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ABRAMS, Richard W. Shipmate Pixrds@tech-center.com "...Greetings! I served in VQ-2 from 8/74 to 6/77. Loved almost every moment. I'm probably (and unfortunately) best remembered as "Capt. Zap", an AFRS-Rota radio announcer for the graveyard shift on weekends. Still enjoy that good ol' Rock and Roll but these days, my wife and I rock and roll in a church we helped to establish. Don't remember many people's names from the Q for reasons I'll leave unsaid. But, I still enjoy hearing from the folks that were part of the Q back then. Drop me a line, sometime. I'm on-line most of the time, Webmaster for three different websites. Check out my Q page at http://www.myfreeoffice.com/rds/Q.htm. Have any of you noticed the lack of officers signing any guestbooks on any website like this one, compared to the number of enlisted ??? Still looking for Lt. Robbins and Straus from VQ-2. Website: http://www.fma-alumni.org..." [Updated Pix/ICQ # 04DEC98 | 26NOV98][ICQ #18663639]

ABPLANALP, AT3 Bret babplanalp@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1978-1981) at NS Rota, Spain. I worked mainly the second shift on TACAN in the NAV/COM shop but was responsible for painting over the Sandeman with the newer Bat design while doing duty in the Erosion Control shop. I had a great time in Spain and made me want to live in Europe. Although I've been living in Switzerland for 24 years, I'm currently working in America. Still using the skills I learned in NAS Memphis, Tennessee..." [25JAN2014]

ADAMS, PO1 John Retired jmaseabee@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 from July 1980 until November 1984. EWOP, Brigand OP. ECHO crew. Really miss the good old days in NS Rota, Spain! Sure miss my old friends. Now reside in Falcon, Colorado (near Colorado Springs). Retired from the Navy Reserve as a Seabee (Construction Electrician First Class) after 20 years..." [31DEC2008]

ADCOCK, Steve adco9047@bellsouth.net "...I served with VQ-2 from 1970-1976..." [14JUN2002]

ALLEN, Brad "BRADO" bradley.j.allen@marexchange.mar.lmco.com"...Was at VQ-2 from 89 to 93..."

ALLRED, CTTCM (NAC) Mike Retired MDALLRED@AOL.COM "...I was a VQ-2 sailor from May 74 to Dec 78. Spent many, many hours at Bennie's and lots of days TAD to Athens on ground det. Oh for the days of Bobby's Bar. Left the Q and went to VPU-2 Old Buzzards as their first CTT on staff. Great tour as a real airdale. Lots of good dets to places better left unmentioned. Working for Don East and Ivan Hughes was some of the best ever. Left NAS Brunswick, Maine in 82 and went back to the Q in NS Rota, Spain. I guess I was a real glutton for punishment but I got to work for the Buzzard again so it was worth it. Especially when he pinned on my anchors in 82. Left the Q community for good in 85 and did lots of other fun CT stuff and finally retired in July 95 as CMC at Naval Security Station Washington DC. Currently a full-time college student hoping to graduate in Dec98 with a degree in Natural Science and teach General Science. Hi to all my old Shipmates, (and I do mean old). Hope to hear from some of you. Stay Navy!!!..." [03MAY98]


ANDERSON, AQ1 Norman R. norm-karen@comcast.net "...I served with VQ-2 (08/1957-09/1961). I started my career there as Maintenance Yeoman for Harry Fitzwater. I was still there when he came back as CO in 1961. I flew as radar operator in P4Ms, P2Vs and EC-121s. Spent a lot of time at Incerlik in Turkey and was there when the P4M went into the mountain. Flew as part of the search crew the next morning. Lost two very good friends in that crash. My flight crew was the one lost over Germany in the WV crash in 1962, eight months after I left the squadron. Many good and many sad memories..." [12JUN2013]

ANDRADE, Tyleen "Ty" alohahiker@yahoo.com "...I did my first tour in the Navy at VP-47. We were one tight knit bunch. The aircraft crash in the desert made me realize there is a God. I have been through almost the same situation at my current command. I was in Souda Bay, Crete and my squadron lost an aircraft at the of the runaway. Again, everyone got out with minor injuries. I just want say that I would fly in a P-3 anyday. Get in touch with me guys. I'm currently serving in NS Rota, Spain with VQ-2. Thanks for being such a good family...I have made it back to the land of Aloha. It is even better the second time around.I working at COMPATRECONFORPAC in K-bay. Planning doing alot of scuba diving. E-mail if your planning a trip to my kneck of the woods...I was working at Hickam AFB at the POW MIA Accounting Command. I am a full time student at Hawaii Pacific University. I am making documentry films and doing multimedia and photography, who knew..." [[E-Mail/BIO Updated 22OCT2005 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 13OCT99 | 02MAY98]

APOL, Jeff j_apol@yahoo.com "...Hello there from VQ-2 the US Navy's forward deployed squadron out of NS Rota, Spain. This place is really cool and am finally getting out of the line shack after a year!..." [18MAR99]

ARMSTRONG, Steve labspa@rocky-mount.com "...I earned my wings as CTR2 with VAQ-33 (1981) flying in Super Connie 141292 and subsequently the NP-3A. I ended up in NS Rota, Spain with NSGD Rota flying with VQ-2 from 1984-1988. I retired in 1994 and now am a Chef. I'm interested in hearing from others..." [30AUG98]

BACKRACH, AT1(AW/NAC) Jay jrbachrach@yahoo.com "...VC-5 non-rate 81-83; VQ-1 EWOP 84-87; VP-16 IFT 88-92; NAWCAD Warminster IFT 92-95; VQ-2 EWOP/ground pounder 95-97; NAMTRAGRUDET NAS North Island, San Diego, California ES-3A instructor. E-mail me if you know me..." [19FEB98]

BAKKER, MCPO Denny Retired pecanguy@gmail.com "...I served with VP-44 (1967-1971), VP-30 (1971-1974), VQ-2 (1974-1977), VX-1 (1977-1979), Navy Military PersonnelCommand (NMPC) Detachment NAS Dallas, Texas (1979-1985), VP-24 (1985-1988) and VP-30 (1988-1991). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 08DEC2014 | E-Mail Updated 01OCT2000 | E-Mail Updated 03SEP99 | 09NOV97]

BALKAU, ADJ3 Richard W. rwbalkau@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 from September 1958 to February 1960. I was a ADJ3 working on P2V and P4M. I was a Second Mechanic on P2V5F and logged over 300 hours. It was the best duty I had. We had a great crew and all single. We would take any flight and got to travel all over..." [E-Mail Updated 25DEC2009 | 19AUG2001]

BANE, AT2 Richard T. rbane@suscom-maine.net "...VQ-2 ATAN - AT3 W/C 212 EA-3B Plane Captain 1995-1999. VP-10 AT2 NAC P-3 IFT/ORD CDI 1994-1997..." [17MAR2007]

BARRERAS, Andy starship@clark.net"...I am a P-3 Flight Engineer currently serving as one of the aircrew detailers in DC. I just came from VQ-2 in Rota. Before that I was in VP-24 then VAQ-33 in Key West, Fl..."

BEASLEY, AE2 Bob beasleyrb@valornet.com "...I was and AE-2 in VQ-2 from late 1967 until December of 1970. It was a wonderful part of my then young life. I remember most of the great pilots and enjoyed working on the A-3's and WV's. I would love to know what ever happened to Chief Olander (AEC). I cannot imagine NS Rota, Spain without VQ-2 there..." [16OCT2006]

BEAUDETTE, ATN2 Chip gopentax@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (01/1968-12/1970) as a Radio Operator aboard the EC-121 Constellation. I maintained Radio and Navigation equipment on both the EC-121 Constellation and EA-3B Skywarriors. Had a great time - worked and flew with a great bunch of guys - we worked hard and played hard!..." [24AUG2011]

BECKER, LT(jg) Robert A. tamafarm@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1962-1965)..." [02MAY2017]

Memorial Picture "...BECKFORD, AEC(AW) Dayne...Memorial Funeral Mass for Dayne C.M. Beckford, 45, who died Sun., Nov. 26, 2006, at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, will be 1 p.m. Sat., Dec. 2, in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, with the Rev. Mark Waters as celebrant. Military honors will follow outside the church. Family will receive friends from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. Thursday in the church Memorial Room. Dayne was born March 26, 1961, in Kingston, Jamaica, to the late Hayden Thompson and the late Cynthia Beckford. Dayne served his country in the U.S. Navy for 21 years, receiving many decorations and commendations, and attaining the rank of chief. A resident of Palm Coast for six years, Dayne worked as a professor at Daytona Beach Community College and for the Flagler County Adult Education program. He was a member of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, V.F.W. Post 8696, U.S. Navy Fleet Reserve, the Caribbean Club, the Flagler County Technical Council, and various motorcycle groups, hunting clubs, and many other organizations. Dayne was very active in his community, donating his time to many causes. He was also an avid outdoorsman and sportsman who loved hunting, fishing, camping, sailing, riding his motorcycle and flying. Dayne's greatest joys, though, came from spending time with his family. Dayne served with VP-56, VQ-2 and Catbird..." WebSite: CenterSeat (CENTERSEAT FORUM - Main Category - IN MEMORY) http://www.centerseat.net/ [08AUG2008]

BECKFORD, AEC(AW/NAC) Dayne C.M. daynec@hotmail.com "...Flight Engineer...VP-56 CAC 10 & CAC 8, 86-89, VQ-2 I was a "Q-Dog" and a member of the first Aries II crew., 89-93, CINCUSNAVEUR VP-3 DET living Belpasso on Sunny NAS Sigonella, Sicily, 93-96, NAMO/NAVAIRSYSCOM NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 96 to present. I wouldn't mind hearing from old Shipmates..." [30APR98][ICQ# 3671792]

BENNETT, AMSC Chuck Retired chuckndi@webtv.net "...Duty stations were; VP-26 1972-1975, NADC Warminster 1975-1978, NAS Keflavik, Iceland 1978-1981, VQ-2 1981-1984, VP-11 1984-1989, AIMD NAS Jacksonville, Florida 1989-1992. Living now in Florida doing what every Chief dreams of, drinking coffee for a living working for Maxwell House Coffees in Jax. Any OLD Shipmates drop me a line. Would love to hear from you..." [06NOV98]

BENNETT, CWO4 Paul A. deepsea29@cox.net "...I served with VQ-1 (1961-1964, 1966-1970 and 1973-1977) and VQ-2 (1983-1986). My duties consisted of WV-2Q/EC-121M, A3D-2Q; EA-3B, EP-3E Aircrewman, EA-3B Crew Leader, EC-121M ECM Operator, EP-3E AES, Special Projects Technician and Command Master Chief..." [27NOV2014]

BENNING, ADC John Retired navychief97@hotmail.com "...Enlisted August 1973 with the intention of serving for a couple of years.....24-years later I retired as an ADC...Quite a ride! Throughout my career I moved around the aviation community, serving in VF-124, VRC-50, NAS Key West, Florida, VP-4, VP-17, VQ-2, NADC Johnsville, Pennsylvania and CPW-10. It was all memorable, but the P-3 time was especially rewarding. As a FE working in the maintenance department I had the best of both worlds, interacting with professional flight crew as well as outstanding maintainers. My Navy training and experience directly resulted in my continuing with aviation after retirement, first with Boeing, then with the FAA, where I currently manage the FAA International Field Office in Frankfurt, Germany. My experience an an FAA manager requires me to be "The Chief" years after hanging up the uniform and donning civvies. I am eternally grateful for all Shipmates that helped guide this young sailor toward a solid understanding of what integrity and leadership are all about..." [E-Mail Updated 29OCT2011 | E-Mail Updated 02AUG99 | Updated 14APR98]

BESSINGER, YN2 William (Bill) wbessinger@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from December 22, 1966 to December 18, 1968. I worked in the Administartion Office and the Legal Office. LCDR Jack Taylor (later CO) was in charge of the Legal Office (when he was not TAD which was most of the time). I then served aboard the the USS Koelsch (DE-1048) until I was discharged April 1970. I left as a YN2. Looking for VQ-2's YN1 Arthur Yost and Larry Feldman..." [29SEP2004]

BINDER, CTT2 C. T. cbinder610@comcast.net "...I served with VQ-2 (06/1971-01/1978) at NS Rota, Spain with deployments to NAS Boca Chica, Florida, Wiesbaden, West Germany, NAF Naples, Italy, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, Athens, Greece and few other strange places North, South, East and West. Got my Aircrew Wings flying the Willy Victor EC-121M and transitioned to the EP-3E. Chuckie Tee Fly Me!..." [19APR2014]

BLAYLOCK, AZCS Dennis W. Retired blaylo@att.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1972-1976), AIMD NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida (1976-1979), VP-5 (1979-1981), AIMD NAS Jacksonville, Florida (1982-1984), HS-1 Sea Detatchment (1984-1987), VP-30 FRAMP (1987-1990), VS-31 (1990-1993) and AIMD NAS Jacksonville, Florida (1993-1997). I am work at NAS Jacksonville, Florida as a contractors and the world is still turning..." [E-Mail Updated 16FEB2011 | E-Mail Updated 12OCT2001 | 19MAY2000]

BLEAKNEY, Mark bleakney@hawaii.rr.com "...I am in Hawaii, riding my Harley and doing lots of sun worship. I was stationed at VQ-2 from October 1994 through September 1998. I am currently working at Camp Smith, HQ USCINCPAC. If you are in my kneck of the woods, drop me a line, or even just to shoot some BS. I'd love to hear from some old freinds and party animals. Aloha!..." [15FEB2000]

Memorial Picture "...BLUNDEN, Al...I received the following from Clint Epley, President of the VQ Association. Al Blunden served in VQ-1 1957-1960 and in VQ-2 1972-1976. "Al Blunden passed away in his sleep on Wednesday, the 20th of October. His was on a rocky road these past several years, having cared daily for Louise during her long bout with cancer, and to the detriment of his own health. Al was a tower of strength and knowledge in the VQ community and literally hundreds of VQer's owe their success in the community to his dedication and caring patience as a trainer of electronic warfare professionals. It was with great joy that he attended the VQ Reunion in Las Vegas last year and also fitting that many had the opportunity to pay tribute to one of our finest at that time. Most of us there felt that it would be his last. To the best of my knowledge there will be no memorial services but it is fitting that everyone who knew Al take a moment to say a word of prayer for his soul and for his family at this time of loss and grief. Al will be missed but it is a measure of the man that he gave his all to his country and to his fellow sailors. Dale Hagen"...DAVIDOW, LT Mel Retired meldavidow@earthlink.net..." [24OCT2004]

BONNELL, J. Steven jsbonnell@fuse.net "...I flew with VQ-2 from 1982 to 1983 as a 'ComSta backseater'. Very much acquainted with the whale dance. And, I won't be caught by "Did you see those two T-56s on our port wing?!" After 4-yrs in the Navy I went Army Reserve. Most recently, drove fuel tankers in Iraq (Cp Anaconda) with the 705th TransCo....had enough of that--retired with 26 yrs of service. I still look back on the Baltic runs and the carrier detachments and the good times at Don Q's. Do sleduyushego seansa, bud'te zdarovyj. Nu, poka!..." [01NOV2005]

BONNER, James J. jujibonn@aol.com "...Served with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from 1970-1973 as an EA-3B crewchief. Would really like to find some old friends. Met my wife in NS Rota, Spain and we keep in touch with many old friends. I am planning to attend the Reunion in October in Pennsylvania. Very much would like to find LT Jimmy Jones, ADC Marty Wolf ADJ1 John Long & Nancy Long, and AME Mike Larema of Oregon. There are so many others. I am very sorry I didn't keep in touch with. I hope to hear from as many as possible. Maybe I will see some of you in October..." [15AUG2002]

BOURN, Dennis J. bourndj@aol.com "...Attended ATN "A" and "C" schools at NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee, VQ-2 (01DEC1963-27SEP1965) at NS Rota, Spain (EC-121 Flight Radio Operator), VAW-12 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia (08OCT1965-31JAN1966), OASU, VX-8, VXN-8 (11FEB1966-12SEP1972) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (NC-121 Flight Radio Operator), NRL (12SEP1972-22JAN1975) Detachment NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (NC-121/P-3 Flight Radio Operator), National Naval Medical Center (22JAN1975-19JUN1975) at Bethesda, Maryland, Naval District (19JUN1975-02JUL1975) at Washington, D.C., AIMD (02JUL1975-25JAN1978) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and Medical Discharged (25JAN1978). I went to work for Litton Aero Products/Northrop Grumman (21JAN1980-25APR2003) at Woodland Hills, Ca.. I am currently retired and living in Lawrenceville, Ga..." [BIO Updated 27MAY2013 | 04NOV2006]

BOWLES, Wendell wendellbowles@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1972-1975) as part of the Line Divison..." [19DEC2011]

Memorial Picture "...BOWMAN, AEC William D...Bill Bowman passed away after a heart attack on July 23, 1998. He was 54 years old. Bill already and aircrewman became a P-3 FE in the mid 1970's in VP-4 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. He served at NADEP NAS Alameda, California followed by a final flying tour with VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain. He is survived by his wife, Judy, and 2 stepsons..." WebSite: CenterSeat (CENTERSEAT FORUM - Main Category - IN MEMORY) http://www.centerseat.net/ [07AUG2008]

BOYD, Charles charlesboyd@cox.net "...I was in the AME shop in VQ-1 from 1969 to 1972 then VQ-2 from 1972 to 1975. I am looking for anyone that remembers me from VQ-1 to help me verify to the VA that we deployed to FASU/NSA DaNang, Republic of Vietnam..." [23JAN2004]

BRACK, E. A. Jr. "Joe" eocjoeb@nefcom.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1960-1963) at NS Rota, Spain and discharged from Active Duty (04/1964) at NAS Glynco, Georgia. I served in the Naval Air Reserves with VP-67F-1 (1969) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VP-62 (1970) "A" Wing (transitioned from the P2 to the P-3) and "A" Wing to October 1988. Flew with CAC 12, 13 and 15. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 15MAY2015 | 15NOV1997]

BRANNEN, Michael mbrannen@gmail.com "...Served in VQ-2 from late 89 to late 92. Now that I look back on it I had way too much fun. Left VQ-2 and went to VQ-6 from 93 - 96. Spent two cruises on the GW (CVN-73. Good time all around. I'm now back home in NC. Please email..." [10FEB2007]

BRANNING, AMCS(AW/SW) John M. Retired john@buffalonavalpark.org "...I served with VQ-2 (1986-1989 and 1994-1997)..." [20OCT2012]

BROCKMAN, PT2 Jim jsbrock@peoplepc.com "...I served with VQ-2 from 1975-1977 as a PT2 (flew photo missions)..." [10APR2003]

BROCKWELL, David dbrockwell1@cfl.rr.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1961-1963) and PC on the very first EA3B from NS Rota, Spain to Carrier Qual (man was I scared)..." [18NOV2016]

BRUCE, Tim TBruce@harris.com "...I was at VQ-2 from 1989 to 1995, far too long..."

