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BOWEN, ATC Jim Retired jbowen92@comcast.net "...Served with VS-31, NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, VP-10, TSC NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, and two tours with VP-92 and VP-60 as an IFT. I have met many dedicated and hard working people in the VP community with lasting friendships and many fond memories. Since I retired, I have been working for many years as a safety specialist at various Naval bases and run into several former Shipmates. Like to keep in touch..." [08NOV2006]

CRANDALL, LCDR Woodruff M. "Woody" Retired woodruffcrandall@gmail.com Shipmate Pix "...I served with VP-22 from 1969 to 1972 as an AWN (my wife says I still Glow in the Dark sometimes!). Great experiences with deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan with Detachments to U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I left the Navy to finish College and returned via AOCS in 1975. After all the "Fun & Games" at AOCS I served with VT-10 ("FO" school), VT-29 (Loved those Convairs!!), VP-31 and arrived at VP-1 in 1977 for a deployment to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and a wonderful Detachment to NAS Agana, Guam. In 1980 headed East to VP-30 as NFO Instructor and Naval Weapons Test Squadron (WST) Czar. 1983 saw me disappear into the Strange World of NMPC Sea Duty Component Det Dallas where my mind was "altered" and fingerprints erased (only kidding-I think). When released from confinement in 1985 had my pay back tour in DC in OP-13. Escaped to NAS Moffett Field, California in 1987 for re-programming at VP-31 then assigned to VP-19 for my DH tour. I had a blast on our NAF Misawa, Japan deployment thanks to the Soviets and Spring Ex 1989. It was amazing to see that many subs in one Op Area and that many P-3s fighting for rights to be ONTOP. We needed an Air Traffic Controller to keep us out of each other's way! After that last great melee, I was shipped off to Armed Forces Staff College and then back to DC to baby sit the NATOPS and Air Tac-Man conferences and publications. Retired in late 1991 and began working for Summit Research Corporation (DOD Contractor) out of Gaithersburg, MD as a Program Manager and recently, Director of Corporate Development. After 8 great years there, moved around to various other contractors until joining Adaptive Methods, Inc in 2003 as a Program Manager for NAVSEA IWS 5 SSQ-89 programs and several others. Currently, serving as Corporate Facility Security Officer and Operations Manager overseeing our 5 office locations across the East Coast. Browsing through the other entries has been a trip into the past and makes me realize just how much I miss the Squadron environment, hard work and fun we all had. Would love to hear from more of my former Shipmates and try to track down some buddies that have vanished. I'm still trying to find that "Bucket of Prop Wash" AWC Gary Dunlap sent me searching for that first week I reported to VP-22! I've reconnected with a number of my VP-22 Shipmates from the 1968 to 1972 era and we gather annually at different locations. We moved from Northern Virginia, just West of DC to Melbourne, FL. Have 2 sons and one granddaughter (She's beautiful!!!) and living in the Boca Raton, FL..." [E-Mail/BIO/PIX Updated 02FEB2019 | E-Mail/BIO/PIX Updated 14APR2010 | 16JUN98]

FROST, CDR Paul J. http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~uscnrotc/Decades/d-1980/c1983bio/b83FRO.htm "...BS Business Administration Finance 1983. Warfare Specialty Flight Officer - Commissioned Ensign USN 13 May 1983 - Industrial College of the Armed Forces ICAP - National Defense University 2003 - Military History: Flight School: VT-10 / NATU Mather Airforce Base, Winged out October 1984, VP-30 - Student P-3 Fleet Replacement Squadron - November 1984 - May 1985, VP-24 - Pilot - May 1985 - January 1989, VP-30 - Instructor - January 1989 - February 1992, CV-64 - Communications Officer - May 1992 - May 1994, VP-47 - Department Head - November 1994 - September 1996, CPRFL - Training Officer - October 1996 - May 1999, VP-30 - Executive Officer - May 1999 - Jun 2000, VP-5 - Executive Officer then Commanding Officer June 2000 - June 2002, and ICAF - Aug 2002 - Jun 2003..." [21JUN2003]

