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EXUM, Craig huntermce@msn.com "...I've been stationed at MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii with VP-4 since 1999 scheduled to transfer to San Antonio, TX in October 2002. Just returned from a 5th Fleet deployment in June so you all know where I've been if you've kept up with the many new roles of the P-3. I was with VP-60 as an FCO from 1989 to 1991 as a TAR. I started college in 1991 and became a reservist sooon after with VP-60. After graduation from college I earned a commission and started flight training in 1997. I miss the good times I had with you all and I try to pass on to all my fellow J.O.s and sailors how much fun the Navy can be...'cause you all made it so! Thanks to my Sea Daddy Fitz for all you taught me; thanks to Darrin Golden for being a great friend; and thanks to my mentors 'Hog' Brown and Mike Walsh for the mentoring, you guys ROCKED!!! Take Care!..." [16AUG2002]

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