BURGER, David F. cobra671@ix.netcom.com "...airframes crew 87-90 VQ-2 RULES..."


BURNS, Ken kenjan@peakpeak.com "...VQ-2 was home for two years; Aug. 68-Sep70. Spent 6 months of my first 9 restricted to base. I wasn't bad, just a small town kid turned loose! Aircrew on both the whales and Willys. We lost a plane off the boat in '70 so I then quit the whale business. Hung out with Charlie Orlando, Ken Haggerty, Davy Reynolds, Andy Roberts. T-Town, P2,& P5M were heavens on earth. I'm going middle-age crazy remembering this stuff. I'd have stayed in for Life if they would have left me in Spain but they sent me to Georgia, a most foreign country and a training command to boot!..." [14OCT98]

BURNS, Robert H. noriecriswell@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1963-1966) NS Rota, Spain. I flew EA3B (BUNO: 144852) Number 5 with Dave Hinchy until he left in 1965. Also flew the WV seats 20 and 21 at NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I served in all the P's (P-1, P-2, etc.) and then a few others. Was in London when Kennedy was assasinated. Also on served aboard the USS Forrestal (CV-59) (1965) and USS America (CV-66) (1965-1966). My granddaughter is helping me with this. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [18JAN2011]

BURT, Phil MURBURT@AOL.COM "...I am still at VQ-2 after 4 years "What am I thinking?" Just browsing looking for something to do on leave. all you guys and girls remember Positive energy and feel the love. I love my P-3 family..." [07MAR98]

CARLSON, Paul pcarlso@leading.net "...Was in VQ-2 from 1959 to 1961. Flew many hours in the P4M aircraft in addition to the P2V's and the WV2's when they came on board. Hard to find info on the P4M. One was lost to a mountain peak in Turkey during my tour there..." [20DEC98]

CARROLL, AMEC Dennis P. Retired p3fe418yrs@gmail.com "...I served with VP-5 from 1967 to 1975, VQ-2 from 1975 to 1979, ASW Test Directorate from 1979 to 1982, VP-44 from 1982 to 1986 and Naval Aviation Logistics Command/Naval Aviation Maintenance Office from 1986 to 1989. I was a P-3 FE from 1968 to 1986. I wish I was still flying!..." [E-Mail Updated 30SEP2009 | 28SEP99]

CECIL, Wayne K. toot@iag.net "...I was in VQ-1 from 7/57 until 5/60 and in VQ-2 5/63 until 5/65 my homepage is: http://www.iag.net/~toot. It is a Navy theme and is under construction, but operational. Shim pai nay. Miss the Good times. Thanks for this VP Page..." [07APR99]

CHEMENTE, ADCS(NAC) John Retired jchemente@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain flying in the EP-3E and EA-3B. I also served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy and AIMD Production Control Supervisor. I retired in 1996..." [10JUL2009]

CLAIRE, AVCM Robert Retired bobnjul@belsouth.net "...I served in VQ-2 from 1994-1998. I really enjoyed NS Rota, Spain. I left alot of good friends behind. I just want to thank all the people who worked for me..." [03NOV2002]

CLEVELAND, ATCS Skip Retired rcleveland2@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1964-1968, 1964-1868, 1971-1975 and 1977-1989) and NS Rota, Spain..." [22APR2017]

CLINE, ADR3 Ron clines@huxcomm.net "...Joined VQ-2 Reciprocating Shop September 1970 and stayed there until March 1972. Best time of my life, except those Super Connie jug changes in the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and Key West. Looking for friends Dave Crocket and Joe Brietfeld. Had great detachments to P1 and P2. Recip Shop was going away so I went away, couldn't bring myself to work on jets. Funniest event was when the first new EP-3 arrived in July 1971 and they sucked the intake covers into the engines shortly there after. Visited the bone yard in Arizona in the 1980s and seen all the Super Connies standing on their tales with the engines whacked off, made me sick to think of all the work put into keeping those flying. Finally retired from Iowa Air Guard in 1991. Write if you remember me..." [17NOV2003]

COLLINS, Steve steveacollins2@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 from 1982 to 1985. I would like to hear from old Shipmates..." [09JAN2005]

COOLEY, Pat pdcooley@excite.com "...I served with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from 1965 to 1968. I was "lead flunky" for the Line Division. I was sent to every Detachment VQ-2 had and some they didn't have! Out of 4 years I was allowed in NS Rota, Spain 1 and 1/2 of those -guess they couldn't keep enough beer in stock. I loved it all including FASU/NSA DaNang, Republic of Vietnam during Tet Offensive..." [09JUN2004]

CORBETT, ATCS Kevin J. Shipmate Pix http://force.navair.navy.mil/BioPgforCSC.htm "...After completing recruit training at Great Lakes, Senior Chief Aviation Electronics Technician (Air Warfare/Naval Aircrewman) Kevin J. Corbett attended Avionics "A" school and the Advanced First Term Avionics Course at NATTC Millington, Tennessee where he was advanced to Petty Officer Third Class. In May 1988, Senior Chief Corbett reported to NAS Pensacola, Floridaa where he completed the Naval Aircrewman Candidate School and Electronic Warfare "C" school. In November 1988, he completed SERE school in NAS Brunswick, Maine and proceeded to the Fleet. His first operational squadron was VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain. While assigned to the "Rangers", he was designated a Naval Aircrewman and a "BIG LOOK" electronic warfare operator. He deployed to Athens, Greece; Souda Bay, Crete; and NSA Bahrain where he flew combat missions in support of Operation Desert Storm. He was advanced to Petty Officer Second Class. In January 1992, it was back to Millington for the Navy's most challenging avionics school, AVI-C7 school. Upon graduation from C-7, he continued on to instructor school. After completing ten months of school in Millington, Senior Chief Corbett went back to NS Rota, Spain for another tour in VQ-2 this time as an instructor. During this tour he trained officers and enlisted in the highly specialized EP-3E reconnaissance mission. He also developed curriculum for, and helped stand up the VQ Fleet Operator School at FASODET NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. He was designated an Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist and Master Training Specialist. He was advanced to Petty Officer First Class. Senior Chief Corbett's next sea duty assignment was with VPU-1. Shortly after reporting to the "The Old Buzzards," he was advanced to Chief Petty Officer. He served as the Configurations CPO and as the AV/ARM Division CPO. He deployed to every operating region around the world. Once again flying combat missions both in the air campaign over Bosnia and in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He was advanced to Senior Chief Petty Officer. In August of 2002, Senior Chief Corbett transferred to VX-20 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland where he now serves as the Command Senior Chief. Senior Chief Corbett's military decorations include the Air Medal (four awards), Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (two awards), the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (four awards), and various unit/campaign awards and service medals..." [19APR2005]

CORDERO, AZ3 David davidcordero1@verizon.net "...I served with VQ-2 in the Maintenance Control with Chief Bana, Chief Stoos, Lt Mathews and CW0 MacPherson from 1987 to 1990. I got hit by a semitruck outside the front gate. I would like to hear from any former Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 07NOV2007 | E-Mail Updated 28APR2005 | 16MAR2002]

CREASY, AMCS John P. Retired jcreasy@juno.com"...Served in VQ2 79-82 as AMCS, Ret in Aug 1982 at Rota, Sp. Was assigned to VQ1 in 1984 as EA-3 rep until 1985 then went to VQ2 again as EA-3 Rep. Am interested in attending a reunion if any. Would like to hear from others. Am presently with the marines as a AV-8 rep. Served with marines in Desert Shield etc..."

CROFT, AT2 Larry larry@lazyr.us "...I served with VQ-2 (1958-1959). I operated ECM equipment aboard the P4M and P2V aircraft..." [28AUG2016]

CUELLAR, CTT2 Rey rcaboi@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1987-1990) as a CTT2 upstairs behind the green door..." [28APR2017]

D'ALESANDRO, Drew drewdalesandro@yahoo.com "...I was stationed with VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain..." [05MAY99]

DAIGLE, Karen (Duncan) fithippie@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-17 from 1990 to 1994 (I was Karen Duncan back then) as an AT and then as an EWOP with VQ-2 from 1994 to 1997. Am now employed as a Sport Physiologist with the U.S. Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs. Would love to hear what my old Shipmates are up to!..." [10SEP2004]

DALTON, Garrett gdalton@smurfit.com "...Started as an AD in VAW-122 attached to the USS Independence from 73-76, got smart and became a Flight Engineer in VP-19, 76-80, NRL from 80-82, VQ-2 from 82-85, VP-31 from 86-89 and retired out of VP-17 in 92. Crossed paths with the Indy at Pearl Harbor a couple of years ago when she was on her way to retirement in Washington, it was great to see her but made me feel old! Just like every one else on this web site, I miss it all so drop me a line, it would be great to hear from my past!..." [21DEC2004]



DAVIDOW, Mel meldavidow@earthlink.net "...I am one of the original 12 pilots that received orders in January, 1951, to begin training that led to the formation of the Special Project Division of the Air Operations Department of NS Sangley Point, Philippines flying P4M-1Qs. Later this became VW-1 Det A and finally VQ-1. I left the squadron (VW-1 Det A by then) in Sept 1953. During my last year on active duty, 1954, I was a flight instructor at NAS Pensacola, Florida where one of my students, Ned Rankin, later became a pilot in VQ-2..." [18JUN99]

DAVIS, George (Bob) davisg21@hotmail.com "...I was in VQ-2 from November 1993 to August 2005. Location location location. The job had its moments also. I'm now with Navlead in Pensacola, FL..." [25MAY2006]

DAVIS, ADC(AW) John R. "JB" john.r.davis1@navy.mil "...I am currently with VFA-105 "Gunslingers", but I started my whole naval career December 1993 and had a awesome 4 years of sea duty with VQ-2 till August 1997, then I did nuetral duty at AIMD NAS Sigonella, Sicily Det NS Rota, Spain till August 2000, then I had to move on to NAS Oceana AIMD Power Plants for shore till August 2003, now I am currently finishing out my sea time here at the "Gunslingers". Rota Spain Rocks! I have my new VQP-2 50th Anniversary patch on my flight coat for all of my Fighter CPO's to hate, LOL. If you did time with me in NS Rota, Spain, write me..." [04NOV2006]

DAVIS, AOC Ray M. (Ray Ray) ordlord11@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-5 from 1987 to 1989, VP-23 from 1993 to 1995, VP-9 from 1998 to 2001, and currently with VQ-2. P-3 Ordie "best job I ever had" and FE "FE's have the best seat in the house but could use some beer drinking lessons from the Ordie's"..." [23NOV2003]

DAVIS, Todd (Charley) chazjulie@home.com "...Pilot, VP-30, VQ-1, VQ-2 (USN), United States, 11/06/83, present, P-3A, P-3B, P-3C, EP-3E..." [E-Mail Updated 21FEB99 | 26MAR98]

DEAN, PN John jdpreacher@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1972-1976) at NS Rota, Spain. We lost seven men in a crash. Still sticks in my mind. Still see their faces..." [03MAR2014]

DeHOYOS, Gilbert "Gil" Gil.E.Dehoyos@lmtas.lmco.com "...Was stationed in VQ-2 from 1980 to 1983. Flew in the whales as an EWOP and worked in the "Whale Shop" and Special Projects back at the "Q"..."

DEMMICK, RALPH demmickr@mail.acilink.org "...I was at VQ-2 from 89-94, and yes there is life after retirement..."

DiBENEDETTI, Rob robbied867@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from 1986 to 1989. I haven't had a better time since..." [E-Mail Updated 12NOV2003 | E-Mail Updated 25APR2002 | 07JUN98]

DOHERTY, Christopher M. engineer@centerseat.net "...Was a VP-5 Flight Engineer from 1989 through 1993. VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain from December 1993 to September 1998. I'm currently stationed at NAS Sigonella, Sicily flying the Catbird ETD aircraft for CINCUSNAVEUR..." WEBSITE: http://www.centerseat.net [BIO Updated 08OCT2000 | BIO and E-Mail Updated 19OCT98]

DORRY, ADJC Donald (Hunky) D3605@AOL.COM "...My VP career started in 1957 with VP-6 at Barbers Point flying the P-2V-5F. I was first assigned to Crew 7 in PC-7. My pilot and Squadron XO was CDR. Ward. I was second mech and AD-2, LV Smith was PC. Made two deployments to Iwakuni and many short detachments to Midway and islands west. Departed VP-6, April 1960 for the new RAG (VP-31) forming up at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. Continued flying in the P-2's both 5F's and 7's also cross trained in the P5M-2's. Was selected to start training on the new P-3V (later renamed to P-3A) and started going to factory schools all over the country. Attended the first F/E class that was taught by Lockheed Instructors at Det. NAS Moffett Field, California. After completing F/E training I was assigned to the training department and taught ground and flight school for the next two years. Transfered to VP-19 and made the 11 month deployment to NAS Adak, Alaska. Departed the squadron Feb 1967 while it was on deployment at Iwakuni. Departed to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington for training as a A3 Nav and was assigned to VQ-2 at completion of training. NS Rota, Spain without a doubt was my best assignment in the navy. Originally went over for a 24 month tour and finally departed there 54 months later. Did a short tour (6 months) at VT-7 NAS Meridian. Managed to terminate my shore duty and was assigned to VQ-1 at NAS Aguna Guam. Went back through VP-31 for P3 F/E refresher training Spent most of that tour flying P-3's out of the graden spot, Danang. Pulled a tour of duty in Naples as VR-24's Maintenance Chief and a tour of duty at NAS Norfolk, Virginia in VAW-25 as Maintenance Chief. Retired from there with 23 years of service off the JFK at pier 12..." [10JUN98]

DOWNS, TD1 Lee B. leebdowns@aol.com "...I served with FAETULANT at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland Detachment "A" NAS Brunswick, Maine (1963 to 1967), VP-30 somewhere in those years and VQ-2 (1967 to 1970). I was known as "Top Dog" and taught "C" School. Now retired and living in Mineral Wells Texas. Wrote a book called "The Funny side of Death" about my 30 years in the funeral business after retiring from the Navy in 1975..." [BIO Updated 05OCT2010 | 30SEP2010]

DRAYER, AT1 Donald E. "Droopy" donald.drayer@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (25OCT79-15SEP87), left the service for about 5 years, USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67), Security Police Training (Lackland AFB), NAS Sigonella, Sicily, VQ-2 (12FEB97) and hope that I'll be able too retire in the next three years or so. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 25JUL2018 | 28JAN2000]

DUFFY, ADJ3 Louis W. louied_61@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 from 1971 to 1973. I still think about the fun I had on our deployment to NS Rota, Spain. I would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 04DEC2009 | 25APR2001]

DUNCAN-DAIGLE, Karen fithippie@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-17 from 1990-1994 as a groundpounder AT (My last name was Duncan back then). Then I "converted" to aircrew as an EWOP and flew with VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain from 1994-1997. I'm planning a VP-17 WC 210 Reunion for people that were in the shop from about 1990-1995. If you need more info. e-mail me. I have graduated from LSU with a B.S. in Dietetics and am now pursuing a M.S. in Sports Nutrition at FSU. I would love to hear from any old Shipmates..." [BIO/E-Mail Updated 30MAR2002 | 07APR99]

DUVALL, Frank duvall@utm.net "...I served with VQ-2 from 1984 to 1988. I arrange financing for individuals who have credit problems and are trying to buy a car or truck. I give special attention to military individuals either present or former. Being a veteran myself and having served in a P-3 outfit would like to help people who need my services. Stop by my website at http://www.financeautonow.com/..." [19MAR2000]

DYE, AWCM (NAC/AW) Robert "Bob" r.dye@mchsi.com "...I served with VP-49 (1975-1980) on CAC-5 with deployments to NAS Keflavik, Iceland, NAS Sigonella, Sicily and NAS Bermuda, VP-30 with TTT (1980-1981) then went to FJC (1981-1983) via Enlisted Education Advancement Program (Thanks CWB!), VP-17 (1983-1987) with deployments to the Philippines and NAS Adak, Alaska, ASWOC NAS Bermuda (1987-1989), VQ-2 (1989-1991), CHSLW-2 (1991-1993), VP-16 (1993-1997), VP-30 (1997-2000), NATTC AW-A1 (2000-2003) and Center for Navy Aviation Technical Training Unit (5VM) 2003-2005. Retired in Pace, FL across the bay from NAS Pensacola, Florida..." [05SEP2011]

EAST, Don C. Retired creekstreefarms2@yahoo.com "...To VQ-2 for Junior Officer tour in 1968. Flew in EA-3B and EC-121M as EW Evaluator and ground job was EW Analysis DivOff with all the CTs. Spent lots of time at NS Rota, Spain and other sites with VQ folks from 1975-79 when I was OIC of VPU-1 (Spec. Proj.) based at NAS Brunswick, Maine. Went back to VQ-2 for X.O./C.O. tour in 1981 and departed in 1983. While in this tour, flew in Both EA-3B and EP-3E as EW Evaluator. Some of best troops in USN were in VQ business and it was the highlight of my 36 year Navy career to work with them. Wrote history of VQ-1 and VQ-2 for "The Hook" magazine in 1985 and is now on file at Naval History Museum at Navy Yard in D.C. Was always disappointed that we had to do the Navy's most important job with second hand equipment - but by God we still got the job done!..." [05NOV2002]

ECKERT, AT1 Vicky L. vickster@fidalgo.net"...I flew with VQ-2 from Aug 91 to Sep 94. I'm currently attached to VQ-1 as a aircrewman..."