GALLARDO, CAPTAIN A. J. ajgnhawaii@aol.com "...Assigned to VP-8 1979-82; Instructor NFO at VP-31 1982-85; Training Officer and OPS O at VP-10 1989-91; XO/CO VT-10 1993-95; XO NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii 1995-97; Currently assigned to the OPNAV staff..." [06JAN2000]

HAGER, LCDR Carl Allen U. S. Naval Academy "...Graduated with a B.S. in May 1986 from the U.S. Naval Academy. Attended SWOS and EOOW schools from June 1986 to January 1987. Reported to the USS Miller (FF-1091) in February 1987 and assumed duties as the Gunnery Officer, Auxiliaries / Electrical Officer and Main Propulsion Assistant. Qualified as OOD underway, CICWO, EOOW, CDO and designated a Surface Warfare Officer. The command received the Battle Efficiency Award in 1987. Selected for a Lateral Transfer to become a Naval Flight Officer in October 1988. Reported to NAS Pensacola, Florida and completed Aviation Indoctrination Training in March 1989. Graduated with distinction from VT-10 and reported to NATU (Naval Air Training Unit) Mather AFB, Ca. for Undergraduate Navigator Training. Received NFO wings in May 1990 and awarded the William Mize Leadership Award. Reported to VP-30 (Fleet Replacement Squadron) in June 1990 and eventually to the "Mad Foxes" of VP-5 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida in February of 1991. Assumed duties as Security Manager/Nuclear Safety Officer, AW Division Officer, Personnel Officer and NFO Training Officer. Participated in deployments to NS Rota, Spain and NAS Keflavik, Iceland with detachments to Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Norway and Crete. Qualified as Navigator/Communicator, Tactical Coordinator and Mission Commander. Awarded 1993 ANA "NFO of the Year". The "Mad Foxes" were awarded the Battle Efficiency Award in 1992. Reported to VP-30 as a "blue card" Fleet NATOPS Instructor from February 1994 to September of 1995. Held the collateral position of Special Projects Officer responsible for the Anti-Surface Improvement Program (AIP) implementation. Reported to Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California in September 1995. Completed thesis titled "Modeling the Performance of the PT SUR Hydrophone Array in Localizing Blue Whales". Graduated from NPS with a Master's Degree in Physical Oceanography. Following graduation, reported to VP-30 for refresher training from October 1997 to April 1998. Reported to the "Fighting Marlins" of VP-40 in May 1998 and assumed duties as the Tactics Officer, Training Officer, Assistant Maintenance Officer and Maintenance Officer. As Maintenance Officer, led a department of 290 personnel responsible for the upkeep of 10 P-3C Aircraft. Participated in a deployment to NAS Misawa, Japan with detachments to the Philippines, Okinawa and South Korea. The "Fighting Marlins" were awarded the Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Forces Pacific Battle Efficiency Award in March 2000. Detached in May 2000 with over 1400 cumulative flight hours. Reported to the Oceanography Department of the United States Naval Academy in May 2000..." [31MAY2003]

