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Circa 1960

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...(FAETU (PACific/AtLANtic), FASRON-3, FASRON-102, VP-8, VP-24, VP-44 and VP-56) - Naval Aeronautical Organization OPNAV NOTICE 05400 for Fiscal Year 1960 dated 1 February 1960 is: DECLASSIFIED per Office of Chief of Naval Operations on 1 February 1965 by Op-501 - Atlantic Fleet Support Stations..." WebSite: Naval Historical Center http://www.history.navy.mil/a-record/nao53-68/fy1960-feb60.pdf [11MAR2007]

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Circa 1949

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...Regarding aircraft attached to FASRON-3 - I was transferred there from Aviation Electrician's School (NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee) in July of 1949 as an Aviation Electrician Airman and was transferred out to USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) in March of 1953 as an AE2 (to be advanced to AE1). The aircraft I remember were: SNJ, SNB, TBM, TBG, TBF, F4U, F6F, F8F, SBD (the US gave a squadron to the French Navy), AD, and the most memorable one to me was the XBTD-2 (the prototype for the AD. It had the most screwed up electrical system as it was used as a test bed). For jets I remember the FH1, FH2 and the A3D. FASRON-3 was originally CASU-21..." Contributed by AEC Allen McCroskey, Retired amccroskey@woh.rr.com [21FEB2002]

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...AIR SAFETY AWARDS...OUR NAVY 15 Oct. 1959 Page 16..." [21FEB2002]

Ten Atlantic Fleet Naval Air Force units have been named winners of the CNO Aviation Safety Award. Permanent CNO citations and bronze plaques were given in recognition of flying safety, economy, morale, and combat readiness. In NAS Norfolk, Virginia the winners were VS-27, FASRON-3, and HS-7 (First chopper squadron to win the award.) At NAS Jacksonville, Florida and NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida are based the winners, VA-35, VA-106, VP-5. At Sanford is VAH-5; at NAS Bermuda is VP-49; and at Lakehurst is VW-1. VS-27, in addition to winning the Safety Award, made a clean sweep of the ASW field by taking the new Arnold J. Isbell Trophy for ASW and winning her Battle "E."

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