ELLIOTT, AT2 Carl W. elliottcw@yahoo.com "...Served in VP-11 from 12-1961 until 4-1963. Navy career included VS-32 (2-1960 to 6-1960), VS-28 (6-1960 to 9-1961), VP-11 (12-1961 to 4-1963) and VQ-2 (4-1963 to 1-1966). My best memories are of VQ2 and NS Rota, Spain. I was an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT2), first radar and then communications/navigation..." [11MAR2001]

EMERT, AE3 Jimmy jimmyemert@centurylink.net "...I served with VQ-2 (12/1970-12/1973) at NS Rota, Spain and worked in the AE Shop on the A3s, P-3s and EC-121s. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 11NOV2015 | 06JAN2002]

EWERS, Robert tsaord@netscape.net "...I served with VP-40 (FE) with NAS Moffett Field, California and VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain. I retired after 21 years of service..." [20JUN2011]

FAKKAS, E2 Emmanuel "Manny" bigman98@gateway.net "...I was stationed at VQ-2 from Sep 94 - Jul 98. I would like to say "hey" to whoever remembers me..." [17JAN99]

FALLAH, AT2(AW) and AWV2(NAC/AW) Jeremy M. jeremyfallah@gmail.com "...I arrived in Hawaii (VP-9) on Thanksgiving day in 2005 as an undesignated airman, deployed to Qatar a few months later where I struck "AT" and made it first time up. During that deployment I went on det to Djibouti, Africa with, at the time, AT2 Kevin Mullins as my CDI and Senior Chief Ogata as our maintenance Chief. After that deployment I ended up in CMO-2-2’s shooter shack and then volunteered to go to Iraq with VP-47 for the 2007-2008 Tallil Iraq deployment were I spent 8 months. I made CDI while deployed to Iraq and returned home to a 2nd Class crow waiting for me. In April of 2009 I transferred from VP-9 to Aircrew school where I was trained to be an EP-3E EWOP and MTS Op. I was then assigned to VQ-2 and flew over 100 combat recon sorties over Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as a Biglook / MTS Instructor. I separated from the Navy in April of 2012 and now work at Cape Canaveral Air Force station where I have front row seats to the best rocket launches around...." [08APR2014]

FARLEY, ATN3 Randy katrandue@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1966-1970) and flew as Aircrewman on A-3's and Willy Victors until I became a Willy Tech in 1968. I had some of the best times and best friends of my life..." [18JAN2012]

FERTIG, AT2 Les lfjf@netins.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1972-1975) in the Electronics Shop. CDR Taylor was our CO when I arrived. I flew 2nd seat in A3. I saw action from north Atlanic in Norway and Scotland to 2 weeks in Iran in July 1974. I was there during the 30 day war in October 1973. We worked from 1800 to 0600 and flew from 0630 to 1230 7 days a week. I have to say my tour was alot of work but also a great time. I now am a master electrician working at a Biodiesel plant in Wall Lake, Ia. about 12 miles from where I was born. People around here find it hard to believe the sories I tell about life in VQ-2. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [13OCT2010]

FINLEY, Jeff jfinley@jetpro.net "...I served with VQ-1, VQ-2, VX-1 and Naval Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Division (NAWC-ADI). Looking for old VQ friends. I am living in Dallas Texas and loven it..." [23APR2009]

Memorial Picture "...FITZWATER, Harry...Posted on VQ Survivors Tuesday 11/16/2004 by A.D. Musco <admchief@yahoo.com. From the Washington Post of Nov 16: Passing of Captain Harry Fitzwater of Bonita, Fla. on 11 November. Captain Fitzwater, was assigned to VQ-2 1957-1960. PPC P4M, A3D, Connies and P2V5F. One of the greats of VQ. I shall miss him. ---------Posted on the VQ Association website 11/16/04 by John McIntyre. With sadness, the VQ-2 old-timer community notes the passing of Harry Fitzwater, who went on to several more careers after retiring from the Navy, most notably as Deputy Director of the CIA during the Reagan years. Harry left his imprint on early VQ-2 operations and on the transition to the A3D-1Q aircraft on his watch as Maintenance Officer and we'll miss him. He was 85...Mel Davidow meldavidow@earthlink.net..." [17NOV2004]

FLEDDERMAN, CPO Ronald C. Retired rcfled@aol.com "...I served with the Navy Motion Picture Service (NMPS) at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Naval Correspondence Course Center (NCCC) at Brooklyn and Scotia, New York, VP-7 (1960-1963) NAS Brunswick, Maine and NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VW-4 (1964-1966) at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR then changed NAS Jacksonville, Florida, NS Charleston, SC (1966-1970), VQ-2 (1970-1974) at NS Rota, Spain, VT-23 (1974-1966) and retired from Naval Service..." [28MAY2015]

FONTAINE, John erbarza@neo.rr.com "...VQ-1 79-82, AIMD NS Rota, Spain 82-86, VR22 NS Rota, Spain 87-90, Cal Lab NS Rota, Spain 90-93, VQ-2 93-96, Cal Center NAS Norfolk, Virginia 96-98. Spent "most" of my time in NS Rota, Spain...what good times. Remember Bar Flash Rota? Drop me a line..." [11MAR2001]

FORD, AMSAN Don donald.h.ford@nasa.gov "...I served with VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 1971 to 1974..." [11AUG2009]

FOSTER, AMHC(RET.) John A. jafsaf@aol.com "...I was a second mechanic in VP-4 1975-1976, returned to VP-4 as a flight engineer till 1978. I did disassociated tour in VF-2 till 1981 went to shore-duty VQ-2 1981-1984, returned 1984 to VP-1 as a flight engineer and last tour of duty was Namtd 1012 NAS Moffett Field, California. I retired in 1991. I am currently living in Iowa and would enjoy hearing from any Shipmates I served with..." [30AUG99]

FOSTER, AT Ron ronfster@aol.com "...I served with VP-17 (1968-1970), VQ-1 (1974-1977) with Crew-36, VQ-2 (1978-1981) worked in Special Projects and VP-45 (1982-1985) with CAC-5..." [E-Mail Updated 20OCT2011 | 04NOV97]

FOSTER, Wayne wbf32@comcast.net "...I was stationed NS Rota, Spain with VQ-2 from 1987-1991. I loved those whales..." [29SEP2007]

FRANKLIN, AQ2 Dan danfranklin@cox.net "...I served with VF-151 and VQ-2 from December 1971 to July 1975. Retired now living in San Diego. Would like to get in touch with AT1 David Kingand and AT1 Pete Reves..." [19AUG2009]

FREES, Mark frees2002@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from 1986 to 1989. Best squadron and Shipmates you could hope for. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [22FEB2009]

FRENCH, ATC (AW/NAC) Ralph D. "Frenchy" Retired ralphdfrench@gmail.com "...Attended Boot Damp at NTTC San Diego, AV "A" School at NAS Millington, Tennessee, Replacement Air Group (RAG) Training at NAS Moffett Field, California, SERE School, VP-1 (1978-1980) at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii with deployment to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, NRL (1981-1983), "C" School at NAS Millington, Tennessee, VXN-8 (1984-1992), VQ-2 (1992-1994) at NS Rota, Spain, USS George Washington (CVN-73) (1994-1995), Cammander in Chief Atlantic Fleet Manpower Analysis Team (CMAT) (1995-1998) at NAB Little Creek, Norfolk and retired July 31, 1998. Went to work for a small Management Services Company, Warden Associates, Inc. and continue to do mostly manpower studies and contract writing..." [E-Mail Updated 18APR2020 | E-Mail Updated 19OCT2010 | E-Mail Updated 08FEB2004 | 28DEC2002]

FREEMAN, John S. starwood@rof.net "...First time I have seen the VP-49 Logo since I left the squadron in March of 1955! Memories abound re my very first sea duty in the USN, '52-'55, as a fresh-caught ATAN-to-AT2. Vividly remember the transition from PBM-5S2 to P5M-1, then -2. I retired from active duty as a NFO/LDO in '77...An ex-VP-type in '56, I joined VW-13 as a 1st Tech based at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. Returned as ATC to VW-11 in '63, and commissioned LDO in Argentia later that year. Went off to become the last LDO to be designated an NFO. Served then in A3 types in VAH-8, VAH-10, and VQ-2. Retired in '77. Old Shipmates, get in touch..." [19JUN98]

GASTON, Jim gastonjd@cnw.com "...I was in VQ-2 from 85-89 and VQ-1 from 92-96 (yes, both Guam and Whidbey). Now I am doing the VQ single site training thing here in Whidbey..."

GEDDES, LT James J. Retired jjgeddes@verizon.net "...Electronics Test NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 1953, VQ-2 NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco (1951 to 1953), VF-33 NAS Jacksonville, Florida (1953 to 1954), HU-2 NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey (1955 - 1958), FASRON-10 NAS Moffett Field, California (1958 to 1959), VS-37 NAS North Island, San Diego, California (1960 to 1964), Philadelphia, PA (1965 to 1967), VP-26 NAS Brunswick, Maine (1967 to 1968) and Retired February 6, 1969..." [BIO Updated 15JUL2006 | 09JUL2006]

GERHEIM, John W. jger120@aol.com "...ATN2 served with VP-23 from 1964-1965 primarily as ECM operator after being transferred from VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain. Flew on skipper's crew with two other trons also named John. (John on radio nicknamed Gouge) Great to know where you are now located..." [07FEB99]

Memorial Picture "...GIBSON, MCPO Bill...Bill Gibson passed away July 2007. He served with VQ-1 and VQ-2..." WebSite: CenterSeat (CENTERSEAT FORUM - Main Category - IN MEMORY) http://www.centerseat.net/ [08AUG2008]

GOUGH, John GoughJ@secondflt.navy.mil "...VP-44 1984-1988, PMTC 1988-1990, VQ-2 1991-1994, VQ-1 1994-1996. NFO on EP-3A, RP-3A, P-3C UII, EP-3E ARIES I and II. Now flying a desk at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington..." [E-Mail Updated 29MAY2002 | 13JAN98]

GRANT, Hank fnhwg@aurora.alaska.edu "...I served with VQ-2 from 1963 to 1966 as a crewmember on the EA-3B and EC-121M. A Reunion is planned in May, 1998 in Tennesse..." [03FEB98]

GRAY, AFCM Richard W. "Dick" Retired dickgray@brooksendway.com "...I served with NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, VP-10, VP-11, VP-21, VP-23, VP-26, VP-30, VP-45, VQ-2, NAS Brunswick, Maine and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I was an R4D and P2 Plane Captain, P-3 F/E, Maint. MCPO, and later did 5 CMC tours. The best to all my former Shipmates. Feel free to Email me..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 08APR2006 | 19FEB2004]

GREEN, Larry lg403@att.net "...Served as an EWOP on the EA3-B with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from January 1971 to October 1973. One of the best times in my life, met alot of great people. Anyone who knew me, I would like to hear from you..." [E-Mail Updated 23DEC2008 | E-Mail Updated 30AUG2008 | 12AUG2002]

GREENE, AT/NAC John Retired commonkeeper2@juno.com "...I served with VQ-2 from (1972-1975), VP-10 (1980-1983), VP-30 (1983-1986) and VP-8 (1986-1989). I was medically retired in 1991 due to a heart attack..." [BIO Updated 01NOV2013 | E-Mail Updated 07NOV2003 | 30SEP99]

GRIMLEY, Bob bob.grimley1968@gmx.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1961-1963) and was a crew member aboard the A3D..." [24AUG2015]

GROSE, Marshall W. templardan@earthlink.net "...Just thought I'd try to reach some of my old buddies from VQ-2. I'm currently working for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway as a signal systems tech and evaluator. Civilian life is a bit different but doable! Still have moments when I feel like I want to be back in doin' the DON thing at BLUE NOTE. Drop me a line or call 503-281-5291. I'm getting kinda low on the ponche and would like some. Take care of yourselves and have a good time. Adios mi amigos!!..." [24MAY98]

GROW, AT John A. (Tony) Retired tonyrosa4@insightbb.com "...I served with VP-21 from 1960 to 1963. I then went to VQ-2 and stayed in the Intel community and VQ-2 until I retired in 1978. My son, John M. Grow, followed me into the navy and as an AW sent 18 years in the VP community. I spent many years flying the P-3's in VP-8 Special ops out of NAS Patuxent River, Maryland then in VQ-2 EP-3's in Spain. I was an AT. Good luck to all..." [01OCT2003]

HANSEN, Mike hansenm@peoplepc.com "...Just a quick hello to those I served with: VX-1, 83-86; VQ-2, 86-90..." [E-Mail Updated 13DEC99 | 06MAR98]

HARDER, Tim tharder@tdi.net "...I was stationed in VQ-2 from JAN77 to MAY83. First as a member of the SEA DET with the Whales then TAD to AIMD as Comm/Nav shop super. From there to I went to VAQ-33 until May of 84. Whould like to hear from any or all of you..." [21JUL98]

HARMS, AE Tim twharms@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 (05/1972-07/1976). I retired from the Civil Service (04/2013) in Pensacola, Florida and moved to LA (Lower Alabama) Summerdale, Alabama. I would like to hear from formerShipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 22JUL2015 | 19AUG2005]

HARRIS, Rex shipmates pix rex@sowega.net "...was with VQ-2 from early 1974 through late 1977. I was an AMS3, worked the late shift..." WebSite: http://www.sowega.net/~rex/

HARTWICK, Matt Mjhartwi@collins.rockwell.com "...In VQ-2 83-86, AIMD NS Rota, Spain 86-89 Special Progects AT-3. Presently a Rockwell Collins Engineer in Melbourne Fla. Drop me an E-mail and Long live the Q!!..." [28JAN98]

HAUBER, ADRC Gene ehauber@me.com "...I served with VR-24 at NS Rota, Spain in 1966 (Flight Mechanic aboard the C-118) and VQ-2 (Jet Shop)..." [09JUN2011]

HERNDON, AMHC John D. Retired herndonjohn@hotmail.com "...Hola from Espana. Yes I'm back in VQ-2. VQ-2 1980 to 1991 A-3 Plane Captain flying and on the ground, Airframer, QAR, Maintenance Control CPO and many Aircraft Carriers, and EP-3E, VX-1 1991 to 1993, ES-3A Test team and S-B Tests, Maintenance Control CPO, 1993 to 1996 VC-8 PR TA-4J and UH-3H, Maintenance Control CPO, 1996 to Present VQ-2, EP-3E's Maintenance Control CPO. Long live the SANDEMAN'S...I retired in Nov99 worked at AMERICAN Airlines 2 years @DFW Presently An Aviation Airworthiness Safety Inspector for the FAA in charge of Inspecting Continental Airlines..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 16NOV2001 | E-Mail Updated 15MAR2000 | E-Mail Updated 11DEC98 | 27FEB98]

HESS, Phil phillip.r.hess@lmco.com "...I was with VQ-2 from 1975 to 1980. I flew with Crew Crazy (23) and enjoyed every minute of it. If you were there during this time period, drop me a line via E-mail. Would like to hear from some of you..." [09DEC98]

HICKS, Mark J. markjhicks@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (12/1999-06/2004). I worked in the 1st LT Shop..." [16OCT2014]

HINCHY, ATC(AC) David K. Retired dhinch@netscape.net or vq2_skywarrier@geocities.com "...Served in VQ-2 from 1962 to the end of 1965. Qualified "mickey operator" in both the A3 and the Connie. Flew crew on A3 #5 (Special Ops) and Seats 20/21 in the Connie before leaving. Also served in HC4 Det 1 (VC-34s) at NAS NORVA (66), VR-21 NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii (67-69) flying as radioman on the C-118B and C-130F and VC-118B. Flew as Plane Captain on the C-1A on board U.S.S. Hancock (CVA-19) during 70-71. Ran AT shop for VAQ-33 from 75-78. Two tours with NAMTDs,(F4-1014, 71-75)(F14-1007, 78-81). Retired in 81. Reunion at Nashville was "awesome" due to efforts of Ken Franks and the crew. Looking forward to next one in 2000. FAIRECONRON TWO, the first squadron was the best! Bravo Zulu to all who have kept the tradition of excellence alive at VQ-2..." [10DEC98]

HODGES, ATC(AC) Bill Retired bhodges497@aol.com"...VP-26 68-71, VP-60 72-76, VP-23 76-79, NAS BRUNSWICK 79-82, VQ-2 11/82-2/87, and VP-31 87-89 (RET)..."

HOGAN, Michael P. (The Goat) mphogan@ix.netcom.com "...Stationed with VQ-2 from 1965 through 1969. Radio/radar among other things. Temporary duty with VQ-1, stupidly volunteered for "Bravo" just in time for the "Tet" and subsequent spring and summer DaNang festivities. Volunteered for every boat trip or other Det available. Couldn't handle too much T-town, Old Hong Kong, Dutch Club, California Bar, etc..."