HOBGOOD, CDR Bill Retired Shipmate PixCirca 1950 Shipmate PixCirca 1990 Shipmate PixCirca 2008hobgood.bill@gmail.com "...Son of a Pearl Harbor survivor and career Naval Officer, I graduated from Texas A&M (Corps of Cadets) and was commissioned via the AVROC program in November 1969. Following Flight Training in VT-10, VT-29, VP-30, VP-45 for DIFOPS (remember that?) from 1971-1974, PPTC on Crew 13, RPS Custodian and ASW Training Officer. Staff duty with FAW-11 (later CPW-11) as ASW Officer followed. I worked for two of the finest officers I've known: CAPT Charlie Prindle and CDR Lynn Grafel. After "Black Shoe" training at CIC/TAO school at FCTCL Dam Neck in 1977, reported for Sea Duty with COMCRUDESGRU-8 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. As Battle Group Air ASW Officer and TAO under RADMs Thor Hanson and Bob Walters, deployed on USS Biddle, USS Eisenhower and USS Independence. Graduated from Naval War College in 1980 and received orders to PACFLT at CPW-2 Hawaii from 80-81. Met, later to be VADM, Mike Haskins and worked for him in the Training Department until taking over Wing Admin. Dept Head tour followed with VP-6 (Ops Officer) 83-84. Next was another staff tour at CPW-1/CTF-72 in Japan as Current Ops under CDR John Brockley. I later took over the job of Task Force Operations Officer from 85-86. Finally got to come back the mainland for a brief tour in NAS Pensacola, Florida as ASO for TRAWING-SIX. How nice it was to have weekends off for a change. Then the BEST tour any NFO can have: CO/XO of VT-10 1988-1990. My final tour was as XO of NAS Moffett Field, California 90-91 under CAPT Tim Quigley. I am now living in the Cedar Park, Texas area (retired between jobs) and enjoying not having to go anywhere each day.first time since I was 5 years old. Would like old Shipmates to drop me a line. Especially looking for Bob Simril, Jim Shaddix, Curt Griffith, Bob Miles et al...DIRLAUTH..." [E-Mail Updated 15MAR2011 | BIO Updated 11JAN2010 | BIO/PIX Updated 16APR2008 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 17JAN2007 | BIO Updated 01NOV2005 | BIO/Pix Updated 28MAR2002 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 26JAN2000 | 18SEP97]

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KENNEDY, CDR John A. Shipmate Pix Iraqi 2003 fiveelevenheaven@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-48 (Nav/Comm and TACCO/MC) from 1984 to 1987. We deployed to NAS Misawa, Japan/ NAS Adak, Alaska in 1985 and to NAS Adak, Alaska in 1986. My skippers were Falls, Speed, Bushnell, and Eiesle. Go Boomers! I then served with VT-10 from 1987 to 1990 as an T-47 flight and academic instructor followed by VP-65 (TACCO) from 1991 to 1998 (Great time - Miss being a member of a squadron). In March 2003 mobilized for on a two year recall to active duty to U. S. CENTRAL COMMAND as J3 Theater Information Management Chief in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Recalled indefinitely into the 1600 community (Information Professional or "IP) in January 2005. Assigned to CNE-C6F staff. "USN" for first time in career! Married, 5 kids. Still have my Boomer checks..." [E-Mail Updated 17JUN2008 | BIO Updated 08FEB2006 | WebSite Added 11NOV2004 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 15JAN2004 | E-Mail Updated 28SEP2000 | 30OCT99]

MASTERSON, LT Keith "Batman" Shipmates Pix kbatmast@aol.com "...VP-49: Jun 1990-Oct 1993. Deployed to NAS Keflavik, Iceland (twice) and NS Rota, Spain/ NAF Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal. Detachments to Panama, Thule, Andoya, Souda Bay, Nordholz and Nimes. Instructor pilot. CAC-7 (The Uncrew). VT-10: Oct 1993-Sep 1996. Currently: United Airlines: Nov 1996-June 2025 :-) Looking to hear from anyone I flew with or any WFWP who remembers disliking Womble ...."

McBRIDE, LT Bob bobmcbride1@gmail.com "...I joined VP-26 in summer of 78 just in time to go to NS Rota, Spain in September 78. We then came back and transitioned to P-3C II , We were supposed to go to NAS Keflavik, Iceland but at the last minute we went to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan because we were the one of the first to have Harpoon Missles. I was with VP-26 until May 1981 when I went to VT-10 as an instructor. I left the Navy in June 1983..." [E-Mail Updated 02DEC2010 | 14JUN2005]

McMACKEN, Patrick katpatmc@swbell.net "...Served with VP-47 April 73 - January 76 as a pilot and PPC. Later did my department head tour with VP-22, June 82 - July 85, PPMC with the Blues Crew. Left VP-22 and spent the next five years in Corpus Christi at VT-27 & Trawing 4. Retired in 1990. Currently the Emergency Management Director for Irving Texas..." [12OCT98]

