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ADDINGTON, LTJG H. B. hadwen@southwind.net "...I joined VP-HL-4 in Atlantic City in May of 1947. We rotated to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada regularly to fly supplies into Bluie West 1 in Greenland when the Fjords were frozen in. We delivered mail, refreshments (booze) and fresh fruit. We were normally on 1 month duration with two aircraft out of the squadron. When not on rotation we were practicing Anti-submarine warfare with the black shoe underwater crews. We also flew into NAS Bermuda, San Juan, NS Roosevelt Roads, PR and went on Air-sea searches for lost ships and/or aircraft. The Squadron was transferred to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. in I believe the fall of 1948 and continued the same rotations and exercises. VP-HL-3 was also in NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and left later to become "Hurricane Hunters" in Florida. I lost contact and information about VP-HL-4 and would appreciate any information anyone has on it. I have some 8 x 10 photos of our squadron in flight. I donated a model to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola along with my flight manual and some photos of the squadron in flight. I rotated from sea duty to the Training Command, Pensacola Fla. in Nov. 1949 and left the Navy in April, 1950..." [28APR99]

GRAY, LCDR Glenn M. Retired gmvagray@juno.com "...I served with VP-HL-3 and VP-23 from June 1948 through December 1950. Had a great time and as Navigator, Copilot, Pilot and PPC chasing hurricanes all over the Caribbean and the Atlantic. Made some great lifetime friends. Went off active duty and stayed in Reserves while working at other flying jobs until completing 22 years of service and retiring. Worked for 33 years as a test pilot and Director of Flying at Lockheed Georgia Co. My Navy flight training was a great experience and asset in later life..." [05MAR2006]

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