HOLM, Chris clholm@morganfinnegan.com "...Flew EP-3E and EA-3B at VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain as a Navigator and an Evaluator from 1978 to 1982. Lots of other jobs afterward. Started and finished Law School DC and retired as a CDR. Now a patent attorney in New York. VQ and the Navy provided great training for life. (Still married to my best friend Lesleigh. Next year makes it 25 years!!)..." [13DEC98]

HOLMSTROM, AMS2 David B. davmar123@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from 1983-1986 as AMS2 in Special Projects. This was the best duty I had in my Navy career. Presently serving in Maine National Guard repairing helicopters. Still the best time was in NS Rota, Spain..." [09FEB2003]

HOPPER, Terry dorunrun@aol.com "...I was attached to VQ-2 from '75 to '77 in the powerplant department. I flew with some of the best engineers in the Navy- Bakker, Robertson to name a few. I'd really like to here from my old crew members and Shipmates..." [24SEP98]

Memorial Picture "...HOVATTER, CAPTAIN Patrick J...Captain Patrick James Hovatter, U.S. Navy (Ret.), age 60, of Havelock, formerly of Leonardtown, Md., and Fairfax, Va., died January 2, 2012, after a sudden and brief illness - Assignments included VP-10, VT-2, VQ-2, Chief of Naval Operations, VQ-1, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, and Vice Commander at Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division. Pat commanded VQ-1 at NAS Agana, Guam (1992-1993) and NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (2000-2002). He completed a very distinguished Naval career as the Director of International Programs for Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland...In lieu of flowers, the Hovatter family requests donations be made to the Wounded Warriors Project 1120 G Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005, or www.woundedwarriorproject.org...more..." WebSite: Forest Lake Times http://forestlaketimes.com/ [13JAN2012]

HOWARD, Jerry SGT0614@aol.com "...I BEGAN MY TOUR OF DUTY WITH THE WOODPECKER (VP-49) IN JUNE OF 1985 AND ENDED IT IN JUNE OF 1990. I WAS A FLIGHT ENGINEER ON CREWS 1,2,7 AND 9. FLEW WITH A LOT OF GREAT PEOPLE. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM PAST SQUADRON MATES...I am a retired AEC/FE. I was stationed in VQ-2 from May have 72 until May of 75 . Then I went to shore duty in Pensacola until 78 when I transferred to VQ-1. I flew with crew 34 mostly but we were short on engineers and you flew with whoever. I retired in 93 and am now a deputy sheriff in Florida..." [BIO Updated 25FEB99 | 13AUG98]

HOWE, CDR Rob Retired robhowegpa@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1973-1976) as an Eval and Mission Commander (EC-121M, EA-3B and EP-3E) and NTTC Corry Station, Pensacola, FL as a EW Instructor. Left the service and joined John Deere and joined Reserve Squadron VP-60 at NAS Glenview, Illinois. Retired from both and now living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I was on that almost fateful flight of the last EC-121M to cross the Atlantic that almost went down..." [19MAY2016]

HUBER, Charles cerebralhush@gmail.com "...I joined the "old" VC-8 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland in 1955, deploying to NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco and Coral Sea as AT-2, then AQ-2, maintaining the CP-66 computers of the AN/ASB system in the AJ Savages. Returned with VC-8 to Sanford until VAH-1 was formed. Moved to NAS Jacksonville, Florida with VAH-1 until re-enlistment in 1957. Instructor as PT1 at Fleet Air Intelligence Training Center in NAS Norfolk, Virginia until 1960. VQ-2, NS Rota, Spain 1960 to 1963 as mission planner/intel. analyst (PT1). Transferred into FASRON-109 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from VAH-1 in August 1957. I had been a student at Fleet Air Intelligence Training Center in NAS Norfolk, Virginia when VAH-1 deployed, stayed in FASRON-109 until re-enlistment as AQ2 in October 1957. Made PT1 a few months later and returned to FAITC as instructor. VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain as mission planner/intel. analyst from 1960 to 1963..." [E-Mail Updated 20MAR2014 | 27NOV2001]

HUBER, ADR3 John A. mhuber102@yahoo.com"...I served with VQ-2 as an ADR3 from 1961 TO 1964. Looking for any Shipmates that served with me..." [14AUG2003]

HUETE, Julio Z. Jr. jzhjr@comcast.net "...I served with VP-23 (1981-1984), VP-44 (1984-1986), VQ-2 (1986-1989), NADEP NAS Alameda, California Flight Check (1989-1992), VQ-1 (1992-1994) and retired as a P-3 Flight Engineer 8251. Went to work for Tracor Flight Systems Chile (1994-1996), Raytheon (1996-1999) amd currently working for the U. S. Customs Service as a FE..." [21AUG2013]

HUGHES, CAPTAIN Ivan E. Retired IEHughes@aol.com "...Joined the Navy in 1958 and went to Boot Camp at Great Lakes then AVPREP School at NAS Norman, Oklahoma and AE "A" School at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Served with VR-6 at McGuire AFB from November 1959 until December 1961. Assigned first to the Engine Build Up Shop (EBU), then to the AE shop, and finally to a "Pre-Flight/Block-Out Crew" where I worked until I was transferred to VR-3 while awaiting orders to AE "B" School after re-enlisting. Made AE1 right after I got to "B" School, and then on to HU-2/HC-2 at NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey. Selected for the Integration Program (Seaman to Admiral Program) in 1965, went to OCS in Newport, RI, and then to Naval Flight Officer Training at NAS Pensacola, Florida, NAS Glynco, Georgia, and finally to VAH-123, the A-3 RAG at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. VQ-2 was my first assignment as an officer, and I flew EA-3Bs and EC-121s as a Navigator. Leaving NS Rota, Spain as an LT, I next went to NAS Pensacola, Florida for three years of Instructor duty, and then to VAQ-33 in NAS Norfolk, Virginia where I flew ERA-3Bs, EA-4Fs, and EF-4s, and left the Squadron as a LCDR. Did a three year tour as the Staff Electronic Warfare Officer at the Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group (FEWSG) in NAS Norfolk, Virginia then was selected as OinC of the VP-26 Special Projects Detachment in NAS Brunswick, Maine where I made CDR in 1980. In 1981, I was screened for Aviation Command and was ordered to VQ-1 on NAS Agana, Guam as Executive Officer and later became Commanding Officer. After NAS Agana, Guam, I was ordered to Washington DC to OP-05 (DCNO Air) on the CNO Staff where I was selected for CAPT in 1986. In 1987 I was ordered to the Naval War College in Newport, RI where I earned two Master's Degrees; one in Strategic Studies and International Affairs from the War College and another in Personnel Management from Salve Regina University in Newport. I guess I do things the hard way! I still do not have a bachelor's degree, but I do have an MA and an MS! After Newport I received orders to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) where I was assigned as the Command Support Plans and Programs Branch Chief until I retired in 1990. Now living in Pensacola, FL and enjoy fishing at least three or four days a week! Email me if you get the time!..." [BIO Updated 27SEP2013 } 22DEC98]

HUKARI, Ray rhukari@hotmail.com "...I was stationed in VQ-2 as an EWOP from '84-'87, then to PMTC Range Aircrew at NAS Point Mugu, California '87-'90, off to VQ-1 '90-'93 EWOP, then to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii '93-'96, and right now workin' it in Brunswick. Drop me a line. Word Up!..." [20NOV98]

HULSE, AMH John E. lhulse@charter.net "...I served with VQ-2 from 1958 - 1960. I was an AMH and flew as a crew member on the P4M's. Would like to hear from former squadron members. I live in Houston..." [E-Mail Updated 24APR2003 | 02APR2001]

HUNTER, Bob BMC (DV) rhunter9@tampabay.rr.com "...VQ-2 July 82 - July 84 "Token Blackshoe" (the Jurassic period when whales could still fly & Don East was Skipper!). One of the best two year periods of my life! Great people - great duty. Although the TAD to Security part sucked, the VQ-2 people were great. P.S. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Randy Parrot, Dirk Williams, or Garth Birdsey please pass along my e-mail & tell them I have an uncracked bottle of Moscatel & one of Ponche sitting next to my computer only to be opened when VQ-2ers visit. (Rob "Pete" Pedersen already knows)..." [14APR2001]

HUNTOON, AT Dave ctlawyer@ctlegaladvice.com "...I was in VQ-2 from 1981 to 1982, when I was tranferred to VAQ-34. I was an AT and worked mostly in the line shack..." [08APR2002]

INGERSOLL, Rick Lovecubi@aol.com "...I was stationed with VQ-1 from January 1976 to February 1979. We spent many a time at Detachment NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and Detachment NAS Atsugi, Japan. I ran with the best first duty station in the Navy. The best times of my life were with VQ-1 NAS Agana, Guam. Worked in the Airframes shop with John Yakabowski, Byron Traphagen, Joe Wright, Moses Ilagan, Gab, Milo Brown, and others. If any are out there, sent me an e-mail..." [02OCT2001]

IVES, Glenn stepives@worldnet.att.net "...I was in VQ-2 as a Radio Operator from 3/77 - 3/80. Moved on to VP-9 until 10-82. Miss the old days and the missions. Would love to hear from old buddies, fellow moto-cross racers from the " quatros caminos" club. I have a daughter headed to Sig as an "AT." The tradition keeps on goin'..." [04AUG2000]

Memorial Picture "...IWASKO, LT(jg) George Jr...My father was LT(jg) George Iwasko, Jr. He was an AEW (Airborne Early Warning) Officer aboard the EP-3C with VQ-1. He was stationed at NAS Agana, Guam during the early to mid 1970's. I was very young at the time between 4-7 years old. I remember alot actually of going to the base and seeing the Orions and super connie's. I also remember my father pushing me up into a " Whale" A-3 Skywarrior. I remember them fondley. I have aquired alot of squadron photos. I would like to share them with other members. My father was also a member of VQ-2 back when they flew EC-130's. Christopher Iwasko chrisiwasko@hotmail.com..." [11MAY2010]

JAUS, CWO4 Fred "Dance with the Bear" fjaus@prime.net.sa "...Served with the "Q" from 67-69 and 83-86 as ELINT Analyst & A3 and EC-121 ELINT Op (CTT1) and then again as CWO4 as SECGRUDIVOFF. Don East was my "A" School instructor in P'cola. I couldn't shake the guy, he was there during both my tours. I still do the EW stuff (instructor for Royal Saudi Air Force). The hours and pay are better, but you guys were the best!..." [08SEP2001]

Shipmate Requested Name Removal  [Shipmate Removed 27JAN2017 | 16DEC2016]

JOHNSON, Ray rayjohnson@ipass.net "...I served with VQ-2 from 1968 to 1970 and VAQ-33 from 1970 to 1971. I was an electronic warfare operator on the EA3B and EC-121. I also worked in the ECM shop. I would like to hear from anyone who served with me..." [27DEC2007]

JOHNSON, Ronnie "Johnnie" ronaldwjohnson@att.net "...I served with VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 1968 to 1970 in the ECM shop. Looking to reconnect with Shipmates from that time. It was great duty with great people..." [16APR2009]

JOHNSTON, Willard (Bill) willardkj@office.com "...My first duty tour was with VQ-2 in NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco, April 1956 - November 1957. Best tour of my career. Lots of hard work, fun and flying. How many Shipmates from that period in VQ-2 remember the 3 legged dog that used to scare the pants off the night security guards on our ramp? Just one of many memories of long ago. Would like to hear from any of you guys that were there..." [06DEC2000]

JONES, AVCM Berry Retired jonesb@cnrc.navy.mil "...I served with VQ-2 from 1975 to 1980 (Athens Det. Maintenance CPO from 1977 to 1979) and VP-1 from July 1980 to July 1983..." [BIO Updated 23JUL2005 | BIO Updated 22JUN2001 | 12JUN2001]

JONES, John (Jack) jsjones@eaglenet.com "...Was in VQ-2 from 64-69, flew as a flight tech on the Connies and was a member of the purple hat GAF gang. would like to hear from fellow Rota Rooters prior to the Reunion of the 63-66 gang. Served with VAQ-33 from 1969-79..." [20MAR98]

JONES, Richard "Dick" apriljones49@aol.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1962-1965), VAQ-132 (1970) and VP-47. While with VQ-2 I flew as enlisted third seater aircrew in EA3B's. I flew a lot of missions with LCDR Dave Caswell, Mel Everhart, and Jerry Fox. My second flight squadron was VAQ-132 Scorpions aboard the USS America in 1970 in the Tonkin gulf in EKA3B's. Finished my career in 1978 with VP-47 as a mech on the T-56's. Would not call this the highlite of my career, so I retired and moved to Texas with my wife and two kids. Have not hit a lick since 1993, after I retired the second time, bought an RV and never looked back. Do as much fishing as I can and play a little golf. Have tried to locate Cdr. Caswell but have had no success. If anyone has any info I would be greatful. God bless to everyone..." [15OCT2014]


Memorial Picture "...KALIN, CAPTAIN Morris I. Retired...The first Commanding Officer of VQ-2, CAPT Morris I. Kalin, passed away on Christmas Day, December 25, 2006 of kidney failure complications. He was 91 years old and his heart was good and he was raring to go, but his kidney would just not hold out. He passed away in Northbrook, Illinois, where he had resided, with his wife Lillian, since his retirement from the Navy in 1965. After his Navy retirement he maintained a seat on the Board of Trade in Chicago for numerous years. Morrie joined the other living VQ-2 Plankowners in the dedication of a commemorative certificate on the occasion of the Squadron's 50th anniversary on September 1, 2005..." Contributed by McINTYRE, John vqplank@columbus.rr.com [27DEC2006]

KENT, John D. john_kent@learoyd.com "...Served in VQ-2 from 1982-1985 in AE shop. I was an EWOP on both the P-3 and the Whale, qualified P-3 & A-3 NATOPS Eval, A-3 Crewchief. Would like to hear from any Shipmates I may have served with. Come visit me at Atlanta National Golf Club or send e-mail..." [03FEB98]

KENTON, Jack jfkenton@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1962-1964) aboard the EC-121 as Co-Pilot. When I wasn't flying I was Assistant Division Officer for the Electric Shop and then Engine Shop. I still remember the flights around the German border, Black Sea and Cuban Missle Crisis..." [E-Mail Updated 20MAR2012 | 24FEB2000]

KERWIN, AE1 (AW,NAC) David pthreefe@hotmail.com "...Obviously I'm a flight engineer,currently serving with VQ-2 in sunny NS Rota, Spain. My first P-3 tour was with VP-50 from Aug 91 to Apr 92. From there I did a tour with VP-40 until Jan 96 and have been here since Feb 96..." [31AUG98]

KEYS, AT3 Andrew andrewus@juno.com "...I am heading to VQ-2 from HS-10. Yep going from helos to the big boys. I would really appreciate anyone that has recently been stationed in NS Rota, Spain, or at VQ-2 to drop me a line. I basically want to hear the real scoop, about the life there, the squadron, etc, Any Detachment infoormation as well. Or in certains cases just a generalized "we have been here here and here." I am looking forward to it, and can't wait. I am a single 21 yo guy that decided what the hell, lets go to Europe! Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. Heh, I reenlisted for 6 years for these orders too..." [01FEB2001]

KIMMONS, AT1 William C. WKimmons@aol.com "...Served in VQ-2 from 1963 to 1966. Learned a lot, and loved most of my time there..." [01JAN2002]

KING, CTTC(NAC) Joseph C. II Retired JKingii@aol.com "...Served with VQ-1 (1971-1973 & 1976-1978) and VQ-2 (1973-1976)..." [23FEB2000]

KING, PO1 Rusty Retired grking007@sbcglobal.net "...I served aboard FASU/NSA DaNang, Republic of Vietnam (07/1968-08/1969) and VQ-2 (08/1969-06/1971) at NS Rota, Spain, left the Navy for 6 years, VP-94 at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana, VR-53 at NAS Memphis, Tennessee, Naval Reserve Center at NAS Dallas, Texas, Naval Intelligence at NAS North Island, San Diego, California and Naval Intelligence at NAS Dallas, Texas. After having 3 back operations I retired on a medical. I would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [03JUN2014]


KLIPPEL, ADC (LCDR) Joseph Retired josephklippel@msn.com Shipmate Pix "...Proud member of 8251. Tours- VQ-2 (74-79), VP-90 (80-86), VP-65 (86-90 and 94-97), VP-62 (90-94) currently a proud Minuteman (VP-92) with the Fighting 92nd at NAS Brunswick, Maine. Will be here till I change careers in June of 2000. If any VP-90 Shipmates have info on Mike Nolan, he was a selres AO2 when I left and would like to send him a line (NOTE: Several people have e-mailed me and I have his address and phone number. Thank you - 20APR98). I enjoyed every minute flying as a Naval Aviator. I retired 14 July, 2000 and am now employed with Skyway Airlines as a Quality Control Inspector in Milwaukee, WI. Good Luck and God Bless You All...In May 2004, I started flying Hurricane Hunters out of MacDill AFB in Tampa Florida for NOAA as a flight engineer. I love my job, I no longer keep my resume current as I have stopped looking for a job. Keep in touch..." [BIO/E-Mail Updated 08MAY2005 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 23NOV2000 | Updated 31JAN98]

KOCH, Mary trar@the-bridge.net "...I was in VQ-2 from 89-91 then transferred to VXE-6 in NAS Point Mugu, California for a stay from 91-94 and last but not least to the USS Abraham Lincoln . Started out as AE nothing to AE2(AW). I have everyone I met to thank for making my life as great as it has been thus far. Feel free to email me..." [11SEP98]

KOUNS, AT2 David davidk@tnni.net "...I was an AT-2 at NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco in VW-2 Det-A & VQ-2 from December 1954 to September 1956. Flew as the radioman on the old P2V and P4M #2209..." [E-Mail Updated 01APR2003 | E-Mail Updated 03JAN2003 | E-Mail Updated 15DEC2002 | 10SEP2000]

KOURY, CTO3 David Dkoury34@aol.com "...I was stationed in NS Rota, Spain with VQ-2 from April 1981 through August 1980. I was a CTO3 working behind the "Green Door". I have been keeping in touch with other VQ-2 vets via http://www.ClassMates.com. This is a great website. Thank you for the memories..." [28FEB2002]

KRISHER, Eric "Krash" Shipmate Pix ekrisher@aol.com"...Howdy to a VQ friends. I was an EWOP at VQ-2 (89-92) To all those who "been there, done that!" Too much fun! Please drop me a line if you remember 'Krash'..." [E-Mail Updated 11OCT98]

KRUSE, Mark (Baby Huey) mkruse74@yahoo.com "...Enlisted August 1974, VQ-2 - Crew 23/AE shop 75-78, VXN-8 AE shop/Utility Aircrew 79-82, AIMD NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 82-84, VPU-2 AE shop/Crew 12 'Whipped Dogs' 84-87, NATTC Millington AE School Instructor 87-91, & various others until retirement in 1994..." [03JUN2000]

KULICK, LT Wayne wayne@kulick.us "...I served with VQ-2 (Pilot) from 1998 to 2000..." [21MAY2008]

KUNIECKI, AMH2 Pamela A. Retired amhr@erols.com "...I was attached to VP-17 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, from March of 1986 to September of 1989, when I transferred to VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain. While at VP-17 I worked in the Airframes Shop and at VQ-2 I worked in Corrosion Control. From there I went to Force Warfare Aircraft Test Squadron at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, where I was assigned to the Reliability and Maintainability Division. I was medically retired due to Rheumatoid Arthritis in April of 1996 and I am currently attending college in Southern Maryland..." [03JAN99]

KURTH, George gsk0001@aol.com "...I was stationed in NS Rota, Spain as a CT and flew with VQ-2 from 1969-1970, in both EA3Bs and Willie Victors. I married a woman from Cadiz who worked in the base hospital. We now live in southern California. I would enjoy hearing from anyone that might want to relive the "good old days"..." [30NOV98]