PETERSON, CDR Roy "Pete" Retired rptrsn@yahoo.com "...I enlisted in 1968. I earned my AC wings at NAS Lemoore, California as a helicopter rescue crewman, fly rescue mission in the Sierra Nevada mountains. After two years of shore duty, I received orders to VP-11 as an AT-2. I went through VP-30 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland trained as in IFT, but when I arrived at the squadron I found out that if I wanted to fly I have to be a radioman. No problem let me fly. I made the short notice deploy to WesPac with VP-11 July-Nov 1972 operating from NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand. After a, very short stint as a civilian, I returned to active duty and changed my rate to AW. After AW "A" school and another pass throught the RAG, I reported to VP-44. Flying the oldest P-3A as SS2 then SS1 I made two deployment NS Rota, Spain / NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NAS Bermuda between 1974-1977 making AW1 along the way. I followed that tour with two years at TSC NAS Sigonella, Sicily, where I really learned acoustic analyis from some great AW's. AW1 Mike Stokes, AWC Al Cox, AWC Mike Cantor and AWC Mel Watkin a great acoustic analyist and one of the best leaders I had in my naval career. En route to shore duty at Naval Weapons Test Squadron (WST) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland by way of VP-30 I was selected for AWC and was intiated in 1979. A couple of weeks later, I found out I'd been select for an a commission as an Aviation Operations LDO Ensign. My shore duty was cut short and after knife and fork school, I to the USS Ranger, in NS Subic Bay, Philippines for an 8 month deployment to the Indian Ocean. Working in the ASW Module a was promoted to LT(jg) on my second deployment to the Indian Ocean. After 2 years 2 months and 1 day I departed USS Ranger to NAVAVSCHCOM NAS Pensacola, Florida for training as a Naval Flight Officer. VP-10 at NATU Mather Airforce Base, VP-31 and I found myself in Hawaii as an LT NavCom in VP-1, CAC-6. Under the leadership of LT Frank Dombrowski, I quickly qualified as a TC. After a split deployment to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan / NAF Misawa, Japan I earned my Mission Commander designation and a JO crew. Select for the College Degree Program (CDP), with the help of the XO CDR Zambernardi, I made the very hard decision to forgo another VP-1 deployment and took orders to New Hampshire College. Completeing my BS degree in 9 months, transferred to Commander Patrol Wings Atlantic (CPWL) where I was the Aircrew Training Officer. A great job in a great location 1987-1991. From there it was time for my fourth patrol squadron. After my 5th time through the RAG, I reported to VP-8 as a LCDR Department Head. Two deployments to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR and all the det sites, I stretched this tour as long as I could, knowing that as an AW/LDO this was my last active duty squadron. It was a good tour (Tiger, Tiger) and I flew with them from Oct 1991 until June 1995, picking up my P-3 5000 hour pin along the way. Shore duty followed as the Director of Training, Fleet Aviation Specialized Training Group Atlantic (FASO). It was a very interesting job with schools in NAS Brunswick, Maine, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, Mayport, plus all the Marine air stations, not to mention SERE. We worked hard to keep up with all the changes in tmissions, new technology and the impacts on flight crew training. My last tour 1999-2002 was as XO of NAS Souda Bay, Crete, Greece where I retired with over 5500 hours in the P-3 and over 33 years active service. It was a great career. At my retirement ceremony, I was piped ashore then back aboard our 42' sloop Brilliant, where my bride Stephanie spent 5 years cruising the Med, crossing the Atlantic in 2006, the Caribbean, then the US East Coast until last year when we moved ashore in Florida..." [26MAY2015]

