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UPDATE I was surfing for information about P-2 Neptunes and made a hit on your VP-5 sight. The history showed a photo of the last P-2 (Ser. # 131526) being "piped over the side". When I saw the tail number, I about had a heart attack.

This P-2 did not die there. It was taken to a boneyard in Tucson, Az. From there it was re-activated to a U.S. Army Unit, the 1st. Radio Research Co. which was stationed in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam from June 1967 til March 1972. The unit conducted electronic racon. warfare missions all over S. Vietnam, particularly along the Ho Chi Minh trail. I was an engine mechanic on the P-2 from June 71 till the unit stood down in 1972. I have pictures of 131526 on the runway at Cam Ranh and I flew on it many times. It would be strange for you to look at a P-2 with "ARMY" on the side of it but we had six of these planes, 5 mission birds and 1 training bird. We did get some strange looks when we landed at Naval Air Stations in P.I., Japan, and Vietnam. We were stationed at navy bases because the Army didn't have parts for the P-2.

I also have photos of 131526 in flight over Vietnam. When the unit stood down in 1972, 5 of the planes were flown to Japan and sold to Mitsubishi Heavy Metal Industries for scrap. I was on the final flight of 131526 when we took it to Japan and I have a photo of it on the flight line there before it was destroyed.

Just thought you might like to know what happened to 131526 after it left VP-5..." Contributed by Dave Drum dldrum@statesville.net [E-Mail Updated 01MAR2001 | 01DEC96]

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