LACKEY, Leslie K. leslackey@erakey.com "...I served with VQ-2 from 1967 to 1969. I flew in "Victors" and A3's. I was lucky enough to do a tour in nam in 1967 "tet" was my first night. I flew with LCDR Doug Coleman "Silver Fox." A great pilot and a special man. I spent two and half years flying around the world with elite professionals who were truely the first line of defense for the free world. What a great time and what great Shipmates. I loved my tour at NS Rota, Spain..." [19APR2011]

LANDUYT, Jeff landuyt2713@msn.com "...I served with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from 1989 to 1992 Crew 2-1! Sure miss the "seafood jambories" and other Spanish good times. Anyone from that era around? Also, Roberto Morales, the phone number you sent me does not work..." [08NOV2003]

LANEY, LCDR David P. Retired david_laney@yahoo.com "...I served with NAVCAD to June 1958, VW-3 to October 1960, VW-1 to October 1961 (3P & Nav), VP-9 to June 1963 (Training & Tactics/2P in P2V-7F), VT-3 (flight instructor) to June 1966, VQ-1 to 1969 (Aircraft Comm. EC-121M), and VQ-2 to 1974 (Training, Security, A/C EC121M). Retired and went to work (self employed) and retired in 2000 finally. VP-9 for losses in San Fran Bay and Johnson Island (JTF-8-Atomic testing)..." [12SEP2002]

LAVOIE, Paul plavoie@pcconnection.com "...I served VQ-2 as an Airman and Radar Technician from April 1967 to July 1968. Lots of good times in town and on deployments. Deployed to FASU/NSA DaNang, Republic of Vietnam from March 1968 to June 1968..." [20APR2004]

Memorial Picture "...LEE, Jack, 51, passed away on Monday, June 16, 2003 in Orange Park, FL. Jack was a 20 year resident of Orange Park and retired in 1991 from the U.S. Navy as a Master Chief after 23 years service, serving as a flight engineer in the P-3 community. He was a member of F&AM, Cabul Lodge, Green Cove Springs, Fleet Reserve Branch 93, and an active member of the Clay County Gator Nation. Mr. Lee was currently employed by Nav Air. Survivors include his loving wife of 18 years, Cullene; daughter, Angela Fuller; mother, Corrine Gore; mother-in- law, Wilda Fuller; sisters, Amber Ka Lee, Mary Sue Nolte and Mona Pearl Constable; brother, James Guy Lee; numerous nieces, nephews and loving friends. A memorial service in celebration of his life will be held on Saturday, June 21, 2003, 10:00 AM in the chapel of JACKSONVILLE MEMORY GARDENS FUNERAL HOME, 111 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, FL. Inurnment of ashes will be held at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations to Community Hospice of NE Florida, 4266 Sunbeam Rd., Jacksonville, FL: 32257 in Jacks memory, would be appreciated. Please sign the Guestbook at Jacksonville.com (Published in the Florida Times-Union from 6/18/2003 - 6/19/2003.) Jack served with VP-24, VP-30, VP-48, and VQ-2..." Contributed by Bruce Barney ibbarney@comcast.net [22JUN2003]

LEE, Jack [Passed away on Monday, June 16, 2003 in Orange Park, FL] "...I served in VP-48, VQ-2, VP-30 and VP-24. I retired in 1992 while serving at AIMD NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I'm now a support contractor for the P3 APML working PDM, SRP, and scheduled maintenance programs. If I could be of any help to anyone drop me a line. I would like to here from shipmates I served with..." [ICQ# 6133630] [15DEC97]

LEEDS, CAPTAIN Rob Retired rgl78@aol.com "...I was lucky enough to serve in VQ-2 three different tours: 1980-83 for my JO tour, 1991-93 for Dept Head and 1995-97 as XO/CO. I enjoyed NS Rota, Spain more each time I went back and am sad to hear VQ-2 is moving back to CONUS. I retired recently--the end of 2004, after 26 years. I finished up in the DC area as the Requirements Officer for the VPU Special Projects program. I've stayed on in DC as a defense contractor supporting the Director of Naval Intelligence. Keep in touch!..." [16JUL2005]

LEHNERT, Lou loulehnert@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 (the best squadron I served with) from December 1963 to September 1965 (ATR2). I made mistakes and they helped me learn and all the fun of new places. I am really bad at remembering names. I've looked at the others who served at the same time as I did but can only remember one name. I worked in the Radar Shop and flew on the WVs. Some of you went to 'A' school at NAS Memphis, Tennessee and 'C' school NAS Patuxent River, Maryland before VQ-2 with me. We never talked about the squadron on the outside but now it seems to be in the headlines. Following VQ-2 I served with and VW-4..." [15APR2004]

LESTER, ATCS (NAC/AW) Albert "Al" Retired sakotrg@md.metrocast.net "...I served with VP-8 (IFT) from 1979 to 1987, VQ-2 (EW Operator) from 1987 to 1990, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (AIMD AV/ARM DIV Chief) from 1990 to 1993, VP-49 (IFT) 1994 to its disestablishment, VP-24 from 1994 to 1995 for their last deployment and then I hung it up and went to work with Raytheon Systems still supporting the P-3. I am still supporting the P-3 as the LSRS FST Avionics Representative out of NAS Patuxent River, Maryland..." [Updated E-Mail/BIO 02MAY2011 | 22NOV98]

LEWIS, ADJ3 L. L. "Bernie" bglewis@ecentral.com "...I served with VQ-2 (3/1965-3/1967). I learned to fly through the NS Rota, Spain Navy Flying Club and made flyng a career retiring in 2008..." [14DEC2012]

LINN, John R. jlinn65@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2..." [19AUG2014]

LITTLETON, ROY/PAM roy@nkn.net "...Roy arrived to VQ-2 Rota Dec '81, Pam arrived Apr '82. We served till '84. In between, we got married and had a son! Roy is still currently serving. The best tour both of us ever had! If any of the "wild bunch" is still around, drop us an "E" mail..."

LOGAJAN, Kay L. (Jordan) govtlawyer@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 (11/1973-11/1976) at NS Rota, Spain. I was the second woman officer in squadron and married shipmate George Logajan. I worked in Personnel and Legal..." [14AUG2014]

LOONEY, Grant gorderonline@bellsouth.net "...I served with VQ-2 from 1958 to 1959 at NS Rota, Spain as a ECM Operator and worked in Maintenance..." [26SEP2009]

LOUIS, ADJ3 Duffy W mikel@soc-dlco.lm.com "...Served with VQ-2 from 6/72 to 12/73 jet shop and calender crew had the greatest time in Spain and left with best stories one could ever tell.See you in D.C. Memorial Day weekend every year on my Harley..." [02OCT98]

LOVE, AMH2 Harold E. helove@cox.net "...I served with VQ-2 from December 1963 to November 1965. I was a AMH2 assigned to Airframes. I later became crew member on the EC-121. I also served with VAW-11, VA-125 and VA-113. Would like to hear from former Shipmates. Thanks to each of you for your service to our great Nation..." [11SEP2008]

LYON, AE1 Richard "Dick" c/o his son Randy Lyon wolf68901@yahoo.com "...I am looking for Shipmates that served with my Dad AE-1 Richard (Dick) Lyon. He served with VQ-2 in the 1960s and 1970s. Dad deployed to NAS Agana, Guam, NS Rota, Spain, and Georga. He flew on a VW-1 EC-121 (BuNo: 145935), TE-9 WV-2 (BuNo: 145939), and TE-6WV-1 (BuNo: 145930). If anyone can help please feel free to get in touch with me. I know it would bring joy to me and my dad to hear fron other crew members. Thanks..." [E-Mail Updated 26DEC2004 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 16FEB2003 | 13MAR99]

LYSAGHT, AT1(AW/NAC) Walter Retired augustbug@ev1.net "...I served with VQ-3 TACAMO from 1975-1981 (NAC), then went to VQ-2 from 1981-1984 as shore duty Aircrew flying EP-3A and EP-3B (Deepwell and Aeries I). I started in Special Projects and when they converted my billet to sea duty, I was transferred into the EP-3 Avionics Shop. Talk about a small world. AT1 Bruce Colby was my instructor for my previous TACAMO school, and ATCS Bruce Colby (same guy) gives me my AES checkride while we're flying out of Greece. NOTE: The Reserves were flying PP-3's by 1981. I also was there when the Seawing bird (EA3) went off to the boneyard after getting a flight waiver. Plane was older than the guys flying it! From VQ-2 I went to VQ-4 TACAMO (NAC) 1984-1989, and onto NATC Force Warfare Aircraft Division in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 1989-1992. And what do I see in the hanger, but an Aeries II!!!! VQ is finally getting new planes and with new equipment inside as well! Made my heart glad to see that. You guys in VQ-1 and VQ-2 had done so much with so little, for so long that they expected you to do everything with nothing, forever. I didn't get to work on the Aeries II, I was in the R&M Department working with the E-6A that was to replace the EC-130Q's that I flew in TACAMO. After that, it was one last tour in VQ-4 with a homeport change tossed in the middle of the tour (all while the squadron is flying 24/7 coverage with no standown) just to make it interesting. I really enjoyed VQ-2 (maybe not some of the mickey mouse), but the people were great and so was Spain. I was able to see a lot of Europe. VQ-2's official / un-official OPS Motto will serve you well. "Plan on Yes…. maybe No…. I'll let you know in an hour"!..." [14JUN2003]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...MACK, Donald F...It is with a heavy heart that I share the news from our family of Don Mack's passing this morning. He fought the hard battle of cancer to his last breath to win the fight and ring the victory bell. Riordan and I were at his bedside watching him be at peace with his going knowing bells were being rung as he was piped above for his final tour. Friend, Husband, Father, Grandfather Don leaves behind a legacy of pride with his two children daughter Briana and her husband Ryan, son Riordan and three grandchildren Keelan, Declan and Ashlan - our leap year baby born on Feb 29th. His love of adventure and serving in the Navy around the world on the P3 platform as aircrew EWOP with VP-4, VP-30, VP-22, VQ-2 and VPU-1 from 1974-1994 giving him what he always said was the best job anyone could have. Following Navy retirement, Don worked for the USPS for 24 years before retiring this past November due to his cancer. Always involved with anything Disney, poker games, coin collecting, puzzles/codes/cyphers, traveling and for the last 18 months remodeling his home in Venice while going through chemotherapy. He wanted me tell all the stubborn males reading this and you know who you are to get a colonoscopy once you hit 60 or earlier. Don't put it off your family will thank you for it..." Contributed by Debbie Mack and forwarded by Tim unclemtb@gmail.com [02APR2020]

MACK, Donald F. MAILMANMACK@MSN.COM "...I was a member of the Blue Goose Squadron (VP-22) Crew 12 the porkers from 1975 - 1977, also with the Sandiman (VQ-2) from 1982 - 1988 and 1991 - 1994, and with projects VPU-1. It was an enjoyable and rewarding time with the ORION..." [10OCT2002]

MacNEIL, AT1 R. W. lotlot66@prodigy.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1972-1975) and flew as an Electronic Warfare OPerator (EWOP) on Crew-23. I also worked in the AT Shop and then Training Department..." [28FEB2012]

MADERA, MCPO David "Maddog" maderadj@vfa-87.navy.mil "...Stumbled across the VP pages and enjoyed reading up on VP blasts from the past. Mac Stuecklen of VXN-8 late eighties days, I AM still in the Navy and probably will be for life (you called it). I am a greyhead Mad Senior Chief now. I served with VP-44 from 1983-1985, VXN-8 from 1986-1989, VQ-2 EP-3Es from 1990-1992, VX-1 from 1993-1996, Tomcats and Hornets having been taking my blood for the past three squadrons. I am currently heading to sea on the TUSS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Retiring out of P-3's has a good ring. Incidently VXN-8ers, Master Chief Mike Smith (Smitty) of VXN-8 aircrew is the CAG 8 Master Blaster. Still a Hellcat. Young Lucky Lucien (ATAN of VXN-8) just checked in yesterday, a seasoned AT1 ready to take over things. Small World. CDR Gore, I still recall that dance under the mistletoe (does she?). Good VP days..." [18NOV2002]

MANUEL, ADR3 Jack jman1950@comcast.net "...I served with VQ-2 from 1970 to 1972 as a ADR3. I met a lot of good people and had a great time in NS Rota, Spain..." [09APR2003]

MARTIN, AT Gary gkm60@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1961-1963) and was a crew member aboard the A3D..." [07MAY2015]

MATHWICH, PN3 Tom tom.Mathwich@mail.bcop.com "...I served with VQ-2 from May 1969 through February 1971. I was a PN3 in the Eucation Office and our CO was CDR Hatch. I will be returning to NS Rota, Spain in the summer of 2001. Would like to be able to visit NS Rota, Spain. After I left the Navy I attended and received a degree from the University of Wisonsin 1974. I am currently employed at Boise Cascade. My wife Kaye is a teacher in the Tomahawk School District, Tomahawk, Wi. Looking for advise on how we can arrange a visit to both NS Rota, Spain and VQ-2..." [06APR2001]

McBARNETTE, Curtis W. vqpilot@aol.com "...VQ-2 1/75-8/79 (Hagen, Peltz, Hopkins, Taylor era). Look forward to hearing from Shipmates of the "Q."..." [21APR99]

McCREARY, Jeffery E. "Track" oldmanriver1951@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1971-1978) at NS Rota, Spain and worked in Quality Control as the Tech Librarian and as an occassional Aux. FC. Still had EC-121M's, P-3's and EA3B's. Now running a B&B on the shores of Lake Superior in the Apostle Islands. Retired and loving riding the Ural all around the country..." [25DEC2013]

McDONALD, William F. pfsr.williamfmcdonald@verizon.net "...Enlisted USMC 1973 after two lack-luster years at Virginia Military Institute. Completed BA while enlisted. Graduated from Pepperdine University. Served at SOES, Quatico, MCAS Futenma Okinawa and MCAS Yuma AZ. Reservist at Andrews NAF Andrews, Maryland. AOCS Pensacola FL 1979. Married May 1980. NFO Wings June 1980. I served with VXN-8 from 1980 to 1983, NAS Pensacola, Florida from 1983 to 1985, VS-41 from 1985 to 1986, and VQ-2 from 1987 to 1989. Reservist USS Lexington and Norfolk..." [E-Mail Updated 05MAR2004 | 06AUG2003]

McFALL, Richard B shorty@iquest.net "...I was in VQ-2 from 1957 - 1960 with Cdr.Sparks P4M Plane Capt. A3D Plane Capt..."

Memorial Picture "...McINNIS, Rick D....With regret I pass on the following message: From: "McInnis, Rick D." RickM@CONDORSYS.com - To: "'clint epley'" <epley@gvtc.com - Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 2:22 PM - Subject: LCDR Ernie Harris Memorial Service - Hi Clint, I received a call this week end from Hugh Bailey and learned that Ernie Harris (VQ-2/VAQ/VPU-1) had recently passed away. His wife Sarah will be hosting a reception at Forest Methodist Church in Centerville, VA on 4 December from 7-9 PM. There will be a memorial service on 5 December, 1100 at Fort Myers, Old Post Chapel in Arlington, VA. You can reach Sarah at 703-715-9423 for more details. Ernie battled Alzheimer's disease the last few years while he was working at GRCI (now Titan) in McLean, VA. Please help pass the word to our VQ/VAQ and VPU community. Perhaps someone has the email address for Ernie's past skippers, Don East and Ivan Hughes. Thanks, Rick McInnis..." Contributed by Mel Davidow meldavidow@earthlink.net..." [03DEC2002]

McINTYRE, CAPTAIN John Retired vqplank@columbus.rr.com "...I served with VP-23 (1963-1965), VP-56 (1968-1969) and VW-2A when it became VQ-2 at NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco on September 1, 1955. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 19JAN2016 | 18FEB2000]

McKIERNAN, James Jr. jimackjr@hotmail.com "...I would like to hear from any old Shipmates. I served in VQ-2 60-62, VP-5 62-64, VP-30 64-68, VP-48 68-71, VP-31 71-75, and CPWP 75-79. Also worked as a civl. in supply NAS Moffett Field, California 79-89..." [20SEP2000]

McKINNEY, ATC(AW) Bruce D. Retired brucedmckinney@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-1, VP-17, VP-22, and VQ-2 (EP-3E's). I retired in 1993. I retired and am currently a High School Teacher in Jacksonville, Florida..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 24AUG2004 | 03JUL98]

McKNIGHT, Harvey mcknighh@gvsu.edu "...I served with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from 1982 through 1984..." [27NOV2008]

MEADOWS, David E. AKA "Igor" igor1010@hotmail.com "...I flew with VQ-2 as a spook from 1968 until 1979 and then went back as CO of NSGA Athens/NRSA NS Rota, Spain from 1990-93. I also have a couple of novels on the streets titled THE SIXTH FLEET and THE SIXTH FLEET SEAWOLF. I have made sure that I have VQ and EP-3E in each of these two. THE SIXTH FLEET TOMCAT due for release by Penguin Putnam February 5, 2002, has a complete VQ/EP-3E subplot in it. Hope all of you enjoy the books. (Yes, of course, I put missiles on them!) Cheers and Happy Holidays, Shipmates..." [12DEC2001]

MILLER, YN3 Brian brianmillertx@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1999-2001) at NS Rota, Spain and worked on the last issue of VQ-2 Wingspan Magazine..." [04MAR2014]

MILLER, YN3 Michael mdmiller90@yahoo.com "...I was very happy to finally find an online copy of the "Operation Provide Promise" patch which I designed when I was assigned to VQ-2 in 1993. I served with VQ-2 in 1993 and NS Rota, Spain as a YN3 (N3/Ops) from 1992 through 1993. Webmaster of Axis Biographical Research at http://www.geocities.com/~orion47..." [20AUG2001]

Memorial Picture "...MINEHART, Carl "Rick"...ROGERS -- Carl "Rick" Minehart, 37, of Rogers died in a plane crash on March 12, 2002, in Lee County. He was born Aug. 29, 1964, in Poplar Bluff, Mo., to Carl D. and Celesta L. Mattingly Minehart. He was a Navy veteran and had received many honors. He was a member of the Arkansas Bar Association and the VFW Post 3031. He enjoyed playing billiards, flying, skiing, computers and reading. Rick Minehart was a flight engineer and aviation electrician in the Navy from August 1982 to April 1996. He met his wife while stationed in Spain and spoke Spanish fluently. They had two sons. Carl served with VQ-2..." WebSite: CenterSeat (CENTERSEAT FORUM - Main Category - IN MEMORY) http://www.centerseat.net/ [07AUG2008]