Memorial Picture "...PORTER, LCDR Kennard...I am looking for anyone who may have known my dad LCDR Kennard Porter. At the age of 17 Ken enlisted as a Seaman Recruit in United States Navy, and after a 30 year career retired at the rank of LCDR, a true Mustang. During his military career Ken served on numerous aircraft carries including USS Mindoro, USS Wright, USS Leyte, USS Midway and the USS Independence; saw duty stations including NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, NAS Bermuda, NAS Sanford, Florida, NAS Corpus Christi, Texas and NAS Brunswick, Maine. At the age of 34 Ken accepted his commission as an Ensign and became the oldest flight student to attend Naval Flight Officer training. Ken began a distinguished flying career as the Navigator/Tactical Coordinator assigned to VP-44 stationed at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland flying P-3 Orion ASW aircraft with deployments to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada and the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal. After fulfilling his flight commitments, Ken transferred to Naval Aviation Schools Command as a navigation/sea survival instructor and ended his 30 year career assigned to TRARON TEN (VT-10) NAS Pensacola, Florida - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/pensacolanewsjournal/obituary.aspx?pid=162255538#sthash.ZFdP0LNI.dpuf. Should you know amyone who may have memories of daddy...pleae feel free to email! Most Sincerely with God' blessings..." Contributed by Karen Porter Airaghi airaghi.karen@yahoo.com [30MAY2017]

ROBERDS, Darryel dlroberds@aol.com "...I served with VP-19 at NAS Moffett Field, California from Spring 1969 until Spring 1972. I was a TACCO in Crew 7 and a couple of other crews when I first arrived. I spent two years in ALPHA Crew 7. Did a tour in VT-10 at NAS Pensacola, Florida followed by a tour as NATO Weapons Officer in NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I finished out my career at NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee as Training Officer for the AVC7 school. I was a NESEP (Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program) and spent 10 years as an enlisted Radioman at Beachmaster Unit ONE, NAS Adak, Alaska, USS Pluck, and the USS Washoe County. Would love to hear from any old Shipmates..." [07MAY2003]

ROBERTS, Ann Marie (Johnson) annroberts977@gmail.com "...I served with VT-10 (1968-01/1975) at Forrest Sherman Field NAS Pensacola, Florida. Presently, retired Special Education Teacher, Service Officer for American Legion Post and District 3, Catholic War Veterans (CWV), Youth Director - 40 & 8 and National Welfare Officer..." [31DEC2017]

TENER, Dick dicktener@cs.com "...I flew P-3's from 1968 til 1981. Started in VP-26 where I went TAR. I left VP-26 for VP-66 where I helped transition them from the P2 to P-3. Next to VP-94 for another transition. Them out to VP-91, and finally a department head tour in VP-16. Spent time at NAS Jacksonville, Florida the NRPC. Retired in 1988 as instructor at VT-10. Still flying commercially, but never a day goes by that I don't recall life in the Orion. I would have flown it til I died of old age if the Navy had been smart enough to let me. Those were the best days with the best people. Would love to hear from squadron mates, crew members, and friends..." [28APR2001]

TRULUCK, CDR David R. Retired dtruluck@att.net "...I served with VP-50 as soon as they arrived at NAS Moffett Field, California to transition to the P-3. I believe I was the first P-3 NFO to join the squadron. Was initially in Crew-2 then Crew-11. Made the Langley/NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam (1968) and NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan(1969/1970) deployments. Then to NAS Pensacola, Florida for the Baccalaureate Degree Completion program and instructor at Schools Command then nav flight instructor at VT-10. Riffed out January 1973 then to reserves NAS Jacksonville, Florida with VP-62. Flew with Crew-15. Forced to retire due to hearing loss. Would like to hear from any of my former Shipmates..." [16MAY2019]

TURCHI, Francis L. Retired fltavcm9@bellsouth.net "...Served with VA(HM)-13/VP-24 from January 1957 through June 1960 at Chincoteage and NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Flew crew on HA-6 and LR-8 at NAS JRB Willow Grove, Pennsylvania from December 1953 through December 1956, NAF China Lake, CA from July 1960 through November 1962, HU-2/HC-2 from August 1963 through March 1968, AMD Lakehurst from March 1968 through July 1971, VQ-2 from August 1971 through July 1975, NTTC Corry Pensacola, FL from September 1975 through March 1978, USS Saratoga CV-60 from April 1978 through September 1980, VA-72 NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida from October 1980 through March 1982, AIMD Meridian, MS from April 1982 through June 1983, 4/82-6/83, VT-10 from July 1983 through June 1985, USS Nimitz CVN-68 from July 1985 through November 1987, and retired November 1, 1987. Went to work at NADEP Pensacola from January 1989 through April 1995. Been in contact with several VA(HM)-13/VP-24/HC-2/VQ-2 personnel through the years. Call anytime..." [E-Mail Updated 25FEB2002 | E-Mail Updated 12MAY2001 | 28NOV99]

