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LLOYD, ATN3 Arlie E. arlloyd62@gmail.com "...I served VP-9 (03/1962-06/1964) flying as a crewman aboard PD-9 and later PD-12. LT Wheeler was my PPC and later LT Fink and LT Hap Smith. I was at Johnston Atoll during the nuclear testing (09/1962-10/1962). I was there when one of our planes crashed in the reef. Later I was back at NAS Alameda, California when we lost the plan in the Oakland Esturary., and in reading the list of VP-9 mishaps, there is one that is missing. on the list. In about March of 1964, we lost a plane on landing at NAS Kodiak, Alaska and again, all got out alive. The P2V7 broke up into 5 pieces, as I was told. There was a man named Wilhelm, who was in all three crashes, at Jonston Is, NAS Alameda, California and then at NAS Kodiak, Alaska. when they all got out alive. Wilhelm went home by boat and train and I never seen or heard from him again. He told me he would never set foot in a F-ing airplane again for the rest of his life. I knew some of those men that died in the crashes after I got out in June. ENS Mack was a fine officer, with flaming red hair. And if I remember right, I believe he married the woman he met in Kodiak, Ak. I new Frank Vega, who died in the a P-3 in the Phillipines (07APR65), when the landing gear collapsed. I contacted Frank Vega's son who ask to talk to anyone who knew their dad. Frank and I used to practice Morse code. We were both radio operators. I know some of the others as well. They were all wonderful young men who gave their all for their country. May they rest in peace, till we meet again..." [14SEP2018]

LLOYD, CAPT Henry F. https://naval-air.org/flightlog/moreinfo.asp?UID=331 "...CAPT Henry F. Lloyd, USN - NFL Number: 331 - Date of Birth: 8/20/1915 - Date In: 1/1/1939 - Date Out: 1/1/1969 - City, State: St. Augustine, FL - School Attended: US Naval Academy - Aircraft Flown: P-3C, P2V-2, P2V-7, F2H-2, F3D-1, HO4S - Ship or Unit: USS Louisville VB-131 - VX-1, CO - Pilot Desg.: Naval Aviator - Theaters, Campaigns, etc.: WWII, Vietnam - Associations/Service Organizations: USNA Alumni Assn Military Order of WW Assn of Nav Aviation Ret. Officers Assn Air Force Assn - Highest personal decoration or award: Legion of Merit - Significant Achievements: 13,000+ hours flight time. CO of VP-8, FAW-3, US Naval Postgraduate school, & NATTC Memphis, Tennessee. Involved w/the Rotary Club, the Navy League, USO, & United Way. In Memoriam? No..." [06DEC2005]

LLOYD-JONES, John T. john@jwlloydjones.com "...I served with VP-9 from April 1981 to April 1985, FASO Det NAS Moffett Field from June 1985 to September 1988, TSC USS Ranger CV-61 from March 1989 to March 1991, TSC USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 from April 1991 to March 1993, VP-30 from April 1993 to September 1995, and VP-40 1995- EWO all the way..." [E-Mail Updated 21JUL2004 | 05SEP97]

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