MITCHELL, Esther (Solis) semitch@flash.net "...Spent 3 years at VQ-2, Jan. 1989 to Dec. 1991, in the mech. shop. I enjoyed working on the whales. After getting out in 1991. I spent time being a stay at home mom, but later went to college and now I'm working on my commission, so I can work at the Aeromed. squadron in the Oklahoma Air National Guard as an RN-that's a big change from mech to nurse but I enjoy it. Looking foward to hearing from anyone out there..." [17JUL98]

MOLICK, Jim molick@doitnow.com "...Served in VS-36 from 59-62 flew in S2F2 & 3 aboard USS Valley Forge and Randoph. VQ-2 from 62-66 in Special ECM shop and flew in A-3 #2 primarily. Just returned from Reunion in Nashville, a very enjoyable and moving experience for everyone attending. The "Q" spirit will never leave anyone who served in it! K Franks did a bang up job!!..." [13MAY98]

Memorial Picture "...MONTIERTH, Matt....Regret to inform all Matt Montierth (VQ-2 1971-1974) has died from complications of pneumonia. A beloved friend and brother-in-law...William Unger (VQ-2 1971-1974) william.unger@cox.net..." [03JAN2005]

MORENO, Gene "Mo" eugene.moreno@att.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1968-1969) NS Rota, Spain. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [18JAN2011]

MULKEY, ATCS "Sam" jsm_35@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-30 (twice), VP-45, VP-8 and VQ-2. Retired out of VP-30 and I am currently enjoying life as a P-3 NATEC Tech Rep in sunny NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Love to hear from some old friends...." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25SEP2010 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 16SEP2002 | 16JUN99]

MUNOZ, Ruben "CHEECH" fireman318rm@webtv.net "...I was in VQ-2 from '82-'85. I flew The Whale for three years. I still remember some of the close calls we had. Those were some great times that'll I'll never forget. I now am a firefighter in Los Angeles,CA. "WHALES FOREVER" Drop me a line if you want to talk about the old days..." [27JUL2000]

MUNSELLE, David R. charliejbard@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VQ-2 (01/1960-05/1962) as the MA1 in charge of the Ground Data Reduction Center (GDRC). CDR Paul Halpin was CO. Flew as crew in several A3D-2Q's and aboard as crew on WV-2Q's. Mainained computer programs and operation of compouter that reduced data returned from aircraft missions. Lived in VQ-2 barracks and was active in after hours recreation programs (volleyball and go-carts). Many great memories..." [03MAY2012]

MUSCO, ANTHONY D. admchief@yahoo.com "...LOOKING FOR OLD Shipmates VQ-2 (1955-1960), NAS Kodiak, Alaska (1952-1954), AND VP-30 (1960-1963)..." [E-Mail Updated 14AUG2001 | E-Mail Updated 11SEP99 | 03MAR99]

NINAS, Larry E. "Gunny" scary.larry@mcione.com"...VPU-1 Nov 85-February 89...VQ-1 March 89-May 92...VQ-2 November 94-November 96...I was a lowly "Old Buzzard" PPTN Nov 95-Feb 89. I avoided the Dark Side VP and transitioned to VQ. From PPTN to DIA defending the platform to the Joint Staff. You never know. I was in VPU when Marty Rule had more hair...is that possible. Sea daddies like Salty don't come along often either. As Tommy Donovan always said, "if you ain't havin' fun, you ain't doin' it right." Hasta la vista!!..."

MONTIERTH, Matt CalHotRods@aol.com"...I was in VQ-2 from Feb72 thru Jun75...Was an AT3...flew on the Connies and P-3's..often at the Key West Det...Luved Rota...what a place !!..." [Deceased 03JAN2005]

NAGY, Paul J. bassballz101@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 1996 to 1997. I am looking for Willy Ard..." [17FEB2011]

NEUMANN, LCDR Lawrence A. Retired neumannl@snet.net "...I was Ens. Lawrence A. Neumann, Officerin Charge, April 1944 to June 1945 aboard the Landing Craft Tank LCT-898 from LCT-898 I went to staff ADCOM 7th PHIB then to Mare Island Shipyard and separation to INACDU in 1946. In 1950 VP-731 was a reserve squadron activated for the Korean war, I was the electronic officer of VP-731 VP-731 on her first deployment to NS Sangley Point, Philippines in 1951. On return to San Diego I transferred to VU-3 VU-3a (drones) as Assistant Electronic Officer. Next I was sent to FAW-2 FAW-14 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii while at FAW-2 on TAD to VP-6 I supervised upgrading configuration of new P2V-5's for WestPac duty. When the FAW was deployed to WestPac I was detached for having too much time in WestPac and was assigned to FASRON-110 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. My next station was NAS Point Mugu, California as Range Comm Officer. After a tragic accident when family members of VW-2 vw2a were lost on deployment to NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco. I was ordered as a replacement for the man that lost his family. I was designated as a Naval Aviation Observer and I spent 1 1/2 years with VW-2a operating P4M aircraft-1Q aircraft. The VW-2a unit was redesignated as VQ-2 in 1956. I was mustered out in July 1956 and returned to civilian life. I joined the Naval Reserve as an Electronic Officer in VS-837 (NAS Brooklyn, New York). The squadron was recalled to active duty in 1961 for the Berlin Crisis and included a 3 month deployment to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. On return from NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba I transfered to VP-837 (NAS Brooklyn, New York). I finally retired from reserve duty in 1978 as an LCDR - I was the electronics officer LCDR of VS-837 when we were activated in October 1961. We were deployed to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the spring of 1962 for about six weeks. Our squadron was selected for an experimental long legs project at Grumman Aircraft that involved installation of large fuel tanks in the bomb bay. The work was done on site at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York. VS-837 was deactivated in June 1962. During my VS-837 active duty I was able to commute to my home in Trumbull, CT on a regular basis. I transferred to VP-837 shortly after deactivation and became a TACCO. On a two weeks activation to NAS Jacksonville, Florida our crew qualified as a fleet B class unit. I continued to drill at FBT until about 1972..." [BIO Updated 24JUN2007 | BIO Updated 24MAY2007 | BIO Updated 29JUL2005 | 17JUL2000]

NICHOLS, Gerald E. gnichrc@aol.com "...I was an AMH3 and a crewman 1959..."

NINAS, Larry E. "Gunny" Retired pandapeeps@wirelesshometown.com "...I served with VPU-1 (November 1985-February 1989), VQ-1 (March 1989-May 1992) and VQ-2 (November 1994-November 1996). I was a lowly "Old Buzzard" PPTN from November 1985-February 1989. I avoided the Dark Side VP and transitioned to VQ. From PPTN to DIA defending the platform to the Joint Staff. You never know. I was in VPU- when Marty Rule had more hair (is that possible?). Sea Daddies like Salty don't come along often either. As Tommy Donovan always said, "if you ain't havin' fun, you ain't doin' it right." Hasta la vista!..." [E-Mail Updated 08FEB2008 | 00XX97]

NORUM, ATC/AC Gene H. Retired haggar35@live.com "...Started my fleet career at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island in the FlogWingSlant (VR-22 / VR-1 Terminal Support Crew, FASRON-104 (DET Alpha at NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco and Halfar Malta from 1954 to 1956 - involving Patrons), commissioned FASRON (Special) 201 and flew radioman for DEPCINCAFSOUTH R4D BUNO: 17165 (this is the one that later crashed at Naples), WestPac/CVG Navy, NATTC Instructor, (finally back to the good guys) NAS Sigonella, Sicily from 1967 to 1970 (was ADMIN Chief for the ASCAC and the deployment CPO for the P-3 Vancomplex- LP3C3), NATF (SI) NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, VC-8 at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR from 1971 to 1974 and finally to VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 1974 to 1978. Looking back the most satisfying tours were FASRON (Special) 201, NAS Sigonella, Sicily , VC-8 / AFWR and VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain..." [E-Mail Updated 01JUL2009 | 15JUN2004]

OLSON, ATC Charlie Retired svede60@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1973-1976) at NS Rota, Spain as squadron 1st LT. I was instrumental in converting the old training room into the CPO lounge (with SCPO Harnois bugging the old man & XO), we got er done. Had a great time building the "A3 Float" for the bi-centenial parade. Great squadron, great station!..." [31AUG2011]

ORONA, Art (Tudy) art2bon@aol.com "...Served with VQ-1 Aug.'65 - Sept.'73 and VQ-2 June'78-July'81. Undoubtedly the best duty a sailor could ever ask for! Am currently in touch with about twenty old sailors from both outfits with rapidly fading memories about our glorious days as aircrewmen. Looking for more old Shipmates to help us remember how great(?) we were in our younger days. Would like help in locating ATC Grover G. (Jose) Perkins, AMS-1 Brian (Bunk) Laffey & AQC Bob Lohne. Would like to hear from anybody else I had the pleasure of serving with from either squadrons..." [15FEB2005]

OTTENWESS, Ron "Otto" rono@emerald-edi.com "...Shipmates! I was in VQ-2 from May, '67 until February, '70. Member of Special Projects crew. Also did my time in the Willy's and A-3's. Plus a little time in the Silver Moon, of course...Ron Ottenwess - Emerald Database Innovations, Inc...Developers of Procedium Electronic Commerce Adaptware...Phone +1 (616) 342-8065...Fax +1 (616) 342-5121..." [17NOV98]

PACE, AT3 Jack Burns Shipmate Pix jackbpace@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1987-1990) at NS Rota, Spain with deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, NAS Souda Bay, Crete, Greece,NAS Keflavik, Iceland, Turkey and others I forgot. In addition to working in avionics shop, I was qualified aircrew (EWOP) on both the EP-3E and EA-3B, though I never got to make a carrier deployment because by the time I was qualified they had stopped A-3s from going to the carrier. I shared an apartment with Chief Mike Ericson and AE5 Tim Brown until I got married to a Spanish girl in 1989. She came to US with me when I completed active duty in July 1990 and we are still married. I served a year of reserve duty where I did finally get to spend two weeks at sea on a carrier out of NAS North Island, San Diego, California working in the cal lab but I was never called to serve in Desert Storm. My son who was born on NS Rota, Spain and served aboard the USS George Washington (CVN-73) as an IT from 2008 to 2011. I now live in Montgomery County Texas, and work as a Mental Health Provider at a Texas Prison..." [06SEP2022]

PAETOW, Heidi yodeling_heidi@hotmail.com "...Hey guys I just put on 2nd class. Not bad for three years in, huh. I am currently stationed with VQ-2 in NS Rota, Spain. I am currently working in Souda Bay Crete. What a PARTY!!!..." [05JUL98]

PALMER, Sonny Birgit@netquarters.net "...Would like to hear from anybody that was in VP-11 from 71-77. I was in the Circus Room with Bimbo & Zippy and was Ring One leader. Other squadrons were VQ-2, VS-29 Dragonfires, VS-41 Shamrocks, VT-1, AEW-2, and ATU-203..." [07FEB99]

PAPPAS, AT Dan dan_pappas@hotmail.com "...AIMD NAS Agana, Guam from `81 to `84, in the avionics comm shop. VQ-1 NAS Agana, Guam, from `84 to `87 in the IMA Vans VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain, from `87 to `90 in the Special Projects Shop..." [06MAR2000]

PASQUINELLY, Chris chrispnelly@live.com "...I served (EWOP/BRIGAND/RADAR) with VQ-2 (1980-1983), VPU-2 (1984-1987), VAQ-33 (1989-1992) and VP-66 (1992-1995). I met the best people and had the best time in my life. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [23JUN2011]

PAULES, AE2 James jrpaules@msn.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1970-07/1972). I got married on my way from Naval Weapons Test Squadron (WST) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland to NS Rota, Spain and brought my wife along to Spain. She was a freshman in college and picked up a few courses from the University of Maryland while we were there. I did one deployment on an aircraft carrier to support the "whales" and then decided I’d rather be an air crewman. I got qualified as the aviation electrician’s mate (i.e. cook) and an ECM Operator. VQ-2 was transitioning from the Super Connies to the P-3’s and since I wasn’t going to make the Navy my career, I got assigned to one of the Super Connie crews. I made several deployments to Athens and NAS Key West, Floridat and even got to go on a NATO exercise to Iceland and Norway … even got my "Blue Nose" card for going above the Arctic Circle. After I got out of the Navy I used my GI Benefits to get an Electrical Engineering degree from Penn State and then worked 33+ years at Three Mile Island..." [11MAR2014]

PEAVEY, William billpeavey@grandecom.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1971-1976)..." [28JUL2013]

PEREZ, Johnny A. PEREZJA@TQCI.NET "...I was in VQ-2 84-87 and was W/C110 LPO. I had one of the best family tours in my 20 plus yrs in the Navy. I would like to hear from anyone that might remember me..." [01AUG99]


PERKINS, YN Demetrio demetrioperkins@ozu.es "...Serve at VQ-2 as a YN from 91-94. Now i'm a cti station at NS Rota, Spain still fly with VQ-2. It's an honor to serve there twice..." [04NOV2001]

PETERSON, AEC Robert A. "Pete" (Alias "Chief Pete") Retired rappeterson@attbi.com "...Started my career in July 1965; VT-28 in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, then on to VA-65, VA Beach. Spent 7 Months in the Tonkin Gulf in 1969 on board the USS Kitty Hawk. Moved on to greener pastures until November. 1974 and re-joined the Navy. Shipped out to VQ-2 in January 1975. Picked up for flight crew in June 1975. Was the first to be ELINT qualified in both the EA-3B and EP-3E. Crew 25 Mad Dogs, Riders of the sky! I gave up the back end for the front end in January 1979. FE school at NAS Jacksonville, Florida then on to Lovin Eleven (VP-11) in June 1980. Crew 5 with Jack Sell and then Jeff Langer. Geo Meeker, Charlie Dixon, Victor Barr, and Pat Dewitt were on that infamous crew. Moved on to ASW in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland in December 1982. Back to VQ-2 April 1986; Finally, back to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, Force Warfare from 1989-1992, where I retired. Would like to hear from any of my old Shipmates..." [BIO Updated 21DEC2002 | E-Mail Updated 10DEC2002 | 24JUN98]

PETROCELLI, Ken kpetrocelli@netscape.net "...I was a proud EP-3E crewman for VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain from 1980 to 1983. Just trying to trackdown some of my Shipmates!..." [26JAN2005]

PHILLIPS, Bill billphillips66@tampabay.rr.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1968-1971) as a EC-121 Pilot..." [01MAY2012]

PLATT, James D. plattjim@comcast.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1974-1978) at NS Rota, Spain with deployments to . Mostly working in corrosion control. I had deployments in Athens Athens, Greece, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, Germany and aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67). Some of the best years in my life serving with some great people..." [11OCT2010]

PLEASANT, AT1(AW/NAC) Paul D. p3orion_ift@yahoo.com "...I was a P-3 and A-3 EWOP in VQ-2 from 1984-1987. I then did a five year stint flying on C-130's in VQ-4 and VR-22 before returning to VQ-2 as a Radio Op from 1992-1994. After the last Aries 1 plane (Ranger 24) quit flying I became an IFT on the Aries 2 birds until 1997. I am currently an IFT at VP-16. If any of the old whalers want EA-3B pictures, I have the ones of Ranger 17 I took in 1986 while flying aboard the USS Kennedy. I have them scanned onto my computer and can e-mail them to whoever wants them. Drop me a line anytime..." [16JAN2001]

PORTER, Ronney D. rporter@vnet.net "...I was a member of VQ-2 from April 1968 till April 1970. I worked in Maint. Control for AMCS JL Bell for awile then transferred to Power Plants (jets). Met a lot of fine people that I try to stay in contact with, a few of them re Tony Balcan, Davis Schmidt and Tom Rudolph. Would like to hear from any old Shipmates. I would like to find James E. Carter from Roanoke, Va. or Vinton,Va..." [29JUN2000]

POST, AQB3 Ken klpost1014@aol.com "...I served with VQ-2 from April 1958 to December 1959. Was an AQB-3 assigned as ECM operator and flew on P4M. Proudly remember time spent in NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco and NS Rota, Spain. Left the Navy in 1966 and have been working at Kennedy Space Center for 41 years as Tech supporting Apollo and Space Shuttle Tracking Operations..." [25NOV2009]

POWELL, Erika Graywolf27@aol.com "...I was stationed in NS Rota, Spain (VQ-2 AIMD 64B) from 1988-1992. Then I was stationed in Agana Guam (VQ-1 AIMD 64B) from 1992-1994. I got out right when VQ-1 moved to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. I was actually looking for Michael Bleakley who went to det NAS Misawa, Japan. To anyone who remembers me, email me..." [09OCT98]

Memorial Picture "...RADCLIFF, LCDR John W...I have learned today that John Radcliff, VQ-2 has passed away. John was in VQ-2 1969-1972. His address is: John W. Radcliff LCDR (Ret), 42 Goldenberry Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77384. A memorial service is scheduled for Tuesday, 1 July 2003 in Texas. Please pass this information on to anyone who may have known John and his wife Gloria. Allan Prevette, Secretary, VQ Association..." Forwarded by Mel Davidow meldavidow@aol.com [28JUN2003]

RANGER, AT2 Rick rick.ranger@ddesc.com "...I served with VQ-2 from February 1971 to September 1975. Rated AT2 crewed on Willies and helped build then crewed EP-3 #23. BL/APS-20 operator out of Special Shop. Lots of good memories and lots of good people. Visited NS Rota, Spain in 1992 and it had changed so significantly it was sad. Benny's, T-town, the Playa all different..." [20AUG2008]

Memorial Picture "...RENESKI, CDR Bernard J. Jr. Retired...My brother, Bernard J. Reneski Jr., recently passed away. Bernard served with VQ-2 in the early 1970's..." Contributed by John Reneski jreneski@fullsail.com [29JUN2015]

RENFROE, AT1 Thomas W. trenfroe191@att.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1972-1975 and 1978-1979)..." [10MAY2013]