WILLIAMSON, CDR Mark R. http://www.brigmiramar.navy.mil/cowebbio.htm "...Commander Mark R. Williamson was born in East Patchogue, New York and raised on the eastern end of Long Island, New York in the small town of Cutchogue. He attended the State University of New York at Brockport and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in May of 1983. Following four months of training at Aviation Officer Candidate School, he was commissioned as an Ensign in January of 1985. In February of 1985, he reported to VT-10 in NAS Pensacola, Florida and was ultimately designated a Naval Flight Officer in January, 1986, following the successful completion of Advanced Navigation training at Mather AFB in Sacramento, California. Commander Williamson's initial fleet assignment was to VQ-1, NAS Agana, Guam. During this tour, he completed over 20 deployments throughout the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean from the Bering Strait to the Gulf of Oman. During these deployments he supported such operations as Praying Mantis, Earnest Will, Coyote, Shooting Star, Team Spirit and WESTPAC 89. While in VQ-1, he served as Legal Officer, Assistant Electronic Warfare Officer, Brigand Officer, and Assistant Training Officer, as well as achieving the operational designation of EP-3E Electronic Warfare Mission Commander; a designation rarely achieved by first tour Aviators. In 1989, Commander Williamson was selected to attend the U. S. Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS), NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. While at USNTPS, he flew over 26 different types of aircraft, including every type of operational naval aircraft. He graduated from USNTPS in December of 1990, and was designated a Naval Test Flight Officer. Following USNTPS, Commander Williamson reported to the former Naval Air Test Center (NATC), renamed in 1992 the Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division, also located at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. While at NATC, he served primarily as the Project Officer in the developmental testing of the ES-3A "Shadow" aircraft. During this time he uncovered, documented, and reported to the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) over 1,000 aircraft deficiencies, and ensured that contractor and government engineers worked together to design and implement corrections to the more serious of these deficiencies. Additionally, he "branched out" and worked on the developmental testing of other aircraft such as the F-14D, EA-6B and the EP-3E ARIES II. Commander Williamson joined the "Ravens" of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Six (VQ-6) in July of 1993. While at VQ-6, he completed a full deployment and "workups" with Carrier Air Wing (CVW) EIGHT (USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT) as well as workups with two additional Air Wings: CVW-17 (USS SARATOGA) and CVW-3 (USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER). Significant operations and exercises he participated in included Adriatic Operations such as Combat Support flights during "Deliberate Force" (resulting in the Dayton Peace Accords), "Deny Flight", and "Sharp Guard", as well as Middle East Operations such as Operation "Southern Watch" overland Iraq. Additionally, he participated in "Desert Rescue" in February 1994 and the Joint Air Defense Organization/Joint Engagement Zone (JADO/JEZ) Nearland Test in March 1994. Finally, he served as the Assistance Training Officer, Safety Officer, and Electronic Warfare/Intelligence Officer, as well as the VQ-6 Detachment Delta Assistant Officer in Charge (AOIC). In November 1996, Commander Williamson reported to Sea Control Squadron VS-41, the S-3A/B and ES-3A Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS). As the senior ES-3A instructor training Pilots, Naval Flight Officers and Aircrewman earmarked for the Fleet VQ Squadrons, he served as the Assistant FRS Training Officer and ES-3A Department Head, while achieving designations as a Carrier Suitability and ES-3A Flight Instructor. Additionally, he became a qualified Ground Instructor on ES-3A "AOR Requirements", "Differences", and Mission Avionics System Trainer (MAST) courses. Most significantly, while at VS-41 he established a "stand-alone" ES-3A Department as well as procured funding and brought a new trainer "on-line" to enhance ES-3A FRS training. Following VS-41, Commander Williamson joined the "Wizards" of VPU-2 in July 1997. While at VPU-2 he completed four 60-day deployments to the 5th and 7th Fleet Areas of Responsibility (AOR) as a Detachment OIC and Mission Commander. Additionally, significant operations and exercises he participated in included Javelin Maker, Bantam Runner, Ellipse's Alpha and Charlie, Kernal Blitz, RIMPAC 98, Fowl Eagle, and Operation Southern Watch. Finally, he served as the Operations and Training Officer, successfully leading two very large and critical departments. In 1999, Commander Williamson was selected to attend the U.S. Naval War College (NWC), Newport, Rhode Island. He completed the National Security Decision Making, Strategy and Policy, and Joint Maritime Operations syllabuses and was awarded a Master of Arts Degree in March of 2000. Additionally, he matriculated in the Master of Business Administration Program at Salve Regina University. Commander Williamson reported to the Joint US Military Affairs Group-Korea in April of 2000. Assigned as the Navy/Marine Corps Aviation Program Manager, Commander Williamson was responsible for all US-ROK Navy/Marine Corps Aviation Security Assistance and Foreign Military Sales, and maintained very close relationships with ROK Navy organizations including: NAVSEASYSCOM (Taejon), Airwing-SIX (Pohang), Ministry of National Defense (Seoul), as well as various US and Korean Defense industry companies. Commander Williamson joined the professionals at Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar in May of 2002, and assumed the duties of the Executive Officer. In June he took Command and is currently the Commanding Officer of NAVCONBRIG NAS Miramar, California. Operationally, Commander Williamson has accumulated both land-based and seaborne flight experience with over 3,700 flight hours and 300 carrier landings. His decorations include: the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal (2 awards), Navy Commendation Medal (3 awards, one with the Combat "V" decoration), Navy Achievement Medal (3 awards), and numerous other campaign and service awards..." [27JUN2003]

