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Note NOTICE: "...My Father was CDR Tom Kirkland. I am trying to locate information as to the dates of my father's service in VXN-8 including the dates of the change in command ceremonies if possible. He served in the mid 70's and was the CO after Dick Winters. any assistance or direction in this inane evolution would be deeply appreciated. Thank you..." Contributed by Jeff Kirkland jkirkland@deloitte.com [05JUL2011]

Note NOTICE: "...Here is something that might interest the former members of VXN-8. I have the aircraft manufacturer's plate from the original ARTIC FOX RP-3D Bu.No. 150500. GOT it before the bird was scrapped...I would enjoy hearing from old members of the 'WORLD TRAVELLERS'. I am a journalist working for WINGS of GOLD magazine...a publication of the Association of Naval Aviation..." Contributed by Jim Turnbull dxorion@nbnet.nb.ca

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for Laura Hutcheson(sp?) VXN-8 and VR-57. I want to send a very belated thanks...McDONALD, William F. williamf.mcdonald@rvpmail.com..." [06AUG2003]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm a speech writer for an Admiral in Pensacola, Florida. I am looking to talk to anyone who served with VXN-8 from December 1990 through November 1992 timeframe when Captain (Now) Gavin D. Lowder was XO/CO. Thanks...Kea Hessler K-kea.Hessler@cnet.navy.mil..." [11JUN2003]

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