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Memorial Picture "...EYMANN, Kenneth M....Served with VPB-21 and the USS Chandeleur (AV-10) passed away on January 11 2002...John V. Jewett (Stepson) vjewett@earthlink.net..." [31JUL2002]

EYBERGEN, AWC Christian Retired christian.eybergen@yahoo.com "...Enlisted in the Navy Nov 1950 , went to Great Lakes Boot Camp, then to A Ship USS Tarawa CV-40 (1951-1952, and USS Oriskany -CV-34 in Korea March (1953), Then was assigned to NAS Kingsville, Texas (1954), In 1958 went to "A" school, From there served with VAW-12 Flying as an ASW Operator in AD5W Aircraft with Det 43 out of NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island with CAG 3 on the USS Saratoga CVA 60, (1958-1960), In (1960) went to McQuire AFB, New Jersey with VR-6 until 1963, Then was assigned to VP-23 with Crew 9 and Crew 11 till 1968, I went to "B" school in NAS Memphis, Tennessee, then assigned to VP-21 end of (1968) with Crew 4 and then Decommissioned VP-21 in (1969), I was the assigned to OMD, NAS Brunswick, Maine for shore duty (1969-1972), I was then assigned back to VP-23 with crew 6. Retired in Oct 1973..." [BIO Updated 21AUG2017 | E-Mail Updated 19JUN2015 | BIO Updated 11MAR2015 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 25DEC2013 | E-Mail Updated 15JAN2008 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 19JUL2002 | 07SEP98]

EYGABROAD, AT1 Chuck cleygab@frontiernet.net "...I served with VS-39 from 1952 to 1955. Would like to contact others that served in VS-39 during that time frame..." [22SEP2006]

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