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SMITH, Thomas tom@billiardbasics.com "...I served with VP-HL-10 from 1944 to 1947. I was a Combat Aircrewman and flew Radio, Radar and Gunner. I served under Commanding Officer CAPTAIN Jack Litsey. We received the Presidential Unit Citation from President Harry S. Truman. We rotated to NAS Kodiak, Alaska and round robins to Fairbanks, Anchorage and Point Barrow. Here in the land of the midnight sun - where a man goes nuts and thinks its fun - days and milles from the beaten track - lies this isle of Kodiak. I will be 85 years on the 16th of August. Good luck to all land god bless..." [30JUL2009]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...WUETHRICH, CPO Chris...My Father, Chris Wuethrich, who passed away about 5 years ago. According to Dad's DD-214, he served with (and/or aboard) NAS Pensacola, Florida, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VPB-197, VPB-200, VPB-124, VPB-120 and VP-HL-10. Dad served with VPB-124 in July of 1945. His log book indicates that he flew in 3 different PB4Y2'S in and around Kwajalein, Tinian Island (Marianas Chain), and Okinawa. The BUNOS for these planes were 59629, 59536 and 59537. The pilot for all the flights was LT M.R.Wyatt. I have alot of photos, from his tour in NAS Kodiak, Alaska and NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, but, nothing from his tour in the south pacific. There are very few names and little imformation. My father was an Aviation Machinst Mate, not sure what rank he was at the time, but, have pictures in NAS Kodiak, Alaska as a Chief Petty Officer. If anyone has any imformation that could help my research, I would appreciate it. Kerry Wuethrich ktsw3@verizon.net..." [PIX Added 20AUG2009 | 15AUG2009]

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