" of VPU-2 DEC 84-OCT 92, ACINT Operator and Crew Chief for crew 12 "The Whipped Dogs" and crew 14 "The Dark Forces". Several interesting "Road Trips" and detachments. The best tour of my Naval Career. Advanced to AWC, AWCS and became EAWS qualified. CPWP TAC D&E OCT 92-OCT 95. VP-30 (student) OCT 95-JUL 96. Reported to "The Screaming Eagles" of VP-1 AUG 96. Currently hold 7821, 7841, and 7861 NEC's..."

LYONS, AT2 James "JD" jdlyons7@verizon.net "...I served with VP-57 at NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan in 1954 and flew Crew 4 as an AT when we deployed to NAS Kodiak, Alaska in 1956. I was discharged in October 1956 as AT2. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [09SEP2010]

LYONS, AO3 Kenneth T. kpop_1@bellsouth.net "...I was in VP-7 on crew 10 during 1962 to 1965 as A0-3. I would be interested in hearing from some of my Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 31MAY2005 | 04APR2000]

LYONS, Michael L. mlyons@lightside.com "...Ex-OSC, active duty USS BAINBRIDGE CG(n)-25 '66-'68, ResFor: FleTraGroup, VP-65, IUWG-1. Left reserve after 20 in '81..."

LYONS, AX3 Ronald "Ron" relsr@usa.com "...I served with VP-10 (1968-1971) with deployments to NAS Bermuda, NAS Keflavik, Iceland and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I worked in the Electronics Shop under Chief Buckheister and flew as Radio Operator with CAC-4..." [05FEB2017]

LYONS, William Lee lyonsbill97@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-47. We were deployed to NAS Adak, Alaska when we heard that one of our aircraft was involved in a Mid Air collision (SEE: In Memorial for (VP-47) lost friends April 12, 1973). I remember Bruce he was a very nice guy and always seem to have a smile. Matter of fact all the Officers and enlisted were pretty good guys. I would like to thank each and every one of them for helping me be the person I am today..." [15JAN2011]

LYSAGHT, AT1(AW/NAC) Walter Retired augustbug@ev1.net "...I served with VQ-3 TACAMO from 1975-1981 (NAC), then went to VQ-2 from 1981-1984 as shore duty Aircrew flying EP-3A and EP-3B (Deepwell and Aeries I). I started in Special Projects and when they converted my billet to sea duty, I was transferred into the EP-3 Avionics Shop. Talk about a small world. AT1 Bruce Colby was my instructor for my previous TACAMO school, and ATCS Bruce Colby (same guy) gives me my AES checkride while we're flying out of Greece. NOTE: The Reserves were flying PP-3's by 1981. I also was there when the Seawing bird (EA3) went off to the boneyard after getting a flight waiver. Plane was older than the guys flying it! From VQ-2 I went to VQ-4 TACAMO (NAC) 1984-1989, and onto NATC Force Warfare Aircraft Division in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 1989-1992. And what do I see in the hanger, but an Aeries II!!!! VQ is finally getting new planes and with new equipment inside as well! Made my heart glad to see that. You guys in VQ-1 and VQ-2 had done so much with so little, for so long that they expected you to do everything with nothing, forever. I didn't get to work on the Aeries II, I was in the R&M Department working with the E-6A that was to replace the EC-130Q's that I flew in TACAMO. After that, it was one last tour in VQ-4 with a homeport change tossed in the middle of the tour (all while the squadron is flying 24/7 coverage with no standown) just to make it interesting. I really enjoyed VQ-2 (maybe not some of the mickey mouse), but the people were great and so was Spain. I was able to see a lot of Europe. VQ-2's official / un-official OPS Motto will serve you well. "Plan on Yes…. maybe No…. I'll let you know in an hour"!..." [14JUN2003]

LYSIC, AO John "Shakey" bjlysic@comcast.net "...I served with VP-22 VP-19, VP-50 and retired in 1980. I am trying to find VP-22 Shipmates to verify VA claim that we landed in Viet Nam and got off the plane..." [25JAN2012]

LYTLE, James bigshot454@hotmail.com "...Serving in the early 1970's was not as "cool" then, as it is now. However, the friends made, the sights seen, the lessons learned and the job done are every bit as important. Thanks to all my fellow Shipmates for the hard work, the great memories and the fun. Thanks to Uncle Sam for trusting a 19 year old kid with life keeping responsibilities. Jim Lytle NATC NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 1972-1975 and VP-24 1975-1976..." [02APR2002]

LYTLE, James E. "...Would like to hear from any other flight crew or ground crew serving in VP-45, NAS Bermuda, during 1956-60. Address: 8122 Deer Forest, San Antonio, TX 78239, (210) 590-6797..." [20OCT99]

LYTLE, AO3 Ian C. evilian@comcast.net "...I served with VP-46 from June 1993 to August 1997. We deployed twice to NAF Misawa, Japan / NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and once to Dodge / Masirah, Oman. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [25MAR2009]

LYTTEK, AT2 Mark mlyttek@yahoo.com [BIO/E-Mail Updated 23JUL2001]

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