REUS, Curt G. strickly_gi@hotmail.com "...I served in VQ-2 from June 90- Dec 92 (there was that legal hold business). Worked in Airframes BRIEFLY (too many arrogant....). Next proceeded to Corrosion shop. Would like to hear from Pam Kuniecki, John Wambold, Tom Scott, Shawn Minitre etc.. or anyone I worked with or remembers me. Hated NS Rota, Spain at 1st, but that soon changed. I'm still on active duty in the tailhook Navy (16yr in June). (Tours in VF-41, VF-2, NWTS Point Mugu, California and VFA-27). I proudest of my "Whale" Days. The crews weren't afraid to work and NEVER called those in Maint. "Ground pounders" like the P-3 types. I remember also the last FLEET "WHALE" DET (Souda). The Whales and community were great(the Front Enders were always "buying" at Pauls). The A-3 retirement was a great sad memory. Whales Forever!..." [31AUG2001]

ROBERTS, Charles B. tinbender1@comcast.net "...I served with VP-16 (1974 to 1978), VP-49 (1978 to 1980), VQ-2 (1968 to 1970) and VAQ-33 with the "whales" and last C-121 on active duty (1980 to 1983). Throw in tours inbetween in VF-13, VF-162, VC-2, VS-22 and HS-1 you end up with an enjoyable 30 year career..." [E-Mail Updated 24MAR2009]

ROBERTS, Robert H. (Bob "Squared") beachbm61@aol.com "...Hey to all the "Qer's". Past and present. I served in VQ-2 83-86, 89-93, VX-1 86-89, VQ-4 Det NAS Patuxent River, Maryland 93-96 and currently VQ-4 Tinker AFB. Soon to head to NRD Miami to sell Navy. I just wanted to say high to all. Fair winds..." [11AUG99]

ROHR, ADCS Edward William (Bill) Retired brohr@metrocast.net "...I served with VP-40 from May 1962 until June 1965 (Plane Captain - Crew 5), VT-29 from June 1965 to April 1969, VXE-6 from August 1969 to April 1971 (Connie FE), VQ-2 from October 1971 to October 1974 (FE), VP-8 NAS Brunswick, Maine from October 1974 to November 1988, VP-23 NAS Brunswick, Maine and retired November 1, 1988 as ADCS..." [E-Mail Updated 26JAN2005 | 18MAY2004]

RONES, Gerald astarte76@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-1, VQ-2, VQ-6, VQ-3, VQ-4 and Commander Strategic Communications Wing ONE (STRACOMWINGONE) at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, OKAT1 ground pounder..." [06SEP2010]

ROY, AD1 Mark mark.roy@utas.utc.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1984-1987) at NS Rota, Spain..." [11OCT2013]

RUDDEN, AT1 (AW) Michele "Misha" ruddenmfmu@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1992-1996) in W/C 210, Naval Air Maintenance TRAining GRouP DETachment (NAMTRAGRPDET) (1996-1998) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida as a Instructor, VPU-2 (1998-1999) and Marine Aviation Logistics Support Element Kaneohe (MALSEK) (1999-2000) at MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. I would like to hear from former Shipmates. Jeff Torres are you out there?..." [02DEC2016]

RUDOLPH, Thomas brudolph@shentel.net "...I served with VQ-2 from April 1968 to April 1970. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [28OCT2003]

RUIZ, ADCS (AW/SW) Jose Rene renrealestate@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-26 (1979 to 1983), VQ-2 (1983 to 1986), VP-23 (1986 to 1990), RTC Orlando (1990 to 1993), USS Saratoga/VFA-81 (1993 to 1997), VP-16 (1997 to 2002), VC-8 2002-2003 and VP-30 (2003 to 2005)..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 27AUG2010 | 07APR2003]

RUSSELL, Edmund P. "Ed" edmund.russell@navy.mil "...I was an AE Second Mech in VP-22 Jan 74-May 79, VQ-2 Flight Engineer 1980-1982, and VP-45 from 05 Jan-86 to 31 Mar-89. Would like to hear from anyone...I teach at FASO DET JAX now. Will there be anymore reunions?..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 01AUG2007 | Updated 10FEB98]

RUSSELL, Jon dawgsfan1@comcast.net "...Was in NS Rota, Spain from 1984-1987 with VQ-2 with the Whale..." [20FEB2008]

RUSSO, Richard golfingnomads@aol.com "...I was an AMS2 with VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 60 to 62. I worked in the metal shop with Jim Maloney, Bob Kugler, and Bill Wagner, and later worked out of the parachute loft doing AME stuff. Had a great time there! We worked hard and played hard..." [E-Mail Updated 17MAY2001 | 14DEC2000]

SACKETT, Jim jsac3@juno.com "...I was with VQ-2 from 66-69, ECM operator in A-3's & WV's, did a a Det Bravo w/VQ-1 in DaNang in '69. Flew with the greatest A-3 driver ever while in DaNang, Lcdr Mike Maxwell. Will never forget our R&R to Olongapo City!! Looking forward to hearing from some of the friends I made back then..." [08MAY99]

SANFORD, LCDR Roger Retired ) Ldo4Cno2@aol.com "...I reported to VP-56 in June 1970 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland as an AMS3, deployed to NAS Keflavik, Iceland that winter. After deployment made the move to NAS Jacksonville, Florida. In Nov 1971, I reenlisted for orders to VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain (1/72-1/76) where I met probably 2 of the craziest people I would meet in my career (Ed Berube and Bob DelGuidiese). Then to AIMD Key West (4/76-4/79). Next VAQ-33 NAS Norfolk, Virginia where I was iniatiated to AMSC (6/79-4/80). AIMD Oceana (4/80-5/82)as an LDO. Next VAW-126 (6/82-7/85). Back to AIMD Key West (8/85-3/88), VS-28 (3/88-4/91). AIMD Mayport (4/91-1/94). CHSLWL Mayport (1/94-8/97) where I retired. Still in Jax. Name is in phone book. Would love to hear from old squadronmates and Shipmates..." [22JUN98]

SAVICKI, Dan savd@juno.com"...1965 through 1968..."

SCHORN, Linda A. (Silvis) FLTLINE23@aol.com "...Started out in VP-30 (1976-78). Moved to Crash Crew in NS Rota, Spain (1978-80). Then to VQ-2 from (1980-83). Transet Line NAS Moffett Field, California (1983-85). Finally completed a tour in VP-23 from (1985-88) Want to say hi to all my old friends. Drop me a line..." [25FEB98]

SCIRE, Vinny vinces@mail.cybernex.net"...I was CTO3 stationed with VQ-2 from Nov. 67 til May 69. I also did a little time flying on the 121, but did alot of time down town enjoying a few San Miguels..."

SCOTT, AE1 Ricky J. w7psk@w7psk.net "...I served with VQ-1 (1973 to 1975), VP-31 FRAMP (1975 to 1978), VQ-2 (1979 to 1982), C-12 Aircrew NAS Brunswick (1982 to 1985), VP-30 FE School (1985), VP-11 (1985 to 1986) and Commander, Patrol Wing Five (CPW-5) Brunswick (1986 to 1987)..." [E-Mail Updated 23AUG2005 | E-Mail Updated 22OCT99 | E-Mail Updated 19APR99]

SEGANOS, Mark seganosm@hawaii.rr.com or seganosm@cpwp.navy.mil "...Great to see a couple names that I recognize. I served in VQ-2 in 82-86, then VP-47 in 89-93, then went to VP-46 from 93-98. I am presently in MCBH Kaneohe Bay Hawaii serving COMPATRECFORPAC (formally known as COMPATWINGSPAC). Let me hear from ya'll..." [E-Mail Updated 04FEB2000 | 06JUL99]

SHERK, AMH3 Michael H. michaelsherk4@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain..." [20NOV2022]

SHETTERLY, Donald L. donshetter@aol.com "...I was a U. S. Army Crew member and served with VQ-2 in Adana Turkey, Incirlick Air Force Base TDY to NS Rota, Spain, Hawaii, NAS Midway Island and Tripoli, Libya..." [11AUG2014]

SHOULTZ, W. T. jo_t86@yahoo.com "...I was in VQ-2 in 1958 when we had to move out of North Africa NS Rota, Spain. I served as flight elect on the P4M and spent two tours in Turkey. I was aboard #365 that we lost in "59" as far as naples before I had to return to NS Rota, Spain..." [18MAR2005]

SIBLIK, ATN Charles T. chuckro82369@genevaonline.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1967-1970) in the ECM Shop with EW operator Brigand Willys, Whales and The Old Hong Kong. Some of the best people I have ever met in my life. Attended 2 Reunions with Shipmates and a 3rd to be held in Hyannis, MA in September. I would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [11AUG2014]

SIMSON, PO3 John L. johnsims@localnet.com "...I served with VQ-2 from July 28, 1971 to July 5, 1974. Participated in the October 1973 Arab-Israeli Crisis flights to check on possible attack of our aircraft. EC 121 M 132392 "No. 32" that sawed its tail nearly clear off its last trip across the Atlantic. Also didn't mention the vibration when the port wing life raft let go at the same time as the antennae, like she was deciding to just let herself go in mid-air. Landed with an estimated 10 minutes of flying time before we would have lost the tail mid May 1974. Only made third class when Uncle Sam said "You're too fat and so get off my aircraft." Wonder what happened to the little butterball commander who was the most rotund little guy to fly such a big plane? Think his name was Chenoweth. Knew the guy, Steve Brown, that took the pictures of the three planes Willie, P-3E and AE3B in formation since he was the one to document the last plane in the air for the EC-121s before we left NS Rota, Spain in 1974. For at time I was in contact with Chief Wiggins who went to DC, Doughty, Groshong, Story and "PopTart" Letarte. Wonder where all those guys are now? I am currently in an old folks home in Central NY due to Parkinson's Disease, a problem with meds kept me in VA Hospital, Syracuse, NY for six months until this past February. Nearly died from heart attack 05/15/02, and three days later on a VA hospital stress table. The doc, she didn't appreciate her patients checking out before they get their tests finished, but we found out I am one in a billion -- when I get stressed my blood pressure drops to zero instead of going up - so I try not to get stressed. Funny, at 56, I don't feel old. I am writing my church's story for its bicentennial program September 19, 2004. Would like to hear from some of you guys, if you're still around. I just got on the internet this year as emergency communications to my two sisters, one of whom followed me into the Navy, the first under a CHAMPUS program for nurses -- at the age of 40! -- one of the first five to do so just before the first Gulf War, since they're both RNs. Does anyone have a spare patch from VQ-1, VQ-3, and VQ-4 from the 1970's? Would also like a transitional patch where the bodega man of San something vino companies is merging with the bat. Sangrea! Whooweee! Drank that stuff in three large glass tumblers a whole day (!!!) before a flight the next morning. Carried my head underneath my arms for the next two days. I was just barely functional that flight. Thank God we weren't in too serious a business. Willie girl wouldn't even leave the ground when we lost both No. 3 and 4 engines just before takeoff. It was so hot the props couldn't get good bites of air either..." [BIO Updated 16DEC2003 | 15DEC2003]

SKINNER, ATC(NAC) Jay Retired jay_d_skinner@yahoo.com "...I served aboard NAF Naples, Italy as crew aboard the C-47 and C-117 (Load Master) and C-54 as SixFleet Admirals Flight Comm, NAS Keflavik, Iceland (1969-1972) as crew aboard the C-54 and C-118, Catbird (1972-1975) as crew aboard CINCSOUTH's C-131 as Flight Comm, VQ-2 (1975-1981) as crew aboard the EP-3E, VP-31 (1981-1984) NAS Moffett Field, California as a Flight Instructor and back to VQ-2 (1984-1991) as crew aboard the EP-3E. I retired in 1991 with 26 years and 3 months service...." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 27SEP2011 | 14NOV2008]

SMITH, CWO3 Roger bandaid@oakharbor.net "...I was a SCPO in VQ-2 from Dec 89 to Oct 92. Would love to hear from any of you..." [01NOV98]

SNELLING, CT1 Sam FSUSAM@AOL.COM "...Flew missions with VQ-2 out of Incirlik AB (TUSLOG DET 58) in EA3B in 1962/1963. Was a Communications Techincian 1st (CT1) at the time. Best days of my life!..." [21JUN2001]

SORENSEN, ADJ Harold mrhgsjr@aol.com "...I served with VQ-2 from Dec 64 to April 66 deployed with 2 aircraft and 3 crews to assist VQ-1 in Dec 65. Would like to hear from any former Shipmates..." [02MAR2009]

Memorial Picture "...SOUTHWORTH, LT Thomas E...My Dad, Thomas E. Southworth, passed away in 2001. Dad served with VQ-2 in the 1960's. His job with the crew, as I understand (he never really talked about it), was electronics/radar? Just wondering if there is anyone remaining who knew him. Two of his buddies that I met were Art Northrup and Carl Hammond. He spoke of patrols on the Soviet border, shadowing the Soviet navy and taking part in the Cuban missile crisis..." Contributed by Thomas E Southworth Jr. tesouthworth@gmail.com [24JUL2017]

Memorial Picture "...SPARKS, CDR Robert R. "RR"...I am looking for anyone who knew my father. His name was Robert Sparks. He was an officer and known as RR Sparks. I have found that he served with VQ-1, Commanding Officer of VQ-2, Commanded a VW-2 Detachment, NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco (1950's), USS Princeton (1960), Pentagon (early 1960) and Commanding Officer NAS Keflavik, Iceland (1965) where he was lost in a Helicopter mishap. Dad flew PBYs, P4M's and other aircraft. I was only 11 when he died and I didn't know him well. To anyone who knew him, I would love to hear stories...Nancy Sparks sparks2254@gmail.com..." [27OCT2009]

STANLEY, Ricky G. Retired rickygstan@gmail.com "...I attended AT "A" School at NAS Millington, Tennessee in 1980, Aircrew Training at NAS Pensacola, Florida, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) at NAS North Island, San Diego, California, Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands (ES-2D Radar Operator) from 1981 to 1985, NADC (Warminister) Johnsville, Pennsylvania (P-3 Observer) from 1985 to 1988, NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (C-12 Crewman) from 1988 to 1991, VP-30 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida (P-3 Observer) from 1991 to 1994, NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Non flight billet) from 1994 to 1995, EW School at Corry Station NAS Pensacola, Florida, VQ-2 (IFT) at NS Rota, Spain from 1996 to 1999, VQ-11 (Non flight billet) at NAS Brunswick, Maine from 1999 to 2000 and retired August 1, 2000. Fair Winds to all my beloved Shipmates. I miss you all..." [30MAR2011]

STEELE, AMS2 James jimsteele47@comcast.net "...I served with VQ-2 (1967-1969) flying in the EA3B as a Plane Captain and ECM operator. We had some of the best crew members, EWOPS, Navigators and Pilots..." [11JUL2012]

Memorial Picture "...STETZ, CDR Elias "Al" Joseph...Just learned of the passing of CDR Al Stetz last month (July 19, 2014) on Long Island, NY. Al and I were nuggets together in VQ-2 in the NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco days (1955-1958). Al went on to VX-6 where he was the pilot of the P2 involved in the November 9th, 1961 mishap at Wilkes Station, Antarctica. Al and I were again together in VP-56 (1968-1969) where Al was my Maintenance Officer for the Fleet Introduction of the P-3C at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. We were best buds for many years and he’ll be missed by many old timers..." Contributed by McINTYRE, CAPTAIN John vqplank@columbus.rr.com [21AUG2014]

STEWART, Octavio R. stewart_o@bellsouth.net "...VQ-2 is and still is one of the best and greatest navy squadron. I have served with impecable men and women sailor very proud of the command..." [04FEB2007]

STOKES, AT2 Robert "Francis" dropkickem@yahoo.com "...After I finished my 1st tour in A-7s I went to VP-49. I was there from early '92 to the decom. I really do miss flying at 200ft shooting buoys, especially with those new TACCOs. It just wasn't a good day if you could see the galley thru the smoke. We were a "kickem when they're down" squadron. Unforunatly timetables and politics snuffed us out. I'm at the VQ side of the P-3 now. I just completed a 5 1/2 year tour with VQ-2 over in sunny NS Rota, Spain. I went there right after we got our squadron (VP-49) decommissioned out from underneath us. You gotta love it!!! I do miss Spain alot, but it's good to be back over here in the "New World". It's nice having right-turn-on-red, screens in your windows, central heat, Taco Bell, Walmart, ETC!!!!! I'm up in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington now instructing aircrew nuggets at FASO. It's fun teaching some of them that there is more to the job then just looking cool in your flight suit and your Raybands while you're putting the plugs and covers on the warbird. Well anyway, I just wanted to say "HEY YALL!"..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 24MAY2000 | 10OCT1978]

STOORZA, Ken stoorza@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 1968 to 1969. I was a member of the "Purple Hat Gang"..." [E-Mail Updated 24MAR2009 | E-Mail Updated 15APR2001 | 13DEC99]

STORM, Dan stormd@aol.com "...After serving a stint with VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain, I came over and finished out my time with VP-23 NAS Brunswick, Maine. Both squadrons had a great bunch of people who really had their s**t together..." [21OCT2003]

STRONG, Arthur art1320@yahoo.com "...Greetings to all my Shipmates from VR-30, VQ-2, VX-1, Coral Sea (CV-43) and VAQ-33. After 23 plus years, I retired in '91 in Northern Virginia, and am now working for Boeing on the P-8A Poseidon (formerly MMA)project out in Seattle. I feel extremely privileged to be here working with such a talented group of ASW professionals on this program. I look forward to getting back in touch with those I had the good fortune to serve with while on active duty..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 21MAR2007 | 08APR99][ICQ #13210481]

SUMMERS, AME2 Jenny trekkiexb5@hotmail.com "...I am at VQ-2 from December 1996 to December 2000. The "Q" is a very interesting place to be stationed. I've been to some of the remote det sites..." [02SEP2000]

SWALINA, AMHC Paul J. Retired pswalina@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-1 from April 1967 to July 1970 with Crew-2 (PR-26) and VQ-2 from September 1970 to June 1979. We had 10 CO's in VQ-2..." [E-Mail Updated 02MAR2011 | 28APR98]

TAYLOR, AT2 Orville "OT" taylorot@verizon.net "...AI served with VQ-1 (1975-1977) and VQ-2 (1977-1980). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 13JUL2011 | 06MAY98]

TEMPLIN, CDR CHARLES (CHUCK) Retired cdrtemplin@prodigy.net"...VQ-2 from Jun '77 to Jun '80..."