WILSON, LCDR Bill Retired bjwilson@fastransit.net "...Flew 1st Radioman on WV-2s in VW-11 as AT3/AT2, then as a radioman on DP2Vs (DP2e) in VU-8, then made NESEP at NC State U, graduated in 1967, to OCS, Newport, then NFO training at VT-10, went on to VP-24 as NAV/TACCO in P-3Bs on CDR Martini's crew with Al Buckowick in 1969, transitioned to P-3C's, first to qualify as TACCO in squadron. As BEARTRAP projrct officer flew with PPC Jerry Zelfer, Dave Stevens, Jim Rather, BK Webb, Bud Neubauer, deploying on both coasts on BEARTRAP flights. Also served as the AW Division officer and NATOPS evaluator. Selected for PG School Monterey in 1972, after graduation was lassoed by USNA and taught there for 4 years. Selected for the AEDO program and sent to VP-30 where I retired as LCDR in Training/Plans Officer Job in 1978. Taught at Univ of North Fla in Math/Computer Science for a while then went to work for BellSouth as Systems Analyst until retirement in 1996..." [E-Mail Updated 20FEB2003 | E-Mail Updated 25JUN2002 | BIO Updated 24SEP2000 | 22SEP2000]

WOODS, John "Woody" wood7382@bellsouth.net "...Flying for UPS now on the 757/767. Going to the same destinations Doug Gillette goes probably (Latin America). Miss flying with people like Scotty Mensen. I served with VP-10 from 1983 to 1986, VT-27 from 1986 to 1988, VPU-2 from 1989 to 1992, VP-10 from 1992 to 1994, NAVSAFECEN from 1994 to 1997 and got out in 1997. Nothing else looked enjoyable! The timing was good. VPU-2 was certainly a highlight of my career in the Navy. We need a Reunion!..." [03JAN2003]

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