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Note NOTICE: "...I'm trying to replace my VP-44 (patch used from 1969 to 1971) and my VQ-4 (used 1971). I lost both of them and sure would like to replace them. If you have one - please let me know. Thanks. RUSSELL, Dennis Wayne drussell@epcounty.com..." [27APR2006]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to contact anyone from VQ-4 that I met at Riat RAF Fairford, England in July 2004. I was a Team Leader with the Air Training Corps Special Works and Tasks Team. Thank you...Ray Pendleton ray.pendleton@tiscali.co.uk..." [15AUG2004]

Note NOTICE: "...I see you do not have VQ-3 or VQ-4 listed. I know we did not have P-3s but at least we had T-56s hanging on the wings. Think you will put up a posting for these guys since many of the engineers and flight crew came via the VPNavy? Rand..." Contributed by Randall M. Haney rhaney@boazk12.org [23NOV99]
Me NoteWell Randy - VPNAVY has them now thanks to your suggestion. Good Hunting!

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