THERIAULT, AE3 James M. masonterrio@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1988-1991) at NS Rota, Spain and AIMD support (SPROJ)..." [23MAY2014]

THOMAS, F. A. (Tom) c/o his son Jim Thomas farnes@earthlink.net "...My father F. A. (Tom) Thomas was in VW-2 and then VQ-2 in the early days in port Lyautey Morocco and later at NS Rota, Spain early sixties. I'm interested in especially learning about the squadron in Morocco and the P4M used at that time..." [01OCT98]

THOMPSON, AMS2 Bruce G. aar@olypen.com "...I served in VQ-2 in 1956, 1957 and briefly in 1958. I don't have any "hot" stories about the Q, but that period in my life was very special. I found Port Lyautey (Kenitra) to be a beautiful place and I have many fond memories of my time there! I flew as a second mech on the old P4M and as plane captian on the then new A3D. Hot stuff for a 20 year old. Some really great Shipmates and a really tight family feeling within the squadron! CDR R. R. Sparks was the skipper and a damn good one he was. For what ever it is worth I have an original VQ-2 squadron insignia patch which I don't see on these web pages. It looks kinda goofy compaired to the current batch of patches, a flying ear of all things?!..." [05MAR2001]

THOMPSON, Toni Vessels tallgrss@evansville.net "...I was stationed in VQ-2, NS Rota, Spain from 1976 to 1980. My name then was Thompson. I was in supply as an AK. I also served in VP-9 sometime in 1974 to 1975. I was the first woman in a deployable squadron on the West Coast. At that time I worked in PAO and help produce the cruise book for our time in Japan. I finally ended up as a PR1 (Ret)..." [20JUL99]

THORNTON, Barry 75060.404@compuserve.com "...VP-26 F/E 1973-1976. VQ-2 (many jobs) 1976-1980. Currently with U.S. Customs P-3's in Corpus along with dozens of ex-VP/VQ dudes..." [04MAR98]

TORRES, ADC(AW) Rafael USNAD@aol.com "...Looking for any old Shipmates. 79-83 Rotary Wing NATC NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, 83-86 HS-7 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, 86-89 VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain P-3 side, 89-95 VP-5 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, and 95- ? RTC Great Lake. In my time in P-3's I made it my point to be the Best Mech around. But now its time to make others the best!..." [01FEB98]

TRIPP, ATCS Jerry Retired trippg748@roadrunner.com "...I served with VQ-2 (02/1956-08/1958) in the Avionics Shop and flew as a Radionman on the P4M's and later when we got the old P2V & the 2 A3D-1Q. I crossed over and shared the A3 flying with ATC Thomas and AT1 Heavenor. Some of my Shipmates were AM2 Bob Stoltz, AT3 Rod Harrod, PNSN Bob Fedak, and AO3 Cruz. I played on the Squadron basketball & softball teams. I went on to VW-15, VR-3, VP-45, VAH-21 and VAW-111 Det 19. I retired in 1977 as an ATCS..." [E-Mail Updated 25MAR2013 | E-Mail Updated 07APR2008 | E-Mail Updated 12AUG2007 | E-Mail Updated 09FEB2006 | 29MAR2004]

TURCHI, Francis L. Retired fltavcm9@bellsouth.net "...Served with VA(HM)-13/VP-24 from January 1957 through June 1960 at Chincoteage and NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Flew crew on HA-6 and LR-8 at NAS JRB Willow Grove, Pennsylvania from December 1953 through December 1956, NAF China Lake, CA from July 1960 through November 1962, HU-2/HC-2 from August 1963 through March 1968, AMD Lakehurst from March 1968 through July 1971, VQ-2 from August 1971 through July 1975, NAAS Corry Field, Florida from September 1975 through March 1978, USS Saratoga CV-60 from April 1978 through September 1980, VA-72 NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida from October 1980 through March 1982, AIMD Meridian, MS from April 1982 through June 1983, 4/82-6/83, VT-10 from July 1983 through June 1985, USS Nimitz CVN-68 from July 1985 through November 1987, and retired November 1, 1987. Went to work at NADEP Pensacola from January 1989 through April 1995. Been in contact with several VA(HM)-13/VP-24/HC-2/VQ-2 personnel through the years. Call anytime..." [E-Mail Updated 25FEB2002 | E-Mail Updated 12MAY2001 | 28NOV99]

TURNER, Danny Lee turnerandsons@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 from 1974 to 1980 (enjoyed NS Rota, Spain). I would like to hear from Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 04JAN2009 | 01JUL2003]

VANCE, AX3 Wesley A. w.vance@sbcglobla.net "...I was a member of VQ-2 from 11-79 through 7-82. Infligth comm. logging 1300+ hours in EP-3E..." [10MAR2010]

VANDERBERG, ADJ David W. van4@cox.net "...I served with VQ-2 from January 1974 to November 1977 and VR-24 from November 1977 to November 1979. I was the Power Plants Swing Shift Supervisor. C-1A's and C-2As ruled at that time..." [23AUG2009]

VICK, YN Elsa Delacruz vickelsa@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-44 from May 1989 through November 1990, then I traveled on to VQ-1 from November 1990 through November 1993. I was a YN and my husband Michael was an AD. We are now both Paratroopers in the US Army. Loving live, but missing our former Shipmates..." [19DEC2001]

VIVONA, LT Anthony S. "Punisher" asvivona@nps.navy.mil"... completed Navy Flight School as a Naval Flight Officer in DEC 1991, and was assigned to VQ-2 (EP-3 Aries aircraft) in Rota, Spain from 1992-1995. During this tour, I had opportunities to visit Italy, Crete, Portugal, Turkey, and Germany..." WEBSITE: http://dubhe.cc.nps.navy.mil/~asvivona/

WALDEN, Larry larrywalden@bellsouth.net "...I served with VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 1972 to 1976 in the Propulsion Section. I still have some great memories of NS Rota, Spain and the friends I had there. After NS Rota, Spain I worked as a Civilian Technician for 36 years will retire April 3rd, 2009. If anyone remembers me drop me a line..." [17MAR2009]

WALES, Steve TERRY21_35758@YAHOO.COM "...I was in VQ-2 from 79-83 and then came back with VP-56 in 85. I was reading this page and saw a lot of names I remember. I'm out of the Navy now 12 years and that was enough. I'm currently working at NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. I would like to hear from some of the old people there. Hi to John Herndon and Ed Russel. John and myself went over together in 77 and I can't believe he is still there. Also, I have a part time job working on a Bush Grand National Race Team. Look for me on TV sometimes. I'm what you call a Weekend Warrior when they need help. This year I'm helping the 59 car. Well, hope to hear back from some of you. Hey does anyone remember Faye Koenig who worked in AIMD there and if you know how to contact her I would like that info. Last known duty station was NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida. Also, if anyone knows Jeff Larson I wish to find him also. Thank you..." [28MAR2001]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix Circa 1992/1998  "...WALKER, Kevin "Flash"...I'm looking for Shipmates of my brother, Kevin "Flash" Walker. He was an AD2. He was retired Navy, and passed away September 07, 2000 when he was shot twice in the back. As far as I can tell, these were the ships and the units Kevin Charles 'Flash' Walker was assigned to (some I have the years): USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 1983, 1984 and 1985 Mediterranean Cruise's; USS Coral Sea CV-43 1987 and 1988 Mediterranean Cruise's (Kestrel's 1985 - 1988); USS Forrestal CV-59 Atkron 176 E w/2 diagonal slashes underneath; 1990-1991 Final Operational Deployment VFA-132 'Privateers'; USS Independence CV-62 and USS George Washington CVN-73 1992 Shakedown cruise with CVW-7. Kevin's tours-of-duty (TOD) include NAS North Island, San Diego, California; NAS Patuxent River, Maryland; NS Rota, Spain; a TDY with Grumman Corporation on Long Island, NY (while he was there he got to observe the building of the USAF X-29A FSW prototype; the remaining TOD's were at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Some of the units he was with that I can't place aboard any Faireconron Two (Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Two) 'Batmen' (possibly NS Rota, Spain); VS-41; VS-31 Topcats; Fighting 143 Pukin' Dogs; Strike Force Squadron 137 (Strkfitron 137) F/A-18 Hornet; Naval Air Test Center Strike Aircraft (possibly NAS Patuxent River, Maryland); VQ-2; and Knighthawk VFA-136 F/A -18 (his last active duty unit). He was also a part of: 1990 Operation Desert Shield; 1991 Operation Desert Storm; and 1991 Team Incirlik Combined Task Force Operation Provide Comfort out of Incirlik, Turkey He also related to me that he had helped with the recovery of the Marine and Army personnel killed in the Beirut bombing..." Contributed by Stephen Kent Walker familysearch27292@yahoo.com [11MAY2004]

WALSH, AD1(AW) Ed fegod@compaq.net "...Served with VP-4 87-90, VQ-2 93-97, and currently with VP-30 as an FRS Flight Engineer instructor. Would like to here from any of my former crewmates or fellow FE's..." [21SEP99]

WALSH, MMCPO Paul Retired pwalsh@ewa.com "...I served three tours with VQ-2 and two with VQ-1. Tours with VQ-2 from 1967 to 1970 as an EA-3B SEAWING EWOP; 1979 to 1982 as EP-3E Radio Op and 1986 to 1989 as w/c 210/232 Shop Chief. VQ-1 tours were from 1973 to 1976 as AQ2 ASB-1/7 radar tech and 1992 to 1995 as the MMCPO. Currently a principal analyst with EWAGSI working EA-6B contracts in the Orlando area..." [28JAN2004]

WARMAN, Gary gdwarman@email.com "...VP-60 NFO 1978-1988 and VQ-2 Eval. 73-76..." [E-Mail Updated 12OCT98 | Updated 07FEB98]

WATKINS, CDR Oakley Key III http://www.naswi.navy.mil/vq-1/Coxo/CO%20Bio.htm "...Commander Watkins entered the Navy in July 1976. His enlisted service included tours in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; USS Canopus (AS-34); and NTTC Corry Station with duties as an Air Navigation Aids Technician, Naval Ground Defense Force Infantryman, Deep Sea Diver, Electronic Warfare School Instructor and Training Battalion Company Commander. He attained the rate of Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer (Diver) prior to being selected to the Navy's Flying Limited Duty Officer Program in 1984. Following completion of Aviation Officer Candidate School and Flight Training, Commander Watkins was commissioned an Ensign and designated a Naval Aviator. In October 1986, he reported to VT-3 at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida as a T-34C Instructor Pilot and Admin Officer. As a Red Knight, he attained all available Instructor qualifications and earned his BS degree from the University of the State of New York. In February 1989, Commander Watkins was selected for transition to the Unrestricted Line and flying the EP-3E aircraft. He joined VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain in October 1990 as the Aviation Safety Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, and Assistant Operations Officer. Commander Watkins earned qualifications as Electronic Warfare Mission Commander and P-3C/EP-3 Instructor Pilot, and participated in Operations SHARP EDGE, DESERT SHIELD, DESERT STORM, and PROVIDE PROMISE from detachments in Crete, Sicily, and NSA Bahrain. Commander Watkins reported to the Office of Naval Intelligence, Strike Projection Evaluation and Anti-Air Warfare Research (SPEAR) division as the Iranian and Chinese Air Defense analyst in June 1993. Upon completion of his tour, he was transferred to the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. While there, he completed Joint Professional Military Training Phase I and attended Central Michigan University Midwest Division earning a Master of Science Degree in Administration. In March 1998, Commander Watkins reported for his Department Head tour at VQ-1, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. His duties included Assistant Operations Officer, Officer in Charge VQ-1 Detachment Southwest Asia, and Maintenance Officer. His detachments included NAS Misawa, Japan / NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan; Thailand, NSF Diego Garcia and NSA Bahrain. Commander Watkins was the Theater Reconnaissance Officer and Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Operations Officer at Commander U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, Commander U.S. Fifth Fleet in NSA Bahrain from September 1999 to August 2001. Additional duties included Pakistan and United Arab Emirates Country Officer and Air Operations Officer on the USS COLE Crisis Action Team. Commander Watkins' awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal (five), Navy Achievement Medal (two), Navy Good Conduct Award (three), and various unit citations and service awards..." [14JUN2003]

WATSON, CT3 Gary bumonabike@hotmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 from 1970 to September 1971. I did analysis..." [10JAN2009]

WELCH, Chris chriscwelch@rocketmail.com "...flew with VQ-2 from May 86 through June 89...yeah, I was one of those guys that was up in "Miami Beach" while most of you were aft in the "Artic". Looking for old crewmates. Fair winds..." [24JUL98]

WHETSTONE, James james.whetstone.ctr@navy.mil "...I served with VQ-1 from 1980 to 1984, VQ-2 from 1987 to 1990 and again with VQ-1 from 1991 to 1993. In hind-site, I enjoyed it all, good times and bad..." [17JUL2010]

WILEY, T.J. twiley1403@aol.com "...I was in VQ-2 64-66, VQ-1 66-70, VQ-2 70-73. Maintained and flew EA3B EW Operator. Enjoyed all 9 1/2 years. Would like to hear from others I knew and worked with..." [30APR98]

WHEELER, Keith V. wheelerk@cnrf.nola.navy.mil "...When I look back on my nearly 26 years in the Navy, I always regard my tours with VQ-1 (June '76 - June '78) and VQ-2 (Dec '71 - Dec '74) as the best, most rewarding tours of duty. I flew on Crew 24 in VQ-2 and Crew 33 in VQ-1. If anyone recalls me and those times, drop me an Email..." [26FEB99]

WICKIZER, ADCS(AW) Harold F. Retired navyadcs@hotmail.com "...I was an ADJ2 with VQ-2 from 1966-1968. Are there anymore of us old timers out there? I would love to hear from you. I had a great time in the "Q". Some things and people I will never forget. Long live the EA3B...I started my Navy career in 1961. My first duty station was at NAS Lakehurst, AMD Power Plants, April 1962. I remember hanging shot bags for a long time to deflate the last two blimps in the Navy. VQ-2 (May 1966), original HU4/HC4 (1968), NAFT Lakehurst (1970), VP-10 (1975), AIMD NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (1978), VF-103 (1982), Naval Safety Center NAS Norfolk, Virginia (1985), and Retired (1989). If you remember me, Good or bad, give me a shout..." [E-Mail Updated 14JAN2001 | BIO Updated 21FEB2000 | 17FEB2000]

WIGGINS, Glen O. Jr. gwiggin2@bellsouth.net "...I served in VQ-1 from '74 to '77 and have kept in touch with some of my old 'mates through local channels. This will make it easier to find some of the guys I've always wondered about. There is a group of my Squadron mates are having a bash in Titusville, Fl. on 7/29/00. Unfortunately I will be of on another "cruise" . Hope all attendees have a ball, Maybe next year!..." [29JUN2000]

WILLIAMS, Dirk dirkandcarole8495@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1980-1983) and worked in the Airframe Shop. I would like to hear from John Foster and Joe Wrights..." [23OCT2010]

WITTMERSHAUS, AMS3 Michael mwittmershaus@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1990-1992) at NS Rota, Spain. I would like to hear from "Bart Simpson" (smile) and former Shipmates..." [25JAN2012]

WOOD, Chip cwood@onramp.net"...I was a Labop in VQ-2 from 1987-1990. I have not heard from or seen very many of you in a long time. Drop me a line..."

WOOD, ATR3 Hoyt thegreentreefrog@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-2 (07/1968-1970) as Communications and Log Book Yeoman with deployment aboard the USS Forrestal (CV-59) and served aboard the USS Lexington (CVT-16) working for the Air Boss in Primary Flight Control (PriFly)..." [E-Mail Updated 29AUG2014 | 29NOV2004]

WOODCOCK, William G. wwoodcock@indy.rr.com "...I served with VQ-2 at NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco from November 1955 to September 1957. I worked on the P4M..." [02DEC2009]

WORLEY, Jim "Wooky" jim.l.worley@gmail.com "...I served with VQ-2 (1992-1997) as a BL Op and flew with many a great crew. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [24OCT2013]

WORRELL, LCDR Dwight I. C/O His Son Dwight I. Worrell II p38jdiw@msn.com "...My dad, LCDR Dwight I. Worrell, flew A-3's for many years from early 1960's until his death July 9 1974. Dad flew with VQ-2. His last plane was TA-3B Buno 144863 R-00. I would like to hear from anyone who flew with my dad or new him in the VQ-2..." [04DEC2002]

YEAGER, PRC(AW) Bill byeager@safetycenter.navy.mil "...Served in VQ-2 from 1981 to 1984 then again in 1991 - 1996, sharing duties at AIMD in Rota and Keflavik as well. Moved on to fighters and now run the ALSS desk at the Navy Safety Center..." [E-Mail Updated 14FEB2000 | 16JUL98]

YERASKA, DP2 Bob r_yeraska@comcast.net "...I served with VQ-2 from February 1966 to February 1968. I was a member of the Ground Data Reduction Center. We interpreted all the data brought back by the folks on the EA-3Bs and WVs. If anyone from that era lives in the New England area get in touch and we can talk about the old times, including the Rota bars..." [10DEC2006]

YOKANOVICH, Mark R. kc0bzy@juno.com "...Served on brother duty at VQ-2 from October 1970 to July 1972. Great tour was AT2 worked ECM Shop and AIMD NS Rota, Spain as groundpounder. Would like to hear from anyone who knew me. Brother was spook at bull ring..." [21MAY98]

ZEMBER, James R. marnjimz@gateway.net "...Served with VQ-2...served as ECM Tech on Connies and flew some in the A-3s from 12/63 - 8/66. They were the best of times and the worst of times. Loved every minute of it. Part of the GAF purple hat crew..." [21MAR98]

ZILLER, ATR2 Tim tziller@cccneb.edu "...Was in VQ-2 from 1965 - 1968, part of the 'Purple Hat GAF Gang', worked in Special Shop, flew EA3B #2 and #5, did a Bravo in 1966 with "Crew 15, where are we". Work at a Central Community College teaching Electronics. Hello Rota Rooters!..." [13SEP2000]

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